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Topic: 1994 in literature

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  Literature & Tragedy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Literature that is supportive may have a positive influence on students’ self worth and identity, whereas books that possess stereotypes can have a negative influence on a students view.
Reading literature about other students who are learning and have learned to accept their abilities and differences can be a powerful gift for these students.
Literature verbalizes to a child their feelings and fears, what they may wonder about, or even hope.
www.smcm.edu /Users/pakimler/literature.htm   (1731 words)

 1994 - Open Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
1994 is a common year starting on Saturday, and was designated the International year of the Family.
This outbreak is the biggest tornado event of 1994.
The bombing was a field test done by Ramzi Yousef to test explosives that would have been used in Project Bojinka, a terrorist attack plan that would be exposed after an apartment fire.
open-encyclopedia.com /1994   (2818 words)

 Literature and Literary Studies 1994/3-4   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The publication in 1994 of the comprehensive index to Pyritz's bibliography of the literature of the Baroque period completes this fourteen year project.
Begun in 1976, this series on German exile literature since 1933 suffers from a number of problems: the change in title beginning with volume 2; the misleading title ("German language" less accurate than simply "German"); inconsistent organization from one volume to next; and the lack of an explanation in the preface of why J.
This handbook is not limited to literature in a narrow sense; it also covers general reference works and works on related disciplines essential for students of literature.
www.rre.casalini.com /1994/BD-94-3.html   (3915 words)

 Medicine and Literature Books 1990-1994   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Arranged in three chronological sections, the book's various chapters cover architecture, literature, the plastic arts, the sciences, education, medicine, philosophy, theater, music, journalism, historiography, and folklore.
Looks at the condition of diabetes, what is necessary for a diabetic to maintain proper health, what must be done in the event of an insulin reaction, and the possibilities of a cure.
Kritzman, L. The rhetoric of sexuality and the literature of the French Renaissance.
www.medlina.com /medicine_and_literature_books_1990-1994.htm   (7385 words)

 LITERATURE CIRCLES   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
These materials on literature circles are collected with other materials from the Two Days in May in a binder of that title in the Bibliographies section in the Professional Library.
This two-act play focuses on using literature discussions as a vehicle for literacy and language growth in secondary and college courses.
Literature circles offer teenagers opportunties to negotiate meanings of texts and develop perspectives on their own lives.
www.pps.k12.or.us /district/depts/edmedia/biblitcr.htm   (223 words)

 1994 in literature - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
See also: 1993 in literature, other events of 1994, 1995 in literature, list of years in literature.
See 1994 Governor General's Awards for a complete list of winners and finalists for those awards.
Newbery Medal for children's literature: Lois Lowry, The Giver
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1994_in_literature   (260 words)

 Literature Circles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Demonstrate that you are able to implement literature circles in your classroom.
Daniels, H. Literature circles : moice and choice in the student-centered classroom.
Discuss your literature circls implementation plan, application and reflection and your guided reading lessons with your mentor, focussing on how your understanding of this reader response strategy has impacted your students’ literacy learning.
www.educ.sfu.ca /fp/literacy/Structured_Assignments/lit_circles.html   (308 words)

 Greenwood Publishing Group I1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
It is the first scholarly work to give extensive attention to literature after the downfall of communism and the first to highlight the work of the newest Polish writers.
Each biographical entry provides basic information about the author, an overview of the author's literary output, a detailed discussion of the author's most important and most representative work, a discussion of the author's development and use of themes, and a statement of the author's place in the Polish literary tradition.
CZERWINSKI is Professor Emeritus of Slavic and Comparative Literature at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.
info.greenwood.com /books/0313262/0313262225.html   (301 words)

 Themes & Literature Circles: Theory to Practice - Literature Circles
Literature Circles involve a small group of students exploring a piece of literature in depth.
Think of literature circles as one element of a balanced literacy program rather than "the solution." In most cases, the application of literature circles evolves over time as students and teachers become more experienced readers.
The goal of literature circles is enthusiastic, natural, informal conversation that encourages a life-long love of reading.
eduscapes.com /ladders/themes/circles.htm   (1357 words)

 After The Revolution: Twenty Years of Portuguese Literature, 1974–1994   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The editors justify their choice by claiming that in order to understand the transformations of the post-revolutionary Portugal, "one has to engage in an interdisciplinary research encompassing the historical and synchronic, the economic and social, the political and cultural" (26).
While their rationale has merit, they ignore the primacy of literature, because of their cultural studies bias toward anthropological matters.
This collection of essays ought to be read, not only by the scholar or the student of Portuguese literature, but also by everyone who attempts to understand postmodernism.
www.samla.org /sar/freitas.htm   (791 words)

