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Topic: 1998 in music

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

 music: Blogs, Photos, Videos and more on Technorati
The station's Head Of Music, explains: "The opinion of the Radio 1 playlist team is that the song isn't strong enough.
Many musicians who make music with a computer make there drum tracks using software and recorded samples of drums, but all to often they find that their drums just don’t seem to sound like a real drummer could be playing them.
By DC Music Editor Benjamin New My childhood was a period of waiting for the moment when I could send everyone and everything connected with it to hell.
technorati.com /tag/music   (498 words)

  nordic journal of music therapy
Music educators simply could leave the question of value to the music historians, take their canons and their tools of analysis, in short, their representations of history, and develop packets of information streamlined according to the developmental fit of the students.
Music may be solely regarded as a social frame, a activity of doing something together, a means of increasing self-efficacy, a way of doing reminiscence, a signal for a response, a structure for interaction and so on.
If musicology is concerned about music as something intimately tied to human affect and meaning, or how musical meaning is of a participatory nature and inherently social, cultural and contextual, than music therapy may have a lot to offer musicologists in broadening their understanding of how music is personal, embodied and deeply human.
www.njmt.no /artikkelruudnewmusic.html   (4593 words)

 1998 in music - Biocrawler
See also: 1997 in music, other events of 1998, 1999 in music, 1990s in music and the list of 'years in music'
Malibu sheriff deputies responded to reports of a disturbance and found Anderson bleeding from an injury to her hand.
Inductees of the GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame include Andrae Crouch, The Imperials, The Jordanaires and The LeFevres
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/1998_in_music   (984 words)

 Timeline of trends in music 1990-1999 - 1998 in music
Timeline of trends in music 1990-1999 - 1998 in music
Timeline of trends in music 1990-1999 - 1998 in music is one of the topics in focus at Global Oneness.
Timeline of trends in music 1990-1999 - 1991 in music.
www.experiencefestival.com /timeline_of_trends_in_music_1990-1999_-_1998_in_music   (378 words)

 Chirograph for the Centenary of the Motu Proprio Tra le Sollecitudini On Sacred Music
Indeed, liturgical music must meet the specific prerequisites of the Liturgy: full adherence to the text it presents, synchronization with the time and moment in the Liturgy for which it is intended, appropriately reflecting the gestures proposed by the rite.
The musical aspect of liturgical celebrations cannot, therefore, be left to improvisation or to the arbitration of individuals but must be well conducted and rehearsed in accordance with the norms and competencies resulting from a satisfactory liturgical formation.
Indeed, it is important that the musical compositions used for liturgical celebrations correspond to the criteria appropriately set down by St Pius X and wisely developed by both the Second Vatican Council and the subsequent Magisterium of the Church.
www.vatican.va /holy_father/john_paul_ii/letters/2003/documents/hf_jp-ii_let_20031203_musica-sacra_en.html   (3324 words)

 Mind Funk Music - Artists - Shima
Her passion for electronic music started in 1998 at her cousin's small home studio in Berlin, where her cousin was working on electronic beats and down-tempo tunes.
In the year 2000, while working at the electronic music clubs in Munich, she discovered her true passion for psychedelic trance at the legendary Natraj Temple, a club that many of you out there might remember for it's glorious days, and known as the probably best club worldwide during it's highlight years.
Intelligent, soul- and powerful music with rumbling basslines and ripping synths and crispy clear psychedelic sounds are the keywords to describe her powerful sets.
www.mind-funk-music.com /pages/artists/shima.html   (414 words)

 Face Music - Switzerland - Workshops - text in English
Besides the vocal music, introductions are offered into the basic playing techniques of traditional instruments, namely for the three-string panduri, the four-string fretless tchonguri and the duct flute salamuri, in its recorderlike form and its in the form without mouthpiece called ueno salamuri.
200 children and adolescents are taught the traditional music of their ancestors; they are taught choir singing, playing the traditional instruments, folk dance and basics of music.
Traditional Mongolian folk music reflects the large variety of Mongolian and Turkish tribes that were for the first time united in the 13th century under the rule of Genghis Khan to become one Mongolian people.
www.face-music.ch /mainpages/workshop.html   (1284 words)

 JR.com: The Verve - This Is Music: The SIngles 1992-1998 in Music: Brit Pop:
Though the band only made three studio albums before disbanding in 1999, the Verve still proved to be one of the most compelling rock groups to emerge from Britain in the '90s.
THIS IS MUSIC: THE SINGLES 92-98 upholds the claim, and gives 14 prime examples of the ensemble's sharp songcraft and riveting sonic sweep.
More subtle and atmospheric than contemporaneous work by Blur and Oasis, the Verve's spiraling, echoing textures were offset by a fierce edge that underscores the desperation at the music's core.
www.jr.com /JRProductPage.process?Product=4005674   (509 words)

