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Topic: 1986 NFL season

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  1992 NFL season - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 1992 NFL season was the 73rd regular season of the National Football League.
The instant replay system that was in effect since the 1986 NFL season is repealed.
Instant replay would not return to the league until the 1999 NFL season.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1992_NFL_season   (384 words)

 NFL 1986 Football Season Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
1986 NFL Division Standings: Division ranking and statistics such as winning and loosing streaks, division record, conference record, etc.
1986 NFL Team Rankings: Computer ranking of all the teams in the NFL based on performance AND strength of schedule and more...
1986 NFL Weekly Matchups: Team matchups, computer predications and results of (scheduled games) for the season from the first game of the regular season through the playoffs.
home.earthlink.net /~ob1gui/nflsbar/nflarc86.htm   (121 words)

 Cleveland Browns - QuickSeek Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The Browns won the championship in their first season in the NFL, 1950, behind the quarterbacking of Otto Graham, the rushing of Marion Motley, the receiving of Mac Speedie, a defensive line anchored by Bill Willis and a secondary featuring Tommy James.
The NFL championship was a rematch with the Rams, in Los Angeles this time, and went back-and-forth until the fourth quarter when Norm van Brocklin threw a 73-yard touchdown to Tom Fears to put Los Angeles in the lead for good.
The Browns continued to roll in the first half of the 1977 NFL season, but an injury to Brian Sipe by Pittsburgh's Jack Lambert on November 13 proved to be disastrous.
clevelandbrowns.quickseek.com   (6702 words)

 1986 Nfl Playoffs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
NFL Division Playoffs 1986 nfl playoffs THE NFL Division Playoffs 2002-03.
NFL PLAYOFFS 1986 nfl playoffs...nickname defenses have dominated NFL postseasons.
NFL Standings and Playoffs 1986 1986 nfl playoffs NFL Standings and Playoffs 1986....
www.the-football-gift-zone.com /football-source/1986-nfl-playoffs.html   (221 words)

 Remember the USFL - 1986 Season and Beyond
July 29, 1986: The jury concludes that the NFL is in violation of the Sherman Anti-trust Laws by conspiring to monopolize professional football, and that they did illegally damage the USFL.
But with NFL teams in the final weeks of preseason and the CFL already seven games into its regular season, cracking those rosters won't be easy.
Indeed, NFL owners were to meet this week to discuss, among other things, the possibility of allowing roster exemptions for incoming USFL players.
www.remembertheusfl.8m.com /1986.html   (3002 words)

 ESPN.com - NFL - Testaverde done for the season
In addition, wide receiver Wayne Chrebet broke his foot during the exhibition season and is expected to miss six weeks, and cornerback Otis Smith is out for a month with a broken collarbone.
The Jets, who went 12-4 last season and lost to Denver in the AFC title game, now will have to drastically reshape their offense just one game into the season.
The 1993 season, his first with the original Cleveland Browns and his seventh in the league, was his first with more touchdowns (14) than interceptions (nine).
espn.go.com /nfl/news/1999/0912/53587.html   (635 words)

 NFL Football News and Headlines: NFL 2003 Regular Season Recap and Milestones
For the season, NFL games were the top-rated program in local markets a record 73 percent of the time, which compares to 69 percent last year and 55 percent in 2001.
It was the first time in NFL history that a team won a game after trailing by at least 21 points with fewer than four minutes left in the fourth quarter.
Finished the season with 3,361 yards, upping his NFL record to 12 for the most consecutive 3,000-yard seasons (1992-03), and tying Elway at 12 for the second-most career 3,000-yard seasons behind Marino (13).
www.ihavenet.com /nfl2003_regularseason_recap.html   (7800 words)

 Pre Season Online NFL Bets online nfl wagers internet nfl football gambling nfl betting   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The Racine Tornadoes (formerly the Racine Legion) re-enter the NFL
From then on, those two sides of the NFL were to play its best teams in a championship game later named the Super Bowl starting with the champions from the NFL and the AFL.
For instance, prior to the beginning of the regular season for each major sport, odds will be established for each team to win their individual division, conference and seasonal championship.
preseasononlinenflbets.blogspot.com   (9259 words)

 Mexico success opens global door for NFL regular-season games
NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue said here Friday the league was thrilled about last October's game, a 31-14 Arizona victory over San Francisco before a regular-season record NFL crowd of 103,467 people at Mexico's famed Azteca Stadium.
NFL officials have shown interest in staging an exhibition game in Beijing's 2008 Olympic Stadium as a Summer Games tune-up event and a similar event might work for London in advance of the 2012 Olympics.
NFL owners are familiar with English football supporters, but in the sport Americans call soccer.
www.turkishpress.com /news.asp?id=106563   (525 words)

 ESPN.com - NFL - Michaels, Theismann to host 'Monday Night' on ESPN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Al Michaels is staying with Monday Night Football when it moves from ABC to ESPN for the 2006 NFL season, parting with John Madden after four seasons in the booth together.
After this season, Madden is moving to NBC, which is taking over the Sunday night time slot in 2006 for what the NFL considers its main prime-time package.
In April, ESPN and the NFL reached an eight-year agreement to move the Monday night broadcasts to ESPN beginning with the 2006 season, concluding MNF's 36-year run on ABC after this upcoming season.
sports.espn.go.com /nfl/news/story?id=2117146   (643 words)

