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In the News (Mon 18 Feb 19)

  YouTube - Peter Gabriel Biko Live 1986
The final date of the 1986 Amnesty Internationa...
The final date of the 1986 Amnesty International Conspiracy of Hope Tour.
This was the set closer, an emotional version of Biko.
www.youtube.com /watch?v=iLg-8Jxi5aE   (243 words)

 YouTube - Transformers: The Movie (1986) Original Trailer
Well, it doesn't make sense that the 2007 movie is supposed to introduce a new cartoon series because it wasn't a cartoon version of the Transformers like the 1986 movie was.
And it's clear to me, and always has been, that Michael Bay just made Transformers to make himself more money; I was being a bit rhetorical with that statement.
The trailer for the animated movie, released in 1986.
www.youtube.com /watch?v=zaEWLuVJee0   (458 words)

  Greatest Films of 1986
Blue Velvet (1986), 120 minutes, D: David Lynch
The Hitcher (1986), 96 minutes, D: Robert Harmon
Something Wild (1986), 113 minutes, D: Jonathan Demme
www.filmsite.org /1986.html   (147 words)

  Timeline 1986
1986 Apr 17, At London's Heathrow Airport, a bomb was discovered in a bag carried by an Irish woman about to board an El Al jetliner; she had been tricked into carrying the bomb by her Jordanian boyfriend.
It was highly prolific and proceeded to devour all the plankton in the northern part of the Bay, causing the shrimp population to drop and the striped bass to decline.
1986 Jean-Bedel Bokassa returned to the Central African Republic from exile and was jailed for embezzlement and murder after a trial in which he was accused of cannibalism and infanticide.
timelines.ws /20thcent/1986.HTML   (13172 words)

 Numbers USA
According to INS estimates released in October, 2000, the amnesties granted in 1986 as a result of the Immigration Reform and Control Act significantly contributed to an increase in illegal immigration as the relatives of newly legalized illegal immigrants came illegally to the United States to join their family members.
The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA) was enacted by Congress in response to the large and rapidly growing illegal alien population in the United States.
1986 IRCA amnesty but for various reasons were denied, to renew their request for the amnesty.
www.numbersusa.com /interests/amnesty.html   (2098 words)

 1986 in music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
See also: 1985 in music, other events of 1986, 1987 in music, 1980s in music and the list of 'years in music'
This album also marks Peter Gabriel's introduction into the mainstream of world music artists such as Youssou N'dour (who lent his vocals on In Your Eyes).
It is interesting to note that Genesis released their hit album Invisible Touch in 1986, with Phil Collins on vocals.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1986_in_music   (1308 words)

 1986 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1986 (MCMLXXXVI) was a common year starting on Wednesday of the Gregorian calendar.
May 2 - The 1986 World Exposition in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada opens.
May 31 - The Football World Cup 1986 is held in Mexico.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1986   (3314 words)

 Reunion: 1986 - TV.com
In the pilot, we are introduced to six friends in 1986, while one is being interviewed by the police in 2006.
But that was 1986 when I never would've thought that one of those six friends might be brutally murdered, in their prine, by an unknown assailant.
The Eulogizer talks about how 1986 was years before he really got to know them, but in all the episodes shown we don't ever see him again.
www.tv.com /reunion/1986/episode/432479/summary.html   (1057 words)

 Challenger Accident
On January 28, 1986 America was shocked by the destruction of the space shuttle Challenger, and the death of its seven crew members.
The lives of those five men and two women and the technical problems that plagued the mission from the outset are the subject of "Challenger," a three-hour movie...
Dedicated to the crew of The Challenger was destroyed in a fireball shortly after launch in January 1986.
www.fas.org /spp/51L.html   (3783 words)

 1986 boat larson   (Site not responding. Last check: )
1986 Larson Cuddy New and used boats for sale by owners, Larson Cuddy boat brokers and dealers.
After moving to Florida in 1986, he was soon introduced to inshore fishing...
We are pleased to have you visit our store and look forward to seeing you in person.
www.packlitepro.com /6/1986-boat-larson.html   (500 words)

 RESOLUTIONS: General Assembly, 41st session
Adopted at the 33rd plenary meeting, 10 Oct. 1986.
Adopted at the 45th plenary meeting, 21 Oct. 1986 and the 101st plenary meeting, 11 Dec. 1986.
Adopted at the 99th plenary meeting, 5 Dec. 1986."Annex: Guidelines for the dispatch of planning missions in respect of meetings and conferences held away from United Nations Headquarters locations".
www.un.org /Depts/dhl/res/resa41.htm   (6816 words)

