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Topic: 1982 in aviation

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 Precision Aviation Design Index
Bob even had a flying model of a full-scale Ultimate 10-300 completed before pilot/designer Gordon Price finished full-scale construction, this was so Bob could assist Gordon with the exact stabilizer placement needed on the full scale plane.
Robert Godfrey, Bob's son joined Precision Aviation Design in 1986, beginning a 19 year father / son partnership that would add new dimensions to model aircraft design.
Robert introduced wood cutting CNC routers to add precision, strength and construction, new models of different sizes, prices and innovative new design techniques which quickly became hallmarks of this Florida-based model aircraft manufacturer.
www.bobflies.com   (327 words)

 Aviation Safety Regulation Chronology 1982-2006
The Minister for Aviation The Hon Kim Beazley MP introduced the Air Navigation Amendment Bill 1984, to give protection to aircraft crew-members from the use of cockpit voice recorders for purposes not related to safety.
Some Civil Aviation Regulation amendments relating to the privatisation of ATC and fire-fighting services were disallowed in the Senate, as the Opposition foreshadowed.
Contaminated aviation gasoline fuel (avgas), created by a temporary variation at the Mobil refinery, led to the grounding of general aviation aircraft for inspection.
www.aph.gov.au /Library/pubs/online/Aviation.htm   (8516 words)

 The Civil Aviation Act 1982 (Overseas Territories) Order 2001
This Order may be cited as the Civil Aviation Act 1982 (Overseas Territories) Order 2001 and shall come into force on 16th May 2001.
The Civil Aviation Act 1971 (Overseas Territories) Order 1976[4] is hereby revoked, except insofar as it applies to Gibraltar.
Sections 61 and 75 of the Civil Aviation Act 1982 modified as in Schedule 1 to this Order shall extend to the Territories specified in Schedule 2.
www.opsi.gov.uk /SI/si2001/20011452.htm   (1216 words)

 The Civil Aviation Act 1982 (Guernsey) Order 1992
[3] In section 24 the definition of "the Eurocontrol Convention" was amended by section 3 of the Civil Aviation (Eurocontrol) Act 1983 (c. 11), and Schedule 4 was amended by section 2 of that Act.
[4] Section 60(3)(o) was repealed by Part II of Schedule 6 to the Airports Act 1986 (c. 31); paragraph (f) of subsection (3) was amended, and paragraph (ff) was inserted, by section 47 of the Aviation and Maritime Security Act 1990.
[6] In section 75(5) the reference to a fine on the standard scale was substituted by virtue of section 46 of the Criminal Justice Act 1982 (c. 48).
www.opsi.gov.uk /si/si1992/Uksi_19920230_en_2.htm   (4345 words)

 Aviation Safety Network > About ASN
On line since January 1996, the Aviation Safety Network covers accidents and safety issues with regards to airliners, military transport planes and corporate jets.
Much of his spare time is devoted to the Aviation Safety Network website and writing articles for aviation magazines.
He joined the Aviation Safety Web Pages in August 1998, with the priority of helping Harro to give the best coverage, updated and accurate information and reports on airliners accidents.
aviation-safety.net /about   (402 words)

 Louisiana Tech University - College of Liberal Arts - Professional Aviation::Facilities
All of the airplanes are owned  by the University and operated exclusively for the aviation flight training programs.
The Aviation Department has its own dedicated computer lab located in the campus aviation building with 30 computers and a computer lab located in the flight operations building with 12 computers.
The computers are used by the Department for Professional Aviation courses, for student use, and for administering computerized FAA examinations.
www.latech.edu /aviation/facilities.shtml   (226 words)

