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Topic: 2000 Summer Olympics

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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

  2000 Summer Olympics
The 2000 Summer Olympics or the '''Millennium Olympics''', officially known as the '''Games of the XXVII Olympiad''', were the Summer Olympic Games held in 2000 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
During the raising of the Olympics Flag, the Olympic Hymn was sung by the Millennium Choir of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia.
Organisation of the 2000 Summer Paralympics was the responsibility of SPOC the Sydney Paralympic Organising Committee.
www.seattleluxury.com /encyclopedia/entry/2000_Summer_Olympics   (2111 words)

  2000 Summer Olympics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The cover for the DVD of the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics showing fireworks in the background and the lighting of the Olympic Flame by Cathy Freeman (who subsequently won the 400 m title).
During the raising of the Olympics Flag, the Olympic Hymn was sung by the Millennium Choir of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia.
Organisation of the 2000 Summer Paralympics was the responsibility of SPOC the Sydney Paralympic Organising Committee.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/2000_Summer_Olympics   (2292 words)

 Reference for 2000 Summer Olympics - Search.com
The 2000 Summer Olympics or the Millennium Games/Games of the New Millennium, officially known as the Games of the XXVII Olympiad, were the Summer Olympic Games held in 2000 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
The cover for the DVD of the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics showing fireworks in the background and the lighting of the Olympic Flame by Cathy Freeman (who subsequently won the 400 m title).
People in Canada who wanted to see the Olympics between then and the closing ceremonies had to turn to TSN because the CBC was broadcasting news coverage related to the death and state funeral of the former prime minister.
domainhelp.search.com /reference/2000_Summer_Olympics   (2255 words)

 Athens Olympics 2004
Fittingly for an Olympic Games that was, more than most, about beginnings and endings, the honour of carrying the Australian flag and leading the team at the closing ceremony was given to veteran swimmer Petria Thomas.
As is the fate of many Olympic athletes, the members of the men's hockey team who won perhaps the most thrilling of Australia's 17 gold medals will return to relative obscurity once the celebrations have died down.
Olympic historian Harry Gordon speaks to Roy Masters about his impression of how the Games will be remembered.
www.smh.com.au /olympics   (464 words)

 Thatscricket - Olympics - Photo Gallery - Opening Ceremony
The Olympic flag is about be hoisted over the grounds of the Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony 15 September, 2000 of the Sidney 2000 Summer Olympics.
A giant flag bearing the Olympic Rings is stretched out on the grounds of the Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony of the Sidney 2000 Summer Olympics.
A giant flag with the Olympic Rings is stretched by hundreds of participants over the grounds of the Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony of the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney 15 September 2000.
thatscricket.oneindia.in /olympics/2000/image/opening/index.html   (712 words)

 2000 Summer Olympics
The ceremonies concluded with the lighting of the Olympic Flame.
Former Australian Olympic champions brought the torch through the stadium, handing it over to Cathy Freeman, who lit the flame in the cauldron.
IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch, at his last Olympics, had to leave for home, as his wife was severely ill. Upon arrival, his wife had already passed away.
www.gamesinathens.com /olympics/2/20/2000_summer_olympics.shtml   (670 words)

 Summer Olympics 2000 Samaranch calls these Olympics 'best ever'
Fireworks exploded across the Sydney sky, heralding an 8.5-mile "fuse" designed to carry the Olympic torch's symbolic light from the main stadium along barges in Homebush Bay to a jam-packed downtown, where the majestic Harbor Bridge for an explosion of light.
It was an Olympics of whooshes -- Thorpe and Susie O'Neill and Jenny Thompson and Inge de Bruijn whooshing through the water.
And it was the Olympics of doping and cheating, showcased as never before thanks to more stringent IOC testing policies and punishments.
assets.espn.go.com /oly/summer00/news/2000/1001/794339.html   (1031 words)

 Summer Olympics 2000 Index
ESPN.com selected 12 moments from recent Summer Olympics that today still evoke feelings of joy, nostalgia and sadness.
Armenian lifter Ashot Danielyan was stripped of his bronze medal after a positive test for the steroid nandrolone, becoming the fourth weightlifter to test positive in the Summer Games.
The Sydney Olympics drew to a close after 17 days, and were donned the "best ever" by IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch.
espn.go.com /oly/summer00/index.html   (426 words)

