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Topic: 1999 in Canada

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
The Committee expresses its appreciation for the presence of the large delegation representing the Government of Canada and for the frank and forthright replies furnished by the delegation to the issues raised by the Committee.
The Committee commends the Government of Canada in regard to the Nunavut land and governance agreement of the eastern Arctic.
The Committee is concerned that Canada takes the position that compelling security interests may be invoked to justify the removal of aliens to countries where they may face a substantial risk of torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.
www1.umn.edu /humanrts/hrcommittee/canada1999.html   (1191 words)

 Canada 1999 Schedule
Canada Post celebrates the Year of the Rabbit with a domestic rate stamp and international rate souvenir sheet to honour the Lunar New Year.
Canada Post digs deep on March 9 to uncover a stamp honouring the University of British Columbia's Museum of Anthropology, celebrating its 50th anniversary.
Canada Post takes to the skies on September 4, as it recognizes both the 50th anniversary of the Canadian International Air Show, and the 75th anniversary of the Canadian Air Force.
www.virtualstampclub.com /canada1999.html   (720 words)

 Encyclopedia: Adrienne Clarkson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Her family subsequently came to Canada, using the "special circumstances" clause in the Chinese Immigration Act of 1923 that allowed Chinese into Canada during the Second World War in 1942.
In 1992 she was made an Officer of the Order of Canada and was promoted to Companion when she became Governor General in 1999.
On October 7, 1999 she was sworn in as the twenty-sixth Governor General of Canada, after being appointed by Queen Elizabeth II, Canada’s head of state, on the advice of Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Adrienne-Clarkson   (9646 words)

 Transport Canada; Policy; Transportation in Canada 1999   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
In May, Canada was an active participant, as a Member of the Council and host nation, in the meeting of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Montreal.
During 1999, there was a progressive revision of Canada's bilateral agreements related to the opportunities created by the federal Transport Minister's June 1998 statement on international air policy.
Canada also concluded an inaugural agreement with the United Arab Emirates, permitting each country to designate an airline to provide service between any city in either country, either with its own aircraft or by code-sharing.
www.tc.gc.ca /pol/en/Report/anre1999/tc9913fe.htm   (2651 words)

 1999-2000 New Canada Savings Bonds Campaign Launched
The Canada RIF is designed to provide a steady retirement income while continuing the deferral of tax on the retirement savings remaining in the plan.
Holders may redeem bonds in The Canada RSP and The Canada RIF subject to the terms and conditions of the bonds by providing the Trustee, CIBC Mellon Trust Company, with a redemption request in a form acceptable to the Bank of Canada.
For transfers of funds into The Canada RSP and The Canada RIF, the issue date will be determined by the date on the application form and receipt of funds and documentation by the Trustee.
www.fin.gc.ca /news99/99-083e.html   (2411 words)

 NSERC - 1999 Laureate - Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering
An Elected Fellow of both the Royal Society of Canada (1980) and the Royal Society of London (1992), he was named "University Professor" at the University of Toronto in 1987.
He was awarded the Synge Award in 1987 and the Henry Marshall Tory Medal of the Royal Society of Canada in 1997.
Arthur is a professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Toronto, where his teaching skills and ability to inspire Canada's next generation of mathematicians is legendary.
www.nserc.ca /news/1999/arthur_e.htm   (639 words)

 Anti-Semitism Worldwide 1999/2000 - Canada
Canada’s Jewish population numbers 365,000, representing 1.3 percent of the total population of 27 million.
One such case concerned Chinese nationals who had arrived in Canada by boat and sought refugee status, and another was the Supreme Court of Canada decision respecting a native Mi'kmaq (the “First Nations People” of Nova Scotia) fishing and hunting treaty.
As Toronto is the largest city in Canada and has the largest Jewish population, it is not surprising that it had the largest number of anti-Semitic incidents -- 44.7 percent of all reported incidents in Canada in 1999.
www.tau.ac.il /Anti-Semitism/asw99-2000/canada.htm   (2182 words)

