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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

  Greatest Films of 1977
Annie Hall (1977), 93 minutes, D: Woody Allen
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), 135 minutes, D: Steven Spielberg
Star Wars (1977), 121 minutes, D: George Lucas
www.filmsite.org /1977.html   (76 words)

  Chairman's Letter - 1977
Except for special cases (for example, companies with unusual debt-equity ratios or those with important assets carried at unrealistic balance sheet values), we believe a more appropriate measure of managerial economic performance to be return on equity capital.
This Worker’s Compensation insurer was purchased for cash in the final days of 1977 and, therefore, its approximate $12.5 million of volume for that year was not included in our results.
Our unrealized gain in stocks at yearend 1977 was approximately $74 million but this figure, like any other figure of a single date (we had an unrealized loss of $17 million at the end of 1974), should not be taken too seriously.
www.berkshirehathaway.com /letters/1977.html   (2686 words)

Koshy, PK and Sosamma, VK (1977) Identification of the physiological race of Radopholus similis populations infesting coconut, arecanut and banana in Kerala, South India.
Richolson, JM Swarup, R (1977) The anatomy, morphology, and physical properties of the mature stem of the coconut palm.
Zelazny, B. (1977) Occurrence of the baculovirus disease of the coconut palm rhinoceros beetle in the Philippines and in Indonesia.
cocos.arecaceae.com /1977.html   (3102 words)

 1977 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1977 (MCMLXXVII) was a common year starting on Saturday.
May 7 - Marie Myriam wins Eurovision Song Contest 1977 for France with her song L'oiseau et l'enfant ("The Bird and the Child").
July 13 - The New York City Blackout of 1977 lasts for 25 hours and results in looting and other disorder.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1977   (3387 words)

 events{1977 (New York Blackout) || Blackout History Project
The summer of 1977 was known as the "Summer of Sam," named after David Berkowitz's nationally publicized murder rampage which sent the City into a state of constant fear verging on panic.
Because many of the problems behind the urban crisis remain unsolved despite the prosperity of recent years, the memories of the 1977 flout have taken on the quality of morality play or myth, with widely diverging views of what the myth means.
In future years, when New York would make dramatic strides to address the problems that surfaced in the seventies and forge a new image of national and world leadership, the memories of these times would linger as a reminder of how hard it could be to fall from skyscraper heights.
blackout.gmu.edu /events/tl1977.html   (1124 words)

But the documents being sought by the Guardian's Office were never released; the FBI raided the church's offices in July of 1977, and the federal government filed criminal charges accusing Mary Sue Hubbard and the Guardian's Office of "criminal spying"--a strange irony.
Strangely, those were the very years that an IRS employee, Gerald Wolfe, was supposedly a Scientology "double agent" guilty of numerous thefts of IRS documents for Mary Sue Hubbard and the Guardian's Office--leading to the arrests and convictions.
A few days after Christmas 1977, word arrived at Sparks that the Commodore was unlikely to be indicted as a result of the FBI raid and he decided it was safe to move back to La Quinta.
www.freezone.org /timetrack/1977.htm   (2141 words)

 1977 in film - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the Academy Awards, Peter Finch, Faye Dunaway and Beatrice Straight win Best Actor and Actress and Supporting Actress awards for Network.
The film revolutionizes the use of special effects in film and television production, and also popularizes the notion of omitting any sort of opening credits sequence, something that would become commonplace in American cinema by the mid-1990s.
In 1977, however, it attracted heavy criticism and director George Lucas ultimately resigned from several film production guilds over his decision.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1977_in_film   (300 words)

 President's Park (White House) - 1977-1980 National Christmas Trees (U.S. National Park Service)
A new tree of the same variety, donated anonymously as a replacement for the deteriorated spruce, was planted in October, 1977.
The deteriorated tree from 1976 was used for kindling in the Yule log fire pit in 1977.
When the 1977 tree was destroyed in a windstorm, a new spruce from York, Pennsylvania was transplanted to the Ellipse.
www.nps.gov /whho/historyculture/1977-1980-national-christmas-trees.htm   (1524 words)

 eBay Guides - 1977 Topps Mexican Football
In 1977 Topps of Mexico issued a 528 football card set that is a parallel of the United States issue.
The main differences are the text of the cards are in Spanish, the way the cards were cut are quite different and they are much, much harder to find.
reviews.ebay.com /1977-Topps-Mexican-Football_W0QQugidZ10000000000108673   (762 words)

 Baader-Meinhof: Timeline 1977
When this hijacking was thwarted by German commandos, the imprisoned terrorist leaders realized that their game was over; they commit suicide in prison.
Irmgard Möller is transferred to the high security wing of Stammheim Prison, where she joins Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin, Jan-Carl Raspe, and Ingrid Schubert.
Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin, and Jan-Carl Raspe are buried in Stuttgart's Waldfriedhof Cemetery.
www.baader-meinhof.com /timeline/1977.html   (2835 words)

 1977 Movies
In a classic interview from 1977, Arnie is requested to take off his shirt.
1977 i think though i could be wrong is before my time.
First flight on December 14, 1977, the replacement of the Mi-6 Hook, is the biggest operational Helicopter of the World.
www.metacafe.com /tags/1977   (241 words)

 1977 at progressiverock.com
Bassball, also released on EMI in 1977, wasn’t that different than any Kraan record and Kraan were quickly back at Conny’s studio recording their next record.
The album was their first to chart on both sides of the Atlantic, straddling the Top 30.
Camel entered the studio in 1977 with Latimer playing bass, however this wouldn’t last.
www.progressiverock.com /timeline.asp?sYear=1977   (5012 words)

 Ford Foundation: Ford Foundation Annual Report 1977 - 65
Market values for investments purchased through direct negotiation, and thus with limited marketability, amounted to $129,185,000 at September 30, 1977 and $123,475,000 at September 30, 1976 (see Note 1).
Depreciation on investments in 1977 comprised unrealized depreciation of $125,158,000 less realized gains of $15,521,000 on dispositions.
Unrealized (depreciation) appreciation is net of provisions for deferred federal excise tax of $3,472,000 in 1977 and $7,170,000 in 1976.
www.fordfound.org /eLibrary/documents/1977/080.cfm   (436 words)

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