 Children's Literature in Mathematics Instruction
The use of literature is yet another approach teachers can use in providing their students with varied experiences with mathematics.
In his article "Literature and Mathematics in Preschool and Primary: The Right Connection," David Whitin presents many different teachable moments that occur within the course of a regular day which are related to children's literature (1994).
Obviously, integrating children's literature and math is not a diffcult task.
falcon.jmu.edu /~ramseyil/mathpict.htm   (819 words)

 Comparative Literature 324 Research Guide
Literature Resource Center provides access to biographies, bibliographies, and critical analyses of authors from every age and literary discipline.
Oxford Reference Online features various resources in literature such as: Concise Oxford Companion to African American Literature, Concise Oxford Companion to American Literature, Concise Oxford Companion to English Literature, Concise Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms, A Dictionary of Writers and Their Works, and the Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Poetry in English.
Road to East Asia is a journal on contemporary East Asian literature in English from York University.
guides.library.fullerton.edu /comp_lit_324.htm   (681 words)

 Education Book Review/Looking into Literature Circles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
It accomplishes this by focusing on literature circle participants engaged in discussion: the three longest scenes show third graders, high schoolers and a parent group talking about what they have read and attempting to integrate it with their previous knowledge and experience.
This brief film does not go into detail about preparing a literature circle environment for the classroom or dealing with the problems that might arise, it hopes to show the "productive social interaction" that literature circles generate.
The film would be most appropriate in introducing literature circles to preservice teachers or parent groups.
www.lib.msu.edu /corby/reviews/posted/danielsh.htm   (262 words)

 Multicultural Literature in the Elementary Classroom
Student teachers used young adult literature with protagonists from diverse backgrounds as one means of coming to understand and value children of all backgrounds.
AB: Believes that multicultural literature should focus on the diverse groups within society while also stressing the common similarities between human experiences in order to encourage students to connect with the characters, situations, and contexts presented in the books.
Suggests criteria for such literature, presents a compendium of professional resources that can aid teachers in using it, and offers an annotated bibliography of 75 specific titles that meet the criteria for exemplary pieces of multicultural literature.
www.indiana.edu /~reading/ieo/bibs/multicul.html   (2544 words)

 Lauren G. Leighton: The Esoteric Tradition in Russian Romantic Literature
The European esoteric tradition was introduced into Russia in the eighteenth century by Freemasons and continued in Russian romantic literature of the early nineteenth century.
This study, which conjoins historiographical methods developed by modern scholars of esoterica and formalist methods of textual analysis, reveals the role of that tradition in Russian romantic literature.
The Esoteric Tradition in Russian Romantic Literature, also deals with the relationships between Russia's national poet and those writers who made the first major attempt at a Russian revolution.
www.psupress.org /books/titles/0-271-01024-X.html   (301 words)

 Non-Western Literature (Simonsen, 1994)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Palatine, IL I developed this non-western literature course three years ago.
Since I have been teaching the course, I have limited myself to modern literature, mostly fiction, from Africa, India, and Japan.
This fall, 1994, I will teach the class for the fourth time.
library.kcc.hawaii.edu /external/asdp/lit/asian/lit208.html   (826 words)

 Nelly's Literature article 4
Lazar, G. (1994) 'Using Literature at lower levels' in ELT Journal 48,2.
She holds a BA in English Language and Literature from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and an MA in Applied Linguistics and ELT from the University of East Anglia, UK.
She has published articles and presented papers arguing mostly for the educational and pedagogic importance of using and exploring works of literature in the EFL classroom, from poetry and fiction to popular literature.
www.developingteachers.com /articles_tchtraining/lit4_nelly.htm   (587 words)

 Literature Staff
I joined Sheffield University's English Literature Department in 1994, having formerly held a lectureship in American literature at Warwick University.
I have published widely in the fields of gay literature and AIDS, and have organised conferences on these topics in Key West, Florida and Sheffield.
I currently supervise seven research students on such topics as: AIDS and Poetry; Blue-collar Beat Literature; Gay Literature of the 1930s; Gender and Violence in Contemporary Fiction; Contemporary Gay Fiction; Michael Field.
www.shef.ac.uk /sheffield/jsp/polopoly.jsp?a=28307&d=4110   (188 words)

 PAL: Preface 12th Edition, June 1999
This work is a carefully organized and knowledgeable compendium of sources, definitions, and key topics for use in connection with undergraduate courses in American Literature.
Based on Professor Reuben's considerable experience in teaching and developing such courses, this is a useful and conveniently arranged vade mecum for either the experienced or new instructor and for the student.
The emphasis of this work is on the major perspectives or literary movements in American literature.
www.csustan.edu /english/reuben/pal/pre.html   (399 words)

The books included here are basic readings in the graduate course I teach in children's literature.
Mystery in Children’s Literature: From the Rational to the Supernatural.
The Child As Critic: Teaching Literature in the Elementary and Middle Schools.
www.scils.rutgers.edu /~kvander/ChildrenLit/reading.html   (1291 words)