 Member - Pro Football Hall of Fame
Kelly, in two seasons with the Gamblers, threw for 9,842 yards and 83 touchdowns.
Eight times during his NFL career he passed for more than 3,000 yards in a season, and twenty-six times he passed for more than 300 yards in a game.
He led the NFL in passing in 1990 and the AFC again in 1991.
www.profootballhof.com /hof/member.jsp?player_id=112   (390 words)

 FOX Sports - NFL - NFL off-season power rankings   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The NFL is known for parity, but last year had the least parity in a long time.
The opposite of Washington: they fell apart in the second half of last season, and won't be that bad this year.
In retrospect, the six-game winning streak that ended their season was a bit underwhelming.
msn.foxsports.com /nfl/story/5653114   (1927 words)

 1986 TV
Dynasty's ratings peaked during the 1984-85 season by portraying rich women as conniving, back-stabbing hedonists in Nolan Miller gowns.
The 84-85 season found Alexis (Joan Collins) in jail for murder, Fallon driving off into oblivion before her wedding, and the whole cast machine-gunned down at a Royal wedding in Moldavia.
This was Dynasty's first season out of the top twenty, and the last season for The Colby's, a spin-off that debuted the previous season.
www.tvparty.com /8086.html   (1079 words)

 Marv Levy
Four years later he came in during the middle of the 1986 NFL Season and took over the Buffalo Bills for the next 12 years.
The 1970 NFL season you moved as the special teams coach to the Los Angeles Rams under head coach George Allen.
You spent the 1971-1972 NFL seasons with George Allen as a special teams coach with the Washington Redskins.
www.thesportsinterview.com /marv_levy.htm   (3037 words)

 Fritz Pollard Alliance -- John Wooten - Statement on the 2005 NFL Season
Shack's success this season is consistent with the great work of the handful of other minorities who obtained the opportunity to run the football operations for their clubs.
Throughout the NFL there are minority executives such as Jerry Reese (Giants), Rick Smith (Broncos), Lawrence McCutcheon (Rams), Doug Williams (Buccaneers), Jimmy Raye (Chargers), Will Lewis (Seahawks) who are included in personnel decisions in building their clubs.
Dungy lead his team to a dominating 13-0 start, Lewis took a team that was in the doldrums for more than decade and brought them their first division crown since 1990 and Smith put together a ferocious defense and won the division with a back up fourth round rookie QB.
www.fpal.org /wooten-statement.php   (843 words)

 Scout.com: Oliver's NFL rankings: The second season
It still will be difficult for any team to take away NFL “Team of the 2000s” distinction from New England even with half of the decade still remaining.
Of their eight seasons without a playoff appearance, the Panthers are 48-78.
Chicago Bears (0-1): The Bears now are on an 11-year drought – their last playoff victory came in 1994 against Minnesota, after which they were hammered 44-15 by the 49ers the next week in the divisional round.
49ers.scout.com /2/489670.html   (958 words)

 NFL boss eyes England, Germany for NFL regular-season games
US basketball, baseball and hockey leagues have started seasons in Japan to escape the time delay, and Tagliabue admitted that could be done to one day stage a regular-season game in Tokyo or China.
NFL officials are talking with Chinese officials about staging a pre-season game in August of 2007 in Beijing's 2008 Olympic Stadium as a one-year-out Summer Games tune-up event.
NFL owners have agreed to finance the European league for five more years.
www.turkishpress.com /news.asp?id=106583   (764 words)

 NFL considers expanding regular season. - OOTP Developments Forums
However, my feeling is that it just might be too long a season and that we might see some seriously watered-down football with a greater frequency of injuries and meaningless games.
The NFL is late to the party on this one.
This means the NFL spent 14 seasons playing 12 games, 17 seasons playing 14 games, and 26 seasons (including the season just underway) playing 16 games.
www.ootpdevelopments.com /board/showthread.php?t=43513   (1871 words)

 Marino Bio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
After 17 consecutive seasons with the Miami Dolphins, Dan managed to rewrite the NFL record book by establishing 20 records, including all-time Leading passer in NFL history.
Established NFL record as only QB to pass for 40 or more TD's in two different seasons, 1984 and 1986...
Established NFL record as only QB to pass for 30 or more TD's in three different seasons, and did so consecutively, 1984, 1985, 1986...
home.comcast.net /~gsauls/Sports_Art/Marino_Bio/marino_bio.html   (581 words)

 USATODAY.com - NFL season's early reversal of fortune   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Also submitted for consideration are the Pittsburgh Steelers, who finished third in the AFC Central last season at 9-7 but are 4-1 and sit atop the division.
A key component to the success and failure of NFL teams is the ability to run the football as well as stop the run.
This chart shows the difference between last season's and this season's average rushing yards on offense and defense and points scored a game.
www.usatoday.com /sports/nfl/stories/2001-10-24-surprises-focus.htm   (1195 words)