The Sydney 2000 Games were the largest yet, with 10,651 athletes competing in 300 events.
Despite their size, they were well organised, renewing faith in the Olympic Movement.
She symbolized the desire to reconcile the white and Aboriginal populations of Australia and was the aborigine medal hopeful.
www.olympic.org /uk/games/past/index_uk.asp?OLGT=1&OLGY=2000   (270 words)

 2000 Summer Olympics@Everything2.com
The first Olympics that didn't have a world record set in track and field.
As many people know, IBM is the worldwide technology sponsor for the Olympics and the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games is their last one.
The equivalent of 50 laps of cable (10km) was laid in the stadium to handle the data feed to scoreboards, officials and media.
everything2.com /index.pl?node_id=757544   (1344 words)

 Apple Learning Interchange
From Athens 1896 to Sydney 2000, the modern Summer Olympics have brought together countries from all over the globe to participate in the spirit of competition.
You'll be able to send postcards from some of the Olympic cities while you and your students learn about the geography, history and culture of the host metropolitan areas.
Using these resources, together with the publicity surrounding the Olympic Games, you'll be ready for wonderful geography lessons related to not only to the Olympic cities, but also to the countries of the world that send teams or individual athletes to the competitions.
ali.apple.com /features/s_olympics.shtml   (1852 words)

 2000 olympics directory - China-Lifestyles.com
ABOUT THESE FOOTNOTES for 2000 olympics - for over a year, we researched the best ways to present information on these content pages, attempting to strike a balance between publishing volumes of information while limiting the need to scroll down through lengthy lists of items..
the method we've chosen, as is used on this 2000 olympics topic area, is to present lists of links at the top of the page in handy "title only" form, while providing additional commentary for those who desire it, as footnotes.
The Olympics are quadrennial sport games in which most of the countries in the world participate.
www.china-lifestyles.com /beijing-2008-olympics/2000-olympics.php   (1148 words)

 Summer Olympics 2000
The route is gorgeous, the terrain is challenging and the winner of the women's Olympic marathon is nearly impossible to predict.
Marie-Jose Perec, a three-time Olympic champion sprinter so reclusive she's been dubbed the "Greta Garbo of athletics," was ruled out of the Sydney Games after fleeing Australia the eve before she was to compete.
U.S. sprinter Inger Miller reiterated Wednesday she had canceled her appearance in the Olympic 100-meter sprint in an effort to keep up her Olympic dream in the 200-meter, where she is the reigning world champion.
www.active.com /special_events/olympics_2000/track_field.cfm   (1411 words)

 2000 olympics summer table tennis
2000) – A second-half penalty kick by Lukas Dosek gave the Czech Republic a 2-2 draw with the United States in the Summer Olympics...
victory of the 2000 Olympics in defeating Russian wrestler...
Special Olympics offers year-round sports training and athletic competition in 19 Olympic-type summer sports to children and adults with intellectual disabilities.
tennis.ficub.com /index.php?kid=2000-olympics-summer-table-tennis   (381 words)

 CBC.ca - Beijing Bound
The Beijing Olympics likely won't include Greek weightlifters after misdemeanour charges were laid against 25 people in a doping scandal.
Tyler Christopher proved he is a legitimate Olympic medal contender as he finished 2nd in the men's 400m race at the Adidas Track Classic in Carson, California on Sunday.
China is suspending the Olympic torch relay for three days as part of national mourning for earthquake victims.
www.cbc.ca /olympics/beijingbound   (392 words)

 Summer Olympics 2000 Unit
Olympics Sydney 2000 Unit - These are integrated lessons and step by step instructions from Erica Shadiac, a Computing Teacher from Pembroke Junior School, Adelaide, South Australia.Units of work and links to great web sites.
The Great Virtual Olympic Adventure - This project is designed to acquaint students with the Sydney 2000 Olympics, and to generate excitement about the forthcoming Games.
Participation is not dependant on Internet access: tasks may be completed in a manner suitable to the user.he premise of 'The Great Virtual Olympic Adventure' is that Spike (a virtual Thorny Devil) and Eddie (a virtual Frilled-Neck Lizard) have won a competition, the prize being a virtual trip to the Sydney 2000 Olympics.
www.northcanton.sparcc.org /~greentown/olympics.htm   (750 words)

