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Topic: 1988

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  In This Year ... 1988   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
This area contains a list of interesting reports based around the 6833 titles in the IMDb for 1988.
The form below allows you to search the database for titles from 1988 only.
The A-Z index enables you to browse the titles alphabetically.
us.imdb.com /Sections/Years/1988   (113 words)

  National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988 (NELS 88) - Overview
A nationally representative sample of eighth-graders were first surveyed in the spring of 1988.
The base year of the National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988 (NELS:88) represents the first stage of this major longitudinal effort designed to provide trend data about critical transitions experienced by students as they leave middle or junior high school, and progress through high school and into postsecondary institutions or the work force.
This Issue Brief uses data from the National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988 (NELS:88) to compare the economic outcomes of high school completers at three different points in time with the outcomes of individuals who did not complete high school.
nces.ed.gov /surveys/nels88   (831 words)

  1988 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 1988 Summer Olympics open in Seoul, South Korea.
August 5 - The 1988 Malaysian constitutional crisis culminates in the sacking of the Lord President of Malaysia, Salleh Abas.
October 5 - In the only vice presidential debate of the 1988 U.S. presidential election, Republican vice presidential nominee Senator Dan Quayle of Indiana insists he has as much experience in government as John F. Kennedy did when he sought the presidency in 1960.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1988   (3742 words)

 United States presidential election, 1988 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The move ended up being a massive PR blunder, with many mocking Dukakis' Snoopy-like appearance as he stuck his smiling, helmeted head out of the tank's entrance portal to wave to the crowd.
The election on November 8, 1988 was a majority for Bush in the popular vote and a lopsided majority (40 states) in the Electoral College.
Although his victory was not a landslide in the popular, Bush in 1988 was the last Republican to carry certain states which have since gained a reputation as "blue states" that favor the Democratic Party in presidential elections.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/U.S._presidential_election,_1988   (2516 words)

 1988   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
At a general court-martial convened in January 1988, Garcia was found guilty of espionage, conspiracy to commit espionage, larceny, conspiracy to commit larceny, sale of government property, and violations of military regulations.
On 26 August 1988 Richardson was sentenced by a military jury to 10 years in prison, fined $36,000, and discharged with a bad conduct record.
TSOU, DOUGLAS, a Chinese-born former FBI employee, was indicted in 1988 on one count of espionage following his admission that in 1986 he had written a letter to a representative of the government of Taiwan in which he revealed the identity of an intelligence officer of the People's Republic of China.
www.dss.mil /training/espionage/1988.htm   (2864 words)

 The Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988.
The Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988 is discussed to illustrate the important new Medicaid provisions which were created to preserve the assets of the aged due to catastrophic illness, and to prevent complete spousal financial ruin.
Beneficiaries were required to pay an in-patient hospital deductible ($540 in 1988) for each "spell of illness," as well as daily coinsurance charges for days 61-90 in a "spell of illness" ($135 in 1988), for the 60 lifetime reserve days ($270 in 1988), and for days 21 through 100 of SNF care.
The costs of these changes will be borne primarily by the beneficiaries of the program (i.e., the elderly) through annual increases in the Part B monthly premium (i.e., an increase of at least $4/ month in 1989) and an income tax surcharge.
www.nysscpa.org /cpajournal/old/07107532.htm   (1039 words)

 1988 World Series by Baseball Almanac
In 1988, the World Series Championship was transformed into a "California Classic" as the Los Angeles Dodgers went up against the neighboring Oakland Athletics.
Did you know that Jose Canseco was the American League home run leader coming into the 1988 World Series and during Game 1 he hit his first career (including regular season) grand slam.
Mickey Hatcher had only one (1) home run during the entire regular season, yet he set the tone for the Fall Classic in Game 1 with with a two (2) run left-center blast.
www.baseball-almanac.com /ws/yr1988ws.shtml   (917 words)

 Galleries One Nine Eight Eight
Anyway, to kick off the sales of this set, Kid Robot put together cute little races in LA, SF and NY, where the customer who visits selected stores in a certain order (cards at each stop gave you clues) in the fastest time, gets some sort of drool creating prize.
Both 1988 galleries were selected as checkpoints, so we were honored to partake.
Here at 1988 we're pretty tight lipped about our schedule.
www.g1988.blogspot.com   (2063 words)

Although the drug disqualification of sprinter Ben Johnson was the biggest story of the 1988 Olympics, the Seoul Games were highlighted by numerous exceptional performances.
Christa Luding-Rothenburger, who was also a speed skater, earned a silver medal in cycling to become the only person in history to win Winter and Summer medals in the same year.
2 October 1988 : General view of Korean dancers during the Closing Ceremony.
www.olympic.org /uk/games/past/index_uk.asp?OLGT=1&OLGY=1988   (188 words)