  Department for Transport - Aviation
Aviation is a major UK industry, carrying over 180 million passengers a year and over 2.1 million tonnes of freight.
The Government's aim is to develop a long-term framework that will maximise the beneficial aspects of aviation and minimise the negative ones.
The White Paper, The Future of Air Transport, published on 16 December 2003, sets out a strategic framework for the development of airport capacity in the United Kingdom over the next 30 years, against the wider context of the air transport sector.
www.dft.gov.uk /stellent/groups/dft_aviation/documents/page/dft_aviation_612750.hcsp   (271 words)

  Aviation - Faculty and Staff directory - The Ohio State University
He began his aviation teaching avocation in 1979 with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, teaching weekend courses throughout the country for 14 years to prepare pilots for FAA certificates and ratings.
He has served as President of the University Aviation Association, Chairman of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics General Aviation Systems Technical Committee, and was a member of the U.S. Department of Transportation Blue Ribbon Panel on the future of pilot employment.
Dr.York is currently overseeing the expansion of the Aviation curricula to include Air Transportation Systems on an undergraduate and graduate level.
www.aviation.ohio-state.edu /directory.php   (833 words)

 About: Lyon Aviation in Berkshire Eagle
PITTSFIELD - Lyon Aviation's recent acquisition of a $15 million Gulfstream IV business jet would seem to be the crowning accomplishment of a company that started 25 years ago with a piston-engine Cessna 172.
In 1982, when Richmor Aviation Inc. relinquished its role as the fixed-base operator at Pittsfield Municipal Airport, he founded Lyon Aviation as its successor.
It acquired a seven-passenger Lear 25 jet in 1995 and an eight-passenger Hawker 800 in 2001.
www.lyonaviation.com /news-2.html   (965 words)

 BoM-Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre
Volcanic ash in the air is composed of fine pulverised rock and accompanied by a number of gases which are then converted into droplets of sulphuric acid and other substances.
In June 1982 a British Airways 747 suffered severe damage and had all four engines flame out upon encountering ash from Mt Galunggung in Indonesia, descending to 12 000 feet before being able to restart some engines and make an emergency landing in Jakarta.
For aviation users and researchers we also have an archive of past messages and we display any current advisories on the site.
www.bom.gov.au /info/vaac   (545 words)

 Boeing History: new markets, 1971-1982: Aviation History: Wings Over Kansas
Unfortunately, due to the recession in the aviation industry, Boeing went 18 months without a single new domestic order.
The huge jumbo jet, the 747, had not yet established itself in the market and had unexpectedly high startup costs and initial delivery problems.
When Wilson became chairman of the board in 1972, Malcolm Stamper was named president, holding that position until 1985.
www.wingsoverkansas.com /history/article.asp?id=505   (311 words)

 4th Squadron, 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment
In July 1968, the 3d ACR, with the Aviation section, redeployed to the United States and was stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington.
The Regiment, along with the Aviation section and a recently formed Air Cavalry Troop, relocated from Ft Lewis, Washington to Ft Bliss, Texas in 1972.
In 1982, the Aviation section was consolidated and redesignated the Regimental Support Aviation Troop (RSAT) which, along with the Air Cavalry Troop (ACT), provided the Regiment with airborne command and control, troop lift, aerial resupply, and medical evacuation capabilities.
www.carson.army.mil /4-3frg   (510 words)

 AvBuyer.com - Aviation Articles - JET AVIATION PROFILE
Most recently in October 2001 Jet Aviation Engineering Services based near San Antonio/Texas was integrated in the Jet Aviation Group, offering engineering and certification services to modification centers and FAA repair stations worldwide.
Today, Jet Aviation can boast of being the world’s “leading business aviation service company” thanks to the expertise and depth of its service offerings, areas the company has continued to expand and refine over the years.
The company’s experience in the business aviation community and its stability enables the company to provide its clients with support services vital to running their businesses.
www.avbuyer.com /Articles/Article.asp?Id=68   (1838 words)

