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Topic: 1965

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  The Voting Rights Act Of 1965
By 1965 concerted efforts to break the grip of state disfranchisement had been under way for some time, but had achieved only modest success overall and in some areas had proved almost entirely ineffectual.
Finally, the unprovoked attack on March 7, 1965, by state troopers on peaceful marchers crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, en route to the state capitol in Montgomery, persuaded the President and Congress to overcome Southern legislators' resistance to effective voting rights legislation.
Section 2 of the Act, which closely followed the language of the 15th amendment, applied a nationwide prohibition against the denial or abridgment of the right to vote on the literacy tests on a nationwide basis.
www.usdoj.gov /crt/voting/intro/intro_b.htm   (757 words)

 Center for Immigration Studies
Despite the noble words, the architects of the 1965 law did not see it as a means of significantly changing the immigration flow — it was considered more a symbolic act, an extension of civil rights sentiments beyond our borders.
Although the 1965 bill was intended only to end discrimination, some people feared a major increase in immigration and a change in the source countries of immigrants.
Despite the protestations of the 1965 act's sponsors, the sources of immigration have changed radically.
www.cis.org /articles/1995/back395.html   (0 words)

Capacity: 42,217 (1965), 46,000 (1966), 44,500 (1968), 45,000 (1975), 47,690 (1982), 54,816 (1990, baseball); 62,439 (football).
The floor, which had been dirt since the stadium first opened in 1965 was concreted and the Astroturf was replaced with a new Monsanto "Magic Carpet' system.
In its inaugural 1965 season, the Astrodome was the scene of a unique groundskeeping argument.
www.ballparks.com /baseball/national/astrod.htm   (0 words)

 Central Maine Power Company - About CMP: CMP's Electric System - The Great Northeast Blackout of 1965
On November 9, 1965, the largest flout in history occurred.
In fact, the State of Maine survived the 1965 flout because of its weak ties to the rest of New England, which tripped.
In terms of electrical distance, Bangor is as close to Tennessee or Michigan today, as it was to Portland in 1965.
www.cmpco.com /about/system/blackout.html   (0 words)

 Sources for the Study of the 1965 Watts Riots
On August 11, 1965, a routine traffic stop in South Central Los Angeles provided the spark that lit the fire of those seething feelings.
The following are some of the many sources available in the University Library at USC which are useful for the study of the 1965 riots in Watts.
The Cause of the 1965 Watts Riot and a Photographic Essay of the Watts Festival Activities.
www.usc.edu /isd/archives/la/watts.html   (0 words)

  Government accepts no blame for wrongful convictions in 1965 mob slaying - Local News Updates - The Boston Globe
A Justice Department lawyer argued today that the FBI had no duty to share internal documents that may have helped four men prove they were innocent of a 1965 gangland slaying and insisted the government can't be blamed for the state's wrongful conviction of Joseph Salvati, Peter J. Limone, Henry Tameleo and Louis Greco.
US District Judge Nancy Gertner noted that the state had been unable to solve the 1965 slaying of Edward "Teddy'' Deegan in a Chelsea alley until FBI agents recruited Joseph "The Animal" Barboza as a witness and turned him over to state officials to testify against the four men.
She also noted that FBI agents had interviewed Barboza 34 times before he testified before the state grand jury and knew he had vowed not to implicate one of his friends, who was a suspect in the slaying and was also an FBI informant.
www.boston.com /news/globe/city_region/breaking_news/2007/02/government_acce_1.html   (710 words)

  events{1965 (Great Northeast Blackout) || Blackout History Project
By 1965, electricity was an everyday part of American life.
At 5:27 p.m., November 9, 1965, the entire Northeast area of the United States and large parts of Canada went dark.
Investigators referred to the 1965 flout as a "cascade effect"-much like a row of dominoes falling one after another.
blackout.gmu.edu /events/tl1965.html   (1024 words)