 [No title]
CABEZON 5.8 $.44 $5,618 $.44 12.7 CBZ1 1988 GRND NOM.
OCTOPUS 12.5 $1.07 $29,590 $1.07 27.6 OCTP 1988 OTHR UNSP.
BAIT SHRIMP 116.2 $1.46 $373,645 $1.46 256.3 BSRM 1988 SRMP UNSP.
www.psmfc.org /pacfin/data/r308.c88   (396 words)

Finally, in 1988, a time where both governments were confronting with deadly climate, economic deterioration, and increasing internal social political instability.
According to Africa Confidential (July 1988), the SNM had less than 2000 fighters at first, but it was field quickly with prisoners released from Hargeisa and Burao, plus new subclan militias including: Habr Awal, Habr Yonis and Habr Jello.
Yet, we perhaps could argue that before the war of 1988, there was another moment in which a change would occur.
www.empereur.com /somalia1988.html   (1898 words)

In February of 1988 they began studying scientology due to new complaints which had been received, and the case was reopened and police were infiltrated into the organization in Spain.
Now, since 1988, the two cases have sat there - the attempted homicide case was eventually sent from Mostoles, where the attack took place to the Provincial Tribunal in Madrid, where the judge accepted it for trial, and we are awaiting a trial date on that.
It seems possible that there was as well some communication between them and the authorities, because the judge was extremely unwilling to grant us anything which we asked for, which was within the reasonable, and seemed pushing to close the case.
www.freezone.org /timetrack/1988.htm   (3045 words)

 Here Today... Gone To Hell! - Guns N' Roses History
January, 1988 - The band entered Rumbo Studios with producer Mike Clink to record a couple of acoustic songs ("Patience", "Used To Love Her", "One In A Million", "Cornchucker" and a reworking of "You're Crazy").
GN'R cancelled the rest of the tour, but that didn't stop the rest of the guys from stepping on-stage and with jamming with LA Guns, who were hired to replace GN'R. The tour ended in June.
August 15th, 1988 - Part of the footage for the "Paradise City" video is shot on this day.
www.heretodaygonetohell.com /history/history88.php   (765 words)

 Amazon.com: 1988: Music: Blueprint   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
"1988 pays homage to the beats, breaks and themes of possibly the most revered year in Hip Hop, 1988" (description from Rhymesayers.com).
Lyrics were on the forefront of classic hip-hop albums, which is apparent on "1988" as well.
The thing that makes this album so reminiscent of the year 1988, are the stories, and riveting social commentary.
www.amazon.com /1988-Blueprint/dp/B0007UVX1I   (1494 words)

 VH1.com : Shows : I Love The 80s 1988 - About the episode
1988 was the feel good year of the decade.
Whether you saw Rainman and Die Hard at the box office, gathered around your TV to catch Who's the Boss and The Wonder Years, or played Pictionary in your living room, you were looking for a good time.
But nothing was as frightening as the revelation that Nancy Reagan was using an astrologer to advise President Reagan.
www.vh1.com /shows/dyn/i_love_the_80s/62139/episode_about.jhtml   (440 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
November 30, 1988 Geraldo Rivera and the rise of human freedom
September 7, 1988 We should not lock the poor into the state
June 15, 1988 Purely a case of water on the brain
andrewcoyne.com /archives/cat_fp_d_1988.php   (365 words)

 President Elect - 1988
If you would like to submit an analysis of this election, an article about a candidate, or write about any other aspect of this or any other election, please see our submission guidelines.
In 1988, 538 electoral votes were available; 270 votes were needed to secure the win.
Percentages are rounded and based on votes to all candidates.
www.presidentelect.org /e1988.html   (126 words)

 Mapleleafweb.com: 1988 Federal Election in Canada
Since that time, politicians had stayed away from the issue, but in 1988 Brian Mulroney’s Conservatives felt the time was right to start free-trade negotiations with the Americans.
The free trade debates, combined with efforts at constitutional reform, made the 1988 election very emotionally-charged.
The climax of the election would come at the Leaders’ Debate, with Turner and Mulroney taking turns accusing each other of being unpatriotic and of “selling out” Canada.
www.mapleleafweb.com /election/federal/top-five/1988/index.html   (251 words)

 Parliamentary Handbook: Referendum results 1988
Constitution Alteration (Parliamentary Terms) 1988 sought to increase House of Representatives terms from a maximum of three years to a maximum of four years, and to reduce Senate terms from a six-year fixed term to a four-year fixed term.
Constitution Alteration (Fair Elections) 1988 sought to ensure that democratic electoral arrangements would be guaranteed for Commonwealth, State and Territory elections.
Constitution Alteration (Rights and Freedoms) 1988 sought to guarantee various civil rights in relation to trials, freedom of religion and compulsory acquisition of property.
www.aph.gov.au /library/handbook/referendums/r1988.htm   (307 words)

