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Topic: 1967 Monaco Grand Prix

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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  Grand Prix Legends, Screenshots, Reviews, News, Files, Downloads, Mods - SimRacingWorld
While Grand Prix Legends provided the most realistic (and hence, difficult) simulation of automotive physics in a PC game at its launch, the reputation of "difficult to drive" was exacerbated by a number of decisions made both for the demo and the launch of version 1.0.
Grand Prix cars from 1967 typically ran 5 to 6 inches of ground clearance, unlike the later ground effect cars that were designed to have the chassis as close to the ground as possible.
There is now a new Grand Prix Legends 2004 Demo that has all the required patches and upgrades to the cars and the one track included.
www.simracingworld.com /gameslist/Grand_Prix_Legends   (2839 words)

 Grand Prix Legends - from CDAccess.com
Grand Prix Legends captures this experience in one of the most accurate and compelling racing simulations ever created.
Along with technical accuracy, Grand Prix Legends delivers crisp 16-bit graphics, optimized for 3D acceleration, enabling outstandingly detailed images at resolutions up to 1024 x 768, and thrilling special effects such as translucent smoke, dust and dynamic skid marks.
High Tech realism and historical accuracy collide in Grand Prix Legends - destined to be the one racing simulation by which all others are measured.
www.cdaccess.com /html/pc/grandpl.htm   (787 words)

 Formula One 1950 - 1990
Jim Clark was clerly the greatest racing driver of his time, this close up print show him driving at the British Grand Prix in 1967, in the Lotus 49 with the Cosworth DFV engine, this was to be his last home victory before his accident at Hockenheim which claimed his life.
Monaco and Ferrari are synonymous with excitement and style, the Ferrari Team shown here typifies everything that surrounds the famous marque.
This limited edition print shows Tony Brooks winning the 1958 Belgium Grand Prix, he is driving the Vanwall and is followed by Mike Hawthorn in the Ferrari D246.
www.sportart.com.au /en-us/dept_28.html   (883 words)

 Eagle Eye: The Eagle Gurney-Weslake F1 Effort
It was a particular heartbreaker for Dan, the team, his many German fans and American G.I's as he was leading the race with a margin of 42 seconds ahead of Denny Hulme when a universal joint broke 2 laps before the finish.
Lonely Eagle ahead of the pack: Dan Gurney 42 seconds ahead of the field at the German Grand Prix 1967, Nuerburgring, Germany; victory in sight.
The Italian Grand Prix at Monza three weeks later was to be the last for the Eagle F1 car.
www.allamericanracers.com /gurney_grand-prix/eagle_f1-photo.html   (580 words)

 Lorenzo Bandini - WOI Encyclopedia Italia
Lorenzo Bandini (born 21 December 1935 in Cyrenaica, Libya; died 10 May 1967) was an Italian Formula One driver who raced for the Scuderia Centro Sud and Ferrari teams.
In 1964 he won the Austrian Grand Prix at the Zeltweg circuit.
In may of that year, he was racing at Monaco, running second to Denny Hulme, when he lost control of his car at the chicane and crashed.
www.wheelsofitaly.com /wiki/index.php/Lorenzo_Bandini   (285 words)

 GRAND PRIX REDUX: The Italian Stallion Does Maranello
By coincidence or design, Grand Prix seems to be enjoying a renaissance itself; the movie has been aired recently on several TV stations around the world, and is also now available on home video.
The tumult at Ferrari also led to the withdrawal of Ferrari from the 1966 British Grand Prix at Brands Hatch, which unfortunately was one of the main races chosen by Frankenheimer to showcase the sport and his film resplendent as it was with British marching bands and the atmospherics of a great racing circuit.
It should be remembered that "Grand Prix" was filmed just as society was on the cusp between the ultimate playing out of the fashions, tastes and designs of the 1950's and the cultural upheaval that was to come by 1968 and in the Monaco scenes the movie captures that cultural moment perfectly.
www.atlasf1.com /99/mon/okeefe.html   (2203 words)