 Roxy Music - Roxy Music & Chronology
Roxy Music" was released in the interim in 1976 with a compilation of "Roxy Music's Greatest Hits" supported with the re-release of "Virginia Plain" and the Roxy anthem "Do The Strand" as a UK single for the first time.
An album compiled from their first 3 albums simply titled "The Early Years" was released in 2000 with much of this music being relevant and influential to many of the contemporary artists of 2000.
A compilation of Roxy Music material from all periods of their career titled "The Best OF Roxy Music" was released at the start of the world tour.
www.vivaroxymusic.com /chronology.shtml   (3141 words)

Comparison of the two changes of epochs shows at the fin de siècle of the last century a larger proportion of projections for the future, while the present turn towards the year 2000 is characterized by a stronger orientation toward archaic rituals and tradition.
Scelsi’s improvised approach to music lends his compositions or settings an authenticity which seems, through their reduction, to exist in a cultural no man’s land.
After discussing the structure and nature of the musical events through which they interacted with the rest of the population, I describe their instruments and comment upon their repertoire.
web.uni-bamberg.de /~ba2fm3/wom981.htm   (1546 words)

 Académie musicale de Villecroze
Music samples : Robert Schumann Romanzen op.94 for oboe and piano - Einfach, inning
Music samples : Frédéric Chopin - Mazurka, op 24 n°3
Music samples : Robert Schumann Etudes symphoniques opus 13, Etude IX presto possibile
www.academie-villecroze.com /uk/extrait.html   (318 words)

 Wave Music - About
Wave Music originated in Los Angeles, California, when the radio station THE WAVE was established there in 1988, playing laid-back music ranging from pop to jazz and soul around the clock.
This type of music came to be known as smooth jazz and had an audience of millions.
California Sunset Records was created in 1998 and stemmed from the idea of releasing CDs to help these artists make it on the European music market.
www.wavemusic.de /html/en/about/index.html   (206 words)

 Music Notation - Musical notation codes
Perry Roland: Extensible Markup Language for Music Information Retrieval This paper evaluates the role of standards in information exchange and suggests the adoption of Java standards for music representation and meta-data to serve as the basis for music information retrieval.
**koto is a Humdrum extension for shamisen music by Sachiko Deguchi and Craig Sapp.
The corpus mensurabilis musice electronicum by Ted Dumitrescu is a system for the electronic representation of music in mensural notation (as used in much European polyphony in the fourteenth through sixteenth centuries).
www.music-notation.info /en/compmus/notationformats.html   (3921 words)

 Black Sabbath songs covered by medieval music band Rondellus
Maria Staak decided in favour of music and singing after studying for several years to become an actor.
His interest in early music and chant lead him from the Stockholms Schola gregoriana Holmiae to Ensemble Gilles Binchois, one of the foremost in this field of singing, which he has toured and performed together with.
She performs throughout Europe, in North America and in Australia and has recorded a number of CD´s with renowned ensembles for medieval music such as Sarband, Ferrara Ensemble and Ensemble Gilles Binchois as well as with her regular ensembles ALBA and Belladonna.
www.sabbatum.com /band   (604 words)

 The Music Awards - Malta 1998 - Introduction
A board, made up of personalities involved in the music scene, was set up to organise this event.
Now, only in its third year, the Malta Music Awards is considered as the premier award scheme for local music and the music industry in general.
The Malta Music Awards is undoubtedly one of the best musical events held during the year, and has established itself in the Maltese national cultural calendar.
www.vol.net.mt /mmawards/intro.htm   (165 words)

 Red Bull Music Academy :: THE ACADEMY :: BACKGROUND
The Red Bull Music Academy brings together DJs and music producers from diverse musical and cultural backgrounds to exchange their ideas about music and their knowledge of how life in the music industry works.
We invite a variety of accomplished international guests - from industry movers and shakers to pirate radio station operators, from turntablists to sonic theorists - to meet our students and tell their own stories in their own words.
The purpose of the Academy is to provide a platform for the exchange of musical knowledge and ideas - a familiar atmosphere in which guest lecturers and participants can talk about the experiences and fascinations that make up their musical lives.
www.redbullmusicacademy.com /THE_ACADEMY.11.0.html   (317 words)

 Lithuanian Music Performers Information Center
In 1980 he graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music, where he studied with the pianist professor M. izbekova, and went to study in Moscow P.
The pianist is often invited to participate in various music events in Lithuania.
He performed in the international festivals of contemporary music Gaida (1997, 2000, 2002), Versija 2-7 (1994), Thomas Mann Festival (1998, 1999, 2000, 2002), St.
www.musicperformers.lt /vid.php3?lang=en&menu_id=9&at_id=23   (381 words)