 Current Trends in Aviation and Airport Litigation
Companies and individuals in the aviation industry are bound by the same antitrust laws and principles which govern commercial relationships in other areas of commerce.
In prior times, the domestic aviation industry was highly regulated by both the now defunct Civil Aeronautics Board and the Department of Transportation ("DOT").
Price fixing is established by a showing of an agreement or mutual understanding between two or more competitors to fix, control, raise, lower, maintain, or stabilize the prices charged or to be charged for products or services.
www.gkglaw.com /Publications/Aviation/07.html   (1535 words)

 Aviation Unit   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Helicopters were added to the aviation unit in 1982.
Currently the PCSO Aviation Unit operates the three OH 58 turbine helicopters, one Robinson R-44 helicopter, and one Cessna 182 fixed wing aircraft.
This law enforcement aviation unit supports ground units with pursuits, surveillance, backup, and the search for suspects and missing persons.
www.polksheriff.org /le/aviation.html   (134 words)

 NTSB - Aviation Accident Database Query
The NTSB aviation accident database contains information from 1962 and later about civil aviation accidents and selected incidents within the United States, its territories and possessions, and in international waters.
Downloadable datasets - one complete dataset for each year beginning from 1982, updated monthly in Microsoft Access 95 MDB format; this FTP site also provides weekly "change" updates and complete documentation.
FAA incident database - complete information about incidents, including those not investigated by NTSB, is provided by the Federal Aviation Administration.
www.ntsb.gov /ntsb/query.asp   (341 words)

 Arizona Aviation Company History
Hi, my name is Michael A. Roberti.  In 1982, I was a senior at Arizona State University.
Unfortunately, at that time airline jobs were almost impossible to get.  I decided that the best way for me to expand my aviation career was to teach people how to fly using my own airplane.
ARIZONA AVIATION  started from very humble beginnings.  My office was in my bedroom in my parent's house.  I would fly during the day and teach ground school classes at night.
www.arizonaaviation.com /history.htm   (461 words)

 Safety :: Experienced Jet Pilots; Award Winning Maintenance Staff
At Lyon Aviation our #1 priority is to get you to your destination safe and on time.
We work closely with our local Flight Standards District Office to ensure that we continue to operate under the latest Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulated Part 135 guidelines.
Lyon Aviation requires background checks of its pilots, flight attendants and ground personnel to ensure the highest level of safety to our customers.
www.lyonaviation.com /pilot.html   (310 words)

 Welcome To Space Camp® Online
The U.S. Space and Rocket Center, located in Huntsville, AL, is the #1 space museum in the world.
Special Programs Space Camp & Aviation Challenge For The Blind and Visually Impaired & The Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
Founded in 1982, SPACE CAMP and AVIATION CHALLENGE (1990), located in Huntsville, Alabama, use space and aviation as a platform to excite and educate children ages 7-18, in the fields of math, science and technology.
www.spacecamp.com   (237 words)

 The Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against Safeity of Civil Aviation Act, 1982
An Act to give effect to the Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Civil Aviation and for matters connected therewith.
WHEREAS a Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Civil Aviation was on the 23
(1) This Act may be called the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against Safety of Civil Aviation Act, 1982.
www.satp.org /satporgtp/countries/india/document/actandordinances/the_suppression_of_unlawful_act_1982.htm   (966 words)

1979 1980 1981 - 1982 - 1983 1984 1985
May 30 - Spain becomes the 16th member of NATO and the first nation to enter the alliance since West Germany's admission in 1955.
June 6 - 1982 Lebanon War begins: Forces under Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon invade southern Lebanon in their "Operation Peace for the Galilee," eventually reaching as far north as the capital Beirut.
www.knowledgefun.com /book/1/19/1982.html   (1589 words)

 Claude Ryan (1898-1982) Biography
Other fliers vying for a $25,000 prize for the first non-stop Atlantic flight had opted for multi-engine planes, some of which could not rise off the ground when their oversized tanks were filled with gasoline.
Lindbergh visited Ryan Aviation's San Diego plant, which still exuded pungent reminders of its previous use as a cannery.
Claude Ryan died in 1982 at the age of eighty-four while he sketched a rough design concept for a plane with simplified controls.
www.charleslindbergh.com /plane/ryan.asp   (1079 words)