 CANADA, Landmine Monitor Report 1999
Canada was the first nation to sign the ban convention on 3 December 1997.
Canada’s support for a ban on AP mines was first demonstrated on 17 January 1996 during the review of the Convention on Conventional Weapons when Canadian officials announced an immediate moratorium on the production, transfer and operational use of AP mines.
Canada is not a mine-affected nation in the conventional sense, but it does have areas of mine/UXO-contaminated land.
www.icbl.org /lm/1999/canada.html   (7179 words)

 Gaming Subject Research Guides   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The history of gambling in Canada is inextricably linked to the Canadian Criminal Code, which in 1892 declared a complete ban on all gambling activities.
The roots of legalized gambling in Canada can be traced to the first Criminal Code exemptions that permitted small scale gambling on behalf of charities.
It is necessary to examine the provinces and territories individually to understand the regulation of gambling in Canada as a whole.
gaming.unlv.edu /research/subject/Canada.html   (1195 words)

 1999 Team Canada - Three Nations Cup Roster
MONTREAL, QC - The Canadian Hockey Association announced on Wednesday the roster for Canada's National Women's Team for the upcoming 3 Nations Cup that will be held in Quebec from November 28 to December 5, 1999.
The team includes 13 players from Canada's gold medal winning entry at the 1999 Women's World Hockey Championship in Espoo, Finland, and 11 players who claimed a silver medal with Canada at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.
Canada begins the tournament on November 28, 1999 in Sherbrooke against the USA.
www.whockey.com /country/canada/roster/1999_3nats.html   (362 words)

 Suggested Readings on Rural Issues - Lectures suggérées sur la ruralité   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Data for this report are from Cycle 14 of the GSS, "Access to and use of information communication technology." The GSS is an annual telephone sample survey covering the non-institutionalized population aged 15 and over in all provinces but not the territories.
It records how Canadians give money and other resources to individuals and to charitable and non-profit organizations; how they volunteer time to charitable and non-profit organizations and directly to indivduals; and how they participate in organizations and civic life.
The survey, first conducted by Statistics Canada in 1997 as a supplement to the Labour Force Survey, was repeated in the fall of 2000.
nre.concordia.ca /suggested_readings.htm   (485 words)

 A changing identity - A Tale of Perseverance: Chinese Immigration to Canada - CBC Archives
A Tale of Perseverance: Chinese Immigration to Canada
Businessman Kit Wong, who immigrated to Canada a number of years ago, laments the fact that the Canadian-born Chinese are losing their ethnic culture.
As historian Peter S. Li wrote in the 1999 Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples, "it has been with the growth of a Canadian-born generation of Chinese-Canadians that a distinctive body of literature written in English language has emerged… A common theme is the question of identity, both personal and collective, explored through the past."
archives.cbc.ca /IDC-1-69-1433-9253/life_society/chinese_immigration/c...   (498 words)

 CIC Canada | News Release 1999-33 - Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador Sign Agreement on Immigration
JOHN'S, September 1, 1999 -- Federal Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Elinor Caplan, provincial Minister for Intergovernmental Affairs, Walter Noel, and provincial Minister of Industry, Trade and Technology, Sandra Kelly, today signed an agreement to establish a provincial nominee class of immigrants in Newfoundland and Labrador.
The government of Canada will continue to ensure that statutory requirements relating to health, security and criminality are met while allowing greater flexibility for the admission of immigrants who can respond to needs specific to Newfoundland and Labrador.
Newfoundland and Labrador will recruit potential candidates who will be of significant benefit to its industrial and economic development and be able to successfully establish themselves in the province.
www.cic.gc.ca /english/press/99/9933-pre.html   (616 words)

 Canada Immigration - 1999 - Canadian Immigration
Dozens of my relatives and friends and I myself have had experiences with scores of immigration attorneys in the US and Canada over the last decade, but none have been honored by a royal treatment like that.
So, when I had made a decision to apply for the permanent resident status in Canada in 1998, entrusting my case to Dr. Singer's office was a simple choice.
Summarizing, it is my pleasure to strongly recommend Dr. Singer to those looking for a hardworking, honest, and competent legal counsel to effectively represent them in the acquisition of permanent residence in Canada.
www.immigration.ca /profile-recommendations-1999.asp   (1077 words)