 NBCOlympics.com - Homepage | Athletes & Team News, Videos, Photos | Results and Schedules, Medal, TV and Online Listings
The U.S. women will participate in their first Olympic field hockey tournament since the Games were in Atlanta, but the Netherlands are still the team to watch.
She has qualified for several events at the Olympic Trials.
Olympics On TV NBC's broadcast from Beijing begins with the Opening Ceremony on Friday, Aug. 8 at 8p ET/7p CT. Tune in for U.S. Trials starting June 21.
www.nbcolympics.com   (451 words)

 SignOn San Diego Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics -- Letters from Sydney
In keeping with tradition, the very last gold medal awarded in every Olympics goes to the winner of the men's marathon, who will have run the 26-plus miles in a few hours.
This is the third Summer Games without the USSR and GDR and CSSR, and I really miss those darn chuckleheads.
There are nearly twice as many reporters at the Olympics here than there are athletes, some 21,000-plus, and they come in every possible flavor.
www.signonsandiego.com /sports/olympics/letters   (476 words)

 Category:Triathletes at the 2000 Summer Olympics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This category includes triathletes at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia.
Pages in category "Triathletes at the 2000 Summer Olympics"
Categories: Competitors at the 2000 Summer Olympics
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Category:Triathletes_at_the_2000_Summer_Olympics   (82 words)

Marrying sport and culture That Olympism blends sport with culture and education was perfectly demonstrated in last week’s final round of the IOC’s Olympic Sport and Art Contest 2008 as well as in the first ever IOC Sport...
From February to October 2008, in the framework of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing, the Olympic Museum is focusing on China, with a...
Beijing 2008 exhibition Until 26 October 2008 For the duration of the exhibition, The Olympic Museum introduces its visitors to modern China,...
www.olympics.com   (185 words)

 In Celebration of the 2000 Summer Olympics
A couple of weeks before the start of the 2000 Summer Olympics, the crazy idea popped into my head that in celebration of the Olympics I ought to do some sort of a streak.
As I was running to this location, the Olympic streak idea came back to me and it came back very strong.
It was fun to think that just the summer before this one, I had run nude in both of these phases so many times before construction of houses had begun.
www.geocities.com /sunnydaynew/story007.html   (2110 words)

 Trojan 2000 Summer Olympics ::
U.S. swimmer Erik Vendt competes in a heat of the men's 1500m freestyle Friday, Sept. 22, 2000 at the Sydney International Aquatic Center during the Summer Olympics in Sydney.
Lenny Krayzelburg of the United States, watches his teammates swim in the preliminary heats of the women's 200m backstroke of the at the Summer Olympics Thursday, Sept. 21, 2000 at the International Aquatic Center in Sydney.
Untied States' Erik Vendt swims in a preliminary heat of the 400m individual medley at the Summer Olympics Sunday, Sept. 17, 2000 at the International Aquatic Centre in Sydney.
usctrojans.cstv.com /genrel/092200aaa.html   (378 words)

 HoustonChronicle.com - Sports: Summer Olympics 2000   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Olympic coverage from: 9/14 - 9/15 - 9/16 - 9/17 - 9/18 - 9/19 - 9/20 - 9/21 - 9/22 - 9/23 - 9/24 - 9/25 - 9/26 - 9/27 - 9/28 - 9/29 - 9/30 - 10/1
Unveiling itself to a curious world, Australia inaugurated the 2000 Summer Olympics today with a multicultural pageant of triumphs and tears.
The prevailing sentiment among athletes, officials, media and fans in Sydney is these Games at this enchanting place might have arrived in the nick of time for the Olympic movement.
www.chron.com /content/chronicle/sports/oly/00/oly915.html   (217 words)

 British Summer Time (BST) Dates & FAQs
British Summer Time was introduced in the UK in 1916.
British Summer Time was permanently in force during the Second World War from February 1940 until October 1945 and again from February 1968 until October 1971.
Double summer time was in force from 1941-1947 except for 1946.
wwp.greenwichmeantime.com /info/bst2.htm   (323 words)

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