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Topic: 1996 Republican National Convention

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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

 Encyclopedia: 1996 Republican National Convention
The 1996 Republican National Convention was the first presidential nominating convention to be held in San Diego, and the first and only Republican National Convention held in Southern California.
The Convention Center was located on the waterfront, near a harbor frequented by thousands of small boats—upon one of which Dole and Kemp made their ceremonial arrival.
The convention was successful for San Diego, bringing positive publicity to the city and its revitalized waterfront and Gaslamp Quarter.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/1996-Republican-National-Convention

"Our groundbreaking use of PCS will make the 1996 Republican National Convention the most technically sophisticated event of its kind," said William Greener, III, convention manager for the Republican National Convention.
San Diego, CA, June 26, 1996 (DLD DIGEST) -- The 1996 Republican National Convention will use a new wireless telecommunications technology that offers a secure and private alternative to cellular.
It will be provided by Pacific Bell Mobile Services as the Republican National Convention's official provider of wireless Personal Communications Services.
www.thedigest.com /69/69-49.html

 Remarks at the Republican National Convention
Ours is the Republican Party of Bob Dole, another plain-speaking son of the American heartland, who persevered in the service of his Kansas neighbors to be Congressman, a Senator, our party's nominee for Vice President, minority and majority leader of the Senate.
Ours is the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan and George Bush, whose persistence in building and maintaining American's military and industrial superiority finally persuaded the Communists they could never hope to defeat us, and thus ended the Cold War.
Ours is the Republican Party of Dwight D. Eisenhower, who reminded us that America is not good because she is great; but rather - America is great because she is good.
www.ford.utexas.edu /library/speeches/960812.htm

 GLAAD: Gay and Lesbian Media Center Opens in San Diego for Republican National Convention
VOICES '96 is a San Diego-based grassroots coalition of organizations representing the gay, lesbian, bi and transgendered communities during the Republican National Convention.
GLAAD will also monitor the GOP's treatment of Arizona Congressman Jim Kolbe, the nation's second openly gay Republican representative, and the convention's handling of the Log Cabin Republicans, the national organization of lesbian and gay Republicans.
The reportage on lesbian and gay issues throughout the 1996 presidential campaign has also been disappointing, according to Northrop, "the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is a perfect example of the appalling ignorance in the media.
www.glaad.org /media/archive_detail.php?id=192

 Political Sites on the Web
Republican National Convention Coverage - from San Diego Online.
Official Democratic National Committee Electronic Headquarters includes humor, audio and video clips, and a wide variety of talking points, press releases, etc. Most importantly, there are opportunities to speak your mind and tell the Democratic Party what you think.
National Jewish Democratic Council - Dedicated to representing Jewish interests in the Democratic Party and in taking a leading role in the fight against the radical right.
www.ibiblio.org /maggot/jomc/politic.html

 The Daily Muse: The '96 GOParty
y allowing Susan Molinari to deliver the keynote address at their convention, the Republicans demonstrated just how high they're willing to go to capture the youth vote.
The matter resurfaced just prior to the convention when it was revealed that the lawmaker had lied about her hallucinatory history in a TV interview 4 years ago (around the time Bill Clinton revealed his failure to inhale).
Seeing how much fun it was, the presumptive Republican nominee (the big campaign's this autumn, but don't call him the "Fall Guy") now wants to make sure everybody in the party sings along.
dailymuse.tripod.com /gop96.htm

 AlterNet: The Republican Convention Disaster
Then suddenly, in May of '72, less than 90 days before the opening gavel, Republican National Committee Chair Bob Dole announced the convention would be relocating to Miami.
The Democratic Convention is heading to Chicago in August and you can be sure that the media is going to have a replay field-day comparing 1996 to the disastrous 1968 convention when anti-war protesters faced the wrath of Mayor Daley's riot police, and Hubert Humphry realized the Vietnam war was now his albatross to wear.
In late 1971 and early 1972 activists organizing protests at the upcoming Republican convention became the target of death threats, tear-gas attacks, vandalism and firebombings.
www.alternet.org /story.html?StoryID=7291

 Senator Bob Dole 1996 Republican Convention Speech
Working with Jack Kemp and a Republican Congress I will not be satisfied until we have reformed our entire tax code and made it fairer and flatter and simpler for the American people.
This is why we need a Republican Congress.
It is demeaning to the nation that within the Clinton administration, a core of the elite who never grew up, never did anything real, never sacrificed, never suffered and never learned, should have the power to fund with your earnings their dubious and self-serving schemes.
www.4president.org /speeches/dolekemp1996convention.htm

