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Topic: 1980 in film

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  Nieuws.nl - Film Nieuws
Dat maakte de organisatie van de prijzen voor onafhankelijke films dinsdag bekend.
De film, die verschillende fases in het leven van muzieklegende Bob Dylan toont, is genomineerd in vier categorieën.
Hij is in de historische film te zien naast Willeke van Ammelrooy, Pleuni Touw, Waldemar Torenstra en Karina Smulders.
film.nieuws.nl   (472 words)

 In This Year ... 1980
This area contains a list of interesting reports based around the 5564 titles in the IMDb for 1980.
The form below allows you to search the database for titles from 1980 only.
The A-Z index enables you to browse the titles alphabetically.
us.imdb.com /Sections/Years/1980   (113 words)

  AtomFilms: Submit short films, animation, videos - AtomFilms
When signing a distribution contract, you will be required to attest that you hold the proper clearances and legal rights to distribute the material used in your film or animation.
We allow creators to retain the copyright for their work, the ability to submit to film festivals, and more.
If you submit a film for review and we offer you a contract, we will provide all of the details at that time.
www.atomfilms.com /film_upload.jsp   (804 words)

 Xanadu (1980)
Though an infamous flop initially, it has since achieved "cult" status, and like other failed musicals of its time (The Apple (1980) and Can't Stop the Music (1980)), is quite popular with gay audiences.
Continuity: When Sonny first sees the auditorium that eventually becomes Xanadu, the letters on the roof of the building that spell out auditorium are missing the A and R. Later when Kira takes him to the auditorium, the T is now missing.
The only department that really tried here was the art department that created the arty scene-shifts with the accompanying sound effects, and the neon-colored special effects flashing around Kira and the other muses.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0081777   (706 words)

 Movies - 1980 in film
April 30 - The Roger Daltrey film, McVicar, opens in London.
makes her film debut in the Woody Allen
You may redistribute it, verbatim or modified, providing that you comply with the terms of the GFDL.
listing-index.ebay.com /movies/1980_in_film.html   (134 words)

  Beckett - Film: 1980 "Happy Days"
The following synopsis is taken from the Beckett on Film Homepage.
By the end of the second act she is buried up to her neck, but she carries on chattering cheerfully.
Recorded on June 25, 1980, this production of Happy Days was original aired by New York's public television station, Channel Thirteen/WNET, as part of their "Great Performances" series.
www.themodernword.com /beckett/beckett_film_hd1980.html   (346 words)

  Manifesto - Cinema Art 1980 - Al Razutis
That the commodification of film-art (i.e., a film as object for commercial transaction) be seen as an archaic, repugnant, condition; that all measures be taken to organize a funding-production-distriution network that replaces commodity with communication and experence.
The film culture of Canada (or any place for that matter) is rooted not in industry (or mass propaganda) but in aesthetic discovery by way of experiment, by way of short films, by innovative cinema practice.
Film artists, however, and not to be confused with "recording artists", were minimally represented.
www.holonet.khm.de /visual_alchemy/sfu-orgs/manifesto_cinema_art1980.html   (2768 words)

Since none of the main proponents of these film theories were psychologists or clininal psychiatrists, they relied on structual linguistics and literary analysis to provide the concluding 'conversions' of hypothesis into fact.
Film Studies 'doctrines of interpretation' were produced on campus, at conferences, liberally mixing poetics and stuructural linguistics with psychoanalysis, Freud with Lacan, Marx and all his revisionists, and producing a 'miraculous talking cure' analysis of ideology and culture for the viewer / student.
In ideologically-driven film studies you get your 'permission' grade to continue, your degree to graduate, based on your adherence to a specious form of 'film theory' and 'film rhetoric'.
www.alchemists.com /visual_alchemy/filmstudies101.html   (1334 words)

