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Topic: 1996 in art

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  UT Undergrad Cat 1996-98. ART/ARH Courses
Art of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, particularly muralism and its sources, surrealism, and later movements.
Prerequisite: For majors in the Department of Art and Art History, twenty-four semester hours of lower-division studio art with a grade of at least C in each course, a grade point average of at least 2.50 in lower-division studio art courses, and consent of instructor; for others, upper-division standing and consent of instructor.
Prerequisite: Upper-division standing, twenty-four semester hours of lower-division studio art with a grade of at least C in each course, a grade point average of at least 2.50 in lower-division studio art courses, and consent of the chairman of the department.
www.utexas.edu /student/registrar/catalogs/undergrad/art-arh.html   (7203 words)

 Architectural Association of Ireland - Building Material Nine: In Praise of Competitions - 1996 Nissan Art Project
The problem set by the judges was 'to propose a work of art that by its form or presence would extend the work of the Irish Museum of Modern Art beyond the gallery space into wider environments Dublin city centre and beyond'.
I conceived the 'work of art' that they describe as a container, responding to the brief, I believed as architect that this work should operate both as an artwork and as functioning container, a magic box filled with surprise and delight.
Art in the late 20th century has somewhat filled a void that religion left behind in fulfilling the spiritual needs of man. I became interested in the quasi-religious objects that exist in civilization and that modern culture has imitated or reinterpreted in its pursuit of this new epiphany.
www.irish-architecture.com /aai/journal/nine/nissan.html   (1113 words)

 CSB and SJU. Academic Catalog 1996-1998. Art Department   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The art department educates both art majors and non-majors in the theory, practice, and history of art.
This education involves the understanding of historical development of art in contemporary and past cultures, understanding the critical process used to assess art forms, understanding the meaning and evolution of art theories, understanding the basic concepts related to the structure of forms, and understanding the technical aspects of art.
Designed to guide senior art majors in preparation for installment of a senior art exhibit, the development of a professional portfolio and familiarization with an appropriate professional art field or graduate school.
www2.csbsju.edu /ucatalog/cat20002.htm   (1699 words)

 NVCC Spring 1996 Alexandria ART Class Schedule
ART 141 TYPOGRAPHY I 4cr 0660 01A MW 1330-1620 AT 0054 Ratcliff, W 0661 02A TR 1630-1920 AT 0054 Sarao, E For ART 141 Prerequisite ART 140.
ART 154 CERAMICS II 4cr 0421 01A MW 0930-1220 AT 264B Schran, W 0422 02A MW 1900-2150 AT 264B Schran, W Requires prerequisite of ART 153 or permission of instructor.
ART 261 ILLUSTRATION I 4cr 0668 01A MW 1930-2220 AT 0053 Sprouse, R For ART 261-01: Prerequisites ART 122, 132, 135 and 140.
www.nvcc.edu /schedule/crs962/aart.htm   (741 words)

 ANNY Roze, Gerda
While she earned a living as a research consultant during the day, she enrolled at the Art Students League and studied painting with Sid Dickinson at night.
Little did she realize at that time that this was the beginning of her formal art training and the beginning of her "second" career.
Art Academy of Latvia, induction in its archives, 2000
www.anny.org /2/artists/0042/000p0042.htm   (368 words)

 Kamloops Art Gallery: 1996
A great lover of art and nature, Gloria wants her work to be enjoyed for the beauty of the material, the educational understanding of the process and the sheer enjoyment of artistic expression.
By featuring art works with a critical approach to the landscape tradition, the exhibition illustrates precursors to postmodern art’s diverse practices and its characteristic criticality.
Presenting art works that differ from traditional approaches to landscape, in so far as they examine the relationships between culture and nature, this exhibition reconstructs some transformations to the concept of nature in the latter half of the twentieth century.
www.kag.bc.ca /1996.htm   (908 words)

 Art Home Page
The curriculum in studio art provides experiences for the liberal arts student who wishes to explore studio practices as an elective, as well as two degree programs: a 10-course, 40-credit program leading to the BA degree, and a more intensive 17-1/2 course, 74 credit hour program leading to the BFA degree.
The design sequence of arts 111, 211, 411, 481 is recommended for those students who wish to develop a concentration in graphic design.
ARTS 511-597 are primarily for students with a BA degree in art and/or those with accumulated graduate credit in studio work earned elsewhere.
www.binghamton.edu /bulletin/1996-97/art.html   (2149 words)

