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Topic: 1983 in music

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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

  Enjoy Music! Enjoy Life - Samick -
In 1983, SAMICK Music Corp. was established in the U.S. by SAMICK as part of its goal to grow as an international corporation.
SAMICK Music Corp. improved SAMICK's image, invested a vast amount of capital into satisfying customers, and performed active marketing and publicity actions during its initial stages to secure long-term market development and high market share.
Today, SAMICK Music Corp. stands in a position to play a major role in the international musical instrument market.
www.samick.co.kr /eu/about/global.php   (397 words)

  1983 in music
See also: 1982 in music, other events of 1983, 1984 in music and the list of 'years in music'.
The most long-term influential release of 1983 is probably Head over Heels by the Cocteau Twins, which sold poorly upon its initial release.
Quiet Riot's Metal Health was enormously popular in 1983, and was the first heavy metal album to go to #1 on the pop charts.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/19/1983_in_music.html   (829 words)

  Brenda Duncan Music Studio
Her private students, primarily in Austin, Texas, learn to use their musical skill to serve their community by promoting goodwill and charitable causes, performing publicly at nursing homes, hospitals and special fundraisers for non-profit groups.
She is joined by a great teaching staff who believes the process of learning to play an instrument naturally engages much more than the physical (or technical) aspects of playing or singing a piece of music.
Some of the music "homework" requires the family to participate with the student, challenging the student to "teach" their knowledge to a sibling, neighbor or parent.
groups.msn.com /BrendaDuncanMusicStudio   (666 words)

  Category:1983 in music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The main article for this category is 1983 in music.
United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 1983
This page was last modified 17:00, 8 October 2005.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Category:1983_in_music   (85 words)

 Timeline 1983
1983 Jan 1, Pope John Paul II declared this year to be an extraordinary Holy Year to mark the 1,950th anniversary of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in year 33.
1983 Jan 19, Klaus Barbie, SS chief of Lyon in Nazi-France, was arrested in Bolivia.
1983 Feb 13-14, The Americus and Altair fishing boats sank in the Bering Sea and 14 fishermen from Anacortes, Wa., died.
timelines.ws /20thcent/1983.HTML   (9631 words)

 1983 in music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The most long-term influential release of 1983 is probably Head over Heels by the Cocteau Twins, which sold poorly upon its initial release.
Quiet Riot's Metal Health was enormously popular in 1983, and was the first heavy metal album to go to #1 on the pop charts.
The country music legend Kenny Rogers records his 23rd studio album "We've Got Tonight," which is his last album for Liberty records.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1983_in_music   (1967 words)

 1984 in music: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The parents music resource center (pmrc) was a committee formed in 1985 by the wives of several congressmen....
Music from the motion picture "purple rain" (also called just purple rain) was a 1984 album by prince and the revolution....
John kander (born march 18, 1927) is the composer of a series of musical theatre successes as part of the songwriting team of kander and ebb....
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/1/19/1984_in_music.htm   (9351 words)

 HoneyHoney's Country Music In Nashville
From preaching to music, in 1925 when radio was still in its infancy, WSM auditioned a weekly program from the Ryman Auditorium.
Their music came to be known as bluegrass from the band's name.
The Roy Acuff Museum features musical instruments photos, memorabilia and gifts from his fans which, chronicle the life of the "King of Country Music" The Minnie Pearl Museum displays personal items, costumes, photos and scenes from the life of the country comedienne with her price tag hat.
www.geocities.com /bornhoney/music.htm   (1706 words)

 80s Music: 1983 song
I was born in the early 70's,so my teenage years were spent listening to 80's music.
I was and still am a HUGE fan of music from the 80's,and did everything from buying tons of albums to going to concerts to subscribing to music magazines to listening to the Top 40 countdown on the weekends.
The band Firefall had a mild hit in 1983 with a song called Always.
en.allexperts.com /q/80s-Music-2701/1983-song.htm   (351 words)

 University of Oregon School of Music and Dance: Alumni and Visitors
Music is recognized at the college as fundamental value in the development of personality, enriching the life of every man or woman who learns to appreciate it.
The executive secretary of the School of Music, Gladys Hay, began her association with the school in 1930 and continued in that position until 1948.
A Portland division of the University of Oregon School of Music was established with Frances Streigel Burke, Professor of Piano as its chairman.
music1.uoregon.edu /AlumniVisitors/timeline.html   (4166 words)