 The Film Asylum Review - Sleepover Nightmare (Hayley Sales, Chad E. Rook)
It has that shallow 1980's slasher film mentality of a psycho killer just offing stupid unlikable kids, but it's crafted in a cheep 90's sort of way.
Most of the murders are awkwardly filmed and look weak by today's standard and simply fail to ignite any real emotion.
When I saw this I thought to myself "What the hell is this?" Alas, it was Director Boon Collins, an older man, in his pajamas sitting in his chair, having a conversation with 4 young cast members who are on a bed in skimpier pajamas.
www.thefilmasylum.com /reviews/sleepovernight/sleepovernight.htm   (758 words)

 Harlequin (film) - Wikipedia Mirror   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Harlequin is a 1980 Australian film starring Robert Powell, Carmen Duncan, David Hemmings and Broderick Crawford.
The screenplay is by Everett De Roche, the music by Brian May and the film is directed by Simon Wincer.
The film is a modern-day version of the Rasputin story, and the major characters have the same first names as Rasputin and the Romanov royal family.
www.wiki-mirror.be /index.php?title=Harlequin_(film)&printable=yes   (145 words)

 Lino Brocka - The Philippines' Greatest Director
Brocka's films often carry a social message and are typically sympathetic to the poor and the working class.
Brocka was a trenchant critic of the Marcos government, and despite being censored (during the latter period of martial law, his films were smuggled out of the country for screenings) and imprisonment, he continued to fight censorship and agitate against the Marcos regime in both his life and his films.
Brocka explains the importance of reflecting poverty and the culture of the masses on film not just to fulfill realism for realism's sake, but in order for the audience to fully grasp the significance of their roots and move them to remedy the ills of their society.
www.ldsfilm.com /directors/Brocka.html   (1036 words)

 Film History of the 1980s
The film was about a visit of estranged daughter Chelsea (Jane Fonda) with her aging parents.
Raging Bull (1980) was voted by American film critics at the end of the era as the best film of the decade and an abrupt turn-about from the triumphant Rocky (1976) of a few years earlier.
Controversial Peter Greenaway's first feature film debut was the critically-acclaimed, deliberately-told, and elegantly-erotic The Draughtsman's Contract (1983), later followed by the X-rated, deliberately shocking and uncompromising fl comedy The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover (1989).
www.filmsite.org /80sintro5.html   (2978 words)

 Swan Orientation film - Lostpedia
The Swan Orientation Film is a film produced by the Hanso Foundation to instruct the inhabitants of the Swan, a DHARMA Initiative station.
During the last third of the film, when they are getting an extreme close-up of Marvin Candle's head, one can see a logo of a bird or bat in flight in the upper right corner of the film.
The Swan Orientation film was shot on the APO set from seasons 4 and 5 of Alias in Burbank by the Alias crew.
lostpedia.com /wiki/Swan_Orientation_Film   (1434 words)

 Classic-Horror Review of The Fog (1980)
Although released in 1980, the film bleeds with everything that is wonderful about 1970s American cinema.
The film marks Carpenter's first horror project after Halloween, which by virtually everyone's definition was a "classic" that launched his career and redefined a genre.
This binary approach to symbols is perhaps one of the film's greatest contributions.
classic-horror.com /reviews/fog80.shtml   (1772 words)

 Urban Legends Reference Pages: Disney (White Wilderness)
Disney's White Wilderness was filmed in Alberta, Canada, which is not a native habitat for lemmings and has no outlet to the sea.
The Arctic rodents were placed on a snow-covered turntable and filmed from various angles to produce a "migration" sequence; afterwards, the helpless creatures were transported to a cliff overlooking a river and herded into the water.
The sight of a few lemmings mistaking a lake or ocean for a stream and drowning after swimming out too far, or being pushed over a cliff during the frenzied rush of migration, has become the basis of a widespread belief that lemmings commit suicide en masse when their numbers grow too large.
www.snopes.com /disney/films/lemmings.htm   (429 words)

 Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies - Film Threat
The new film “Miracle” comes at the perfect time - almost twenty-five years after the magical event in 1980 - as we’re no longer as tired of hearing about the story of the U.S. Olympic hockey team as we were back in the 1980s when the media beat the story to death.
Back in 1980, the film reminds us, hockey was a third-world sport in America, a country that seemed hopelessly unable to develop good young hockey players who were more interested in playing baseball and football.
One of the problems with sports films, particularly hockey films, is the difficulty of establishing lots of characters and of creating believable hockey scenes which no film has ever really done a good job of, not even the hilarious “Slap Shot” which was certainly not a serious hockey film.
www.filmthreat.com /index.php?section=reviews&Id=5650   (1005 words)

