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Topic: 1973

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  1973 World Series by Baseball Almanac
The "Amazin' Mets" defied all odds in 1973 and climbed to the top of the National League despite finishing just over the.500 mark.
Future hall of famers in the 1973 World Series were Catfish Hunter (1-0), Rollie Fingers (0-1), Tom Seaver (0-1), Willie Mays (.286), and Reggie Jackson (.310).
The designated hitter rule took affect in the American League during the 1973 season, but was not used in a championship until the 1976 World Series.
www.baseball-almanac.com /ws/yr1973ws.shtml   (812 words)

  Jason's virtual collection of National Scout Jamboree Patches and Memorabilia
1973 Pocket Patch with segments that could be earned by the boys at the Jamboree by completing various tasks.
1973 Jamboree staff neckerchief from trading post A. Several individual staffs issued their own neckerchiefs based on the jamboree patch theme.
1973 Jamboree bolo tie from the East jamboree.
galileo.phys.virginia.edu /~jgz8g/1973.html   (328 words)

 TheMustangSource.com | Timeline: 1973 Mustang   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The 1973 Mustang marked the end of the first generation.
Due to government regulations, the 1973 Mustang would be the last Mustang convertible until 1983.
The Mach 1 lost it's pop-open fuel door, and the side stripes were lowered and thicker, with "Mach 1" written inside the stripe in front of the rear wheel rather than on the front fender behind the front wheel.
bradbarnett.net /mustangs/timeline/71-73/73/index.htm   (152 words)

 The 1973 Yom Kippur War
Following a cease-fire, the war officially ended on October 22, 1973 but fighting continued on the Egyptian-Israeli front and the U.S. and the Soviet Union were nearly dragged into a full-scale superpower confrontation.
On October 22, 1973, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 338, calling on all parties to begin "implementation of Security Council Resolution 242 in all its parts" through negotiations.
Israel withdrew from all the area it had acquired from Syria during the 1973 war in addition to some area gained in 1967.
www.adl.org /ISRAEL/Record/yomkippur.asp   (627 words)

 1973 Coins as Gifts
Unfortunately, 1973 is one of many years in which no sovereigns or half sovereigns were issued.
In 1973, the Isle of Man issued gold sovereigns, and also four coin gold sets.
1973 was the first year of decimalisation, and there was an official proof set issued of the first decimal coins.
www.24carat.co.uk /1973coinsasgifts.html   (508 words)

This one, taken from a 1973 television documentary, shows the 'Commodore' to be deteriorating rapidly.
David Mayo: In September 1973, LRH appointed me as the Senior C/S Flag and during this period I also became the C/S for LRH's auditing, until 1975, when he moved to a different location.
In September 1973, Hubbard got word from the Guardian's Office that the threat of extradition had diminished and it was safe for him to return to the ship and, coincidentally, to his wife and children.
www.freezone.org /timetrack/1973.htm   (2376 words)

 1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
At the rear of the block on all other engines except the 1973 SD's is a transfer lug which is used to move the blocks into position on the assembly ine.
For 1973, the government imposed new standards requiring 5-mph bumpers in the front, and 2.5-mph bumpers in the back.
1973 was the last year for chrome rear bumper and the "small" tail lamps.
www.2gta.com /1973ta.html   (2897 words)

 NASCAR.COM - Parsons held on to 1973 title due to consistency - Jan 16, 2007
NASCAR honored 1973 champion Benny Parsons at the Rockingham race in 2003.
Benny Parsons never won a race at North Carolina Speedway, and has always maintained winning the Daytona 500 in 1975 was a greater thrill than becoming the Winston Cup champion in 1973.
David Pearson won the final race in 1973, one of 11 checkers he brought home that year.
www.nascar.com /2007/news/headlines/cup/01/16/bparsons.1973.champ   (1168 words)

 1973 Oil Crisis
In October of 1973 Middles-eastern OPEC nations stopped exports to the US and other western nations.
They meant to punish the western nations that supported Israel, their foe, in the Yom Kippur War, but they also realized the strong influence that they had on the world through oil.
Although the embargo ended only a year after it began in 1973, the OPEC nations had quadrupled the price of oil in the West.
www.ccds.charlotte.nc.us /History/MidEast/04/horton/horton.htm   (1472 words)

 1973 Camaro Data   (Site not responding. Last check: )
1973 appeared bright for the Camaro despite the previous years problems and continued turmoil.
While the industry was installing battering ram style bumpers on cars in response to the federal 2.5 MPH regulation, Chevy was able to engineer the Camaros bumper, including the Rally Sport so that it would pass.
The 1973 Rally Sport front end contains additional reinforcing bars from the fenders to the core support and from the core support to the urethane nose.
www.nastyz28.com /camaro/camaro73.html   (1099 words)

