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Topic: 1976 Republican National Convention

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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

1976 Republican National Convention The 1976 Republican National Convention was held in Ronald Reagan by 117 votes.
National Republican Movement The National Republican Movement (Mouvement National R├ępublicain or MNR), is a National Fro...
Republican City, Nebraska Republican City is a village located in 2000 census, the village had a total population of 209...
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /topics/republican.html

 Articles - Republican National Convention
The Republican National Convention, held every four years, is the presidential nominating convention of the Republican Party of the United States.
Convened by the Republican National Committee, the stated purpose of the convocation is to nominate an official candidate in the upcoming U.S. presidential election, and to adopt the party platform and rules for the election cycle.
The national committeeman, the national committeewoman and the chairman of the state Republican Party of, each state and American Samoa, the District of Columbia, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
www.chainsawcenter.com /articles/Republican_National_Convention

 UIowa - Papers of W. H. Goodrich
He has served as the state finance chairman of the Republican Party in Iowa, he was a delegate to the 1976 Republican National Convention, and was a regional coordinator of delegate operations for President Gerald R. Ford in 1976.
Much of the collection concerns the 1976 election, with materials relating to the national convention, finances, and the national committee.
Outside of his business interests, W.H. Goodrich has been active in Republican politics at both the state and national levels.
www.lib.uiowa.edu /spec-coll/MSC/ToMsc400/MsC351/MsC351_goodrich.html

As the PFC's convention director, Anderson acted as liaison with the Republican National Committee during planning for the 1976 Republican National Convention in Kansas City.
From June 1976 until mid-August those still on the payroll focused on the delegate monitoring program in preparation for the nomination battle at the Republican National Convention.
Republican Party, State Governments, Presidential Campaign - 1976 BEGINNING DATE.............
www.ibiblio.org /lia/president/FordLibrary/presnet/pfc_campaign_c034

 CNN/AllPolitics.com - Election 2000 - The Republican National Convention
The Republicans switch the site of their convention from San Diego to Miami Beach after it is revealed that International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation, which was the subject of a Justice Department antitrust case, had pledged as much as $400,000 as part of San Diego's bid for the convention.
The third Republican Convention is known as the National Union Convention.
Republican Party rules are changed for the first time to elect women to the national committee, with one man and one woman to be chosen from each state and territory.
www.cnn.com /ELECTION/2000/conventions/republican/features/convention.history

He was the PFC's principal liaison with the Republican National Committee during planning of the party's national convention in Kansas City in August 1976.
Stanton D. Anderson, an international lawyer, long-time Republican political activist, and White House staff member during the Nixon administration, was the President Ford Committee's (PFC) convention operations director in 1976.
Presidential Campaign - 1976, Republican Party, Political Conventions LC SUBJECT TERM............
www.ibiblio.org /lia/president/FordLibrary/presnet/anderson_sd_c252

 Ronald Reagan: The Heritage Foundation Remembers
Coming out of the Republican National Convention, Reagan held a lead over incumbent Jimmy Carter, who was harmed by the seemingly interminable Iranian hostage crisis, an economy in crisis, and Soviet gains across the world, culminating in the December 1979 invasion of Afghanistan.
Shortly after the 1976 convention defeat, he placed $1 million in leftover campaign funds into a new political action committee, Citizens for the Republic.
In 1968, there were presidential preference primaries in only 15 states; most delegates were selected by caucus-convention procedures in the states, state and local party leaders were still major players in the system, and the national convention was still the decisive venue.
www.reagansheritage.org /reagan/html/reagan_career_busch.shtml

 IOWA WOMEN'S ARCHIVES - Mary Louise Smith Papers
In 1984 Smith resigned from the RNC and became a National Vice Chair of the Republican Mainstream Committee, a group of moderates dedicated to reestablishing their Party's pro-choice and pro-ERA positions and returning it to its historical identification with civil rights.
Republican party; the National Republican party; and Republican women's clubs and organizations.
and national Republican politics, grassroots organizing, and the role of women in the Republican party.
sdrc.lib.uiowa.edu /iwa/findingaids/html/SmithMaryLouise.htm

 Photographs - 1976 Presidential Campaign
President Ford relaxes after the 1976 Republican National Convention by participating in an impromptu concert with members of the "Ink Spots" at Sheika's Discotheque, a popular Vail nightclub.
President Ford and former Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan show Republican solidarity on the closing night of the Republican National Convention.
(left to right: Senator Robert Dole (Kansas), Republican Vice Presidential nominee; Mrs.
www.ford.utexas.edu /avproj/campaign.htm

 Ronald Reagan's Remarks at the 1976 Republican Convention
Ronald Reagan's Remarks at the 1976 Republican Convention
Ronald Reagan ran against Gerald Ford for the 1976 Republican Presidential nomination, and lost a close race.
Whether it is different this time than it has ever been before, I believe the Republican Party has a platform that is a banner of bold, unmistakable colors, with no pastel shades.
www.nationalcenter.org /ReaganConvention1976.html