 1999 Team Canada - National Selection Camp
Here are the 41 players that were invited to attend Canada's 1999 National Women's Team Evaluation Camp from October 5-12 in Caledon, ON.
The evaluation camp roster includes 16 members of the 1999 World Championship Team which captured Canadas fifth consecutive gold medal at the 1999 World Womens Hockey Championship in Espoo, Finland.
Upcoming events for Canadas National Womens Team include the 3 Nations Cup in December, a final selection camp and tour in January and the 2000 World Womens Hockey Championship in Mississauga, Ontario in April, 2000.
www.whockey.com /country/canada/roster/train_1999.html   (440 words)

 Viagra Available In Canada March 25, 1999   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
KIRKLAND, QC -- March 24, 1999 -- Pfizer Canada Inc.'s Viagra(TM) (sildenafil citrate), approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), will be available in Canadian pharmacies tomorrow, March 25, 1999.
Pfizer initially projected that widespread availability might not occur until the end of March, but special effort at the company's manufacturing facility in Arnprior, ON., where the packaging is being done, allowed that target to be beaten by almost a week.
Using statistics from the first nine months of availability of Viagra in the U.S., Pfizer Canada expects that approximately 300,000 Canadian men with ED may seek treatment over the same period here.
www.docguide.com /dg.nsf/PrintPrint/715E4127728DF6748525673E00503DE0   (271 words)

 Library: Canada Facts: Quebec
Canada Facts reproduced from the Education Canada Network.
Montreal is Canada's second largest city (3,423,500) and the heart of French culture in North America.
Visit Education America Network (for US job postings) or Education Canada Network (for Canadian opportunities).
library.educationworld.net /canadafacts/qc_qfacts.html   (260 words)

 Canada announces aid to beleaguered UNRWA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
This is the first part of a CAD10 million special contribution to UNRWA recently announced by Canadian Minister for International Development Diane Marleau.
This is in addition to Canada's annual core contribution of CAD9 million, and means that in 1999-2000 Canada's core contribution to UNRWA will increase by 40 per cent, from CAD9 to CAD14 million.
Canada's contributions are intended to strengthen UNRWA's capability to deliver its mandate of providing educational, health and social welfare services to Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and Gaza.
www.jordanembassyus.org /033199001.htm   (146 words)

 1999 Revenue Canada Importing and Exporting Related News Releases
Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is revising the existing export regulations and will be introducing penalties for non-report of exports.
This pamphlet is an overview of the laws, restrictions, entitlements, rights, and obligations of Canadian residents returning from travel outside Canada.
Should you wish to pursue this on your own, please refer to Transport Canada’s Road Safety Guide, which has information on importing vehicles from the United States and other countries.
www.reach.net /~ptilley/revcannews.htm   (677 words)

 Canada + USA Speedway Motorcycle Racing - History
There will be a John Cook Speedway Academy on Sunday November 28, 1999 from 8am to 2pm.
For anyone who is interested the 1999 Jawa 125 Jr Speedway bikes are in stock at Codys.Bill has 2 bikes that came in from JAWA and there pretty cool.The cost of the bike is 2,500 ready to go.
On Saturday night I was pleased to spend the last night of my late UK season visit at Eastbourne to see what should have been the second leg of the England vs. USA test match.
www.speedwaybikes.com /history/news99.htm   (7282 words)

 SGI #99-772 - 1999 SGI CANADA CHARITY CURLING CLASSIC KICKS OFF THIS WEEK - Government News Release   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The 1999 SGI CANADA Charity Classic bonspiel kicks off Thursday in Regina.
The weekend also includes a two-day craft sale, musical entertainment at Classic Cheers, a children's play area and other attractions to make the weekend enjoyable for the entire family.
The event will again feature some of the world's best curlers, including Guy Hemmings, 1998 and 1999 provincial men's champion in Quebec and a Canadian silver medallist both years; Cindy Street, a Canadian junior champion and 1999 provincial women's champion; and Wayne Middaugh, 1998 world champion and winner of the 1998 SGI CANADA Charity Classic.
www.gov.sk.ca /newsrel/releases/1999/10/06-772.html   (446 words)

