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Topic: 1967 South African Grand Prix

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  F1 News - Grandprix.com > GP Encyclopedia > Races > South African GP, 1967
The 1966 South African GP had been a non-championship race at East London, but the opening round of the 1967 series took place on January 2 at the new Kyalami circuit near Johannesburg.
Ferrari and McLaren did not bother to go to South Africa, however, and so Brabham and Hulme lined up 1-2 on the grid with Clark and Rodriguez on the second row.
South African GP, Kyalami, January 2, 1967, Round: 1, Race Number: 151
www.grandprix.com /gpe/rr151.html   (525 words)

  Speed Circuit: Track Maps
Circuit de Monaco Monte Carlo; Grand Prix of Monaco (1950 and 1955 to present)
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Montreal; Grand Prix of Canada (1978 to 1986 and 1988 to present)
Montjuïc Barcelona ; Spanish Grand Prix (1969, 1971, 1973, and 1975)
www.lucidphoenix.com /sc/tracks   (234 words)

This was true of the Le Mans circuit of the 1906 Grand Prix, as well as the Targa Florio (run on 93 miles of Sicilian roads), the German Kaiserpreis circuit (75 miles long), and the French circuit at Dieppe (a mere 48 miles), used for the 1907 Grand Prix.
The 1933 Monaco Grand Prix was the first time in the history of the sport that the grid was deciding by timed qualifying rather than the luck of a draw.
The Grand Prix of Argentina was noteworthy as Moss, driving a Cooper, used one less pitstop and had to conserve his tires in the later stages of the race, just crossing the line with the canvas showing.
www.speedace.info /grand_prix_history.htm   (14729 words)

 Cape Town F1 Grand Prix project revealed - News - EEMS
South African Grand Prix (Pty) Ltd has revealed plans to build a 1 billion rand (£70 million) race circuit adjacent to the international airport in Cape Town on which to stage a Formula One race.
David Gant, CEO told reporters that although the project had the backing of the South African government he municipal and provincial governments as well as the company that runs the airport have not yet released the estimated 58 hectares of land needed to build the circuit.
The first Formula One South African Grand Prix was held in the country’s Eastern Cape province at East London in 1962 before moving to the Kyalami circuit near Johannesburg in 1967 where it was held until 1983.
www.eemsonline.co.uk /news/02-03-07_15   (214 words)

 Monaco Grand Prix - Wikicars
The Monaco Grand Prix predates the organised World Championships; the Principality's first Grand Prix race was organised in 1929 by Antony Noghes, under the auspices of Prince Louis II through the "Automobile Club de Monaco" (A.C.M.).
The Monaco Grand Prix counted toward the European Championship from 1936 to 1939 (although the race was not held in 1938).
The Grand Prix of Monaco is held each year on the Circuit de Monaco, which consists of the city streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine, which includes the famous harbour.
wikicars.org /en/Monaco_Grand_Prix   (2781 words)

 African Fiction
African writers are not yet widely read in the United States, but they are taken very seriously in their own countries.
His father, a general in the South African army, leads the double life that a commitment to apartheid dictates: he provides a secure, prosperous life for his family while brutally preventing fls from doing the same for theirs.
Slovo is the daughter of South African anti-apartheid activists Ruth First, who was killed by a letter bomb in 1982, and Joe Slovo, who joined Nelson Mandela’s government.
www.epl.org /library/bibliographies/african-fiction.html   (3643 words)

 Golf: Gary Player - SouthAfrica.info
South Africa's Sportsman of the Century as voted for by readers of the country's top-selling newspaper, The Sunday Times, Gary Player has blazed a trail of success on golf courses the world over.
Player added a fifth South African Open victory in 1967 and the Dunlop Masters once more, but it was a relatively quite year for the South African ace.
It was almost predictable that the Little Master would add an eleventh South African Open title in 1977, and besides that win he also recorded successes in the ICL Transvaal Open and won the individual title at the World Cup.
www.southafrica.info /ess_info/sa_glance/sports/greats/player.htm   (3048 words)