 1986, - 1986 World Series - NYM vs. BOS - Baseball-Reference.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
All the news that's fit to print (and some that isn't) regarding the Naval Academy's Class of 1986.
Proceedings on the 1986 international workshop on Object-oriented database 1986, Pacific Grove, California, United States September 23 - 26, 1986
October 21, 1986 at Fenway Park II (Boston Red Sox) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E - - - - - - - - - - - - New York Mets 4 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 7 13 0 Boston Red Sox 0
seekmicro.com /?q=1986   (202 words)

 Complete Guide to G. I. Joe: 1986
The official 1986 art is perhaps the most commonly seen, since merchandising was at its peak this year.
Associated Figures: Beach Head, 1986 Hawk, and Wet-Suit in the commercial; Airtight and Shipwreck in the 1986 and 1987 catalogs; Shipwreck and Wet-Suit in the "End of Slaughter" and "Bugle" brochures; Bazooka in the "Capture the Excitement" brochure.
Associated Figures: Bazooka on box art, in the 1986 and 1987 catalogs, and in the "End of Slaughter" brochure; Low-Light and Sci-Fi in the commercial; Crankcase in the "Capture the Excitement" brochure.
joes.propadeutic.com /1986.html   (13799 words)

 Walt Whitman Quarterly Review Bibliography for 1986
Fahey, W. "The 1986 West Hills Review--A Coup of International and Historic Riches." Starting from Paumanok 3 (Fall 1986), 3.
Literature and the Lore of the Sea (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1986), 185-192.
[Performed on May 8, 1986 in Iowa City, and scheduled for a two-week run in October and November, 1988, in Iowa City as the University of Iowa's entry in the National College Theater Festival.]
www.uiowa.edu /~wwqr/bibliographies/1986_txt.html   (2813 words)

September 1-12, 1986 (from October 7, 1986 SOD)
November 10-21, 1986 (from December 16, 1986 SOD)
November 24-December 5, 1986 (from December 30, 1986 SOD)
www.bethsdayspage.com /days/archive/1986/1986.html   (87 words)

 Mircea Eliade-biography etc.
Photograph © 1986, Jeff Lowenthal, used by permission.
In 1958 he was invited to assume the chair of the History of Religions department in Chicago.
There he stayed until his death on 22 April 1986, publishing extensively and writing largely unpublished fiction.
www.westminster.edu /staff/brennie/eliade/mebio.htm   (2338 words)

 Jorge Luis Borges
There he died of liver cancer on June 14, 1986, and was buried at the old Pleinpalais Cemetery.
In 1967 he married his old friend, the recently widowed Elsa Asteta Millán, whom he had met decades ago when she was just seventeen.
His last years Borges lived with María Kodama, his assistant; they married on 22 April in 1986.
www.kirjasto.sci.fi /jlborges.htm   (2488 words)

 Census of Canada, 1986
Contain aggregate statistics in the form of the number of responses (i.e., univariate frequencies) for all variables collected on the two census questionnaires (short form or 2A, and long form or 2B), for small geographic areas (census tracts and enumeration areas.
The 1986 Census was the first mid-decade census to undertake detailed enumeration.
The range of the 1986 Census products and services differs somewhat from the 1981 Census.
www.chass.utoronto.ca /datalib/cc86/cc86tit.htm   (905 words)

 [No title]
Now approaching his late fifties, Stan still displays that youthful enthusiasm for the music, which has made him the "Dorian Gray of jazz." In this interview, he also reveals a master plan for jazz education, which will be put into action in 1986 as Artist-in-Residence at Stanford University.
Stan's future recording plans cross so many boundaries in music as to be astonishing, including pending albums with his East Coast Quartet, pop albums with Kenny Rankin and Billy Joel, and a planned collaboration with Leonard Bernstein.
The program at Stanford is developing and has been funded, and will begin January Ist, 1986.
www.melmartin.com /html_pages/Interviews/getz.html   (3622 words)

