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Topic: 1975 in film

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In the News (Mon 18 Feb 19)

  Il Film
prima preview a inviti del film, per "sondare il terreno" e capire che tipo di accoglienza il pubblico avrebbe riservato al prodotto finito.
Il film, all'epoca, si chiudeva con una reprise del "Time Warp" sui titoli di coda, mentre oggi è tornata al suo posto anche "Science Fiction reprise" che chiude degnamente il film.
RiffRaff è ovviamente il classico maggiordomo gobbo immancabile in un film dell'orrore che si rispetti (il più noto è Aigor di
www.rockyhorroritalianfans.it /Film.html   (1338 words)

  Iranian Cinema: A Brief Critical History of Iranian Feature Film (1896-1975)
Besides a few documentary films which were made to record the royal ceremonies and a few newsreels of the events, the rest of the film which were exhibited in theaters were imported from Europe, the United States, and Russia.
The film was released in Tehran in April 1948, but because it did not have the glamor of Hollywood films the audience was use to, it did poorly at the box office.
Most of the films imported from elsewhere are usually attempts to copy the Hollywood style and as a result suffer from their status as bastard sons.
www.iranchamber.com /cinema/articles/critical_history_iranian_film.php   (5618 words)

 screenonline: Miners' Film, The (1975)
Their importance is stressed by the film's opening, which contends that the economic health of the nation is at the cost of miners' lives.
's campaign films, which were made during the actions they depict, the outcome of the miners' strikes was well understood by the time of the film's completion.
However, the film's insistence on allowing ordinary miners, their families and lower-ranking union officials to articulate their views belies this argument.
www.screenonline.org.uk /film/id/1054102   (249 words)

 How are film endings shaped by their socio-historical context? by Catalin Brylla
Consequently, closed Text films struggle to limit and direct themselves toward the overall resolution, and the narrative discourse is designed to reflect the story and create devices that conclude the film when the narrative is completed.
The film finishes when he not only marries Mary Kate, his beautiful neighbour, but when he is accepted by the people in the village, reconciling with Will, Mary Kate’s brother and overcoming a trauma he had from his time in the United States.
Nowadays, the shift of film studies is away from theorising the audience as a monolithic body of subjects, all sharing the same drives, fears and cultural determinations (Neupert).
www.imageandnarrative.be /issue08/catalynbrylla.htm   (7203 words)

 U B U W E B : William S. Burroughs Films
This section is intended to delineate a general background to the underground film developments of the 1960s that maintain a concern with structure and consequently the materiality of the medium.
The development of a theory of structural film cannot be dealt with in terms purely related to cinematic developments; rather it is necessary to examine structural film in terms of contemporary problems (and their contexts) within other arts, in the same way that Man Ray's film approaches can be paralleled with his techniques in photography.
The films produced contain highly sophisticated editing techniques and documenting the "materialaktions." These were performance art pieces whereby the human body is treated as the material and action against the body becomes the material for the film.
www.ubu.com /film/burroughs.html   (7218 words)

It means, literally, "put in the scene." For film, it has a broader meaning, and refers to almost everything that goes into the composition of the shot, including the composition itself: framing, movement of the camera and characters, lighting, set design and gen eral visual environment, even sound as it helps elaborate the composition.
Perhaps a general rule is that films made in the classical continuity style point of view usher the viewer through the progress of the narrative.
Films that depend on mise-en-scene ask true viewer to pause and examine the compositional spaces of the narrative.
filmplus.org /mise.html   (938 words)

 Maryland Film Festival 2000
The Maryland Film Festival is proud to present the 25th Anniversary screening of the oft over-looked classic, Cooley High.
The film burst onto the film scene in 1975 with a hip Motown soundtrack in the midst of the "blaxpolitation" era of films.
It wasn't an action film like Shaft, Superfly or the films that made Pam Grier famous, Cooley High was a movie that was a teen-based comedic drama with heartfelt emotion starring Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Glynn Turman and Garrett Morris of Saturday Night Live Fame.
www.mdfilmfest.com /2000/filmdetail/cooley.html   (420 words)

 Film History of the 1970s
Other films that were backed by the studios reflected the tumultuous times, the discontent toward the government, lack of US credibility, and hints of conspiracy paranoia, such as in Alan J. Pakula's post-Watergate film The Parallax View (1974) with Warren Beatty as a muckraking investigator of a Senator's death.
Films made outside the traditional Hollywood mold, with great works of character development, were beginning to win critical praise and bring in tremendous revenues.
The film's tagline or slogan encouraged nostalgia: "Where were you in '62?" Teenage archetypes included the hot-rod loving delinquent (Paul Le Mat), the brainy student (Richard Dreyfuss), the stereotypical class president (Ron Howard), and the nerd (Charles Martin Smith).
www.filmsite.org /70sintro.html   (2461 words)