 A1GP World Cup of Motorsport ™
South Africa has a long and strong motorsport heritage that would be stronger still but for its period of near sporting isolation during the years of apartheid.
But this return was shortlived and South Africa hasn't hosted a grand prix since 1993, although this has largely been for economic grounds, as well as the fact that the Kyalami circuit has been chopped in size and much of its original layout is now under a housing development.
South Africa was expelled from the Commonwealth in 1961 and massed relocation led to the formation of fl homelands.
origin-www.a1gp.com /racing/season.php?raceid=9   (991 words)

 World Golf Hall of Fame Member Profile
Gary Player was born Nov. 1, 1935, in Johannesburg, South Africa, the third of three children to Harry and Muriel Player.
His father was a captain in a gold mine who spent most of his working life 12,000 feet underground.
He won the 1959 British Open at Muirfield for his first major, made the 1961 Masters his second and the 1962 PGA at Aronimink his third.
www.wgv.com /hof/member.php?member=1093   (1129 words)

Love was almost the major player in the greatest upset in Grand Prix racing, when he came awfully close to winning the 1967 South African Grand Prix, aboard a down on power, privateer, locally entered Cooper Climax.
His only European attempt was a failure: he failed to qualify for the 1964 Italian Grand Prix when his engine gave out in practice.
His last outing in the South African Grand Prix was in 1972, ending in a retirement aboard a Surtees TS9B.
www.gpdrivers.com /love.html   (354 words)

 South African Formula One Championship
South African saloon car driver Basil Van Rooyen got his first taste of single-seater racing when he competed in the 1968 South African Grand Prix, entered by John Love to drive the ageing Cooper Climax T79 (in which Love so nearly won the 1967 SAGP).
The 1974 SAGP saw a strong contingent of South African privateers enter: Charlton in the McLaren M23, Keizan in the Tyrrell and Scheckter and Driver in the Gunston Lotus 72E's.
Although always fast in qualifying, his five race Grand Prix season were a series of mishaps and accidents, the most remarkable being a spin on the second lap of the British GP in which he wiped out half the field, fortunately without serious injury to anyone.
www.geocities.com /russell_sheldon/saf1championship.html   (3632 words)

 Formula 1 complete - F1 info, stats and news - Clark, Jim
He had to miss the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix in order to compete at Indianapolis, but made history by driving the first mid-engined car to win at the fabled "Brickyard," as well as becoming the only driver to date to win both that race and the F1 title in the same year.
From the Italian Grand Prix onward Lotus used the more complex BRM H16 engine in the Lotu-BRM 43 car, with which Clark won the United States Grand Prix.
He won with it again at the British, United States and Mexican Grands Prix; and, in 1968, at the South African Grand Prix.
www.f1complete.com /index.php?option=content&task=view&id=383   (1077 words)

 Grand Prix Masters: Kyalami 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-26)
When Mansell gave his Grand Prix debut at Zeltweg in 1980, Fittipaldi decided to retire, from the middle of the nineties they were driving against each other in the Indy Car Series.
Jacques Laffite, who had driven 176 Grand Prix as Graham Hill had done before, but who was not able to return like the Briton caused by the leg injuries he had sustained at Brands Hatch in 1986, was the oldest driver being 62 years of age.
The Grand Prix at Kyalami always had taken place either at the beginning of the season or at it`s end, never in the middle of the year.
www.research-racing.de /gpm05-1.htm   (4220 words)

 Why loving owner is so glad to have Blues | the Daily Mail
African Blues proved a natural in front of the camera, reluctant as he was to leave the frame.
African Blues stands today in a box next to his mother, Pearl Dawn, who won six races in Ireland and England.
African Blues, sired by College Chapel, was born at stud in Newmarket in March 2003.
www.dailymail.co.uk /pages/live/articles/sport/horseracing.html?in_page_id=1967&in_article_id=433143   (1113 words)