 Maximum Joy: Unlimited (1979-1983) - PopMatters Music Review
Musically, the group's use of complex percussion, horns, danceable bass lines, and overtly English female vocals built a bridge between the worlds of Afrobeat, reggae, avant-garde jazz, funk, and pop.
It might be appropriate to call the group's genre-bending blend of sounds "world music", if that term wasn't associated with so much boring music.
Maximum Joy's music is more exciting and adventurous than what passes for "world music" today, and is most aptly compared to the output of other experimental acts of the post-punk era such as the Pop Group, the Slits, Rip Rig & Panic, and New Age Steppers.
www.popmatters.com /music/reviews/m/maximumjoy-unlimited.shtml   (714 words)

 Electronic Minimimal Music 1980-1983 - J D Emmanuel - Daniel Emmanuel   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This two CD collection includes all of my early electronic minimal music experiments from 1980-83 that are not contained on other collections.
My music is currently free to anyone who would enjoy listening to it!
It is copyrighted and not for unauthorized use or distribution.
jdemmanuel.com /emm.shtml   (204 words)

 Kashif - 1983 - Kashif - Music Downloads   (Site not responding. Last check: )
To draw a comparison to the old style of music listening, a download is like buying a single, and a stream is like hearing the song on the radio.
Downloaded music lives on your computer, and can be transferred to any compatible portable device.
Several online music services wrap their song files in DRM in order to have control over what you do with the files.
www.mp3.com /albums/8816/downloads.html   (741 words)

 Paul Varga 1983 Inductee - Buffalo Music Hall of Fame   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In 1983 Paul, along with Dave and Bill, were the first three musicians inducted into The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame.
After The Tweeds Paul played in Only Humen for four years, but as that pattern seems to reoccur again and again, he is again rockin' with his lifelong musical sidekick Dave Constantino.
The night was recorded and released as a live album through a Japanese record deal with Warner Music Japan.
www.buffalomusic.org /alumni/1983/paul_varga.htm   (738 words)

 Kurzweil Music Systems   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Kurzweil Music Systems Inc. was founded by inventor Raymond Kurzweil, who had developed a revolutionary reading machine for the blind that scans written materials and reads them aloud in a synthesized voice.
When the K-250 was introduced in 1983, the music industry was astounded by its ability to emulate a piano, strings, choirs, drums and other acoustic instruments with extraordinary accuracy.
Since then, electronic musical instruments have had a new benchmark of quality for which to strive.
www.kurzweilmusicsystems.com /about.html   (263 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Unlimited: 1979-1983: Music   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As it turns out, they were a fairly progressive pop group that mixed a touch of afrobeat and funk (and a touch of reggae) in with their adventurous pop music.
Unlimited (1979-1983) is a collection of rare and hard-to-find 7" and 12" tracks, and for fans of retro-leaning pop music, it's a true gem.
Completely different than some of the groups creating claustrophobic music at the time, Maximum Joy is definitely a group worth rediscovering (if you don't mind lots and lots of horns in your pop music).
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/B000BKFG2G   (802 words)

 API Music
Dvorak was very aware of their exceptional musical talent and therefore fought very hard for them to be accepted.
The National Conservatory of Music of America in New York arranged concerts from the compositions composed by Dvorak's students.
William Arms Fisher was one of America's earliest music historians recognizing the vitality and value of 18th- and early 19th-century American music.
www.apimusic.org /composersb.cfm?ln=F   (1174 words)

 Alberto Ginastera (1916 - 1983) - famous Alberto Ginastera Classics hit collection and Alberto Ginastera Music Reviews.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Alberto Ginastera was born in Buenos Aires on 11 April 1916 and died on 25 June 1983 in Geneva.
As well as two concertos for piano, one for violin, two for cello, and one for harp, he wrote two operas, ballet music, orchestral music, chamber music and a dozen works for solo piano.
By this time he was no longer using melodic or rhythmic motifs from folk music, nor any symbolic elements, and yet Argentinian traits remain: strong, obsessive rhythms, meditative adagios evoking the tranquility of the pampas, and magical, mysterious sonorities which recall his country’s impenetrable nature.
www.naxos.com /composerinfo/399.htm   (400 words)

 CalendarHome.com - 1983 - Calendar Encyclopedia
1983 (MCMLXXXIII) was a common year starting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar.
February 13 - US President Ronald Reagan proclaims 1983 "The Year of the Bible".
February 16 - The Ash Wednesday bushfires in Victoria and South Australia claim the lives of 76 people in one of Australia's worst ever fires.
encyclopedia.calendarhome.com /1983.htm   (2329 words)

 Classical Concerts in London UK - A selection of forthcoming live music
His wide repertoire includes a good number of Latin American composers and he has been involved in the music of Ginastera for a number of years.
The husband and wife duo Sciammarella-Pereda, he Argentinean, she Spanish, have years of experience in the exciting Hispanic repertoire for cello and piano.
Alistair Hinton was born in Scotland in 1950, and studied music from the age of twelve.
www.cadenza.org /events/list.cgi?source=london&start=40   (1278 words)