 Beetle Juice (1988)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
I heard a lot of comments back in 1988 that Keaton wasn't around enough to make the picture worthwhile, but that's only if you only watch the film for the fast quips and sight-gags.
Keaton is truly wonderful, but he's also bombastic, and I felt there was just enough of him to satisfy--it's really not his story anyway, it belongs to Baldwin and Davis; Betelgeuse is used as a horny, vulgar punchline.
Director Tim Burton is very careful not to overload the movie with raunch; he is surprisingly careful in setting up this story, and he works magic within a dubious scenario: a comic fantasy about dead folks which ultimately celebrates life.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0094721   (521 words)

 Geostat Center: Collections: County and City Data Books
The data presented here for 1988-2000 were obtained from the CD-ROM versions of the County and City Data Books which were made available to over 1400 depository libraries across the country.
Note: The 1988 CCDB uses FIPS codes for the counties, but "The codes for regions, divisions, places, and MCDs are those established by the Bureau of the Census.
For places, the four-digit census place codes are used; for MCDs, the three-digit county codes together with the three digit MCD codes are used." (Source: County and City Data Book, 1988, Appendix A, p.
fisher.lib.virginia.edu /ccdb   (291 words)

 Convention 1988
United Nations Convention against the Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, 1988
This Convention provides comprehensive measures against drug trafficking, including provisions against money laundering and the diversion of precursor chemicals.
It provides for international cooperation through, for example, extradition of drug traffickers, controlled deliveries and transfer of proceedings.
www.incb.org /incb/convention_1988.html   (51 words)

 The Sporting News: Baseball History of the World Series
While struggling a bit with his control and, accordingly, flirting with trouble from time to time, he nevertheless limited the Athletics to four hits and struck out nine batters.
Dodgers handyman Mickey Hatcher, who had hit only one home run in 1988, got Los Angeles off and winging with a two-run shot off Storm Davis in the first inning.
It was the second homer of the Series for Hatcher, who wound up as the leading hitter in the classic with a.368 average.
www.sportingnews.com /archives/worldseries/1988.html   (967 words)

 Bibliography of Brian J Ford
Extract, 1988, Channel Four TV 'Play for the Future', [repeated 7 September 1989] includes opening from Brian J Ford series 'Computer Challenge', q.v., ?16 March.
Austoker, Joan, 1988, cites BJF in Nature, 249: 300 [in] History of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund: 287-291, Oxford: University Press.
Ford, Brian J., 1988, Chapter on Exploring South Wales [in] John Hillaby (ed) Walking in Britain: 74-85, London: Collins, October.
www.brianjford.com /wbib88.htm   (761 words)

 Automotive Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins, 1988 Dodge Truck Model Selection. Provided by ALLDATA
1988 Dodge Truck D100 1/2 Ton Pickup 2wd
1988 Dodge Truck D150 1/2 Ton Pickup 2wd
1988 Dodge Truck D250 3/4 Ton Pickup 2wd
www.alldata.com /TSB/8817_mo.html   (102 words)

 NBA.com: Lakers Capture the Elusive Repeat
1988 NBA Finals: Los Angeles 4, Detroit 3
The Pistons came together under the guidance of coach Chuck Daly.
By the spring of 1988, Daly was 57 years old and every bit as hungry as Riley for a championship.
www.nba.com /history/finals/19871988.html   (2719 words)

 Walt Whitman Quarterly Review Bibliography for 1988
Ackerley, C. "Canto 82: Pound, Swinburne (Shelley), Aeschylus, Whitman." Paideuma 17 (Fall/Winter 1988), 209-210.
Martin, Robert K. "Walt Whitman und Thomas Mann." Forum Homosexualität und Literature (1988), 5:59-68.
Nolan, James F. "Chants Democratic: The Native American Poetics of Walt Whitman and Pablo Neruda." Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California, Santa Cruz, 1988.
www.uiowa.edu /~wwqr/bibliographies/1988_txt.html   (3083 words)

 1988 Minnesota Twins Statistics and Roster - Baseball-Reference.com
1988 Minnesota Twins Statistics and Roster - Baseball-Reference.com
Franchise Index: 1988 Stats (1987/1989) / Schedule / Transactions / Lineups / Batting Orders
Statistics may come from our work, the Baseball Databank, or other sources including SABR.org.
www.baseball-reference.com /teams/MIN/1988.shtml   (284 words)

 Beaches (1988)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
Some of us may never find our romantic long-lasting "soul mate", but this movie makes the excellent point of showing that if you find a true friend in life you are truly blessed.
Discuss this title with other users on IMDb message board for Beaches (1988)
I Know this is a girl flick but...
www.imdb.com /title/tt0094715   (459 words)

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