 Timeline 1967
1967 Jan 27, Luigi Tenco (29), one of Italy's most famous modern singers, was found dead in his hotel room with a single gunshot wound to the head, hours after learning that his song had been eliminated from a national music competition.
1967 Carleton Putnam (d.1998) wrote his book: "Race and Reality." It was a sequel to his earlier book "Race and Reason" where he argued that the Negro race could not hold a candle to the white race in the personal characteristics that produced the glories of the Western civilization.
1967 Surveyor 5 landed on the moon at the Sea of Tranquility with an alpha-scattering spectrometer to analyze the surface elements.
timelines.ws /20thcent/1967.HTML   (12175 words)

 Pedro Rodriguez   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-26)
In 1962 Mexico held their first Grand Prix, a non-championship race fitted in between the US and South African Grands Prix.
However, in 1963 he won at Daytona and took part in his first Grands Prix for Lotus in the USA and Mexico.
Good performances in sports car racing and the occasional Grand Prix led to a drive for the Cooper F1 team in 1967 and he won his debut race for them, earning a full contract for the rest of the year.
www.ping.be /~mathiasg/rodriguez.htm   (383 words)

 Jack Brabham - WOI Encyclopedia Italia
In 1955 he made his Grand Prix debut at the British Grand Prix driving his own Maserati 250F.
In 1967 the title went to his teammate Denny Hulme.
Following injuries in the 1969 season Brabham intended to retire in 1970 but finding no top drivers available he raced for one more year, retiring after the Mexican Grand Prix.
www.wheelsofitaly.com /wiki/index.php/Jack_Brabham   (481 words)

 Article - Departments
The 12-day festival, set in the south of France along the swank banks of the Mediterranean’s famed Côte D’Azur, was inaugurated in 1946, with a highly contested competition that included such now-classic entries as Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious.
In 1977 top technical and music honors (the Grand Prix de la Commission Supérieure Technique du Cinéma Français and the Prix de la Meilleure Partition Musicale) were awarded to Michael Schultz’s funny film Car Wash; the first fl film directed by an African American to screen at Cannes.
Black Americans, Brazilians and Africans were being honored for their astute direction, indelible performances, and for their intelligent judgment, evidenced by their growing presence on Cannes juries.
www.blackpressusa.com /News/Article.asp?SID=4&Title=Departments&NewsID=7800   (1508 words)

 Istria on the Internet - Prominent Istrians - Mario Andretti
In the Indy 500 of 1967 and 1968 he finished second, then regained the title in 1969, the year in which he also won the Indianapolis 500 Miles with a brawner Hawk owned by Andy Granatelli.
Also in 1967, he claimed his first of three career victories in the "12 Hours of Sebring" endurance race, finishing as runner-up in the Champ Car national championship and was named "Driver of the Year" for the first time.
In 1982 he returned to Ferrari and took part in the two last Grand Prix races of his career, in Italy, where he obtained his eighteenth pole position and came in third.
istrianet.org /istria/illustri/andretti/index.htm   (2069 words)

 Istria on the Internet - Prominent Istrians - Mario Andretti
In the Indy 500 of 1967 and 1968 he finished second, then regained the title in 1969, the year in which he also won the Indianapolis 500 Miles with a brawner Hawk owned by Andy Granatelli.
Also in 1967, he claimed his first of three career victories in the "12 Hours of Sebring" endurance race, finishing as runner-up in the Champ Car national championship and was named "Driver of the Year" for the first time.
In 1982 he returned to Ferrari and took part in the two last Grand Prix races of his career, in Italy, where he obtained his eighteenth pole position and came in third.
www.istrianet.org /istria/illustri/andretti/index.htm   (2069 words)

