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Topic: 1990 in baseball

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Steve Lyons (baseball) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Steve Lyons (born June 3, 1960) is a former Major League Baseball player and current television sportscaster.
Lyons was a first round draft pick by the Boston Red Sox in 1981 and made his major league debut in 1985.
This biographical article relating to a baseball player, manager, or other figure is a stub.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Steve_Lyons_(baseball)   (222 words)

 Mass of a Baseball
Baseball was invented around the last quarter of the 1800s.
The weight of a baseball must be between 5 and 5 1/4 ounces (142 to 149 grams) and its circumference from 9 to 9 1/4 inches (22.9 to 23.5 centimeters).
From my experiment of weighing a baseball, the result came out to be 142.54 grams which fits within the accepted range of 142 to 149 grams.
hypertextbook.com /facts/1999/ChristinaLee.shtml   (274 words)

 Baseball Almanac - Year In Review : 1990 American League
The twelve-ton telescope was equipped with a ninety-four inch mirror and was sent into orbit by the astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery.
The controversial series had been repeatedly confirmed by fans and critics to be one of the most humorous and lifelike portraits of the average American family and it received the 1990 and 1991 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Animated Program.
It was also the ninth and final no-hitter thrown during 1990.
www.baseball-almanac.com /yearly/yr1990a.shtml   (880 words)

 The Citadel to Remember 1990 College World Series Team :: 1990 reunion to be held before April 23 baseball game   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
Many of the players, coaches and administrators, along with their families, from the 1990 season will be returning to Riley Park to take part in the reunion and its festivities.
As most know, the 1990 Bulldog squad, which was picked to finish sixth in the Southern Conference, accomplished more than any other Citadel team ever has.
A commemorative DVD about the 1990 team and their road to Omaha will also be available to those fans that purchase a ticket or to those who posses a season pass.
citadelsports.cstv.com /sports/m-basebl/spec-rel/041905aaa.html   (308 words)

 Rich's Weekend Baseball BEAT: Abstracts From The Abstracts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
In describing baseball in the late 1980s, the back cover of the green and gold book proclaims: “These are the best of times and the worst of times.” Well, for James’ fans, it was the latter.
The centerpiece of the final Baseball Abstract are the comments in the San Diego team segment that have become known within the sabermetric community as A Bill James Primer.
I've never been much of a baseball fan and I was too young to read these early Bill James books when they were published, but I have greatly enjoyed reading the blogs of them and seeing how ahead of his time Bill was with the analysis of baseball.
www.all-baseball.com /richbeat/archives/016946.html   (5024 words)

 Baseball Quotes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
Baseball is a game where a curve is an optical illusion, a screwball can be a pitch or a person, stealing is legal and you can spit anywhere you like except in the umpire's eye or on the ball.  ~Jim Murray
Baseball, to me, is still the national pastime because it is a summer game.  I feel that almost all Americans are summer people, that summer is what they think of when they think of their childhood.  I think it stirs up an incredible emotion within people.  ~Steve Busby, in Washington Post, 8 July 1974
Baseball is a game dominated by vital ghosts; it's a fraternity, like no other we have of the active and the no longer so, the living and the dead.  ~Richard Gilman
www.uaestudents.com /quotes/baseball.html   (2779 words)

 1990 in baseball - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The following are the baseball events of the year 1990 throughout the world.
January 9 - Jim Palmer, a three-time American League Cy Young Award winner, and Joe Morgan, a two-time National League MVP, are elected to the Hall of Fame by the Baseball Writers Association of America in their first year of eligibility.
July 10 - Six American League pitchers combine for a two-hitter and a 2–0 victory over the National League in a rain-delayed All-Star Game at Wrigley Field.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1990_in_baseball   (990 words)

 American Association Baseball 1990
He made his major league debut in 1982 with the Twins and his stint with the Royals in 1990 was his last major league appearance.
In 1990 he had an 803 record with the Omaha Royals.
He had a cup of coffee with the Kansas City Royals in 1992 and was with Pittsburg in 1993.
marian.creighton.edu /~besser/baseball/aa1990.html   (810 words)

 Baseball . Resources | PBS
A complete set of baseball data, with full statistics from 1871-2002 including outfield splits, player salaries, team/franchise IDs, and Hall of Fame voting results.
Chicago baseball trivia, a baseball timeline and a unique "beyond the ballpark" section with baseball sayings and resources.
Baseball history with player and team profiles, articles and a large section on South Carolina baseball.
www.pbs.org /kenburns/baseball/resources   (594 words)

 Baseball in the 90's - Highlights (1990-1993)
- On June 9, 1990, Dodger Eddie Murray homers from each side of the plate for the 10th time in his career (the 2nd time in 1990) to tie Mickey Mantle's ML record.
He is the first to pitch a no-hitter for 3 different teams, and the first to throw a perfect in 3 different decades.
It took nearly a month of the season due to a 15 day stint on the DL in April with a left calf strain but on his seventh attempt of the season he stole third base May 1st at the Coliseum vs. New York for career #939.
www.angelfire.com /al/ronniej/hl9093.html   (973 words)

