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Topic: 1990s music groups

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  1990s - Dogpile Web Search
The 1990s refers to the time period between the beginning of 1990 and the end of 1999.
In the 1990s, music had gone through the rap and house revolution, totally changing the landscape of music.
The fashion of the 1990s was characterized by minimalist styles, and many overlapping, often...
www.dogpile.com /info.dogpl.iso/search/web/1990s   (371 words)

  1990s information - Search.com
The popular culture zeitgeist generally associated with the 1990s can be said to begin between 1989 and 1992 and end anywhere from 1997 to the present day.
The 1990s were marked with rapid progression of democracy, globalization and global capitalism following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.
The economic gains of the 1990s were unevenly distributed throughout society, widening the gap between the wealthiest and poorest citizens in some countries; critics of capitalism contend that this should not have been allowed to happen to the extent that it did.
www.search.com /reference/1990s   (4020 words)

  music, groups, Stone, Music, 1990s, still, started, revolution, house, Zombie, White, Right, Mighty - 1990s music ...
In the 1990s, music had gone through the rap and house revolution, totally changing the landscape of music.
By the end of the decade electronic dance music (house, techno) was ubiquitous and the charts were full of manufactured corporate groups.
Although 90s music probably died somewhere between 1997 and 2002, it could be argued that the decade's sound is still alive and strong to this day (2005), as boy bands and alternative acts still sell very well, whereas by 1992 or so very little 80s-style music sold.
www.alphasearch.org /1990s-music-groups.html   (237 words)

  Rock Music - MSN Encarta
Rock and roll was a combination of the R&B (rhythm-and-blues music) style known as jump blues, the gospel-influenced vocal-group style known as doo wop, the piano-blues style known as boogie-woogie (or barrelhouse), and the country-music style known as honky tonk.
Soon, several British groups had developed individual distinctive styles: The Beatles combined the guitar-based rock and roll of Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly with the artistry of the Tin Pan Alley style; the Animals blended blues and R&B influences; and the Rolling Stones joined aspects of Chicago blues to their intense, forceful music.
Another important center of rock music in the 1960s was Los Angeles, where film student Jim Morrison formed the group the Doors and guitarist and composer Frank Zappa developed a unique blend of risqué humor and complex jazz-influenced compositional forms with his group the Mothers of Invention.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761558548/Rock_Music.html   (1990 words)

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 Towards the folk music of the future
To a far greater extent than before, 1990s’ groups are made up of smaller constellations.
Maybe this is a reaction to the large ensembles of the 1980s which were rather cumbersome when it came to arranging music.
The group is representative of what could be called a new chamber folk music with intricate rhythmic patterns and finely tuned part-playing as their hallmark.
www.visarkiv.se /en/folkmusic/sida_08.htm   (238 words)

 1990s Music Profile on IMEEM
Music Video Photos Playlists Polls Battles Blog Friends Groups
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To view music and video on imeem, you'll need at least Macromedia Flash Player 9 and JavaScript enabled in your browser.
1990s.imeem.com   (422 words)

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www.gigsalad.com /Wedding   (973 words)

 1990s music groups - Webmunism
While up to the 1980s, music seemed to get louder and louder, the 1990s music...
Queens Of The Stone Age - "Sick Sick Sick" (music...
Queens Of The Stone Age - Avon (Feat.
www.webmunism.com /webmune/1990s_music_groups   (256 words)

 HeadBob - Hip-Hop - History   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Herc's musical parties eventually gained notoriety and were often documented on cassette tapes that were recorded with the relatively new boombox, or blaster, technology.
By the 1990s any sound source was considered fair game and rap artists borrowed sounds from such disparate sources as Israeli folk music, bebop jazz records, and television news broadcasts.
During the mid-1980s, rap moved from the fringes of hip-hop culture to the mainstream of the American music industry as white musicians began to embrace the new style.
www.headbob.com /hiphop/hiphophistory.shtml   (1443 words)

 DoveSong.com -- About Gospel Music
The term "Gospel music" applies to a body of music that was developed in the United States during the twentieth century primarily in the south-eastern part of the country and in portions of the Midwest and the East.
Except for the few older groups that continued the older styles, what was originally fl gospel music had been greatly obliterated by the 1990s, and now what you will find in the record stores, and called "gospel music," has little or no resemblance.
Family groups are gospel groups that may or may not sing four-part harmony, and are mainly groups comprised of family members (for example mom and pop, and the kids).
www.dovesong.com /Positive_music/archives/gospel/Gospel.asp   (795 words)