 * * * * , Spring 1986
Entries must be received by August 15, 1986, and become the property of Infocom, Inc. (We reserve the right to come up with our own name, if we think yours are all terrible, but we'll award the prize to the least bad entry if that happens.)
On February 19, 1986, Activision, Inc. announced that Infocom would be purchased by Activision, in a transaction valued at approximately $7.5 million.
Mere weeks later, in a dramatic affirmation of combinatorial spirit, Activision President James H. Levy and Infocom President Joel M. Berez were merged in a moving ceremony presided over by InfoRabbi Stuart W. Galleywitz.
www.csd.uwo.ca /Infocom/Articles/NZT/Nztspr86.html   (9210 words)

 In This Year ... 1986
This area contains a list of interesting reports based around the 6439 titles in the IMDb for 1986.
The form below allows you to search the database for titles from 1986 only.
The A-Z index enables you to browse the titles alphabetically.
us.imdb.com /Sections/Years/1986   (113 words)

 Lotto Pulse - 1986 California Super Lotto Numbers
Lotto Pulse - 1986 California Super Lotto Numbers
Lotto Pulse is NOT associated with the California Lottery Commission.
Always have your California Lottery retailer scan your tickets for winning number combinations you may have missed.
www.impactweb.com /lotto/1986.html   (49 words)

 Ronald Reagan: Address Before a Joint Session of Congress on the State of the Union
As Franklin Roosevelt warned 51 years ago, standing before this Chamber, he said, "Welfare is a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit." And we must now escape the spider's web of dependency.
Tonight I am charging the White House Domestic Council to present me by December 1, 1986, an evaluation of programs and a strategy for immediate action to meet the financial, educational, social, and safety concerns of poor families.
I'm talking about real and lasting emancipation, because the success of welfare should be judged by how many of its recipients become independent of welfare.
www.presidency.ucsb.edu /ws/index.php?pid=36646   (3302 words)

 1986 World Series - NYM vs. BOS - Baseball-Reference.com
1986 World Series - NYM vs. BOS - Baseball-Reference.com
Your ad will appear in the Baseball-Reference.com Marketplace Rotation.
1986 World Series (4-3): New York Mets (108-54) over Boston Red Sox (95-66)
www.baseball-reference.com /postseason/1986_WS.shtml   (1420 words)

 1986 New York Mets Statistics and Roster - Baseball-Reference.com
Follow the link to see a brief snapshot of all teams that have won or lost 100 games in one season.
Franchise Index: 1986 Stats (1985/1987) / Schedule / Transactions / Lineups / Batting Orders
Statistics may come from our work, the Baseball Databank, or other sources including SABR.org.
www.baseball-reference.com /teams/NYM/1986.shtml   (272 words)

 Baseball Almanac - 1986 All-Star Game
It was the third All-Star Game in a row to feature outstanding performances by the men on the hill.
The five consecutive strikeouts (Don Mattingly, Cal Ripken, Jr.
During the seventh inning of the 1986 Midsummer Classic, Frank White pinch hit for Lou Whitaker and hit and 0-2 pitch from Mike Scott over the left-center fence.
baseball-almanac.com /asgbox/yr1986as.shtml   (345 words)

Nearly 2,000 people perished down slope of LAKE NYOS in August, 1986, when a large volume of poisonous gas was suddenly released from the lake late one evening.
Permanent habitations in vulnerable areas down slope is now prohibited.
[1996] [1995] [1994] [1991] [1990-91] [1990] [1989] [1986] [1985] [1984] [1983] [1982] [1980]
www.volcanologist.com /pages/1986.html   (131 words)

 Pediatrics -- Table of Contents (June 1986, 77, (6))
JOHN P. GEARHART and FRANKLIN C. Pediatrics 1986; 77: 922-924.
STEVEN M. SHAPIRO and KURT B. Pediatrics 1986; 77: 928.
KEITH J. GALLAHER and M. Pediatrics 1986; 77: 929.
pediatrics.aappublications.org /content/vol77/issue6/index.shtml   (574 words)

 Unofficial 1986 Buick Riviera Homepage!
As you may know by my homepage, I drive a 1986 Buick Riviera T-type.
One of the more overlooked models built by GM, I think now it has performance value, especially since the release of the new 3800 Series II Supercharged built in my hometown, Flint, Mi.
Roadholding, 300 ft. skidpad: 0.78g (Notice the 1986 handles better, possibly due to the much more aggressive T (Touring) type suspension)
members.tripod.com /~Kingpin/riviera.html   (610 words)

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