 Adopted by the 1996 Republican National Convention August 12
The Republican National Committee shall issue the call for the next national convention to nominate candidates for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States prior to January 1 of the year in which the national convention is to be held.
In those states where state law establishes a non-partisan primary in which Republican candidates could participate, but in which the general election may not include a Republican candidate, the candidate endorsed by a convention held under the authority of the state Republican party shall be recognized by the Republican National Committee as the Republican nominee.
The chairman and the co-chairman of the Republican National Committee shall be members of the Committee on Arrangements and the chairman of the Republican National Committee shall appoint to the Committee on Arrangements at least one (1) member of the Republican National Committee from each state.
www.republikids.com /goprules.htm

 Republican National Convention News elephantsBus.com
During the Republican National Convention, I will be a contributing writer for Knight-Ridder's Washington bureau, credentialed to cover the event for them, working out of their space.
The Christian Science Monitor list the top ten surprises at the Republican National Convention, despite the GOP's"clever plan to stifle anger, resentment, excitement, or indeed any emotion whatsoever through what can only be described as a careful plan to lull the electorate into sufficient somnolence to allow the incumbent...
The Christian Science Monitor list the top ten surprises at the Republican National Convention, despite the GOP's "clever plan to stifle anger, resentment, excitement, or indeed any emotion whatsoever through what can only be described as a careful plan to lull the electorate into sufficient somnolence to allow the incumbent...
elephantsbus.com /tue12p.html

 KnoxNews: Republican National Convention Crosswire Blog
Just like the Democratic convention, this was a slickly-produced made-for-TV event designed to put the best possible face on the Republican Party and their candidate without actually providing any substance.
When first asked to do this, I was told it was to be a lighthearted view of the Republican convention with some fun sparring back and forth with South Knox Bubba.
While Democrats (and some on this blog) have portrayed the Republican convention as a message of hate, delegates here were happy to see Republicans finally fighting back.
web.knoxnews.com /mt-static/crosswire

 1996 Republican National Convention
Dole's speech and discusses advice she would give to Joanne Kemp as a potential vice president's wife; Some popular political souvenirs and toys that are selling very well at this convention
Following is a list of subjects covered each night:
www1.burrelles.com /transcripts/cbs/nrnc96.htm

 MPR: News & Features
Linda Berglin's refusal to get out of the way of Republicans' plan to eliminate state health coverage for some 30,000 adults is a key to the Legislature's special session, one that could ultimately lead to a partial shutdown of state government.
Work begins this summer on the last link of one of Minnesota's longest-running and most controversial road building sagas.

 AT&T News Release, 1996-08-05, Audio, video, chat Internet site debuts for Republican National Convention
SAN DIEGO -- The Republican National Convention and AT&T have created a World Wide Web presence to take news of the 1996 Republican National Convention to the world in an interactive, full-featured manner unprecedented for a political convention.
"San Diegans sitting at their home computers, people elsewhere in the country and expatriate Republicans around the world all will be able to follow the news and views of the convention as it unfolds," said Christine Myers, AT&T's director of the 1996 RNC.
As news is being made during the convention, the Web page will host live discussion forums led by Republican party luminaries.
www.att.com /news/0896/960805.cha.html

 Convention Adfunk Internet Solutions Article
This was so because the slates of their hearts were clean, their were no complicated writings on it which were not easy to remove and erase, such as the Romans, the Persians and the Indian people, who used to boast a lot due to their knowledge and culture.
This religion was a family religion which could not carry a message for the world and nor could it carry modmany call for other nations.
This religion had been repeatedly changed and tampered with by those people who had exaggerated in their belief and love for Hadhrat Isa (A.S) and Hadhrat Maryam (A.S) and it had been played about with by those people who wanted it to suit their desires.
www.geocities.com /halim042/Convention.htm

 Protest Art - Democratic National Convention, 1996
We had this see saw up during the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.
There is also a smoke stack plume of toxic waste being generated out of the white house.
EE also took its drum bicycle out for the huge parade down Ashland and Lake to the infamous "protest pit".
www.encroach.net /info/show_docs/pages_1996/dnc.html

 all about (comics)
This is the same venue that held the 1996 Republican National Convention - it is huge!
These have developed into major affairs like the San Diego Comic-Con International that takes over the Convention Center for a week.
Conventions were held that allowed fans to meet and buy and sell comic books.
www.bpib.com /illustrat/comics.htm