 The Projector: Film and Media Journal
Another reason this film is such a good representation of the 1980’s rock music scene is that Spinal Tap’s music is not very serious and their lyrics do not have any profound deep meaning.
Although the film uses actors in a fictional rock and roll band, it is still very realistic because the actors in the band wrote and preformed all of their own songs like “Big Bottom”.
When looking for films that focus on the glam rock and roll era of music, This Is Spinal Tap should definitely be included in the films that are viewed because it did a fabulous job of highlighting the glam rock genre of the 1980’s.
www.bgsu.edu /departments/theatre/current/projector/vol7/vol7pg4.htm   (897 words)

 Film History of the 1970s
This first film of the three-part epic became the first film to gross $100 million domestically, although its arrival was denounced by Italian-Americans protesting its violence and the association of the 'Mafia' with their ethnic group.
Between the two Godfather films, Coppola also filmed the critically-acclaimed The Conversation (1974), a box-office failure (but with the Palme d'Or win at the Cannes Film Festival) and a more personal film that studied the paranoia of post-Watergate wiretapping by an account of a surveillance expert (Gene Hackman).
The film chronicled the upriver journey-odyssey of a disparate group of Vietnam soldiers led by Martin Sheen on a mission to kill jungle renegade colonel Marlon Brando.
www.filmsite.org /70sintro3.html   (1897 words)

 USCCB - (Film and Broadcasting) - The Fog
Strong violence and gore, including flaming bodies, and an impaling with shards of glass, a sexual encounter, an unflattering depiction of a Catholic priest, horror effects, and minimal crude language.
Directed by Rupert Wainwright, the new version pretty closely follows the original's soggy B-movie lead, but despite slicker special effects and a bigger budget, the film is mist-ifyingly less suspenseful this time around.
The film contains strong violence and gore, including flaming bodies and an impaling with shards of glass, a sexual encounter, an unflattering portrayal of a Catholic priest, horror effects and minimal crude language.
www.usccb.org /movies/f/fog.shtml   (280 words)

 Independent film - TvWiki, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
An Independent film (or indie film) is a film initially produced without financing or distribution from a major movie studio.
Until the advent of digital alternatives, the cost of professional film equipment and stock was also a hurdle to being able to produce, direct, or star in a traditional studio film.
Full-length films are often showcased at film festivals such as Robert Redford's Sundance Film Festival, the Slamdance Film Festival or the Cannes Film Festival.
www.tvwiki.tv /wiki/Independent_film   (907 words)

Sir John is fine as long as he's speaking English, but when he must switch to Polish, as he frequently does, the voice that springs forth is of an entirely different register and of a manner best described as Polish stentorian.
For no special reason at all, the film opens in New York City, where Marta is studying on a three-month grant, so we are treated to an extended sightseeing tour of New York that, except for her meeting with the conductor, serves no function whatsoever.
In addition, Marta and Adam are revealed so hesitantly that the film is virtually over before it is obvious that they are what it's all about.
query.nytimes.com /gst/fullpage.html?res=9905E0D91F39F937A25751C1A964948260   (580 words)

 The Diabolical Dominion - Reviews
When it was first released in 1980 the film was almost immediately banned in several countries for its content of extremely depressing and violent subject matter.
It would be this very label that would propel the film into the revered “cult” status and grab the attention of genre fans.
As I mentioned earlier, the film is very depressing and you may find yourself feeling the same way by the time the ending credits roll.
www.diabolical-dominion.com /Reviews/Maniac(1980)   (1034 words)