 The Film Asylum Review - Death Race 2000 (David Carradine, Sylvester Stallone)
The story is passable (just to recap: Set in the year 2000, the most popular sport ever is a race across the States, killing on the way with different people scoring different bonuses i.e old folk, women, babies) the acting is dire and the cars are laughable.
Apparently in the year 2000, the French are a people that you really don’t want to annoy, although I’m sure that in the year 1975 at least a couple of them would have been a bit miffed when they saw this bit.
I’ll tell you – one of the worst puns in movie history is what it is. Yes, the film was bad, but it was one of those movies that was really enjoyable at the same time.
thefilmasylum.com /reviews/deathrace2000/deathrace2000.php   (678 words)

 One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (1975)
The mid-70s baby-boomers' counter-culture was ripe for a film dramatizing rebellion and insubordination against oppressive bureaucracy and an insistence upon rights, self-expression, and freedom.
The entire film was shot in sequence, except for the fishing scene (shot last).
The film's unauthorized screenplay (by Lawrence Hauben and Bo Goldman) was restructured and adapted from author Ken Kesey's 1962 popular, best-selling novel of the same name so that it would appeal to contemporary audiences.
www.filmsite.org /onef.html   (2651 words)

 Jaws (1975) - Channel 4 Film review
The film has political undertones - it is marked by a post-Watergate distrust of authority - but also owes a debt in its theme of self and mutual reliance to those twin classic 1950s westerns of contrasting political colours: High Noon and Rio Bravo.
John Williams' great and justly revered score is instantly evocative of the film and its power to terrify, and there are several stand-out shock moments and wonderfully sustained suspense scenes.
But the film's real master stroke - keeping the monster unseen for as long as possible - was, ironically, forced on the production by the refusal of the various mechanical sharks to function on demand.
www.channel4.com /film/reviews/film.jsp?id=104755   (299 words)

 dOc DVD Review: F for Fake (1975)
Welles' 1975 essay film about art and fakery, is not the easiest film for newcomers to the director, but its masterful editing and philosophical questioning should help win over a new audience.
Criterion's anamorphic transfer presents the film in its original aspect ratio of 1.66:1, which, at least on a widescreen monitor, shows the film to better effect than the laserdisc release did, which suffered from television overscan.
The film is more than rich enough to stand alone, but the collection of materials gathered here provide valuable illumination of both the artist and his art.
www.digitallyobsessed.com /showreview.php3?ID=7277   (1972 words)

 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) - Talk - Spout
View trailer With an insane asylum standing in for everyday society, Milos Forman's 1975 film adaptation of Ken Kesey's novel is a comically sharp...
Milos Forman had proven his talent for astute social comedy in such earlier Czech films as Loves of a Blonde (1965) and The Firemen's Ball (1967), and his adept treatment of Cuckoo's Nest's metaphorically loaded conflict fulfilled the promise of an immigrant observer of American culture indicated in his first U.S. feature, Taking Off (1971).
The independently produced film became only the second film in history to sweep all five top Academy Awards, winning Best Picture for producers Saul Zaentz and 31-year-old Michael Douglas, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Screenplay for Lawrence Hauben's and Bo Goldman's adaptation of the Kesey novel.
www.spout.com /films/OneFlewOvertheCuckoosNest/25463/default.aspx   (345 words)

 Movies - 1975 in film
Home > Listing Index > Movies > 1975 in film
At this time, the title of the story was Adventures of the Starkiller, Episode One of The Star Wars.
You may redistribute it, verbatim or modified, providing that you comply with the terms of the GFDL.
listing-index.ebay.com /movies/1975_in_film.html   (205 words)

 Overlord News
The 1975 film 'Overlord' is being hailed as a masterpiece in some quarters -- and you can kind of see why.
The movie world is full of stories like the one surrounding 'Overlord.' In 1975, the film - about the invasion of Normandy, as seen through one soldier's eyes -won the Silver Bear at that year's Berlin Film...
I wrote from the 2004 Telluride Film Festival: The most remarkable discovery at this year's Telluride is "Overlord," an elegiac 1975 film that follows the journey of one young British soldier to the beaches of...
www.topix.net /movies/overlord   (294 words)

 Filmi Geek: Sholay (1975)
This 1975 film that is a true classic of Hindi cinema.
The result is a film with a leisurely pace, appropriate to the sweeping backdrop in which the hot sun bakes the desert dry.
But I think Sholay is a perfect entrée to the best that Hindi film has to offer, especially to a Western audience that may be skeptical that song-and-dance has any place in a movie brimming over with guns and criminals and grand themes of violence and vengeance.
geekofalltrades.typepad.com /filmi_geek/2006/10/sholay_1975.html   (1065 words)

 Visible Monsters - Saying the wrong thing since 1972
The article by Edward Shaw deals with the 'problem' of film piracy and the effect that trying to crack down on the pirates has had on legitimate movie fans.
It paints a grim picture of the FBI raiding homes on behalf of the studios but also provides a brief history of film piracy pointing out that the studios themeselves were at one time open to 'duping' movies if there was money to be made in it.
The outfit, not unlike video-cassettes is simpler because the object is a record played by either a laser beam or needle on a unit attached to your set.
www.sizemore.co.uk /2004/07/private-screenings-i-just-stumbled.html   (464 words)

 Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies - Film Threat
This film, which is based on a book, was made in New Zealand for a reason.
Set in 1975, the film centers around the heavyset Billy (Andrew Paterson), an adolescent who often fancies himself as a female astronaut.
The fact of the matter is that this is a great coming of age film that doesn't shy away from "taboo" subject matter.
www.filmthreat.com /index.php?section=reviews&Id=9260   (626 words)

 5th KaraFilm Festival - Karachi International Film Festival 2005
He has written extensively on film, theatre and music for a variety of newspapers and magazines, but most notably for The Friday Times where he had a weekly movie review column for a number of years.
Her film “Three Women and a Camera” was awarded prizes at Film South Asia in Kathmandu (1999) and at the Mumbai International Film Festival (2000).
Shot by Franz Lustig who has shot Wim Wenders’ last two films, it went on to win a number of awards at international film festivals and was also nominated for the Student Academy Awards.
www.karafilmfest.com /KaraFilm2005/jury.htm   (1204 words)

 Film Comment March-April 1975
His films abound in lovingly precise dialect humor, a near-balletic control of physical comedy, and whirlwind pacing that begins in chaos and ends in sweet lunacy.
But Brooks says he does not believe in chance: his films are the result of meticulous construction, especially in the scriptwriting stage.
He can recall verbatim various scripting and editing sessions on all his films, and gives the impression that -- at least while he's refining his gags and footage into the funniest possible whole -- comedy is no laughing manner.
ysos.sammigirl.com /interviews/filmcomment1975.html   (3225 words)

 American Indian Film Institute
With an attendance of over 4,000 during the nine-day film event, the American Indian Film Festival continues to be the most dominant outlet for Native American films from US American Indian and Canada First Nation communities.
The opening night feature film was the highly- anticipated THE VELVET DEVIL, a visually compelling adaptation of Andrea Menard's play about a young Metis (Native American and European) woman who leaves her mother, her native culture, and her home to find fame as 1940s singing sensation "the Velvet Devil".
The 2006 American Indian Film Festival was produced by the American Indian Film Institute with the generous support of our sponsors.
www.aifisf.com /aifi   (800 words)

 Wrong Move / Wim Wenders - The Official Site
This film represents a catastrophic poem in which the catastrophy acquires its own grandeur.
The entire film is based on the subtle distinction between right and wrong.
Even the relationships between the characters are neither right nor wrong, but always in equilibrium — even if they are never presented this way in the film- between right and wrong.
www.wim-wenders.com /movies/movies_spec/wrongmove/wrong_move.htm   (355 words)

 WOMEN MAKE MOVIES | Donald Goldmacher   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Producer Donald Goldmacher is a California-based psychiatrist with a social conscience and a long-term love of film.
In 1975, he made his first documentary, DO NO HARM, an expose of American drug companies and their marketing practices.
Other film productions followed, primarily in the field of health care -- until 1996, when his work in the mental health arena inspired him to make a film for a more general audience: a documentary about the remarkable life of his older sister’s best friend, Ruthie.
www.wmm.com /filmcatalog/makers/fm539.shtml   (260 words)

 DVD Review: Swept Away (2002)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It's a remake of the 1975 Italian film of the same name, with some huge changes.
She does even out later in the movie, but by that time you don't care what happens to her.
The film has a nice bright transfer, but the entire thing has a washed out appearance.
www.lightsoutfilms.com /dvd_sweptaway.html   (569 words)

 At-A-Glance Film Reviews: Jaws (1975)
This is a surprisingly intelligent film with great strength of character (including terrific performances by Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss, and Robert Shaw).
Among other inspired choices, he demanded location shooting in the Atlantic -- a decision whose impact on the final film is great and obvious.
Back to the Film Reviews for the 1970s.
www.rinkworks.com /movies/m/jaws.1975.shtml   (112 words)

 Bug (1975) - Moviefone
Rating: PG Synopsis: The last gasp of gimmick-horror auteur William Castle (who produced and co-wrote), Bug is an entertaining throwback to the mutant-monsters-amok theme...
Bug (1975) A good companion to this movie is the nest which is again about killer roaches...
Bug (1975): Bradford Dillman, Joanna Miles, Alan Fudge, Patricia...
movies.aol.com /movie/bug-1975/28392/main   (174 words)

 YouTube - Russian art film (1975)
It is an old russian soviet film "Zerkalo" ("The Mirror" in english).
The film is listed (more than likely) under the title "The Mirror", even though it's real title is just Mirror.
In both films, the hair covers the face (which is not in your description of a yurei) and the figure slowly props itself up against a fixture with a round lid (either a well or a barrel of water).
www.youtube.com /watch?v=SBiRKoZhUtc   (330 words)

 Kino Film: Adoption
A central film from revered Hungarian auteur Márta Mészáros (the Diary trilogy), Adoption powerfully contrasts the destinies of two modern Hungarian women brought together by the essential need for simple human contact.
Widowed, financially secure and involved with a married man, forty-three year old Kata yearns for the motherhood she instinctively knows will push her out of personal ambivalence.
Arguably the most prodigious woman director in the history of cinema, with over sixty films to her credit, Adoption reflects Márta Mészáros at the height of her powers.
www.kino.com /theatrical/th_item.php?film_id=1   (308 words)

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