 The 1965 Immigration Act: Anatomy of a Disaster   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Born of liberal ideology, the 1965 bill abolished the national origins quota system that had regulated the ethnic composition of immigration in fair proportion to each group's existing presence in the population.
In 1965, Senator Hugh Scott, R-Pennsylvania, opined, "I doubt if this bill will really be the cause of crowding the present Americans out of the 50 states." Yet half-a-million native Californians fled the state in the last decade, while its total population increased by three million, mostly immigrants.
Ted Kennedy also claimed the 1965 amendments "will not cause American workers to lose their jobs." Teddy cannot have it both ways: either the immigrant will remain unemployed and become a public charge, or he will take a job that otherwise could have gone to a native American.
www.frontpagemag.com /Articles/Printable.asp?ID=4991   (1455 words)

 Timeline 1965
1965 Jan 1, The Council on Religion and the Homosexual launched a gay Mardi Gras Ball in San Francisco that was raided by police.
1965 Feb 21, Former Black Muslim leader El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, aka Malcolm X (born as Malcolm Little, 39), was shot to death in front of 400 people in New York by assassins identified as Black Muslims.
Beginning around 1965, they were able to manipulate the media and youth to leverage their positions over party moderates, such as Deng Xiaoping.
timelines.ws /20thcent/1965.HTML   (9904 words)

 The CIA in Indonesia, 1965-1967
Nor is it suggested that in 1965 the only provocations and violence came from the right-wing Indonesian military, their contacts in the United States, or (also important, but barely touched on here) their mutual contacts in British, German and Japanese intelligence.
Their problematic claim is that in the so-called Gestapu (Gerakan September Tigahpuluh) coup attempt of September 30, 1965 (when six senior army generals were murdered), the left attacked the right, leading to a restoration of power, and punitive purge of the left, by the center.
The army's anxiety was increased by rumors, throughout 1965, that mainland China was smuggling arms to the PKI for an imminent revolt.
www.namebase.org /scott.html   (10881 words)

 Voting Rights Act 1965 - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Voting Rights Act 1965   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The act prohibited literacy tests and poll taxes, which had been used to prevent fls from voting, and provided for the appointment of federal voting examiners with the authority to register voters in areas not meeting certain existing voter participation requirements.
The legislation was a direct response to the protests of voting-rights activists, and specifically to the events surrounding the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, led by Martin Luther King, Jr, in March 1965 to dramatize the voting issue.
This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Voting+Rights+Act+1965   (237 words)

 Andy Warhol 1965
1965: JOE DALLESANDRO HITCHHIKES TO L.A. Joe and his and friend Stanley hitchhiked from Mexico to L.A. At the bus station in Los Angeles, Joe was approached by a man who asked Joe if he would like to do some modeling.
JULY 26, 1965: EDIE SEDGWICK APPEARS IN THE N.Y. Warhol gave Ondine four Obetrol pills (pharmaceutical "speed") and tape recorded him for 24 hours for a: a novel, which was later published in 1968.
Sam Green (who Candy Darling would later move in with) had actually taken down all the paintings before the opening because he feared that they would be damaged by the expected mob.
www.warholstars.org /chron/1965.html   (2419 words)

 The Usenet Guide to Beatles Recording Variations
Capitol's stereo [b1] has a sound at the very beginning that is missing in the others, possibly the extreme end of the countdown as heard in the film's soundtrack, if that is authentically part of the recording.
This special show of 7 Jun 1965 (misdated as 6 Jun in the notes of Live at the BBC) was the Beatles' last for the BBC.
In the CD mix [c] the vocal is moved to right center, leaving the cowbell and guitar track far right, and the cowbell is heard continuously through the refrain, evidence that the track is being faded during vocal lines in [b].
www.columbia.edu /~brennan/beatles/var-1965.html   (3771 words)