 1990s Rap
1990s music groups - In the 1990s, music had gone through the rap and house revolution, totally changing the landscape of music.
1990s Rap - 1990s Rap Rap Attack 3 Noted British music writer David Toop's in-depth examination of hip-hop 1990s rap and rap music first appeared in 1984, about five years after the Sugarhill Gang's single Rapper's Delight signaled the emergence of hip-hop as a major musical 1990s rap and cultural force.
1990s Music - 1990s Music This Is How We Flow This Is How We Flow provides ten pathbreaking essays in which the volume's contributors illustrate how rhythm is the foundation of all African expression -- music 1990s music and dance, the visual arts, architecture, theater, literature, 1990s music and film.
1990.mcgreevey97.com /1990srap.html   (1149 words)

 Trends in Kenyan Popular Music
Although these regional groups share a number of common components in their instrumentation, rhythms, the beat of a throbbing kick drum, and aspects of the guitar work, these are all features which overlay unique traditional elements in melodic structure, harmony, and song composition.
Examples of their music are not readily available for this period but one characteristic of their style caught on in Kenya and remains a key feature in most Kenyan music today.
It is Christian music that could be choir music combining both European harmonic elements and African rhythms and melodies (as in Muungano National Choir) or it might be a choir featuring a lead vocalist, guitars, bass, and drum kit (as with IFC choir).
members.aol.com /dpaterson/trends.htm   (2466 words)

 Aspiring Unsigned Music Artist(s)
("My music is so great, it speaks for itself...discover me!".) But to be fair, the excitement of actually believing there is a realistic chance that a recording contract may result from sending the music, may have something to do with this momentary lapse of professionalism.
They are, as a potential artist should be, all wrapped up in their music, and what sounds good to them is one thing, and what friends and family say is irrelevant for the most part because most closely related family and friends want to encourage, not discourage.
If you have any kind of truly unique music that has a ‘niche’ in the marketplace, there is some chance then that you can fight the good fight, and get the attention of the industry.
groups.msn.com /AspiringUnsignedMusicArtists/yourwebpage34.msnw   (1548 words)

 USATODAY.com - States settle CD price-fixing case   (Site not responding. Last check: )
NEW YORK — The five largest music companies and three of the USA's largest music retailers agreed Monday to pay $67.4 million and distribute $75.7 million in CDs to public and non-profit groups to settle a lawsuit led by New York and Florida over alleged price-fixing in the late 1990s.
Attorneys general in the two states, who were joined in the lawsuit by 39 other states, said that the industry kept consumer CD prices artificially high between 1995 and 2000 with a practice known as "minimum-advertised pricing" (MAP).
Previously, the companies said that MAP was needed to protect independent music retailers from rising competition from discount chains such as Wal-Mart, Circuit City and Best Buy.
www.usatoday.com /life/music/news/2002-09-30-cd-settlement_x.htm   (491 words)

 Indie Music-Print
Indie music is a type of alternative rock which exists in the independent music world.
The word is periodically used to refer to all underground music, and is the opposite of indie pop music.
The indie rock music of the 1980s had a sounds which were described as being heavy and distorted.
www.a1-articledirectory.com /article.php?id=13277&act=print   (620 words)

 Cook Islands Music
Pa'umotu, a group of islands in what is French Polynesia today, is said to have been named by a celebrated Polynesian ancestor, called Ka'ukura, is said to have led a large migration of people, e varu rau (1600), from 'Avaiki, stopping at islands which he named Iva-nuk, Iva-ra'i, Iva-te-pupenga, and others.
The singing is accompanied by musical instruments, with the pace emphasised by light drumming and some tuki (intermittent rhythmic grunting of the men).
All competing groups are given the same verse for which they are expected to develop their own tune and rhythm.
www.janesoceania.com /cookislands_music/index.htm   (6514 words)

 World Music Central - CD Reviews
What's not apparent until you read the credits is that, apart from a few helpers, the "orchestra" is actually Andy Narell, arguably the greatest player of the steel pan (or steel drum, if you prefer that misnomerish term) on the planet.
But Narell is a master, and whether he's playing one pan or a bazillion, the nuances he's become known for in making the pan a true jazz instrument shine through.
Thanks largely to producer/musician Iván Duran's Stonetree label (not to overlook fine collections released on the U.K.'s ARC Music label and Sweden's Caprice Records), the Garifuna sound- one that is distinctly African, Native Central American and Spanish to varying degrees -is getting its due on the global scene.
www.worldmusiccentral.org /index.php?topic=CDreview   (1145 words)

 Music From the 80s
Test your 80's music music from the 80s and video knowledge, as you or your team race to Bid a Vid music from the 80s and go head to head in the final showdown.
While up to the 1980s, music seemed to get louder and louder, the 1990s music seemed to take a step back in rhythm, going from the aforementioned Rap revolution, to the slower, romantic lyrics of late '90s bands, while also witnessing...
Music from The Adventures of Pete and Pete - Music from The Adventures of Pete and Pete is a CD album released in 1999 by the band Polaris, a one-off project involving members of the late '80s and early '90s band Miracle Legion.
pu12.gpnotp.com /musicfromthe80s.html   (828 words)