 The Reagan Information Page:Speeches:President Reagan's 1992 Convention Speech
President Reagan delivered this speech at the 1992 Republican National Convention in Houston.
Over the years, I've addressed this convention as a private citizen, as a governor, as a presidential candidate, as a president and now, once again tonight, as private citizen Ronald Reagan.
For you see, my fellow Republicans, we are the change!
www.presidentreagan.info /speeches/rnc.cfm

 How the Republican National Platform Has Remained Pro-Life -- Fall 2004
She had served on the national Platform Committee, and had forgotten more about Republican Convention politics than most of us will ever know.
In 1990, Ann Stone, a Washington D.C. fund raiser, announced the formation of Republicans for Choice, a group founded originally by Planned Parenthood, with the stated intention of raising $3 million to mount an effort to remove the pro-life plank from the Republican National Platform.
At last it is an acknowledged fact that Republicans who want to win must embrace the pro-life principles in the Republican National Platform.
www.rnclife.org /reports/2004/fall2004

 Republican National Convention 2000 -- Protests and "Shadow Convention"
Elizabeth Hanley is 19, and she was at the Republican National Convention because she’s active in the College Republicans and her parents are big wheels in the Republican Party (her dad is an executive at a Fortune 500 company).
I had no desire to cover the Republican National Convention, but at a moment of weakness I’d gone over to the Pennsylvania Convention Center, where the host committee for the RNC had set up a humongous exhibit called “PoliticalFest 2000” for credulous conventioneers, their neglected families, and the restless media.
During the primaries, he’d been McCain’s Massachusetts youth coordinator, and now he was a delegate to the Republican National Convention.
www.radicalmiddle.com /x_rnc.htm

 FAQ: Texas Delegation to the Republican National Convention
New York has previously hosted Democratic Conventions (1868, 1924, 1976, 1980, 1992), but this is the city’s first Republican nominating convention.
The 2004 Republican National Convention will be held in New York City at Madison Square Garden from August 30 through September 2.
Convention delegates are selected under their respective state party by-laws and/or state law as outlined by The Rules of the Republican Party.
www.texasgop.org /natl/faq.html

 New York Republican State Committee
The Republican Organization of the State of New York is a quick reference guide that indicates the names of county chairs, the vote tallies for state and federal elections by county and the major resolutions passed by the State and National Committees each year.
This is the case for the minutes of the New York Republican State Committee, Republican National Committee (RNC), and the Republican Organization.
These supply the delegate with the proper decorum for conduct in a convention, explain the functions of each position in the committee, explain the processes of electing and removing officials, and give regulations as to when a meeting must be called.
library.albany.edu /speccoll/findaids/apap119.htm

 TimeLine 150
Speakers prepare to address delegates at the 1976 Republican National Convention in Kemper Arena.
Kemper Arena hosts the Republican National Convention in August of 1976.
Overall, the convention is considered a major success, boosting the city's image and contributing millions of dollars to the local economy.
www.kcmo.org /timeline.nsf/web/19760110?opendocument

 The Political Graveyard: 1976 Republican National Convention
The coverage of the site includes certain federal officials, state officeholders and candidates in all 50 states, state and national political party officials, federal and state judges, and mayors (including candidates at election for mayor) of qualifying cities.
Other candidates for the presidential nomination, before or during this convention:
The site opened on July 1, 1996; the last full revision was done on March 10, 2005.
politicalgraveyard.com /parties/R/1976

 Past Conventions
The Republicans' first convention as a national party was held in 1856, when they met in Philadelphia to nominate John C. Fremont, an explorer, mapmaker and former senator.
A delegate at the Republican National Convention in Chicago, 1952.
The first national nominating convention in U.S. history was held by the Anti-Masonic Party in 1831, and the Democrats followed suit the next year.
partners.nytimes.com /library/politics/camp/whouse/convention-ra.html

 Gerald Ford's Republican Convention Speech, Aug. 19, 1976
The mandate I want in 1976 is to make this vision a reality, but it will take the voices and the votes of many more Americans who are not Republicans to make that mandate binding and my mission possible.
Chairman, delegates and alternates to this Republican Convention:
It is a record the American people-Democrats, Independents, and Republicans alike-will support on November 2.
www.ford.utexas.edu /library/speeches/760733.htm

 GOP.com Republican National Committee :: State Details - ND
Committee on Rules and Order of Business, Republican National Convention, 1976, 1996, 2000
RNC Committee on Arrangements, Republican National Convention, 1996, 2000
Republican National Committee :: State Details - ND Select your state from the map or drop down provided to locate leadership in your state.
www.gopconvention.com /States/StateDetails.aspx?state=ND