 1983   (Site not responding. Last check: )
January 2 - The musical Annie is performed for the last time 2 377 shows (Uris Theatre on Broadway York City).
Wednesday January 19 1983 - The Apple Lisa personal computer is announced.
September 1 - Cold War : Korean Air Flight KAL-007 is shot down by a Soviet jet fighter when the commercial aircraft Soviet airspace.
www.freeglossary.com /1983   (1403 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: The Very Best of Paul Hardcastle 1983-2003: Music   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Watch over 6,000 free music videos, find the latest news, reviews and interviews of your favourite artist, plus choose from over 60 free radio stations.
Disc one has not got the same type of music as disc two.
Disc two is the music of Paul as we all know him.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/B000095IVK   (266 words)

 The Year in Music - 1983
By 1983 the "New Music" of the Eighties -- a blend of rock, soul, disco and reggae wrapped in synth -- had become well-established, and record sales were up after a long slump that had started in the late 1970s.
Released in the summer of 1983, this was not only the best of the band's albums, but also its last.
Most of the tracks were recorded in the basement studio of the artist's purple house in Minneapolis, and utilized the talents of his band, The Revolution, including keyboardist Lisa Coleman, drummer Bobby Z and guitarist Dez Dickerson.
eightiesclub.tripod.com /id199.htm   (1664 words)

 Beckett - Music
There have been several works of music inspired by the works of Beckett, particularly works of contemporary classical.
New York composer and friend of Beckett, who wrote the "libretto" for his "opera." Feldman also scored the American version of Words and Music, and his final piece was dedicated to the author.
French-Romanian composer known for his tonal operas, Mihalovici was the original composer for the music of Beckett's Cascando.
www.themodernword.com /beckett/beckett_music.html   (1002 words)

 NIU Music - Fleisher   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Robert Fleisher coordinates the music theory and composition area.
A native New Yorker, he attended the High School of Music and Art and earned the baccalaureate degree with honors at the University of Colorado.
At the University of Illinois, where he received the Master of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees in composition, he served as a teaching assistant and a visiting lecturer and was a finalist for the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award.
www.niu.edu /music/people/bios/rfleisher.shtml   (192 words)

 Sugar Minott: The Roots Lover 1978-1983 - PopMatters Music Review
It was a heady, tumultuous time in the history of music, a time of dramatic phase-shifts in all forms of Western music, including what would later be filed in the chain stores as “reggae”.
Like raga in the east, which was infused with new relevance through interaction with European concepts, reggae in the west was beginning to internalize aspects of American music—not much, just bits and pieces.
By the time Minott made his arrival on the music scene in, Jamaica’s output was attracting international attention.
www.popmatters.com /pm/music/reviews/sugar_minott_the_roots_lover_1978_1983   (637 words)

 Talas 1983 Inductee - Buffalo Music Hall of Fame   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The first BMHF alumni automatically inducted on the strength of three consecutive Buffalo Music Awards top honors, the members of Talas were inducted individually.
Voted top bass player by Guitar Player magazine and in several other music polls, he worked with the David Lee Roth band before forming Mr.
Two years ago, Talas re-formed for a concert at Kleinhans' music hall.
www.buffalomusic.org /alumni/1983/talas.htm   (193 words)

 Buy Staying Alive (1983 Film) - Music - Softpedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Naturally the brothers didn't, and the 1983 soundtrack Staying Alive is proof they still had their touch, whether the populous was ready to admit it or not.
The music overtakes Barry's vocals, which I think are about the same old surviving the city et al, but the lyrics and lack of harmony here are a miss.
Although this soundtrack didn't do as well as Fever for a number of reasons, one naturally being the song quality is a tad lower, but also, the movie and the music aren't as perfectly matched.
store.softpedia.com /review/B000001F4F.html   (782 words)

 Popular Music and Society: Literature of American Music III, 1983-1992. - Review - book review
This spectacular compilation covered 1,388 book-length studies on all genres of American music from the colonial years through the mid-1970s.
Supplement I to The Literature of American Music focuses on the 1975-1987 period, but also overlaps 1640-1974 to identify books overlooked in the original study.
He has added 1,302 new citations and, better yet, compiled an author-centered Checklist of Writings on American Music, 1640-1992 that indexes all monographs cited in the three (1977, 1988, and 1996) Literature of American Music volumes.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m2822/is_1_23/ai_59450320   (242 words)

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