 Break with the past - Film - Entertainment - theage.com.au
And there is also the chance to see four classic features that have been selected for their affinities with Jarmusch movies - films from other directors that have influenced him and speak to his sensibility.
It was a film that gave Jarmusch the chance to work with an actor he has been a fan of since childhood, Robert Mitchum, whom he cast in a small role and fondly recalls as the only actor who has ever intimidated him.
During filming: what he wants, he says, is not "acting" but "reacting": he can't bear to watch films when he sees performers "acting out the meaning of a scene rather than existing in the world of the film.
www.theage.com.au /news/film/break-with-the-past/2005/09/08/1125772639995.html   (1226 words)

 Gloria (1980): Gena Rowlands, John Adames - PopMatters Film Review
The film exemplifies the conflict between Cassavetes' character-based, "guerrilla" filmmaking and Hollywood's predilection for action-packed plots.
The film tracks the adventures of Gloria Swenson (Rowlands) with six-year-old Phil Dawn (John Adames), after the boy's family is murdered by the mafia.
Or they are just forgotten in the wake of multiple chase scenes through a stunningly filmed Manhattan; these dominate the film, creating excitement and suspense that have little to do with tender moments between fully developed characters.
popmatters.com /film/reviews/g/gloria.shtml   (882 words)

 FilmFestivals . com - Berlin International Film Festival 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In fact, the NHK producers (among whom Makoto Ueda, co-producer of Fruit Chan's Little Cheung) came to me, and told me that they had chosen me to be the director of their co-production project with Vietnam.
The film was screened at NHK's 1st Asian Film Festival in 1995.
The title of Dang Nhat Minh's new film gently echoes that of Tony Bui's Three Seasons, a bittersweet depiction of Vietnam, addressing contemporary issues with both a sense of nostalgia and expectation, at once anxious and hopeful.
www.filmfestivals.com /servlet/JSCRun?obj=FicheFilmBerlin&CfgPath=ffs/filmweb&id=845   (745 words)

 Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tears
Whether or not Katya embodied Soviet womanhood depends on the interpretation of the film, and on a willingness to mix fantasy with fact.
The film chronicles the young lives of three emblematic women, who arrive in the Moscow metropolis in 1957 to get educated and catch men.
When the film leaps forward to the year 1979, Katya is a mother, manless and dissatisfied.
www.soviethistory.org /index.php?action=L2&SubjectID=1980moscow&Year=1980   (474 words)

 MoMA.org | The Collection | Martin Scorsese. Raging Bull. 1980
This is a film about the escalation of domestic violence that begins with a family sitting around the kitchen table, bantering, bickering, goading, and then exploding into rage.
For La Motta, whose real-life story inspired the film, brutality was a career as well as a compulsion; for those who watched his progress toward the middleweight crown, it was blood sport masquerading as entertainment.
It was shot in grainy fl and white; its potent chiaroscuro is reminiscent of old tabloid photos of "the big fight." The image that lingers longest from this painful, poignant film is the face of the middle-aged Jake, broken and bloated.
www.moma.org /collection/browse_results.php?object_id=89497   (519 words)

 1980’s Filmography - Pressman Film
Starring Charlotte Rampling and Michael Gambon in a political thriller evolving around a female member of the British Parliament who is confronted by a dark figure from her past while at a convention in Paris.
Written and Directed by Oliver Stone and based on the play written by Eric Bogosian who stars in the film as an acerbic radio talk show host with an important few days after discovering that his controversial talk show is about to be "picked up" nationally.
However, he finds himself in a state of turmoil with a crazed love life and fears that the management of the network will try to alter the content of his show.
www.pressman.com /80s.asp   (1188 words)

 Le Guignolo / Georges Lautner / 1980 / film review
The director was keen to make a film in Venice and was also eager to return to the comedy thriller which earned him fame in the 1960s, hoping to repeat the sucess of such films as Les Tontons flinguers (1963).
Whilst this is an entertaining film, it is marred (as in many of Lautner’s films) by its unbridled excesses.
The film includes some of Jean-Paul Belmondo’s most impressive stunts, most famously the extended shot where he is suspended from a helicopter flying high over Venice - a remarkable feat for a man in his mid-forties and perhaps the clearest testimony of his courage or mad daring.
frenchfilms.topcities.com /nf_Le_Guignolo_rev.html   (481 words)

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