 1990's sluggers - Baseball Fever
If there was I don;t think Kirby would have been voted in so soon or even ozzie or Murray and yet ryne Sandberg got denied this year and he is white and IMO a NO BRAINER for the Hall...
He's a jerk, and up until last year was a choker in the post season, but his numbers are undeniable.
The homerun duel with Mac, the beaming smile, the heart taps and the homer hop, the "baseball been very very good to me" image, and of course having the most 60+ HR seasons, the most consecutive 50+ HR seasons, all those 100 RBI seasons, they all will overshadow the corked bat incident.
www.baseball-fever.com /showthread.php?p=92025   (4160 words)

 1990 Cobber Baseball
Coach Don "Bucky" Burgau took his 1990 team on a successful season-opening trip to the Christian College Baseball Tournament in Lake Wales, Fla., where the Cobs went 5-3 and placed third in the eight-team event.
The Cobs returned home and promptly got off to a 2-5 start in MIAC play.
1990 Baseball Schedule and Results Date H/A Opponent Gms/Result 3/26-30 Christian College Tournament, Lake Wales, Fl.
www.cord.edu /dept/sports/sportsbackup/base90.html   (331 words)

 Major League Baseball : Video : Baseball's Best - 1990's
SEPTEMBER 27, 1993 -- The memories of the game between the White Sox and the Seattle Mariners on Sept. 27, 1993 have lasted a lifetime for the 42,116 in attendance at Comiskey Park, as well as for the Sox faithful who were simply watching the game on television or listening to it on the radio.
MAY 1, 1991 - When baseball's King of Ks, Nolan Ryan, strikes out Roberto Alomar for his 16th strikeout of the game, it marks the completion of Ryan's record seventh no-hit gem - three more than the man with the second most no-nos in history, Sandy Koufax.
OCTOBER 20, 1990 -- Like in 1988, Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire and the A's are supposed to dominate the Series, this time against the overachieving Reds.
www.mlb.com /NASApp/mlb/mlb/baseballs_best/mlb_bb_library90.jsp   (2688 words)

 Notes for "Survival of Baseball"
Horse racing was America's most popular sport until it was passed by baseball later in the century.
Sullivan presents his purist criticisms of astroturf and other 'artificial' developments including the designated hitter, adopted by the minor leagues in the early 1970s, and their effects on minor league baseball on pp.
Only the pictorial history mentions the inclusion of a baseball field on YMCA Island when it opened in 1912 and the construction of City Stadium.
etext.lib.virginia.edu /journals/EH/EH37/NagyN.html   (781 words)

 Baseball Legends | Timeline 1990 - 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
Morell Chevies win their 3rd Kings County Baseball League crown over the Murray River Royals in a best of seven game series.
The Kings County Baseball League held its 8th annual awards banquet at the Morell Legion.
On November 26th, Jarrod Laybolt from Morell was named the Senior Baseball player of the year for Baseball PEI and the Morell Bantam "A" coach Sandy Munroe was named Coach of the year.
collections.ic.gc.ca /baseballlegends/9001.htm   (428 words)

 1990 Upperdeck Baseball Cards : Sports Cards   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
There's a lot of cards to collect from the 1990 Donruss Baseball Box, but it's definitely highlighted by the rookie card of Sammy Sosa.
Sosa is soon to become the first player in history to hit 50 or more homers in four consecutive seasons.
This 132-card 1990 Topps Traded factory set includes the rookie cards of superstars David Justice, John Olerud, 1990 upperdeck baseball cards and Todd Hundley.
www.cs-knights.com /12-1990-Upperdeck-Baseball-Cards.html   (1634 words)

 1990 Upperdeck Baseball Cards : Baseball Gear   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
It is in Near-Mint to Mint condition 1990 upperdeck baseball cards and comes with a 1-screw holder for its protection.
Discount 1990 Leaf Frank Thomas Rookie Card - 1990 Leaf Frank Thomas Rookie Card Rookie cards Discounts We have found the best prices on a number of gifts.
Discount 1990 Upper Deck Juan Gonzalez Rookie Card - 1990 Upper Deck Juan Gonzalez Rookie Card Rookie cards Discounts We are committed to offering our visitors the best value for their money.
www.southlandartcastings.com /19-1990-Upperdeck-Baseball-Cards.html   (859 words)

 Win Expectancy Finder - Major League Baseball 1979-1990   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
So, if anyone was using.484 as the inherit win percentage of visiting teams during those years, I'm sorry.
The walkoffbalk blog is back (but mostly just Dan), and at a slightly longer address.
1979 - 1990 win expectancy data taken from Phil Birnbaum, which was derived from Retrosheet game data of every major league game from 1979-1990.
walkoffbalk.com /index.php?id=47   (376 words)

 Baseball Quotes and Sayings
All requests for leave of absence on account of grandmother's funeral, sore throat, housecleaning, lame back, turning of the ringer, headaches, brain storm, cousin's wedding, general ailments or other legitimate excuses must be made out and handed to the boss not later than 10 a.m.
Baseball is an island of activity amidst a sea of statistics.  ~Author Unknown
Baseball is the only game left for people.  To play basketball, you have to be 7 feet 6 inches.  To play football, you have to be the same width.  ~Bill Veeck, 1975
www.quotegarden.com /baseball.html   (3700 words)