 Bali Art Festival 1996   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Bali Art Festival is a media for preserving, developing, and reinforcing artistic potency through various aesthetic activities such as parades, performances, exhibitions, cultural art forums, and artistic contests.
In addition to devising people's appreciation toward their traditional art and improving its quality, Bali Art Festival also attempts to renovate and develop traditional arts, so that it can flourish and function again as was.
Conducting the 18th Bali Arts Festival, whereas the Indonesian society creating and improving its identity and unity in facing the worldwide era, socio-cultural aspect serves as the basic element in shaping the aptitude and temperament of Indonesian people based on the ideology of Pancasila as a power to achieve a civilized and just society.
www.indo.com /bali/culture/artfest96.html   (256 words)

 Legge n. 662 del 1996 (Art. 3 co. 164 - 217)
E' istituito, per l'anno 1996, un contributo straordinario per l'Europa, finalizzato all'adeguamento dei conti pubblici ai parametri previsti dal Trattato di Maastricht.
I soggetti tenuti al versamento del contributo nonche' i datori di lavoro devono indicare, nelle dichiarazioni relative al periodo d'imposta 1996 previste, rispettivamente, negli articoli 1 e 7 del decreto del Presidente della Repubblica 29 settembre 1973, n.
Per la regolarizzazione dei versamenti periodici relativi all'anno 1996, l'imposta e la soprattassa, nella misura del dieci per cento, devono essere versate entro trenta giorni dalla scadenza del termine per la presentazione della relativa dichiarazione.
www.parlamento.it /parlam/leggi/96662l14.htm   (4304 words)

 NVCC Summer 1996 Alexandria ART Class Schedule
ART 283 COMPUTER GRAPHICS I 4cr 0239 01A MWR 1830-2120 AT 0116 Gleeson, N Ten week 05/20/96 07/26/96 ART 283-01A is an introductory class in Macintosh hardware and graphics software.
ART 299 SUPERVISED STUDY 4cr RAKU CERAMICS 0234 01A MTR 1000-1250 AT 264B Schran, W Ten week 05/20/96 07/26/96 Requires prerequisite of ART 153 or permission of instructor.
ART 299 SUPERVISED STUDY 4cr RAKU CERAMICS 0235 02A MTR 1600-1850 AT 264B Schran, W Ten week 05/20/96 07/26/96 Requires prerequisite of ART 153 or permission of instructor.
www.nv.cc.va.us /schedule/crs963/aart.htm   (350 words)

 Art, Copyright, and the Web Bibliography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The only part that is specific to art is under copyright infringements, where reference is made to two recent court cases involving copyright.
He ends with a challenge to higher education to participate more actively in policy discussion at the national level to ensure that its stake in the transmission and consumption of knowledge is protected.
Interviews with the directors of the Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C., reveal a common concern among those in the art world: the issue of control over reproductions of works in their collections and the ease with which images can be altered in a digitized format.
staff.washington.edu /jcmills/class/biblio.html   (2124 words)

 Art Porter 1961-1996   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Had Art Porter never set foot in a recording studio, he would still have left a unique stamp on the jazz world which was his life.
The Arkansas-born saxman, who drowned in a tragic boating accident on a Thailand lake last November 23 at age 35, played with then Governor Bill Clinton at a Little Rock club when he was 15 half a lifetime before he became one of smooth jazzs most beloved artists.
"Arts great achievement," adds Eckstine, "was that he was one of the few contemporary players who had it allreal jazz chops, stellar tunes, an incredibly energetic live performance and no fear about taking chances and evolving.
www.smoothvibes.com /artporter.html   (563 words)

 North Coast Journal - November 1996: ART - Arts alive!
The ranks of parents and friends who came for the reception was swelled by the Arts Alive crowd, a pleasant surprise for the young artists.
Inside the Old Town Art Gallery, we saw several enchanting exhibits placed around the walls, ranging from the landscapes of David Williams, with rich, deep green hills and vibrant blue water suggesting the Caribbean, to the more classical work of featured artist Veryl Culver Waldner.
Arts Alive for this month is scheduled for Nov. 2.
www.northcoastjournal.com /nov96/11-96.art.html   (921 words)