 1965 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1965 (MCMLXV) was a common year starting on Friday (the link is to a full 1965 calendar).
March 17 - In response to the events of March 7 and March 9 in Selma, Alabama, President Johnson sends a bill to Congress that forms the basis for the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
November 9 - Northeast Blackout of 1965: Several U.S. states (VT, NH, MA, CT, RI, NY and portions of NJ) and parts of Canada are hit by a series of flouts lasting up to 13 1/2 hours.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1965   (4524 words)

 The Sound of Music (1965) at Reel Classics
Yet the international blockbuster that resulted when all these elements finally came together in the spring of 1965 was altogether greater than the sum of its parts.
Impressed with what he saw and confident she could bring added depth to the role made famous on Broadway by the legendary Mary Martin, Wise quickly signed Andrews to play the impetuous postulant upon whose shoulders the success of THE SOUND OF MUSIC would rest.
And with a voice like Andrews', its easier to understand how a devoted nun-in-training could permit a simple abbey rule against singing to force her outside the convent walls and into the real world where all her adventures begin.
www.reelclassics.com /Musicals/SoundMusic/soundmusic.htm   (745 words)

 Indo-Pakistan War of 1965
The war began in August 5, 1965 and was ended Sept 22, 1965.
The war was initiated by Pakistan who since the defeat of India by China in 1962 had come to believe that Indian military would be unable or unwilling to defend against a quick military campaign in Kashmir, and because the Pakistani government was becoming increasingly alarmed by Indian efforts to integrate Kashmir within India.
After Pakistan was successful in the Rann of Kutch earlier in 1965, Ayub Khan (by nature a cautious person) was pressured by the hawks in his cabinet (led by Z.A. Bhutto) and the army to infiltrate the ceasefire line in Kashmir.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/world/war/indo-pak_1965.htm   (901 words)

 [No title]
Traina Experimental [Page 2] RFC 1965 AS Confederations for BGP June 1996 In IDRP, routing domain confederations may be nested within each other or disjoint portions of still larger confederations.
Traina Experimental [Page 3] RFC 1965 AS Confederations for BGP June 1996 A BGP speaker receiving an AS_PATH attribute containing a confederation ID matching its own confederation shall treat the path in the same fashion as if it had received a path containing its own AS number.
Traina Experimental [Page 4] RFC 1965 AS Confederations for BGP June 1996 2) if the first path segment of the remaining AS_PATH is of type AS_SEQUENCE, the local system shall prepend its own confederation identifier as the last element of the sequence (put it in the leftmost position).
www.ietf.org /rfc/rfc1965.txt   (1425 words)

 The History of CORE   (Site not responding. Last check: )
of 1965, Local residents and visiting volunteers held a series of marches demanding an equal right to vote.
The resolution, signed into law on August 6, 1965, empowered the federal government to oversee voter registration and elections in counties that had used tests to determine voter eligibility or where registration or turnout had been less than 50 percent in the 1964 presidential election.
Between 1965 and 1990, the number of fl state legislators and members of Congress rose from two to 160.
www.core-online.org /history/voting_rights.htm   (474 words)

 65 Comets   (Site not responding. Last check: )
1965 Black Cyclone- This one has got a paint job a mile thick…watch out the file is HUGE..
1965 White Cyclone owned by Len Dzimiela of Chetek, WI; Len is going to use the fl Caliente for parts to fix up the white Cyclone.
1965 Maroon Cyclone previously owned by Donna Brown of Blanchard, ID. This picture was taken the day the car was driven away from the dealer in Nov. 1964.
www.jumpthegun.com /cyclone/pictures/65.htm   (530 words)

Hubner, K., and Gengozian, N. "Depression of the primary immune response by d1-penicillamine." Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 118:561-65 (1965).
Urso, P., and Gengozian, N. "Host-graft agglutinin activity by spleen cells of heterologus radiation chimeras cultivated in diffusion chambers." Transplantation 3:762-64 (1965).
Ibert, E. "Radioactivation analysis." In Proceedings of the Radiation Conference, University of Kentucky, June 1965.
www.orau.gov /orise/pubs/65bib.htm   (1161 words)

