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Topic: 1976 in Canada

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In the News (Thu 14 Feb 19)

 1976 Summer Olympics - TvWiki, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
The 1976 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXI Olympiad, were held in 1976 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Montreal saw the 1976 games as a chance to build on its world prestige that was first developed during the 1967 World's Fair, known as Expo 67 on Canada's centennial.
Montreal 1976 pointed the way to the future in Olympic security, which was further increased for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.
www.tvwiki.tv /wiki/1976_Summer_Olympics   (1212 words)

 canada cup of hockey
Unlike in the World Championships the Canada Cup tournament would be the only time all the top hockey nations would compete with NHL players representing their respective countries.
The compete history of the tournament is covered in the Canada Cup of Hockey book, along with history of the Canada Cup trophy and the rise and fall of the tournaments organiser Alan Eagleson.
Canada’s humiliation in the final of the 1981 tournament where they lost 8-1 to the Soviet Union, thanks to a fantastic display by Russian netminder Vladislav Tretiak.
www.geocities.com /thehockeyrink   (741 words)

 The Peopling of Canada: 1946 - 1976
Under these arrangements Canada agreed to accept limited numbers of immigrants from these newly-independent countries: 150 nationals of India, 100 nationals of Pakistan, and fifty nationals of Ceylon were to be admitted to Canada annually.
Asian immigrants were only admitted to Canada if: a wife, husband, or an unmarried child under twenty-one years of age of a Canadian citizen resident in Canada with the means to care for dependants.
Canada admitted a record number of immigrants in 1957 because of the Suez crisis which brought 108,989 British immigrants to Canada, the arrival of a large number of Hungarian refugees, and the effects of the swelling sponsored movement.
www.ucalgary.ca /applied_history/tutor/canada1946/chapter2.html   (1051 words)

The 1976 Canada Cup was the first 'open' international hockey tournament where the top six hockey nations could enter teams regardless of professional or amateur status.
Canada, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Soviet Union, Sweden and the USA took part with Canada defeating the Czechoslovakia 6-0 and 5-4 (OT) in the best-of-three final.
Canada swept the finals, 4-1 and 4-2, but the successful American campaign was a sign of things to come.
www.iihf.com /news/iihfpr8004.htm   (1294 words)

 Photos from New Canada, Maine
Also known as Daigle, New Canada is located northeast of Soldier Pond, in New Canada Township, in The St. John Valley of Aroostook County, Maine.
Until 1976, New Canada had a plantation form of government under the jurisdiction of the State Land Use Regulation Commission for land use control.
As a plantation, New Canada was one of only three in the state running under an assessor-manager form of plantation government.
kenanderson.net /nc   (371 words)

 The World Cup of Hockey - The History of the Canada Cup and World Cup of Hockey
In fact Canada's only loss in the Round Robin was a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Dzurilla.
Canada was also led by strong goaltending throughout the tournament, something which was at times lacking in 1972.
The lasting memory of the 1976 Canada Cup is of Darryl Sittler scoring the winning goal of the first overtime period, giving Team Canada the inaugural championship.
www3.telus.net /worldcuphockey/1976page.html   (340 words)

 Hockey Hall of Fame - Pro Classics: Canada Cup 1976 Summary
Created by the NHL, the NHLPA and Hockey Canada in 1976, the Canada Cup heralded Canada's official return to international hockey after a boycott that had begun in 1970.
The tournament included Canada, the United States and the top four European hockey nations (the USSR, Czechoslovakia, Sweden and Finland) and gave NHL players a chance to represent their respective countries.
Canada rebounded for a 3-1 win over the Soviets two nights later and finished the round-robin portion of the tournament in first place with a record of 4-1-0.
www.hhof.com /html/GamesSummaryCCUP1976.shtml   (469 words)

In 1976 the very first tournament was introduced by Hockey Canada chief Alan Eagleson, which would finally put together all the best players in the world from the six hockey powers: Canada, Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Finland and the USA.
This 1976 Team Canada is considered one of the greatest sports teams ever assembled- right up there with the USA basketball Dream Team of the 1992 Olympics, as well as the Brazilian soccer team of the 1970 World Cup.
Gone were the days that Canada could outpower their opponents, as now the Russians proved they were every bit as strong as the NHL players.
www.geocities.com /canadavsrussia/1976.html   (1534 words)

 President Ford got Canada into G7
Gerald Ford, who died this week at age 93, never visited Canada during the short time he was U.S. president, but he did Canada a major favour on the international scene.
Surgeries in at least two of Canada's largest hospitals have been cancelled because of bed shortages and other problems that are affecting health-care facilities across the country, administrators say.
Canada's privacy commissioner says she will recommend legislation making it mandatory for companies to report security breaches.
www.cbc.ca /canada/story/2006/12/27/ford-canada.html?ref=rss   (1360 words)