 Monaco Historic Grand Prix, article by Rita Leydon
The "22" is important because that is the number this Bugatti wore in 1931 when she won the Monaco Grand Prix.
The Grand Prix is a yearly event and represents a big chunk of the annual Monacan budget.
The Monaco Historic Grand Prix of 1997 is history.
www.leydonrestorations.com /Zwords/97monaco/97monaco.html   (2819 words)

 The Monte Carlo Grand Prix   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
A decade later Riccardo Patrese scored his first Grand Prix victory in a race that no-one seemed able to win: P In 1996 Olivier Panis came through from the midfield in his Ligier to win a remarkable victory.
More deals are done at Monaco than at any other race and the glitter of the Principality rubs off on F1 as much as the glamour of F1 ref "This place gives us more than we give it," admits F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone.
At Grand Prix time Monaco is a party town and the VIPs pose in the Hotel de Paris or the Hermitage or spend evenings dining on the incredible yachts which fill the harbor each year.
homepages.ihug.co.nz /~mrc/circuits/Monaco   (423 words)

 Circuit de Monaco : The Formula One DataBase
In 1929 the inaugural Monaco Grand Prix was organised by Anthony Noghes, which was won by William Grover-Williams in a Bugatti which bore the colours which would later become world famous as British Racing Green.
The first Monaco Grand Prix to count towards the F1 World Championship was won by Juan Manuel Fangio.
However it would be 1955 before the Monaco Grand Prix would be a regular occurence in Formula 1.
www.f1db.com /f1/page/Circuit_de_Monaco   (340 words)

 Grand Prix Hall of Fame - Graham Hill - Biography
The next year was not a good year for Hill and was marked by his last win at Monaco.
This was his fifth win on this difficult circuit; a record that was not surpassed until Ayrton Senna captured his sixth victory in 1993.
Grand Prix History is produced by The Motorsports Publishing Group, LLC
www.ddavid.com /formula1/hill_bio.htm   (725 words)

 Formula One History - Wings, Shunts & Ground Effects
Lotus returned in force in 1970, a season which was all about the brilliance of Austrian Jochen Rindt with the new Lotus 72 (taking the laurels in Monaco, Holland, France, Britain and Germany) and was overshadowed by Rindt's horrific death in practice for the Italian Grand Prix at Monza's infamous Parabolica corner.
But at the German Grand Prix on 1 August, Lauda crashed his Ferrari at Bergwerk, a 150 mph section of the Nürburgring, in a massive, flaming accident that still brings shivers when viewed to this day.
Suffering severe facial burns and inhaling toxic fumes from the car's burning bodywork, Lauda was expected to die and received the Last Rites in the hospital, but in a rare display of sheer determination, made a near-miraculous recovery to return to the cockpit just six weeks later for the Italian GP, where he finished 4th.
www.f1-grandprix.com /history4.html   (1370 words)

 2004 Monaco Grand Prix
In Monaco 2004 the man from Pescara, the longest Grand Prix circuit of all times (25 kilometres), had everything under control from his first ever career pole position also to switch it into his maiden Grand Prix victory.
The place, where his fellow countryman Lorenzo Bandini, being the only driver killed in the history of Monaco so far, had been hit by a fire inferno in 1967, was left by Fisichella walking and unhurt.
In Monaco 2004 hatte der Mann aus Pescara, der längsten Grand Prix Strecke aller Zeiten (25 Kilometer), von der ersten Pole Position seiner Karriere alles im Griff und konnte sie auch in den allerersten Grand Prix Sieg seiner Laufbahn ummünzen.
www.research-racing.de /gp04-6-1.htm   (1772 words)

 f1 facts page 2
www.f1cartvideos.com /funfactsonf12.html   (1798 words)