 1993 in literature - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
See also: 1992 in literature, other events of 1993, 1994 in literature, list of years in literature.
Professor Stephen Hawking's book, A Brief History of Time, becomes the longest running book on the bestseller list of The Sunday Times.
See 1993 Governor General's Awards for a complete list of winners and finalists for those awards.
www.hackettstown.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/1993_in_literature   (296 words)

 Literature-APA Nov 1994
About half of the references are from the library literature, and the rest from the paper industry or government.
They review the literature of fiber fractionation, a process that has gained significance as a result of the increasing use of waste paper for making paper of all sorts.
It allows the short, low-quality fibers to be separated out from the good long fibers, so that each can be processed with the most suitable equipment, and then recombined in desired proportions for different types of paper.
palimpsest.stanford.edu /byorg/abbey/ap/ap07/ap07-4/ap07-407.html   (1642 words)

 UBC Archives - William Herbert New - File List
Box 23 History of Canadian Literature Series 23-1 Correspondence and Related Materials (A).
Box 52 History of Canadian Literature Series (cont'd) 52-1 Drafts of Manuscripts with Corrections (A).
Canadian Literature Series 59-5 Free Trade - Background for Canadian Literature.
www.library.ubc.ca /archives/u_arch/new1.html   (1568 words)

 Bambooweb: 1994
November 28 - In Portage, Wisconsin, convicted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is clubbed to death in by a deranged inmate in the Columbia Correctional Institute gymnasium
Monday, November 28, 1994 - Voters in Norway reject European Union membership
November 29 - Two-year murder trial of 14 south Vietnamese accused of murder of 24 north Vietnamese ends in Hong Kong - all defendants are acquitted
www.bambooweb.com /articles/1/9/1994.html   (2594 words)

 Children's Literature & Mathematics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
You will find some resources for integrating mathematics and literature and a list of children's books to use in teaching mathematics.
Integrating Mathematics and Literature in the Elementary Classroom.
Literature and Mathematics in Preschool and Primary: The Right Connection.
users.anderson.edu /~roebuck/childlit.html   (341 words)

 UW-Whitewater English Methods-Literature Discussion Formats   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Literature Circles* provide a way to combine independent reading with cooperative-group instruction.
In literature circles, small groups of students choose to read a single book in common and meet regularly to discuss it following certain rules.
Harvey Daniels (1994), in Literature circles: Voice and choice in the student-centered classroom (York, ME: Stenhouse), provides several useful suggestions as well as reproducible handouts (in both English and Spanish) to guide students in learning roles for literature circles.
facstaff.uww.edu /zbikowsj/Litcircles.htm   (241 words)

 Background Resources on Environmental Literature for Teachers and Scholars
The Lion and the Unicorn: A Critical Journal of Children’s Literature 19 (Dec. 1995).
Russell, David L. “The Pastoral Influence on American Children’s Literature.” The Lion and the Unicorn 18 (1994): 121-29.
Papers from a 1986 Symposium sponsored by the Children's Literature Center (Library of Congress).
www.ferrum.edu /thanlon/ecology/resource.htm   (628 words)

Examiner: M. Moderator: M. A study of contemporary children's literature offers a view of the influences and factors which effect modern writing for children.
Such a study can assist in appreciating how literature can be used as a preparation for life.
A study will be made of children's literature written since World War II, including that originating in the U.S. and U.K., with close reference to Australian children's literature since 1980.
www.usq.edu.au /unit-2002/fullspec/80602S1X.htm   (428 words)

 Language Arts - English I   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Use "Analyzing Literature" activities at end of each selection; supplement with "Handbook of Literary Terms and Techniques" at end of text.
Prentice Hall Literature Gold, Prentice Hall, 1994, all literature units [Textbook].
Use "Analyzing Literature" activities found at the end of each selection; support with "Handbook of Literary Terms and Techniques" located at end of book.
www.maury-lea.maury.k12.tn.us /curriculum/CR29690.HTM   (2231 words)

 Energy Citations Database (ECD) - Energy and Energy-Related Bibliographic Citations
The latest of a series of classified lists of power system relaying references, begun in 1927, is presented.
This bibliography is in continuation to the bibliographies of relay literature which were published previously and are contained in the IEEE transactions.
The papers listed include references to the subjects of service restoration, testing and methods of calculation, as well as to the field of relaying.
www.osti.gov /energycitations/product.biblio.jsp?osti_id=372212   (249 words)

 Kansas Literature in Print 1994
Center for Kansas Studies, Washburn University, Topeka, KS 66621 (913-231-1010 x 1441), 1994.
Forthcoming late 1994 from Woodley Press, Washburn University, Topeka, KS 66621 (913- 231-1010 x 1441).
University Press of Kansas, 2501 W 15, Lawrence, KS 66049-3904 (913-864-4154), 1994.
www.washburn.edu /reference/cks/lists/kslitinprint.html   (4633 words)

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