 Statistics Canada: Historical Statistics of Canada
The amount of coin in circulation outside banks is obtained by subtracting coin held by the chartered banks and the Bank of Canada from the total amount outstanding as reported by the Royal Canadian Mint.
Data on the Bank of Canada are available on a month-end basis from the commencement of operations in March 1935 and on a weekly basis from 1954.
This periodic revision permitted the authorities to request statistical information of the banks on specific areas of interest at various times in banking history; it permitted the trend toward more detailed banking statistics to proceed relatively smoothly; and it permitted banking statistics to be classified in a way which improved their usefulness in economic analysis.
www.statcan.ca /english/freepub/11-516-XIE/sectionj/sectionj.htm   (3508 words)

 TSN.ca - World Cup Hockey - Canada's Sports Leader   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
With a blend of pro players from the NHL and its rival World Hockey Association, Canada was considered the team to beat.
Canada's biggest challenge came from Czechoslovakia, who won the Men's World Championship just months earlier.
The loss gave Canada a 4-1 record, good enough to secure the top spot in the tournament and set up a final matchup with Czechoslovakia.
www.tsn.ca /world_cup_hockey/feature.asp?fid=9310   (458 words)

 Manitoba, Canada 1976
It was windy a Sunday evening in late October or early November of 1976 (I think).
I was about 16 years old at the time and I was doing some homework when I began to feel restless and in need of a walk, and so I did.
The school is within a stones throw of well-established residential houses (where I had used to live nearby the school) and close to two or three farmhouses to the east.
www.bigfootencounters.com /sbs/manitoba.htm   (624 words)

 Architecture of Canada - Great Buildings Online
CN Tower, by John Andrews, at Toronto, Canada, 1976.
German Pavilion, Expo '67, by Frei Otto, at Montreal, Canada, 1967.
Habitat '67, by Moshe Safdie, at Montreal, Canada, 1967.
www.greatbuildings.com /places/canada.html   (99 words)

 Canadian Immigration Theme Page
It gives an overview of immigration to Canada during the 1800's starting first with information on each region of Canada (starting on the east coast and working westwards) and then giving summaries on various ethnic communities.
A document discussing the impact of being a child of parents who are immigrants to Canada.
Many of the vast number of recent publications regarding Canada's immigration instructions, laws, policies, facts and figures are available on-line and in a downloadable format.
www.cln.org /themes/immigration.html   (817 words)

 1976 Half Sovereigns Do Not Exist
The good news is that full sovereigns were issued in 1976, in an ordinary uncirculated version.
From 1976 onwards, Canada has issued a series of proof gold commemorative one hundred dollar coins, we occasionally have some in stock.
One ounce Krugerrands were issued in 1976, so we may have them available.
www.taxfreegold.co.uk /1976halfsovereigns.html   (406 words)

 1976 in Canada - Definition, explanation
International examines the history of the death penalty in Canada from 1892 through its abolition in 1976 and the record since then.
Uniacke and District Memorial was erected November 6th, 1976 in memory of the men of Uniacke and district who gave their lives in war.
Uniacke and District Memorial was erected November 6th, 1976 in memory of the men of Uniacke and...
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/1/19/1976_in_canada.php   (766 words)

 UFO Sighting Report 1975/1976 : Transcona, Manitoba, Canada
I believe it was the summer and fall of 1975 or 1976 when several unexplained events occurred, months apart.
During the years 1974, 1975, 1976, my husband was away a lot, working up north on hydro dam projects.
There were many changes in my life and I put the events behind me. Never recording dates or events, but the details are still vivid in my mind.
www.ufoinfo.com /sightings/canada/757600.shtml   (1646 words)

 Gold Coins of Canada
The coin is in original choice cameo proof condition and comes in the case of issue with outer box and COA.
This Canadian $100 gold coin commemorates the 1976 Olympics which were held in Montreal.
The coin is in mint condition and comes in the case of issue with outer box and COA.
www.rivercitycoins.com /goldcoins/canada/canadagold.html   (384 words)

 Amazon.ca: Canada Cup 1976: DVD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
1976 went down in history as imminently memorable for hockey fans across North America and around the globe: the first all-star international hockey championship, wherein a broad array of countries - including Finland, Sweden, the United States, and Czechoslovakia - were invited to square off against the Canadian and Russian hockey teams.
Thus marked the premier Canada Cup, an event that recurred in '81, '84, '87 and '91.
Designed to commemorate the '76 cup, the home release Canada Cup 1976 incorporates a sixty-minute highlight film of the entire tournament, as well as six of seven full, uninterrupted games of Canada going head to head with its international rivals.
www.amazon.ca /Canada-Cup-1976/dp/B000B64TX2   (412 words)