 Music Overviews - Arts and Culture: InfoUSA
As the century unfolds, the American music community -- from classical to hip-hop -- brims with both new talent and master music-makers.
Classical music in the United States stands on the verge of an enormous rejuvenation, with contemporary composition boasting a combination of vitality and accessibility.
Leonard Slatkin, music director of the National Symphony Orchestra and one of the leading exponents of contemporary American music, is the subject of an accompanying sidebar.
usinfo.state.gov /usa/infousa/arts/musicovr.htm   (255 words)

 Music of the Horn of Africa
In order to listen to the music you must have the RealPlayer instaled on your computer.
This song from the young singer from Wellega was very popular in 1998, you could hear it everywhere in the country.
An Oromo song from the second cassette of Lafonte, released in 1998.
www.uni-mainz.de /Organisationen/ETHIOPIA/music/songs.html   (288 words)

 Early Music
As a music teacher I found interest in the very early documents of music and wanted to get deeper involved with them.
So I founded an early music group, built some early music instruments after plans and hints from specialists, began to transcribe music from renaissance facsimiles to get this ancient music into a form, everybody can read today and learned to play a range of renaissance wind and string instruments.
is an early music group, that has specialized in music from middle-ages and renaissance.
www.kites.org /kitesandmusic/earlymus.htm   (247 words)

 Swedish Electronic Music Awards 1998
When Eddie Bengtsson received the Sista mannen på jorden award he was amused by the fact that he was considered a newcomer around two decades after he begun his musical career!
But 1998 was the obvious break through year and the year they released their debut mini album and album.
Sista mannen på jorden was not far behind, but they also had an advantage: their album was released late 1998, Covenant's early.
www.releasemagazine.net /Yearlists/bestof98sema.htm   (491 words)

  1998 Chart Music   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Music chart Insidestorymusic - Music old 1998 chart music 1980s 2000 chart music top country hit music chart euro chord music chart 1995 music modern rock.
Music chart - 1998 music chord 50 chart music top college music dutch chart france music french trance chart jazz music alaska chart jims drum music score chart downloads free music chart salsa 1999 chart westbury music fair seating chart much music.
How convert CD Song Many music can be heard real time but can not be download to your MP3 Tips Record the music directly to hard drive using specific method might be annoying because you want to hear that music offline to MP3, and get free Music Videos Downloads FAQ and resources.
music.summitmarketplace.com /marketplace/music/pages/1998-chart-music.asp   (633 words)

  NationMaster.com - Encyclopedia: 1998 in music   (Site not responding. Last check: )
1998 was a transitional year for music, when the hyped up sound of pure pop from the mid-90's began to fade and popular artists began to experiment with different styles and new artists were brought onto the scene, while previous popular artists began to fade out.
This is a summary of 1998 in music in the
The development of the techno sound in Detroit and house music in Chicago in the early to late 1980s, and the later UK -based acid house movement of the late 1980s and early 1990s all fuelled the development and acceptance of electronic music into the mainstream and to introduce electronic dance music to nightclubs.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/1998-in-music   (467 words)

 1998 in music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
See also: 1997 in music, other events of 1998, 1999 in music, 1990s in music and the list of 'years in music'
Malibu sheriff deputies responded to reports of a disturbance and found Anderson bleeding from an injury to her hand.
Inductees of the GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame include Andrae Crouch, The Imperials, The Jordanaires and The LeFevres
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1998_in_music   (1185 words)

 1998 - 1999 Music   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Music history in relation to other arts from the mid 18th Century to the present.
Musical structure and expression; melodic, harmonic, rhythmic and contrapunta l relationships; style analysis.
Significant aspects of musical evaluation, with emphasis on the uses and limitations of standardized music tests of achievement and aptitude and problems of musical performance evaluation.
vm.uconn.edu /~regsdh06/musi.htm   (1388 words)

 The Free Music Philosophy (v1.4 - June 17, 1998; v1.0 - February 1, 1994)
It is an anarchistic grass-roots, but high-tech, system of spreading music: the idea that creating, copying, and distributing music must be as unrestricted as breathing air, plucking a blade of grass, or basking in the rays of the sun.
When I say music, I mean the expression of ideas (in the form of a musical composition or a sound recording) on some medium, and not the medium itself.
If the freedom of copying and using music appeals to you and you would like the idea spread around, then when you copy a album of anyone, regardless of whether they follow this philosophy or not, send them a donation to enable them to continue their making of music.
www.ram.org /ramblings/philosophy/fmp.html   (2816 words)

 Discography of Music by Black Composers
Music of Roque Cordero, Adolphus Hailstork, Ulysses Kay, Hale Smith, and George Walker.
Music for wind band by Adolphus Hailstork, Ulysses Kay, Gary Powell Nash, Roger Dickerson, Clarence Cameron White, and Hale Smith.
Music by Joshua Uzoigwe, Oswald Russell, Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Gamal Abdel-Rahim, R. Nathaniel Dett, and Gyimah Labi.
www.cbmr.org /lib/records.htm   (2516 words)

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