 The Sound of Music (1965)
The Sound of Music (1965) was an exceptionally successful film in the mid-1960s - at the time of its release, it surpassed Gone With the Wind (1939) as the number one box office hit of all time.
After the 1965 film's enormous success, Fox Studios unwisely invested millions in three more, less profitable, blockbuster musicals in the late 60s - Dr.
The star of the film was the previous year's Best Actress Academy Award winner, a fresh-faced Julie Andrews in a similar role as her governess performance in Mary Poppins (1964).
www.filmsite.org /soun.html   (0 words)

 1962 - 1963 - 1964 - 1965 Mopar Web Site
The 1962 to 1965 Mopar Web site continues to praise these Mopars.
We remain dedicated to the fine vehicles manufactured by Chrysler Corporation from 1962 to 1965, as well as the people who love these vehicles.
Browse the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Swap Meet
www.1962to1965mopar.ornocar.com /welcome.html   (655 words)

 TheMustangSource.com | Timeline: 1965 Mustang
Ford added a fastback to its 1965 Mustang lineup, but the coupe continued to be the best seller of the group.
The first Mustang GT was introduced in April of 1965.
The cars were built using 1965 and 1966 fastbacks, but modern engine and suspension technology.
bradbarnett.net /mustangs/timeline/64-66/65   (411 words)

 The Indonesian Killings 1965-1966: Studies from Java and Bali
The most obvious is the lack of information, not only about the events that sparked the slaughter (an alleged coup attempt by the PKI in which seven generals were killed) and the details of the killings themselves, but also about their overall scale.
This extends to uncertainty about the total number of deaths, with figures ranging from seventy five thousand (a government report released at the end of 1965 when the killings were still underway) to two million (an estimate by emigre refugees).
Interpretation of the events is also extremely complex — the question is not just why the killing happened, but why such ferocity was involved and why people gave up their lives without struggling.
www.dannyreviews.com /h/The_Indonesian_Killings.html   (1014 words)

 Chronicle 1965
We all went haring out of the shop and leapt in the car, and - he was very old, this cat - and suddenly he leapt up across the street and onto the bonnet of the car and started kicking the windscreen with his huge boots...
November 18-19, 1965: The group flies to Miami and rent motorboats for a rest.
December 4, 1965: The Rolling Stones' fifth U.S. album, December's Children (and Everybody's), is released.
www.timeisonourside.com /chron1965.html   (4153 words)

 Rockford History: 1965   (Site not responding. Last check: )
April 16, 1965 ----- Rockford Board of Education votes unanimously to respore kindergarten, effective with the opening of school in fall, 1965.
April 30, 1965 ----- Rockford's downtown becomes the brightest in the world as the new street lighting system is turned on.
June 29, 1965 ----- Rock Valley College Board of Education approves a $550,000 contract for the purchase of Dr. J.
www.rockfordillinois.com /chron9.htm   (399 words)

 Mental Health Books 1965-1969   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Mental health planning in Iowa, summary report, July 1963 to December 1965.
Missouri laws relating to the State Division of Mental Diseases, revised through the cumulative supplement of 1965.
Ohio State construction plans for mental health centers and mental retardation facilities, 1965.
www.medlina.com /mental_health_books_1965-1969.htm   (4763 words)

 LEGENDARY SURFERS: Volume 3, Chapter 26: 1965 and Peru
In 1965, surfing was immensely popular in the developed countries.
This man was a fisherman, and he got involved in surfing as many of the wealthier surfers from Lima would leave their heavy surfboards with him.
See, in 1965 I was living on the North Shore, and MacGillivray and Freeman came by and asked if I wanted to go to Maui with Bill Fury to film a segment for Free and Easy.
www.legendarysurfers.com /surf/legends/lsc221_1965.html   (11539 words)

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