 MiBiz - Michigan's Business Advocate
Founded in 1982, Riley Aviation began as the fixed-base operator for the Sturgis Airport.
He told MiBiz that Riley Aviation grew by 20 percent in 2004 and 32 percent growth is predicted for 2005.
In addition to the Kalamazoo expansion, Riley Aviation may be adding another location within the next year or two.
www.mibiz.com /absolutenm/anmviewer.asp?a=6881&z=34   (721 words)

 AVweb » The World's Premier Independent Aviation News Resource
Friends of the Earth is calling on the agency to either regulate or, if lacking present evidence, to investigate "the health and environmental impacts of lead emissions from general aviation aircraft." EPA has responded with a Notice of Petition For Rulemaking and is asking for public comment by March 17, 2008.
Investigators and historians have confirmed that an aircraft wreck that emerged from the sands of a Wales beach over the summer is a P-38 Lightning.
Eight people who have made varied contributions to aviation were named to the EAA's Halls of Fame at a banquet in Oshkosh, Wis., last Friday.
www.avweb.com   (1720 words)

 BTS | Office of Airline Information - Sources of Aviation Data   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Effective with a rule (ER-1297) adopted July 1982, the filing frequency for income statement and balance sheet data was changed from quarterly to semiannually for medium regional carriers with annual operating revenues under $10 million.
World Aviation Directory is the world’s only comprehensive directory of aviation/aerospace companies, products and services.
International Cival Aviation Organization provides data on commercial air carrier traffic and finances, airports traffic and finances, on-flight origin and destination, traffic by flight stage, fleet and personnel, en-route facilities traffic statistics and finances, civil aircraft on register, general aviation activities, civilian pilot licenses and aircraft accidents.
www.bts.gov /oai/sources   (2283 words)

 Navy Page   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I was taken out of nuke school and assigned to temporary duty as a company commander at the recruit training center.
I went to school and studied Aviation Electronics and in March 1984, I re-enlisted as an Aviation Electronics Technician (AT1).
I was an extreme exception in that I had actually worked in all three major communities of the Navy; surface, sub-surface and aviation.
home.earthlink.net /~eldenbaker/navy.html   (561 words)

 1982 in aviation Information
This is a list of aviation-related events from 1982:
January 8 - the Airbus A300 is certified, becoming the first wide body airliner with cockpit accommodations for only two to be certified.
November 4 - Pan Am inaugurates service from Los Angeles to Sydney; at 7,487 non-stop miles (11,979 km), it is the longest non-stop flight in the world.
www.bookrags.com /1982_in_aviation   (552 words)

 Boeing: Aviation Reading List Home
Boeing Home / About Us / Research Assistance / Aviation Reading List
Jackson, B.R. Douglas Twinjets: DC-9, MD-80, MD-90 and 717 (Crowood Aviation Series).
Loomis, Vincent V. At the Controls: Women in Aviation.
www.boeing.com /companyoffices/aboutus/readinglist.html   (566 words)

 British Military Aviation in 1982 - Part 1
A British Aerospace (BAe) VC10 of No.10 Squadron RAF is despatched from RAF Brize Norton to Montevideo in Uruguay, to collect the Governor of the Falkland Islands and the Royal Marines of Naval Party 8901, captured during the seizure of the Falkland Islands by Argentinean forces.
A series of further repatriation flights were carried out between Motevideo and the United Kingdom by No.10 Squadron aircraft during April 1982.
Subsequently, as hostilities commenced the VC10s of No.10 Squadron were charged with flying British casualties from the hospital ships Hecla, Hydra and Herald docked at Montevideo to the United Kingdom.
www.rafmuseum.org.uk /milestones-of-flight/british_military/1982.html   (737 words)

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