 Greatest Films of 1973
American Graffiti (1973), 110 minutes, D: George Lucas
Mean Streets (1973), 110 minutes, D: Martin Scorsese
Paper Moon (1973), 102 minutes, D: Peter Bogdanovich
www.filmsite.org /1973.html   (126 words)

 Egypt Israel Syria War 1973
The October 1973 War (known in Israel as the Yom Kippur War and in the Arab world as the Ramadan War) developed rapidly, and the coordinated Egyptian-Syrian offensive caught Israel by surprise.
Israel's military victory in 1973 came at a heavy price of more than 2,400 lives and an estimated US$5 billion in equipment, of which more than US$1 billion was airlifted by the United States during the war when it became apparent that Israel's ammunition stores were dangerously low.
The October 1973 War also cost Israel its self-confidence in its military superiority over its Arab enemy.
www.onwar.com /aced/data/yankee/yomkippur1973.htm   (633 words)

  U.S. Dept. of State FOIA - Church Report (Covert Action in Chile 1963-1973)
And CIA documents in 1973 acknowledge that El Mercurio and, to a 1esser extent, the papers belonging to opposition political parties, were the only publications under pressure from the government.
On July 13, 1973, Patria y Libertad placed a statement in a Santiago newspaper claiming responsibilitv for an abortive coup on June 29, and on July 17, Patria y Libertad leader Roberto Thieme announced that his groups would unleash a total armed offensive to overthrow the government.
Second, all observers agree that the two lengthy strikes (the second lasted from July 13, 1973 until the September 11 coup) could not have been maintained on the basis of union funds, It remains unclear whether or to what extent CIA funds passed to opposition parties may have been siphoned off to support strikes.
foia.state.gov /Reports/ChurchReport.asp   (14172 words)

 Bush fell short on duty at Guard - The Boston Globe
On July 30, 1973, shortly before he moved from Houston to Cambridge, Bush signed a document that declared, ''It is my responsibility to locate and be assigned to another Reserve forces unit or mobilization augmentation position.
May 1, 1973 The two lieutenant colonels in charge of Bush's unit in Houston cannot rate him for the prior 12 months, saying he has not been at the unit in that period.
May to July 1973 Logs 38 days of duty in Houston after special orders are issued for him to report for duty as he prepares to move to Cambridge to attend Harvard Business School.
www.boston.com /news/nation/articles/2004/09/08/bush_fell_short_on_duty_at_guard   (1548 words)

 IEA Press Releases
An important reason for this development is the considerable energy savings that have taken place in the various branches of manufacturing, in different end-uses in households and commercial buildings, and for different modes of passenger and freight transportation.
The IEA analysis shows that without the savings achieved since 1973, IEA energy use at the end of the 1990s would have been 50% higher than what it actually was.
While total emissions from IEA countries in 1990 were only marginally higher than in 1973, they increased 13% between 1990 and 2001, a development that is in stark contrast to what is implied by the Kyoto targets.
www.iea.org /Textbase/press/pressdetail.asp?PRESS_REL_ID=123   (931 words)

 Chronology - Quarter 4 1973
Continued operation of the long-range telephone and telegraph radio-communication system within the Soviet Union and transmission of USSR central television programmes to stations in the Orbita and participating international networks (international cooperation scheme).
Planned duration of the mission was 56 days, with the option of extending it to a maximum of 84 days.
Continued investigations in the earth's upper atmosphere at high latitudes and study of the nature of polar aurorae begun on board the Oreol satellite in 1971.
www.astronautix.com /chrono/19734.htm   (2610 words)

 Eldfell, Heimaey, Iceland
The 1973 eruption on the island of Heimaey is a classic example of the struggle between man and volcanoes.
The island of Heimaey with the growth of the island in 1973, the location of the eruptive fissure, and the location of Eldfell, the 1973 cone.
In January of 1973, an eruption began along a 1.5 mile (2 km) long fissure not far from the center of the town of Vestmannaeyjar.
volcano.und.nodak.edu /vwdocs/volc_images/europe_west_asia/heimaey/heimaey.html   (564 words)

 Course of the Yom Kippur War 1973
The Yom Kippur War started at noon, October 6, 1973, with a combined assault by Egyptian and Syrian military forces against Israeli positions on the Suez Canal in the south and the Golan Heights in the north, respectively.
Following an Egyptian refusal to accept a cease-fire and a Soviet military airlift to the Arab states, the Nixon Administration sent a United States airlift of weapons and supplies to Israel enabling her to recover from earlier setbacks.
The Arab oil boycott, announced on October 16, 1973, the eleventh day of the war, had an effect on the resupply effort.
www.palestinefacts.org /pf_1967to1991_ykwar_course.php   (1319 words)