 Grand Prix de Monaco - 1967 - Grand Prix Racing - the whole story (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab-2.cs.princeton.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
However the race is best remembered for all the wrong reasons as once again tragedy returned to the Grand Prix circuit.
As is often the case it took the tragedy to spur improvements in safety standards and the ruling body reserved special attention to how they would deal with fire.
After Monaco all World Championship events were supervised by special fire marshals with asbestos suits.
www.gpracing.net192.com.cob-web.org:8888 /races/reports/152.cfm   (312 words)

 Monaco Grand Prix 2003
When it had been played for the first time at a podium of a Grand Prix, nobody had it noticed it consciously.
Monaco had activated a three years redevelopment plan for their antiquated town circuit.
Monaco is still a relic of absolute monarchy and no democracy in the sense of the Western world in spite growing relations to France and the European Union.
www.research-racing.de /gp03-7-1.htm   (2319 words)

 United States Grand Prix
As his retirement in Monaco was caused by a collision with 2000 Indianapolis 500 winner Juan Pablo Montoya, Schumacher’s last retirement caused by a mechanical failure remains the German Grand Prix in August 2001.
Ex-F1 drivers in Monaco: Jackie Stewart, Niki Lauda, Mika Hakkinen, Mika Salo, Hans Stuck, Jean-Pierre Jarier, Tim Parnell, Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Stirling Moss, Johnny Herbert, Jean Alesi and Karl Wendlinger were among the former F1 drivers to attend the Monaco Grand Prix weekend.
Tickets: Tickets for the United States Grand Prix can be purchased online at www.indianapolismotorspeedway.com, or by calling the IMS ticket office at (317) 492-6700 or (800) 822-INDY outside the Indianapolis area.
www.usgpindy.com /news/story.php?story_id=2850   (801 words)

 Grand Prix On DVD
Palo Alto CA The movie Grand Prix captures the essence of the top of auto racing and needs to be made available in the high resolution available on a DVD.
This year we traveled to the Monaco and Nurburgring (European) Grand Prix races and were very happy to be attending such famous races in person again.
Stood in the pits at Watkins Glen 1n 1967 or 68 and listened to the mechanic tune the carburators on the Honda F1 car.
www.putgrandprixondvd.com /testimonials.asp?pg=182   (463 words)

 Automotive historic limited editions prints pictures and lithographs.
Jim Clark was clearly the greatest racing driver of his time, this close up print show him driving at the British Grand Prix in 1967, in the Lotus 49 with the Cosworth DFV engine, this was to be his last home victory before his accident at Hockenheim which claimed his life.
This was Graham Hills first of five victories at Monaco, the artist is Michael Turner and the edition is 850.
Featuring the Ferrari 246 F1 cars of Collins and Hawthorn, in the pits for the 1958 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, the edition is 500 and the artist is Alan Fearnley.
www.sportart.com.au /historic.htm   (1207 words)

 Monaco Formula 1 - 1967
It is now just one whole year since the present Grand Prix Formula really got under way, for this time last year the Monaco Grand Prix saw the first big outing of the 3-litre Formula One cars and while 1966 saw some ups and downs 1967 is showing terrific progress.
Although this year's Monaco GP was the first Championship event in Europe it was not the first in 1967 for back in the winter the South African GP was held, though in character it was a 1966 event.
With the Monaco starting grid limited to sixteen cars, invitation entries were only given to manufacturers who have been building Grand Prix cars for at least three years, the rest of the entry having to fight among themselves during practice for the remaining places, and these in-cluded the A.A.R. Eagle-Weslake team and McLaren.
www.intothered.dk /1967season/67season_monaco.html   (3702 words)

 United States Grand Prix
Hill dominated Monaco that year, winning the pole, turning the fastest lap and taking the checkered flag at the end of the race.
His Monaco victory is a forerunner to his return visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on June 11.
Clark returned to drive at Monaco again in 1966 and again was on the pole.
www.usgpindy.com /news/story.php?story_id=1426   (776 words)