It was the site of Gilles Villeneuve's last Grand Prix in 1982, and where drivers Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger lost their lives in 1994.
Changes since then have changed the track by adding a number of chicanes although many say it has spoilt the circuit, the emphasis is still on power and some challenging tight corners follow long straights to give the brakes a serious workout.
The 1997 Portuguese Grand Prix was struck from the Formula One calendar when a governmental jurisdictional dispute arose over FIA track improvement demands.
groups.msn.com /McLaren/e.msnw   (300 words)

 pitpass - the latest, hottest F1 & A1GP news
South Africa still seeking a GP In recent years there have been numerous stories regarding 'consortiums' hoping to see Formula One racing return to South Africa.
David Gant, Chief Executive of the South African Grand Prix Corporation (Pty) Ltd, has told reporters that although the project has the backing of the South African government it still faces obstacles in the form of "land problems".
Gant revealed that the South African Government - already financially 'stretched' due to the 2010 World Cup - would not need to provide funding for the 'F1 project', saying: "I have no doubt that we will be able to source the capital required to build".
www.pitpass.com /fes_php/pitpass_news_item.php?fes_art_id=30650   (392 words)

 TELUS - Grand Prix du Canada - Historique
The Grand Prix of Canada is held at the Mont-Tremblant circuit in Quebec.
The Canadian Grand Prix is permanently established in Montreal on the Ile Notre-Dame circuit.
Behind the wheel of an Arrows, Jacques, brother of Gilles Villeneuve, is unsuccessful in his attempt to qualify for the Grand Prix of Canada.
www.globetrotter.net /gt/grandprix/en/historique.asp   (1660 words)

 The M5A
This car was competitive - McLaren challenged for the lead in the Candian and Italian GPs with it in 1967, but it was placed in the points only once, when Hulme was fifth in the 1968 South African GP.
From 1967 to 1971, McLaren cars won five straight Can-Am championships, coined 'The Bruce 'n Denny Show' because of the dominance exhibited by McLaren and Denny Hulme.
In the 1958 German Grand Prix at the formidable Nurburgring, Bruce McLaren won in the F2 class, with only four F1 cars finishing ahead of him in an event that saw both F1 and F2 cars race at the same time.
mclarenm5a.tripod.com /car.htm   (741 words)

 F1 Rejects - To Have Loved and Lost: The 1967 South African GP
Picture this: the 2004 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne is to be held on the first Sunday in January.
Rodriguez recorded Cooper's last Grand Prix victory despite only having had two gears for most of the race, with Love 26.4 seconds behind in a gallant drive, a brilliant demonstration of local know-how against the supposed might of the international contingent.
John Love continued to be one of the leading racers in southern Africa despite nearing 50 years of age, and he kept competing in the World Championship South African GP right up to 1972, although he never emulated the success of January 2, 1967.
www.f1rejects.com /centrale/love/index.html   (1595 words)

 Desmond Tutu - Biography
From 1967 to 1972 he taught theology in South Africa before returning to England for three years as the assistant director of a theological institute in London.
From 1976 to 1978 he was Bishop of Lesotho, and in 1978 became the first fl General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches.
The South African Council of Churches is a contact organization for the churches of South Africa and functions as a national committee for the World Council of Churches.
nobelprize.org /nobel_prizes/peace/laureates/1984/tutu-bio.html   (369 words)

 Mike Hailwood   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-26)
He also won 76 Grand Prix and 14 Isle of Man TT victories.
Honda had the most powerful engines at the time, but were known as difficult to ride because of their weak chassis.
In the 1973 South African Grand Prix, Hailwood stopped his car on the circuit to pull Regazzoni from his burning car after an accident, an act for which he was awarded the George Medal that year.
www.netmemorials.co.uk /mike_hailwood.htm   (352 words)

 F1A&G - Legendary Races
By the end of 1967 the Lotus 49s were so dominant that Hill and Clark would toss a coin to see who should win, with only unreliability denying Clark a third World Championship.
But in characteristic style, the aggressive Brazilian won five Grands Prix, including the European GP at a restored Donington Park circuit in England— where Auto Union and Mercedes had dueled in the late 1930s — in one of the most memorable drives of his career.
At the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa, Ferrari's historic 600th GP, Schumacher came into the race a mere two points behind Mika Hakkinen, who had taken over as McLaren team leader with the departure of Ayrton Senna in 1994.
www.f1-grandprix.com /races.html   (4566 words)

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