 NVCC 1995-1996 Catalog - ART 106   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Surveys the history of modern architecture, sculpture, painting, and graphic arts in representational and non-representational forms.
Focuses on the periods and movements that influenced the arts of the twentieth century.
Emphasizes contemporary art forms, particularly the interaction between art and society, industry, and design.
www.nv.cc.va.us /catalog/cat95/course/art106.htm   (44 words)

 NVCC Fall 1996 Loudoun ART Class Schedule
ART 141 TYPOGRAPHY I 4cr 2834 01L T 1300-1500 LC 0268 Weissman, S For ART 141-01L: Students must register for four hours per week open lab (ART 141-A1L).
ART 241 PAINTING I 4cr 3896 02L M 1800-2015 LC 0267 Wilkin, C For ART 241-02L: Register for four hours per week open lab.
ART 242 PAINTING II 4cr 3897 02L M 1800-2015 LC 0267 Wilkin, C For ART 242-02L: register for 4 hours per week open lab.
www.nvcc.edu /schedule/crs964/lart.htm   (1019 words)

 LU Art Dept 1996 Newsletter
Carol Lawton, associate professor of art history, has been on leave for the past academic year at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, where she is the NEH Senior Fellow in Classical and Byzantine Studies, preparing a volume on the votive reliefs from the excavations of the Athenian Agora.
Todd McGrain, assistant professor of art, was one of 158 artists, scholars and scientists in the country to be awarded a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship.
Amey Chapel, studio art '92, and her husband, Dominique Delugeau, are the proud parents of a boy, born in November, 1995.
www.lawrence.edu /dept/art/newsletter/newsletter96.html   (4968 words)

 Copyright © 1996-2005 Art in Architecture Press
Title, ownership rights, and intellectual property rights in and to this document and its illustrations shall remain in Art in Architecture Press.
This Agreement does not include the right to copy or sublicense the document or illustrations and is personal to you and therefore may not be assigned (by operation of law or otherwise) or transferred without the prior written consent of Art in Architecture Press.
You acknowledge that the document or illustrations in any form remains the property of Art in Architecture Press and therefore you agree not to attempt to decipher, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer the document or illustrations or to allow others to do so.
www.aiap.com /copy.htm   (206 words)

 1996-1998 Art Minor Advising Sheet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Art Education minor requires 9 lower division units in art studio, 3 lower division
units in art history, and 9 units of art education selected with the approval of the Art
*Art 7 is not open to students who have recieved credit in Art 1A or 1B.
www.asn.csus.edu /art/minor9698.html   (134 words)

 1996 in art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
See also: 1995 in art, other events of 1996, 1997 in art, List_of_years in art.
Sol LeWitt Prints: 1970-1995 - travelling exhibition by the Museum of Modern Art, New York.
February 20 - Audrey Munson, actress and artist's model
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1996_in_art   (117 words)

 Art (080796)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
His latest project to draw attention to and encourage Iroquois art and culture is Stone Dust, a quarterly newsletter whose third issue will appear this month.
One of the advantages of such a festival, Huff notes, is exposure not only for local Iroquois artists such as Tammy Tarbell, Peter Jones and Eli Thomas, who have received widespread recognition for their work, but also for lesser-known artists.
That kind of diversity, he emphasizes, is inherent in an event like the Onondaga Nation Festival, which in its third year will include art, lacrosse demonstrations, traditional Iroquois singing and social dancing and Iroquois musicians playing a variety of contemporary music.
newtimes.rway.com /1996/080796/art.htm   (552 words)

 1996 in art Definition / 1996 in art Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
1996 in art Definition / 1996 in art Research
also: 1995 in art, other events of 19961996 is a leap year starting on Monday of the Gregorian calendar, and was designated the International Year for the Eradication of Poverty.
[click for more], 1997 in art, list of years in artThis page indexes the individual year in art pages.
www.elresearch.com /1996_in_art   (75 words)