 1990 topps: Baseball Fever - 1990 Topps George Bush #USA1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
NM-MT 1990 Topps: Available (Trade or Purchase) listing for a baseball trading card or memorabilia item.
Baseball Cards Main Olsen's Sports Cards Click here to return to Olsen Sports Main Page.
Juan's Rookie Card is in the 1990 Topps Baseball Set.
www.newkidhomevideo.com /1990-topps.html   (239 words)

 Baseball Almanac - Year In Review : 1990 National League
Baseball Almanac - Year In Review : 1990 National League
Baseball Almanac: Where What Happened Yesterday is Being Preserved Today
"Playing baseball for a living is like having a license to steal." - Pete Rose
baseball-almanac.com /yearly/yr1990n.shtml   (848 words)

 John & Larry's Baseball Trips : Major League Baseball Parks - Cooperstown - 1990
A trip to Cooperstown is a must for a real baseball fan.
Talk about baseball history, it is all here in one place.
If you have the opportunity try to stay close by as you can enjoy the ambiance of this old town as well as the baseball.
www.trymyplace.com /baseball/tripb.html   (85 words)

 NCAA Baseball: Conference Rank 1990   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
There have been years where a lame showing in the regionals seemed to result in one less bid the next year, and vice versa.
Here is the 'histogram' of the success rate for the 1990 NCAA regionals.
EIBL is the old Eastern Intercollegiate Baseball League, made up of the Ivy League and some Patriot League teams.
www.tfn.net /~jcarr/Baseball/rank/1990.html   (371 words)

 kenn.com > sports > baseball > mlb > 1990 mlb attendance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
You are here: kenn.com > the sports attendance database > baseball > mlb > 1990 mlb attendance
Sources: Team and MLB media guides, Total Baseball (various editions), baseball-reference.com, ballparksofbaseball.com and ESPN.com.
Keep in mind the nearest exit may be behind you.
www.kenn.com /sports/baseball/mlb/1990.html   (52 words)

 eBay - 1990 topps baseball, Cards, Vintage Sports Memorabilia items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
Baseball Cards Topps Traded 1990 Packs Never Opened
Fleer (1990) and Topps (1993) Baseball complete sets
1990 Topps Kmart Stars Baseball Sealed Factory Set
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=1990+topps+baseball&...   (551 words)

 1990 ... baseball cards MLB Shop : Buy the Best Products at Bargain Prices : Shopzilla
Sammy Sosa: Sammy Sosa Donruss 1990 Rookie Card Sammy continues to be a Home Run hitter with the potential to...
1990 Topps Traded David Justice Rookie Card David's Rookie Card is in the 1990 Topps Traded Baseball Set.
Baseball, Baseball Cards, Baseball Cards Collectable, Baseball Hats, Baseball Jersey, Baseball Jerseys, Bats, Caps, Dodgers, Fan Gear, Fitted Caps, Hats, Indiansex, Jersey, Jerseys, Korea Soccer Jersey, Mitchell Ness Jackets, Moonlight Graham, New Era, Red Soxs Logos, Sports Cards, St.
shopzilla.com /7Y_-_cat_id--12020400__keyword--1990+...+baseball+cards   (657 words)

 1990 Heads Up! Baseball Cards   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
Bo Jackson - 1990 Topps 'Heads Up!' #8 (Royals)
Doc Gooden - 1990 Topps 'Heads Up!' #3 (Mets)
John Franco - 1990 Topps 'Heads Up!' #11 (Reds)
www.baseball-cards.com /vintage/1990head.htm   (255 words)

 Rotman Auction #117   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
Cards include a 1990 Upper Deck #17 Sosa (RC), a 1990 Bowman #312 Sosa (RC), and a 1990 Topps #692 Sosa (RC).
All are sharp and clean with solid corners and centering!
Included are (7) 1994 Upper Deck "Star Rookies" #19 Michael Jordan (Baseball) ROOKIE CARDS as well as (4) 1991 Upper Deck #SP1 Michael Jordan (Pre-Rookie) Baseball Cards.
www.rotmanauction.com /117/bbcd90.html   (1271 words)

 Jeffrey Leonard Statistics - Baseball-Reference.com
To the greatest NLCS performance in the history of baseball.
October 12, 1990: Released by the Seattle Mariners.
Statistics may come from our work, the Baseball Databank, or other sources including SABR.org.
www.baseball-reference.com /l/leonaje01.shtml   (744 words)

 eBay Canada Stores - 1999, Inserts, Singles 1990-99, Baseball-MLB at discount prices   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
We specialize in Baseball and Football Inserts, Parallels, and shortprints.
Over fifty-thousand baseball and other sportscards from 1955 to 2004 in stock.
Our eBay store carries a huge inventory of baseball especially Topps Heritage and football cards: PSA graded cards, quality ungraded stars, semi-stars, commons, inserts and rookie cards from the 70's to...
sports-cards.stores.ebay.ca /Inserts_1999_W0QQcatZ55945QQtZlw   (635 words)

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