 AT&T News Release, 1996-07-30, AT&T, Lucent to deliver '96 Republican National Convention sights and sounds
SAN DIEGO – The eyes and ears of the world will be on the 1996 Republican National Convention this summer when AT&T and Lucent Technologies provide the GOP with state-of-the-art communications.
"As the technology partners for this convention, AT&T and Lucent Technologies have the opportunity to showcase advanced global telecommunications technology to all convention participants," said Christine Myers, AT&T director of the 1996 Republican National Convention and leader of the AT&T-Lucent team serving the convention.
The Republican National Convention's selection of AT&T and Lucent Technologies as technology partners for the 1996 convention demonstrates the companies' pre-eminent position in global telecommunications.
www.att.com /news/0796/960730.cha.html

 Online NewsHour: 2000 Republican National Convention
Protests and the police response during the week of Republican National Convention.
The former senator and 1996 presidential candidate discusses the "new" Republican party.
Four experts discuss the media coverage of the Republican convention.
www.pbs.org /newshour/election2000/gopconvention

 CNN/AllPolitics.com - Election 2000 - The Republican National Convention
Try to answer these questions and test your political I.Q. New questions are posted at midnight ET daily during the Republican National Convention, and answers will be posted CNN on-air and on-line at noon and 7 p.m.
View video highlights of events and CNN coverage of the Republican National Convention, organized by day, and review key speeches and ads from the major presidential candidates.
CNN/AllPolitics.com - Election 2000- The Republican National Convention
www.cnn.com /ELECTION/2000/conventions/republican

 Maryland Republican Party - National Convention Delegates
In 1996, Maryland was allotted 32 delegates for the Republican Party National Convention.
In 2000, Maryland was allotted 31 delegates for the Republican Party National Convention.
At the National Convention, elected delegates must vote for the Presidential candidate who wins in their Congressional district.
www.mdarchives.state.md.us /msa/mdmanual/40party/html/repc.html

 The Political Graveyard: Republican National Conventions
The site opened on July 1, 1996; the last full revision was done on March 10, 2005.
The coverage of the site includes certain federal officials, state officeholders and candidates in all 50 states, state and national political party officials, federal and state judges, and mayors (including candidates at election for mayor) of qualifying cities.
The listings are incomplete ; development of the database is a continually ongoing project.
politicalgraveyard.com /parties/R/conventions.html

 1996 National Republican Convention
Bob Dole and his wife Elizabeth, celebrate after accepting the GOP presidential nomination at the 1996 Republican National Convention in San Diego.
www.fistick.com /bob_liz.html

 san diego magazine archives
And while civic boosters applaud San Diego Mayor Susan Golding as the wizard who won the 1996 Republican National Convention for our city, insiders say the trick wasn’t entirely the work of Golding and her golden wand.
But within the Republican National Committee there was a cadre of disbelievers, Sainz says.
She also had the professional reputation to speak with authority during negotiations for the 1996 convention here.
www.sandiego-online.com /issues/september95/wisdom.shtml

Seaport Village -- Near the Convention Center, along San Diego's waterfront you'll find bayview dinning, unique shops and an 1890 "flying horses" carousel.
A convenient walk from downtown hotels and the Convention Center
emporium.turnpike.net /~walk/sandiego/conv_ctr/conv96sd.htm

 G O P.com :: Republican National Committee
After Sen. Harry Reid indicated that Democrat Chairman Howard Dean had simply misspoken in his recent comments aimed at the Republican Party and its members, Dean seems to have done it once again.
The Chicago Tribune reports that Dean said "until President Bush and top Republicans reaffirm their support for the Voting Rights Act, they should stop courting black voters and showing up in black churches."
Get the insider perspective from the magazine exclusively for Republicans.

 Online NewsHour: Floor Speeches
For recordings of selected Convention floor speeches, visit our RealAudio page.
www.pbs.org /newshour/convention96/floor_speeches/republican_index.html

 Bill Adler Photography Atlanta/New York 1996 Republican National Convention
Bill Adler Photography Atlanta/New York 1996 Republican National Convention
www.billadler.com /gal2.htm

 Campaign Buttons-Etc.Com Presents Senator Bob Dole
Great use of imagery on this 1996 Republican National Convention three and a half inch button from New York for Bob Dole.
Dole 1B- Welcome to the Republican National Convention San Diego Aug. 12-15 1996.
Dole 16B - Sailing to San Diego Republican National Convention Aug 12 - 15, 1996 New York Republican State Committee William D. Powers, Chairman.
www.campaignbuttons-etc.com /dole1.htm

2002 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Convention - Las Vegas
www.passingtone.com /images.htm

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