 1996 Art Resume   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
STATEMENT:    Art can and should be aesthetically interesting to the eye, but it should do more than provide us with kitschy jokes by also providing a deeper definition of what this generation has meant to the world.
Exposé, political art invitational, East Lansing, MI Kalamazoo Institute of Art Faculty Show, MI ArtAttack Map Project, demonstration on the state capital, Lansing.
ART NOW: Gallery Guide, Chicago/Midwest, January 1996 (color illustration pg.
color.darklight.org /whitaker/resume.htm   (884 words)

 Art 1996 Chicago - Art Exposition
The fourth annual exposition featuring modern and contemporary art presented by 175 international galleries.
The organizer expects at least 30,000 art enthusiasts, collectors, museum curators, and art professionals to attend Art 1996 Chicago.
Art 1996 Chicago will open privately with the pop of a champagne cork on Thursday evening, May 9, 1996, as the Women's Board of the Museum of Contemporary Art hosts Vernissage '96, an annual benefit for Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), at navy Pier's Festival Hall from 6:30pm to 10:30 pm.
www.artcom.com /art_expos/chicago.htm   (274 words)

 The City Library   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Art, artists, galleries and art styles movements and techniques.
Grove Art Online provides web access to the entire text of The Dictionary of Art (1996, 34 vols.) in addition to links to many international museums and galleries.
A vast encyclopedia of art, with both internal and external hyperlinks.
www.citylibrary.org.au /learning/database.asp   (686 words)

 CHIHUA-L 1996 Calendar Art   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The 1996 Chihua-l calendar is sadly no longer available, because it was printed to order at the end of 1995.
You may order color photocopies of the calendar art from the original layout by sending e-mail to piglet@panix.com.
The cost for the photocopies will be $14: $1 per page, 12 pages in all, plus $2 to cover postage ($1.47 in the US, $1.51 to Canada) and envelope (approx.
www.panix.com /~piglet/chihuahua/calendar   (98 words)

 Profile: Art Education 1996
Students enrolled at end of second week of semester listing Art Education as their first major.
Proportioned headcount of students on October, 1996 payroll: 0 (0% of enrollment)
Many programs require that applicant be prescreened by the department before they apply to Graduate School, and because we have numbers only for applications received at the Graduate School, we are not reporting number of applicants this year.
www.wisc.edu /grad/education/progreviewprofiles/197/085.html   (341 words)

 LufWiki . Talk . Cyberspace, Internet, WWW (1996): Re: Art Work for WebSite (was Re: Sim Time)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
We had a request for a place for displaying art from member's kids recently, and I added a kitchen witha refrigerator door to the Chapter House.
We haven't worked out how to scan in the hand work yet, but if you want to, you could be one of the transfer points since you have a scanner.
Topic Cyberspace, Internet, WWW (1996): Re: Art Work for WebSite (was Re: Sim Time).
www.luf.org /talk/fmf-cyber/1996/0612.html   (1056 words)

 ROCK-ART archives - November 1996
Money spent on rock art recording, mgmt, etc.
Money spent on rock art recording, mgmt, etc. (31 lines)
some more thoughts re:"rock art" term (55 lines)
lists.asu.edu /cgi-bin/wa?A1=ind9611&L=rock-art   (147 words)

 TalkBack! Issue 3 Buzz: D.A.M.!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
's public art project was to poster the streets of Manhattan with ads for a faux film: Straight To Hell.
In a twist on the gays in the military issue, a lesbian is expelled from the army and returns for blood, with her stone-butch posse in tow.
These three projects provided lesbians on the street with the pleasure of seeing themselves in well-designed public art-all this at at time when straight advertising had not yet "discovered" the queer niche market.
bronxart.lehman.cuny.edu /gallery/talkback/issue3/buzz/dam.html   (686 words)

 1996 RLG's Art & Architecture Group Annual Meeting
No formal report was prepared after the 1996 Annual Meeting; these notes, made by Liz O'Keefe, are the only surviving record of the meeting to the best of our knowledge.
IFLA directory of art libraries does not have direct links.
Going to use Web pages to have groups describe how good RLIN is to various special interest groups.
www.rlg.org /en/page.php?Page_ID=41   (698 words)

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