 Jim Kelly, Class of 2002 - Pro Football Hall of Fame
Just three players in NFL history had reached the 30,000-yard career passing mark faster than Kelly.
In 11 seasons in Buffalo, "Machine Gun Kelly" led the Bills to the playoffs eight times.
The following season he threw for an impressive 4,623 yards and 39 touchdowns.
www.profootballhof.com /hof/release.jsp?release_id=488   (904 words)

 View the 1986 Major League Baseball Season Database
Here you can recap the season stats of all the Major League Baseball teams that played during the 1986 regular season.
We take pride in keeping all of our records up to date and accurate, but as you can imagine, it is a daunting task.
Although we worked hard to keep our 1986 regular season statistics as accurate as possible, mistakes, and typo's do happen.
www.sportspool.com /baseball/regular_seasons/1986   (135 words)

 Ace Davis' Cleveland Browns weblog
While he showed courage this season, he also made critical mistakes and never seemed to pick apart zone defenses as well as he did against man-to-man. The conventional wisdom is that this season proved that Holcomb may be a solid backup, but opponents can neutralize him with effective defensive game plans.
This exciting season finale leaves the Browns and their fans with a hopeful glimpse of the future.
After a subpar sophomore season, Warren admitted this year that his lack of production was the result of too much partying and too many missed workouts.
clevelandbrowns.blogspot.com   (9698 words)

 eBay - nfl football ..., Fan Apparel Souvenirs, Games items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
NFL Licensed Football DALLAS COWBOYS Garden Window Flag
NFL Football Hall of Fame Autographs PSA COA Signatures
John Elway #63 Topps 1984 NFL Football HOF Rookie
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=nfl+football+...&krd=1   (628 words)

 Football Predictor
Football Predictor's 59.6% success rate for 1986 is particularly impressive because it relies on a single statistical relationship and requires you to make minimal data entry for its predictions.
As the season progresses, 18 more files will be added to the disk.
One week in 1986, all 14 of the Predictor's predictions were less than 4 1/2 points away from the Las Vegas line.
www.atarimagazines.com /v6n6/football.html   (988 words)

 The Professor - Looks at the Upcoming NFL Season   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Football season is once again upon us and it is time for us to rejoice.
As innovative as the 46 defense was when it took the NFL by storm in the early 80's, it now holds about as much mystery for offensive coordinators as a Scooby Doo rerun.
Much of their defense has defected to other teams, their offensive line can't seem to stay out of jail, and with Buddy Ryan gone, they are virtually certain to be out-coached every time they take the field.
www.scroom.com /SCROOMtimes/issue1.1/upNFL.shtml   (2182 words)

 1986 NFL DRAFT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Vols in the NFL Draft First Round NFL Draft Choices Vols in the NFL Present-2000 1999-1990 1989 1986 Tim McGee WR 1 21 Cincinnati Jeff Powell RB 6 166 Chicago Eric Swanson WR 7 170 St. Louis Tommy Sims DB 7
Totten had thrown 139 touchdown passes in 40 career games at MSVU, but went undrafted in the 1986 NFL Draft.He went to the CFL, but was mired on the bench and took his chance with the 1987 Bills
Collective Bargaining Agreement, which was to run through the 1986 season, the NFL draft was extended through 1992 and the veteran free-agent system was Check out every draft since 1982 by round, team, position, school 1982 1983 1984 1NFL Draft 1986 NFL DraftProvides NFL draft information.
www.p-t-p.co.uk /14152:1986:nfl:draft.phtml   (421 words)

 The NFL History Network Library
A year by year history of the NFL (and pro ball before 1920) up through the 1962 season, followed by chapters on each of the 14 NFL clubs at the time, the AFL, and the AAFC.
A complete NFL reference that falls under the same lines as Total Football II and The Sports Encyclopedia: Pro Football.
Essentially 31 media guides in one, this is the NFL's official "league-wide media guide" and is filled with facts, histories, and more for each team.
www.nflhistory.net /library/index.asp?Cat=6   (727 words)

 NFL Football Season Stats History
Create your own NFL football office pool or join our FREE NFL office pool.
Here we provide historical data on each NFL season.
For each year you will find team stats for game scores, season history, games played, win / loss records, winning percentages, total points scored for each team, total points scored against for each team, team standings, yearly playoff tree / results, divisional champions and the eventual Superbowl champion.
www.sportspool.com /football/scores   (422 words)

 NFL Regular Season & Championship Games
This was suppose to be Web Eubank's farewell game after 11 season as the Jets coach, but OJ Simpson steals the show in a bizzard.
OJ breaks Jim Brown's single season rushing mark at 1863 yrd, then runs to 2,000 (b/w footage, edited version of game with OJ highlights)
It is my personal, fair, unbias opinion of the tape in question (without the predjustice of it actually being mine); your opinion may vary
www.angelfire.com /sports/TAPES/PAGE1   (1102 words)

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