 Convention Adfunk Internet Solutions Article
This was so because the slates of their hearts were clean, their were no complicated writings on it which were not easy to remove and erase, such as the Romans, the Persians and the Indian people, who used to boast a lot due to their knowledge and culture.
This religion was a family religion which could not carry a message for the world and nor could it carry modmany call for other nations.
This religion had been repeatedly changed and tampered with by those people who had exaggerated in their belief and love for Hadhrat Isa (A.S) and Hadhrat Maryam (A.S) and it had been played about with by those people who wanted it to suit their desires.
www.geocities.com /halim042/Convention.htm

 Appendix 1: Chronology
24 - Commission issues AO 1975-47: Enumerates purposes for which national convention host committees may make expenditures and sets forth application of convention spending limitations to such expenditures.
7 - Commission prescribes new regulations on contributions to and expenditures by delegates to national nominating conventions.
14 - U.S. Supreme Court unanimously affirms two lower court decisions upholding the constitutionality of the Presidential Election Campaign Fund Act challenged by the Republican National Committee in RNC v.
www.fec.gov /info/appone.htm

 Campaigns and Politics Series, 1956-94
There are also files dealing with his leadership of the National Republican Congressional Committee in the mid-1970s and his participation in Republican National Conventions.
They contain material about advertising, the Michel-sponsored candidate-education conferences called EXPOS, Federal Election Commission materials, information about Michel's role in the National Republican Congressional Committee, and his participation in the Republican National Conventions.
The Campaigns and Politics Series of the Robert H. Michel Papers documents electoral activities, combining files originally located in the Washington, DC and the Peoria district offices.
www.dirksencenter.org /findingaids/rhm_campaignspolitics.htm

 Reagan's Speeches
Remarks at the 31st Republican National Convention (1976)
Acceptance of the Presidential Nomination at the Republican National Convention (1984)
Margaret Thatcher - "A Trubute to Freedom," National Republican Senatorial Committee Dinner (2002)
www.reagansheritage.org /reagan/html/reagan_speeches.shtml

 Simon Papers: Scrapbooks and Clippings
Particularly noteworthy is the volume on the 1976 Republican National Convention, where there was a movement to have Simon considered as a vice-presidential contender.
The scrapbook on his U.S.S.R. trip in November 1976 documents the furor that ensued after unfavorable publicity on the expense of such trips to the taxpayer.
ww2.lafayette.edu /~library/special/simon/scrapbk.html

 AU Archives -- Guide to the Alabama Republican Party Records, RG 545
Declarations of Candidacy for Delegates to 1976 Republican National Convention
RNC (Republican National Committee) - By the Authority of
Appointees of the National Advisory Committee (Outstanding Women Leaders) of the Committee for the Re-election of the President -1972
www.lib.auburn.edu /archive/find-aid/545.htm

 IOWA WOMEN'S ARCHIVES - Mary Louise Smith Papers
5) Republican Convention 1976 Security, December 1975-October 1976
5) Republican Convention 1976 Hall Decorations, December 1974
In 1964, Smith won a hard-fought three-way battle for the position of Republican National Committeewoman from Iowa, replacing Anna Lomas, who stepped down that year.
sdrc.lib.uiowa.edu /iwa/findingaids/html/SmithMaryLouise.htm

 MSU Vincent Voice Library
Carter, Jimmy, 1924-;Republican National Convention (31st : 1976 : Kansas City Mo.);Republican National Convention (1984 : Dallas Tex.);Campaign funds.;Elections -- United States.;Hostages -- Iran.;Inflation (Finance);Presidents -- United States -- Election -- 1976.;Presidents -- United States -- Election -- 1984.;Terrorism.;Watergate Affair, 1972-1974.;United States -- Economic policy -- 1971-;United States -- Politics and government -- 1981-
( August 16, 1976) Keynote address to the Republican National Convention Kansas City...
vvl.lib.msu.edu /showfindingaid.cfm?findaidid=BakerH

 Republican Party (United States) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Republican National Committee (RNC) of the United States is responsible for developing and promoting the Republican political platform, as well as for coordinating fundraising and election strategy.
The first convention of the U.S. Republican Party was held on July 6, 1854, in Jackson, Michigan.
The taint of Watergate and the nation's economic difficulties contributed to the election of Democrat Jimmy Carter in 1976, a Washington outsider.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Republican_Party_%28United_States%29

 U.S. presidential nominating convention - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The last major party convention whose outcome was in doubt was the 1976 Republican National Convention, when former California Governor Ronald Reagan nearly won the nomination away from the incumbent, Gerald Ford.
The 2004 Republican National Convention had 2,509 delegates and 2,344 alternates.
The two major conventions are the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/U.S._presidential_nominating_convention   (1811 words)

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