 Exoto's Lotus Ford Type 49 - Grand Prix Classics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
With 79 Grand Prix victories, 7 Constructor's Championships and 6 Drivers championships in F1, Colin Chapman's Lotus cars have become legendary.
The match-up with the Cosworth Ford V-8 power plant in 1967 was the crowning achievement that dominated Formula 1 through 1975.
Exoto is pleased to present the Grand Prix Classics, a full line of collectors quality models designed in wonderful 1:18 scale.
www.exoto.com /Collectibles/GrandPrix/Lotus49B/Menu.shtml   (242 words)

 Formula One History - F1 Origins
he modern era of Formula One Grand Prix racing began in 1950, but the roots of F1 are far earlier, including such pre-World War II legends as Italian Tazio Nuvolari and the great German teams, Auto Union and Mercedes Benz.
he modern era of Formula One Grand Prix racing began in 1950, but the roots of F1 are far earlier, tracing to the pioneering road races in France in the 1890s, through the Edwardian years, the bleak twenties, the German domination of the 1930s and the early post-war years of Italian supremacy.
One of the most successful drivers of the early years was Fernand Charron, who won the Paris-Bordeaux race in 1899, also in a Panhard, at the blazing average speed of 29.9 mph.
www.f1-grandprix.com /history1.html   (702 words)

 GrandPrix.com > GP Encyclopedia > Races > 1967 Results > Monaco GP   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The second round of the 1967 World Championship was five months after the first and much changed since Pedro Rodriguez's unexpected victory for Cooper at Kyalami.
The usual pre-season non-championship races had produced some unusual results with Dan Gurney winning the Race of Champions in his Eagle-Weslake and Mike Parkes winning the International Trophy for Ferrari.
Monaco GP, Monte Carlo, May 7, 1967, Round: 2, Race Number: 152
www.grandprix.com /gpe/rr152.html   (450 words)

 Amazon.com: The Cruel Sport: Grand Prix Racing 1959-1967: Books: Robert Daley   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Unlike today where safety has almost sanitized racing to the point where the human, dangerous element has all been eliminated, the Grand Prix racing covered here is from a truly terrifying era.
Daley covers Grand Prix racing thematically: there are sections on the drivers, the factories, practice, accidents, and so forth.
A dramatic, superbly written historical review of Grand Prix auto racing when it was very different than it is today.
www.amazon.com /Cruel-Sport-Grand-Racing-1959-1967/dp/0760321000   (1537 words)

 1966 Lamborghini TP200 Marzal Bertone
The Marzal was the 1966 creation of Bertone's chief designer Marcello Gandini that would be unveiled to the public at the 1967 Geneva show.
Two months later the Marzal had the honor of being driven by HRH Prince Renier with Princess Grace in the passenger seat, around the Grand Prix circuit in Monte Carlo as a pace car for the start of the 1967 Monaco Grand Prix.
The Marzal was built on a lengthened Miura chassis to allow for two extra seats in the rear.
www.lamborghiniregistry.com /Marzal/index.html   (414 words)

 Michael Turner Prints #2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Peter Revson drives the Yardley McLaren M23 to his first Grand Prix win at Silverstone in 1973.
Denny Hulme hurls his Brabham to victory in the 1967 Monaco Grand Prix.
The closest and fastest GP ever run was won by the BRM of Peter Gethin, closely followed by Ronnie Peterson's March, Francois Cevert's Tyrrell and the Surtees of Mike Hailwood.
www.motorsportcollector.com /MTPage02.html   (213 words)

 Grand Prix Legends for Windows - MobyGames
Grand Prix Legends is a highly accurate racing simulator based upon the 1967 Formula 1 season, cars and tracks.
More of a simulation than a game, such is the extent to which the physics and behaviour of the cars (which were notoriously difficult to drive anyway) are emulated, this is a serious PC racers choice.
You can take part in practice, single races (with variable opposition) or the full 1967 Grand Prix season racing on classic tracks like Monaco, Rouen, Kylami, Monza and the 174 corner, 14 mile long old Nurburgring circuit.
www.mobygames.com /game/windows/grand-prix-legends   (262 words)

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