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Topic: 1971 in television

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  Activist Television
Artists and activists outlined their plan to decentralize television so that the medium could be made by as well as for the people, in the pages of Radical Software and in the alternative movement's 1971 manifesto, Guerrilla Television, written by Michael Shamberg and Raindance Corporation,.
Politically integrated opposition against mainstream broadcast television by marginalized groups has considered the form, content, and regulatory structures of the medium.
As a mode of activism, television may be used as a occasion for media analysis and intervention, as a pathway for the exchange of information, as well as a vehicle for securing representation for those groups otherwise marginalized from the media.
www.museum.tv /archives/etv/A/htmlA/activisttele/activisttele.htm   (992 words)

 ActewAGL education site : Communications : Television
reports that television was first introduced to Australia in 1956 to NSW and Victoria, but did not reach Canberra until 1962.
Besides the free-to-air television channels usually transmitted to your home using radio waves through the air, many people can now choose to watch subscription television via cable, satellite or, in the near future, the internet.
Recently television began to change from analogue to digital technology.
www.actewagl.com.au /Education/Communications/Television/default.aspx   (272 words)

 6c. Land of Television [Beyond Books - From the Depression to the New Millennium]
Television's idea of a perfect family was a briefcase-toting professional father who left daily for work, and a pearls-wearing, nurturing housewife who raised their mischievous boys and obedient girls.
Because most early television was live, the producers of major networks found their talent among people already had experience with live performance: vaudeville.
Two major developments in the 1950s that set up television as the news medium of the future were the establishment of coaxial cable linking the East and West coasts, which enabled footage to be moved electronically instead of physically, and the invention of videotape, which allowed the use of prerecorded footage (such as studio interviews).
www.beyondbooks.com /ush12/6c.asp   (1517 words)

In its request filed August 31, 1971, NBC requests waiver in connection with the presentation of various professional baseball and football games between October 1, 1971 and January 1972, three Saturdays of NCAA basketball in March 1972 and the Bob Hope-Golf Classic on a Saturday and Sunday in February 1972.
The CBS request filed July 9, 1971, is for similar situations in professional football only (about 11 dates).
ABC's counsel in a letter of October 5, 1971, pointed out the disruption which would result if the request in the October 9 case (involving "Wide World of Sports") were denied at this late date.
www.uiowa.edu /~cyberlaw/FCCOps/1971/32F2_58.htm   (3103 words)

 1971   (Site not responding. Last check: )
1971 is a common year starting on Friday (click for link to calendar).
January 2 - A ban on television cigarette advertisements goes into effect in the United States.
As a person who, as a child, was trapped not once, but twice, in a cross-country trek with her family, I can relate to many of B...
www.freeglossary.com /1971   (2603 words)

 The Partners (1971) - TV.com
In a 2004 interview Don Adams described his 1971 creation The Partners as having been Lethal Weapon before there was Lethal Weapon.
A TV movie, "Confessions of a Top Crimebuster", was compiled from episodes of the series.', 'In a 2004 interview Don Adams described his 1971 creation The Partners as having been Lethal Weapon before there was Lethal Weapon.
Lennie poses as a coma patient in hospital, acting as a decoy to protect an informer from a hitman.
www.tv.com /the-partners-1971/show/11108/summary.html   (257 words)

 The baby boomerang of 1971 - smh.com.au
In a portent of what was to follow in a year of unparalleled fertility, Don's birth was followed by another within seconds in a nearby ward.
The ranks of what used to be the key reproductive ages (18-25) had been swelled by the children of the postwar boom.
Their lives would be almost unrecognisable to those who were their age back in 1971 as society around them has been transformed by feminism, the sexual revolution, the breakdown in religious influence and a massive increase in educational standards.
www.smh.com.au /articles/2003/02/02/1044122260215.html   (550 words)

 OFF THE TELLY: Features/Festive Television/Christmas Logs/1971
Dodd was no stranger to the BBC, of course, but his last Christmas Day show for the Corporation had been back in 1968, before hopping over to LWT for an ITV Boxing Day special in 1969, then back to the Beeb for the panto in 1970.
The Generation Game was the new smash hit show of 1971 and it was perhaps inevitable it would turn up on Christmas Day - and go on to remain a regular addition to the seasonal schedules.
Newly-poached from Yorkshire Television, Forsyth had delivered the BBC a new light entertainment success; and here, with Anthea Redfern, he amused and humiliated more families with festive games all in pursuit of the whatever the conveyor belt had to offer.
www.offthetelly.co.uk /features/christmas/logs/1971.htm   (1197 words)