 Tarika: National Geographic World Music   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Son Egal, the group's award-winning 1997 album, made positive links between Madagascar and Senegal against a complex colonial history, while D celebrated the various regional dance musics and local 45-rpm vinyl hits of the 1970s and '80s.
In 1993 Hanitra re-formed the group simply as Tarika (meaning, literally, "the group"), incorporating traditional instruments of Madagascar, including the tubular bamboo zither called the valiha; the marovany double-sided box zither; the jejy voatavo, a distant relation of the dulcimer, with a large gourd resonator; and the small kabosy guitar.
To establish themselves, Tarika, like most world music groups, embarked on grueling tours in Europe and America, staying on the road for four years and performing at concerts and festivals.
worldmusic.nationalgeographic.com /worldmusic/view/page.basic/artist/content.artist/tarika_21394   (330 words)

 [No title]
Racist and anti-Semitic rock music is now a major recruitment tool and source of funding for hate groups, with annual sales bringing in millions of dollars to the hate movement.
In 1990, drummer Sean Tarrant was one of several Confederate Hammerskins sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to civil rights convictions for involvement in the vandalization of a mosque and a Jewish community center in Dallas, and chasing and assaulting minorities in a park.
Members of the group consider themselves to be "racial activists." In an interview one band member said, "Music is a tool and a weapon on many levels." Some band members belong to the Hammerskins.
www.adl.org /education/neo_nazi_music.asp   (1548 words)

 Modern Japan - Entertainment - Popular Music
Think about it - Sony Music Entertainment is one of the biggest record companies in the world; Yamaha is the largest manufacturer of musical instruments in the world; Japan has the sixth-largest population in the world; the music industry generates billions and billions of dollars worldwide every year.
Although the heyday of the idols was in the 80's, the musical artists of the Johnny's Jimusho talent agency such as SMAP, V6 and Kinki Kids have ruled the airwaves for the best part of the decade.
Hamasaki Ayumi was something of a new breed in the late 1990s - a young female singer with drive and ambition...
www.japan-zone.com /modern/pop.shtml   (1233 words)

 UVa Music Library: Resources & Finding Aids
The AMG All Music Guide is a searchable database of reviews and other information for over 535,000 recordings, with info on artists, discographies, and genre overviews.
The Institute of Popular Music (University of Liverpool) is the only academic center in the United Kingdom created specifically for the study of popular music.
Users enter their favorite music artist, which is then surrounded by a screen of interlocking colored halos with other artists' names.
www.lib.virginia.edu /MusicLib/resources/popular.html   (844 words)

 Rico Rodriguez - Jama Rico
The music guided me further in two directions: to Jamaica's musical history (finding the Skatalites and lots of original ska as well as pre-ska music) and to Africa (finding a new musical continent and my place to work as a volunteer for several years in the 1980s).
The foundation was laid already in the 1950s when he had to realise his poverty, when he had to play for food with the fishermen on the beach near Kingston.
Musically open for new developments and for experiments he was able to realise or to participate in during the 1990s when he was no more depending on earning his living by doing other things than music.
www.geocities.com /braunovi/Rico.html   (590 words)

 1990s - ExampleProblems.com
Grunge music, popularized by Nirvana, gains widespread mainstream acceptance in the early part of the decade, as a result alternative rock gain popularity, and the emergence of post-grunge begins.
Rap music gains widespread mainstream acceptance throughout the decade, starting with the success of MC Hammer, Public Enemy and Vanilla Ice; ending with hip-hop inspired by Puff Daddy, Dr.
Music festivals such as Lollapalooza became popular; a fusing of genres from alternative rock, rap, punk rock and garage bands.
www.exampleproblems.com /wiki/index.php/1990s   (2168 words)

This group was uninterested in accepting music's future as a return to the past by way of a ready-made collage or quotation aesthetic (postmodernism) or a comfortable, organic tonal language that evokes late nineteenth-century Romanticism (neo-Romanticism).
As early as 1977, the composer Rhys Chatham, as musical director of the conceptualist and minimalist venue The Kitchen in New York City, took a bold step by programming experimental rock music which by that time was also vying for intellectual approval.
American vernacular music such as rock is no longer considered low art but is instead used as a foundation on which to build while hoping to gain acceptance from listeners previously disillusioned by modernism's intricacies, Cage's chaos, and high art's elitism.
www.newmusicbox.org /page.nmbx?id=11tp06   (951 words)

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