 The Daily, Friday, October 18, 2002. National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth: Childhood obesity
The National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth (NLSCY), developed jointly by Human Resources Development Canada and Statistics Canada, is a comprehensive survey that follows the development of children in Canada and paints a picture of their lives.
The third cycle of the NLSCY, carried out in 1998 and 1999, surveyed the same children, who were between 4 and 15 years of age, as well as new children aged zero to five.
The overall estimate of children in Canada aged 2 to 11 who were overweight has increased since 1994.
www.statcan.ca /Daily/English/021018/d021018b.htm   (1064 words)

 WTO | News - 1999 news items - Canada patent protection of pharmaceutical products
However, the legal regime currently in force in Canada does allow with respect to pharmaceutical patents only that a third party may, without the consent of the patent holder, use the patented invention to:
As a consequence of the above, Canada's legal regime appears to be inconsistent with its obligations under the TRIPS Agreement, including but not limited to Articles 27, 28, and 33 of the TRIPS Agreement.
Consultations were held on 13 February and 12 June 1998, but did not result in a satisfactory solution of the dispute.
www.wto.org /english/news_e/news99_e/114_5.htm   (412 words)

 1999 Budgets -- PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
What follows is selected highlights from the 1999 federal budget announced by the Honourable Paul Martin.
The 1999/2000 Manitoba provincial budget was released on April 29, 1999.
The 1999 Ontario budget, tabled today by Minister of Finance Ernie Eves, continued the government's tax cutting program by including more tax cuts.
www.pwcglobal.com /ca/eng/about/svcs/tax/budgets99.html   (157 words)

 But not a single flower girl stumbled or fell yesterday at SunLife Skate Canada, which is more that one can say for the competitors in the women's singles event.
  SAINT JOHN, N.B. -- Organizers of Skate Canada knew they were in for a tough week when, at the opening media conference on Wednesday, SunLife announced that it was bailing out as the title sponsor after this year.
 SAINT JOHN, N.B. -- The judges of the men's free-skating final at Skate Canada will have to submit written explanations for the scores they awarded, and it's too bad the documents will remain International Skating Union secrets because they would make for interesting reading.
www.canoe.ca /SkateCanada/home.html   (297 words)

 Canada - 1998-1999
The report also says that Canada, as one of the world's most open and trade-dependent countries, is one of the most vulnerable to penetration by economic spies from the intelligence services of both friends and enemies."
Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC) Chair Paule Gauthier told the Special Senate Committee on Security and Intelligence on 1 September 1998 that SIRC's responsibilities are in the area of "review" (after the fact), rather than in "oversight" (day-to-day suprvision).
In Canada, "[s]ecret agents may find themselves sifting landfills for...
intellit.muskingum.edu /canada_folder/canada98-99.html   (796 words)

 Publications and Research - Press Releases - 1999 - Bank of Canada
Bank of Canada Governor Speaks to the Regina Chamber of Commerce
Bank of Canada Governor speaks to La Chambre de commerce de la région sherbrookoise
Permission is granted to reproduce or cite portions herein, if attribution is given to the Bank of Canada.
www.bankofcanada.ca /en/press/prgen99.htm   (189 words)

 Ovarian Cancer in Canada - October 1999 - Cancer Updates
Ovarian cancer is both the fifth most diagnosed (accounting for 4% of all new cancers) and the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths (accounting for almost 5%) among Canadian women.
Among gynaecologic cancers, it is the most lethal, largely due to the fact that it is often not diagnosed until late stage when symptoms develop due to invasion of other pelvic organs or from metastases.
The cooperation of the provincial and territorial cancer registries which supply the data to Statistics Canada is gratefully acknowledged.
www.phac-aspc.gc.ca /publicat/updates/ovar-99_e.html   (1955 words)

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