 Inventor Philo Farnsworth (1906-1971) Revolutionizes Television - 1928
Philo Taylor Farnsworth (1906-1971) invented the current system of television transmission and reception at his 202 Green Street laboratory, and it can be said it was one of the great scientific inventions of the 20th century.
Two major advances in television were announced yesterday by a young inventor who has been quietly working away in his laboratory in San Francisco and has evolved a system of television basically different from any system yet in operation.
It was through this simplicity that he achieved his second greatest advance, the cutting in half of the wave band length necessary to prevent television broadcasts interfering with each other.
www.sfmuseum.org /hist10/philo.html   (793 words)

 Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera Libary
Principals of PAL Colour Television by H V Simms Pub.
Television measurement techniques by L E Weaver Pub.
Television Innovations; 50 technological developments, by D. Howett, Pub.
www.asmi81.dsl.pipex.com /Libary.htm   (187 words)

 Movies on Television
For the first time in the 60-year history of film a national audience was able to watch, at their leisure, a broad cross section of the best and worst of Hollywood talkies.
During the 1971-1972 television season, the ABC Movie of the Week series that was composed of all movies made for television finished as the fifth highest series of the year.
The television image is constructed on a four by three ratio while the standard image for motion pictures made after 1953 is much wider.
www.museum.tv /archives/etv/M/htmlM/moviesontel/moviesontel.htm   (1836 words)

In its original determination concerning television receivers from Japan, the Commission defined the Domestic Industry as producers of all television receivers.
In its original determinations concerning color television receivers from Korea and Taiwan, the Commission defined the Domestic Industry as producers of color television receivers.
In these reviews, the Order Dates are March 10, 1971, for television receivers from Japan and April 30, 1984, for color television receivers from Korea and Taiwan.
www.usitc.gov /sec/sunset/I0924V8.HTM   (1673 words)

 Citations: Computer Generated Key Frame Animation - Burtnyk, Wein (ResearchIndex)
Catmull [5] was among the first to discuss the issues underlying computer assisted animation, indicating that the main problem is to be found in the lack of explicit 3D information in 2D hand drawn cartoon pictures, making....
In this section we present an adaptation of keyframing which drives the collection of bodies to a fixed geometry in a range of time, and also allows the end state to be interactively moved by the....
A subsequent movie, Hunger in 1971 won a number of awards, and was drawn using a tablet instead of the mouse (funding by the National Film Board of Canada)
citeseer.ist.psu.edu /context/41645/0   (1726 words)

CBS cites as examples its CBS Television Network series "60 Minutes," and "Voices in Opposition," carried by CBS last September 5 in response to a Commission ruling requiring the broadcast of views opposing those expressed in certain appearances of President Nixon.
on March 31, 1971, is GRANTED to the extent indicated above and is otherwise DENIED.
It may. The only question involved is whether the program, work television programming on a station in certain top 50 markets is limited during "prime time" of 7-11 P.M. Central Time).
www.uiowa.edu /~cyberlaw/FCCOps/1971/32F2_55.htm   (1047 words)

 1971-1972 TV Shows / Television in 1971 / TVparty!
Every late summer and early autumn for decades the networks have tried to convince viewers that this year, they'll really see something new, exciting and special on their lineups.
This, of course, is rarely the case, but there's always an exception to the rule, and that was in 1971.
Cindy Williams' first regular TV role was as the "young couple" wife here; the "rich couple" was played by Dick Clair and Jenna McMahon, who fared better in the 1970s as a writing team on "The Carol Burnett Show." The show was beaten by, of all things, "Cannon," starring the definitely ungraceful William Conrad.
www.tvparty.com /70fall71.html   (1453 words)

 Invent Now | Hall of Fame | Search | Inventor Profile
Philo Taylor Farnsworth's electronic inventions took all of the moving parts out of televisions and made possible today's TV industry, the TV shots from the moon, and satellite pictures.
Born in Beaver, Utah, Farnsworth, was educated in the Utah and Idaho public school systems and while at Rigby (Idaho) High School in 1921 delved into the molecular theory of matter, electrons and the Einstein theory.
Crocker Research Laboratories was later reorganized as Television Laboratories, Inc., and in May 1929 was renamed Farnsworth Television Inc., of California.During the 1960s he worked on special-purpose TV, missiles, and the peaceful uses of atomic energy.
www.invent.org /hall_of_fame/56.html   (279 words)

 Lionheart Television
It was most notable as the US distributor of the BBC's television output including Doctor Who and Monty Python's Flying Circus.
Logo: A white conjoined, slanted TL (with the L connected near the end of the T) zooms into place onto a television-like box with a red/orange screen in the center,trailing itself as it goes (å la the 1978-81 Filmways logo).
The words "LIONHEART TELEVISION - THE BBC IN AMERICA" appear from the bottom of the screen while a red and white stripe is "drawn" under the lion's head.
members.fortunecity.com /teamfx2000/British/lionheart.htm   (744 words)

 1971 For Sale
FRANK ZAPPA'S 200 MOTELS rare dvd 1971 2 DISC...
DRIVE HE SAID Karen Black Bruce Dern 1971
They Might Be Giants 1971 DVD George C. Scott...
www.ioffer.com /si/1971   (417 words)