 CANADA CUP 1976 Hockey Team Art Posters - Canada, USA, Soviet Union USSR CCCP, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Sweden - ...
Produced in 1976 to help promote the first-ever Canada Cup tournament, these posters feature many of the world's top players of the era.
The tourney featured what was only dreamed of in years past - the greatest players from Canada going up against the top players from five other hockey powers.
Previous to the '76 series, Canada always sent amateurs to international tourneys, as its best players were busy playing in the NHL.
www.puresportsart.com /warehouse/cupart76.htm   (248 words)

 The Atlas of Canada - Population Density, 1976
The Atlas of Canada - Population Density, 1976
Map shows density of population in continuously settled area of Canada using ten density classes based on 1976 Census data.
Maps in the Atlas of Canada are offered for personal, public non-commercial and commercial use and may be reproduced.
atlas.nrcan.gc.ca /site/english/maps/archives/5thedition/peopleandsociety/population/mcr4064   (82 words)

 1976: Canada - Archive Article - MSN Encarta
1976: Canada - Archive Article - MSN Encarta
Cross references refer to Archive articles of the same year.
Relaunching a career, by book or by bootstrap
encarta.msn.com /sidebar_1741582568/1976_Canada.html   (137 words)

Canada were abolished with the passage of legislation removing all
rate in Canada did not increase after abolition in 1976.
Church in Canada, the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec,
www.ccadp.org /deathpenalty-canada.htm   (943 words)

 The Official Crime Stoppers International Website - Welcome to Crime Stoppers International Online
Crime Stoppers began in Albuquerque, New Mexico in September 1976 and is a partnership of the community, the media and law enforcement designed to combat crime and keep our streets safe.
Today there are some 1,200 Crime Stoppers programs in communities around the world that take tips to assist investigators to solve crimes including homicides, sexual assaults, drug trafficking operations and robberies, just to name a few.
On an accumulative basis since 1976 tips to Crime Stoppers have been responsible for the arrests of around 600,000 individuals and led to the seizure of close to $7 billlion in stolen property and illicit drugs.
www.c-s-i.org   (924 words)

 Canada Cup 1976   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
The first Canada Cup was launched on September 2-15, 1976.
If the superseries of the 1970s were rather special occasions, the new tournament was meant to become a regular face-off between the top international hockey superpowers with many exciting Cups to come in the following decades.
Canada Cup 1976: Round Robin Sept. 2-11, 1976
www.chidlovski.com /personal/1974/world/ccup76.htm   (72 words)

 Census of Canada, 1976: Public Use Samples
This data collection is comprised of a one-in-one-hundred sample of persons who completed the long-form census questionnaire (the one-third sample) for the 1976 Census of Canada.
All permanent residents living in households in Canada in 1976.
The sample is comprised of one out of every one hundred respondents to the 1976 Census of Canada living in geographic areas with populations of 250,000 or more.
webapp.icpsr.umich.edu /cocoon/ICPSR-STUDY/07969.xml   (379 words)

 3D Spatial Models of Great Buildings - Great Buildings Online
Azuma House, by Tadao Ando, at Osaka, Japan, 1976.
Church at Bagsvaerd, by Jorn Utzon, at near Copenhagen, Denmark, 1974 to 1976.
Sears Tower, by Bruce Graham/ SOM, at Chicago, Illinois, 1974 to 1976.
www.greatbuildings.com /types/models/spatial_models.html   (1344 words)

 TEAM CSSR (Czechoslovakia) Canada Cup 1976 Hockey Poster - Ivan Hlinka, Peter Stastny, Jiri Holik, Milan Novy, Vladimir ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Twenty-two years before Dominik Hasek and his mates took home Olympic Gold, the 1976 Czechoslovakian National Team upset the likes of Sweden and the Soviet Union, and faced off against powerhouse Canada in the finals of the Canada Cup.
This amazing poster, published in 1976 as part of a six-team set promoting the tournament, features beautiful artwork of six superstars from the tournament runner-up team.
Atop the national flag are some of the great stalwarts of 1970s international hockey: the legendary Ivan Hlinka, forward Jiri Holik, center Milan Novy, winger Vladimir Martinec, future NHL star Peter Stastny, and one other player that we're not quite sure of (can you i.d.
www.puresportsart.com /warehouse/cssr76.htm   (256 words)

 Team Canada 1976 Canada Cup Poster   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Team Canada 1972 may have produced the greatest moment in international hockey history, but Team Canada 1976 was probably the best team ever assembled!
It was available only in 1976 through banking institution Canada Trust as a promotional item (thankfully, the advertising content is limited only to a small logo in the bottom right corner).
All posters are shipped in a strong mail-safe tube, and are protected by a no-hassle satisfaction guarantee.
www.sportsposterwarehouse.com /warehouse/can76.htm   (171 words)

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