 Endangered Species Act of 1973   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The 1973 Act implemented the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (T.I.A.S. 8249), signed by the United States on March 3, 1973, and the Convention on Nature Protection and Wildlife Preservation in the Western Hemisphere (50 Stat.
Through federal action and by encouraging the establishment of state programs, the 1973 Endangered Species Act provided for the conservation of ecosystems upon which threatened and endangered species of fish, wildlife, and plants depend.
A Cabinet-level Endangered Species Committee was established as part of a two-tiered process whereby Federal agencies may obtain exemptions from the requirements of section 7.
www.fws.gov /laws/laws_digest/esact.html   (1569 words)

 Baseball Awards Voting for 1973 - Baseball-Reference.com
1973 American League Rookie of the Year Award
1973 National League Rookie of the Year Award
Voting Results were originally compiled primarily by Bill Deane.
www.baseball-reference.com /awards/awards_1973.shtml   (1287 words)

 AMC Hornet.com - 1973 AMC Hornet
Car and Driver called it "the styling coup of 1973," a quote that AMC used frequently in their printed advertising.
This sporty two-door Hatchback seated four passengers with the same 108-inch wheelbase as other Hornet models, the design of the car reflects the growing demand for personal transportation combining striking appearance with utility, passenger comfort and roominess as well as operating economy.
A new Grille, Hood and front fenders have been styled to blend smoothly with the new energy-absorbing recoverable bumper system.
www.zitrotek.com /amchornet/ProdYrs/1973/1973.asp   (477 words)

 IBM Archives: 1973
Dr. Leo Esaki, an IBM Fellow who joined the company in 1960, shares the 1973 Nobel Prize in physics for his 1958 discovery of the phenomenon of electron tunneling.
Other new products introduced in 1973 include the 3740 data entry system, using the IBM Diskette, a new storage medium; the 3336 disk pack; the Correcting "Selectric" Typewriter; the Mag Card II Typewriter with an electronic memory; and the IBM Model 96 single-element typewriter, designed to meet Japanese Katakana alphabet requirements.
IBM scientists fabricate a Josephson Junction, an experimental electronic device that can be switched in about 10 trillionths of a second.
www-03.ibm.com /ibm/history/history/year_1973.html   (316 words)

 Mideast Lessons From 1973
The 1973 war seemed like the ultimate disaster: Israel's very survival was at stake in the early hours of the battle.
Yet in the long lens of history, the importance of the 1973 war is that it opened the door to peace.
The 1973 war marked a historic turning point, in ways that no one could initially have predicted.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-dyn/content/article/2006/08/01/AR2006080101073.html   (954 words)

 USCCB - (Film and Broadcasting) - Ten Best List for the Year 1973
American Graffiti -- It's the last, long night of the summer of 1962 and for two recent California grads (Richard Dreyfuss and Ron Howard) jetting away to college in the morning, it's a last chance to taste the innocent fantasies of a teenage world about to be lost, perhaps forever.
Not least of the film's virtues is its rare picture of a man who thoroughly enjoys what he does for a living and even feels a little guilty that he gets paid for it.
There is no commentary, no dialogue, only the natural sounds of the children and their environment.
www.usccb.org /movies/topten/topten1973.shtml   (713 words)

 How Many Abortions Performed Since 1973   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Given that there are disagreements over numbers and that there are abortionists who do not report, a precise figure is hard to come by.
To be conservative, we will assume that figure did not decline further - - that the number of abortions for 1998 and for 1999 was the same as for 1997.
If one factors in the additional 3% of abortions AGI says may be missed due to underreporting, the total figure since 1973 rises to 39,290,477.
www.nrlc.org /news/2000/NRL02/how.html   (334 words)

 LMS 7-99 1973
Autre sujet d’inquiétude pour la CISL en cette année 1973: la nouvelle série d’essais nucléaires que le gouvernement français projette de lancer dans le Pacifique.
1973 est aussi l’année qu’ont choisie l’OIT et l’ONU pour organiser à Genève une conférence internationale sur l’apartheid.
1973 comporte néanmoins deux bonnes nouvelles pour la CISL.
www.icftu.org /www/french/cisl/50eme/50LMS1973.html   (679 words)

 Energy Information Administration
This marks the 25th anniversary of the energy crisis of 1973, in some ways the most pivotal year in energy history.
The purpose of this presentation is not to assess the causes of the 1973 energy crisis or the measures that were adopted to resolve it.
From 1973 to the mid-1980's, prices continued at very high levels, in part because of a second oil shock in 1979-80.
www.eia.doe.gov /emeu/25opec/anniversary.html   (560 words)

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