 1971 in television - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of television-related events in 1971.
January 5 - Jayne Middlemiss, UK television presenter.
January 14 - Yiolanda Koppel, UK television presenter
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1971_in_television   (540 words)

 NASCAR.COM - Daytona Countdown: '71 - Jan 18, 2005
Ford unveiled the Pinto for the 1971 model year.
If Petty had been able to invest his winnings in the NASDAQ Composite in 1971, that $45,450 would now be worth about $952,000.
Petty's son, Kyle, was 18 when he won the 1979 ARCA 200 at Daytona in his first stock-car race.
www.nascar.com /2005/kyn/01/14/1971_daytona/index.html   (689 words)

 Carpenters •• And When He Smiles
It got some regional airplay and I heard it while driving from one engagement to the next in early 1971.
Karen and I recorded a track for it, but since Karen was the drummer, there is no "work lead".
This is a live recording, done on September 25, 1971 at the BBC television Studios., London, for our first UK special, which was originally broadcast on November 6, 1971.
www.richardandkarencarpenter.com /SN_AndWhenHeSmiles.htm   (99 words)

 NPBA - Public Broadcasting Timeline: 1970-1979, UM Libraries
Boards of National Educational Television (NET) and WNDT (New York) merge (formation of WNET)
National Instructional Television Center incorporates as the Agency for Instructional Television (predecessor of the Agency for Instructional Technology)
Public Television Library moves to Washington, DC Donald R. Quayle: Senior Vice President for Broadcasting, CPB (1973-1977)
www.lib.umd.edu /NPBA/time/1970.html   (1259 words)

 Mary Joe Fernández: 1971—: Tennis Player, Television Sports Analyst Biography - Displayed An Early Interest In ...
Mary Joe Fernández is an American Olympic tennis champion who has won two gold medals for doubles competition and a bronze medal for singles competition.
While Fernández no longer plays on the Women's Tennis Association tour, she still plays World Team Tennis and exhibition tennis and she works as a sports analyst for ESPN.
Mary Joe Fernández: 1971—: Tennis Player, Television Sports Analyst - Became Full-time Tennis Professional
biography.jrank.org /pages/3605/Fern-ndez-Mary-Joe-1971-Tennis-Player-Television-Sports-Analyst.html   (433 words)

 Vanderbilt Television News Archive: Programs broadcast in February 1971
-- NBC Evening News -- Feb 07, 1971: Mrs.
-- CBS Evening News -- Feb 09, 1971: Rogers / Laird / Cong.
-- NBC Evening News -- Feb 14, 1971: Penn Central Railroad / Fin.
openweb.tvnews.vanderbilt.edu /1971-2   (10844 words)

 1971 K-TEL Television Polka Ad
1971 K-TEL Television Polka Ad What's New Here
K-TEL 1971 TV Ad A real Blast from the past........
NO - the $3.99 is not valid and People's Drugs and Woolworth are now long gone from the shopping scene.
www.iarelative.com /music/ktel1971.htm   (49 words)

Mary (Sarah Long) flanked by Henry VIII (Keith Michell) and Jane Seymour (Jane Asher) from the 1973 film Henry VIII and his Six Wives based on the BBC television series.
The 1971 BBC television series The Six Wives of Henry VIII had Mary portrayed by Verina Greenlaw.
The 1971 BBC television series Elizabeth R featured Mary (Daphne Slater) in the first episode, The Lion's Cub.
home.earthlink.net /~marytudor/movies.html   (199 words)

 Ulster Television clock 1971
Thanks to the genius of Dave Jeffery, we have recreated the Ulster Television clock from 1971.
This picture was restored with the help of Macromedia Flash, which you'll need to be able to view this file.
Thanks also to Andrew Wiseman's Television Room for use of the HTML code!
www.irish-tv.com /utvclock1.htm   (89 words)

 [No title]
CHICAGO, IL 1969 Television and Ghetto Education: The Chicago Schools Approach P-4108
1971 Access by Local Political Candidates to Cable Television: A Report of an Experiment R-0881
1971 The Information Machines: Their Impact on Men and the Media Book-020115
www.rand.org /publications/bib/archive/TELE.html   (6372 words)

 1971 Animated Adaptation
A Christmas Carol (1971) is a 25-minute animated cartoon adaptation of Charles Dickens' book which was originally shown on Dec 21, 1971 on ABC television in the United States.
Originally produced for television in 1971, A Christmas Carol was recognised for it's excellence and nominated for an Academy Award...
However, some industry insiders were unhappy that a short originally shown on TV was awarded the Academy Award, which led to the Academy changing its policy, disqualifying any shorts that were shown on television first.
www.sheeplaughs.com /scrooge/1971animated.htm   (896 words)

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