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Topic: 2002 in film

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In the News (Tue 16 Apr 19)

  2002 in film - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is later announced that this film is expected to be the final Star Trek film for the foreseeable future.
Please note that following the tradition of the English language film industry, these are the top grossing films that were first released in the United States and Canada in 2002; because they may have made most of their income in a later year, they may not be the top-grossing films for calendar year.
In the film industry, a wide-release movie is a film that studios believe will appeal to a broad spectrum of the public and that shows in at least 600 theatres in the United States and Canada.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/2002_in_film   (575 words)

 Oasis (2002 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Oasis (Hangul: 오아시스) (2002) is South Korean director Lee Chang-dong's third feature film, and the last one he directed before his stint as South Korea's Minister of Culture.
The film's plot tells about the difficult romance between a man who was just released from jail after a two and a half year sentence for involuntary manslaughter and a woman who suffers from cerebral palsy.
Among the most important were the special director's prize given to Lee Chang-dong at the Venice Film Festival and the Marcello Mastroianni award for best "first time" actress given to Moon So-ri at the same event.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Oasis_(2002_film)   (196 words)

 ISFF 2002 - Film is.
One thing is certain, there is something in film, in moving images, which is different to the related arts, something quite unique to film.
It is precisely because of its love of the physical that film is radically metaphysical - recording what is and organising that into the way it could be.
Gustav Deutsch’s attempt to approach and consider the nature of film - conducted without words - provides the basis for discussion of the question with Deutsch himself and several other prestigious festival participants - well, as much as the language of images can indeed be expressed and considered verbally.
www.shortfilm.com /typo3/english/festival/festival2002/filmist.html   (265 words)

 Seattle International Film Festival 2002
All told, Howe made nearly 125 films in Hollywood, his first in 1922 and his last in 1974, and was nominated for ten Oscars, winning in 1955 for Daniel Mann's The Rose Tattoo and in 1963 for Martin Ritt's Hud.
He was one of the first American cinematographers to use panchromatic film in the mid-1920s, the crab dolly in the late 1920s, infrared film in the 1940s, and miniature quartz lights in the 1960s.
The Seattle International Film Festival is the largest festival in the US, and has been named by the New York Times, Variety, Film Comment and USA Today as one of the top five festivals in North America.
www.seattlefilm.com /siff2002/press/releases/2002_04_22.asp   (722 words)

 Maryland Film Festival 2002 - Uncommon Exposures   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Dietz began the conference by highlighting success stories from several films that were shown, some having their premieres, at the Maryland Film Festival 2001.
As he unveiled the 2002 poster art, the latest in a series of designs that have been award-winning in their own right, Dietz commented, "this is our first photograph-based poster.
Completely unique to the MD Film Festival, the Guest Host Program invites notable people who are not in the film industry to host a screening of their favorite film, including an in-depth discussion after the film with the audience.
www.mdfilmfest.com /2002/pr0402.asp   (1046 words)

 Stanford Film Society
Films must have been produced while the filmmaker was a registered student of Stanford University (undergrad, grad, or doctoral).
Films completed as part of a class, (URO) grant, or thesis project are welcome and may be submitted as entries.
Films that have been shown at previous Stanford Student Film Festivals are ineligible for entry.
www.stanford.edu /group/sfs   (1660 words)

 2002 Autumn Film Festivals   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This is Chicago's premiere film festival, and the oldest competitive international film festival in North America.
French films are known for being artsy, experimental, and decidedly French.
This film festival features over 60 films from 25 countries, guest filmmakers and celebrities, Opening Night, special events, family films, panel discussions, awards, and closing ceremony.
www.diversityinbusiness.com /dib20209_Film_Festivals.htm   (230 words)

 New York Film Festival 2002
French films, and films from Francophone countries made either by the French themselves or by a local director steeped in the French filmmaking tradition, seem to dominate the program in most years.
While both films are being pulled into the mainstream glitz and glamour by the media insisting that Jack Nicholson, the star of About Schmidt, and Sandler are up for Oscar contention, it will be interesting to see how these hugely popular actors manage on a smaller canvas and with innovative directors.
The films were selected by Richard Pena, Program Director of the Film Society of Lincoln Center, the film critics John Anderson (Newsday), Manohla Dargis (Los Angeles Times), and Dave Kehr (New York Times), and Kent Jones, associate programmer at the Film Society of Lincoln Center.
www.filmmonthly.com /Behind/Articles/NYFF2002/NYFF2002.html   (513 words)

 2002 American Film Market Report:  A Jabootu Nugget   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The AFM is a trade show for independent companies hoping to sell the rights to films they have made or plan to make or have acquired to the rights to.
These range from foreign films to the sort of cheesy flicks that magically appear on the shelves of your local video store every week.
Most of the films mentioned below are either in post-production or were actually ready to be screened at the event.
www.jabootu.com /afm2002.htm   (4129 words)

 2002 Chinese Film Showcase : Fish and Elephant   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Some say that the film Fish and Elephant, which paints the story of two female lovers, is a women's movie.
The two female actresses in the film in real life are a couple.
However, shortly after I completed the film I ran into one of them and was told that they had separated.
www.amamedia.org /movies/showcase/02showcase/fish_and_elephant.html   (462 words)

 Atlanta Film Festival 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Tickets may also be purchased in cash at the AFF Box Office at IMAGE for one week prior to the festival.  During the festival, advance tickets may be purchased at the AFF Box Office in the venue lobbies.
This screening is part of the 2002 HBO / Screen on the Green Film Festival presented by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and Home Box Office, in conjunction with the Piedmont Park Conservancy.
The Atlanta Film Festival is supported by the City of Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs and by the National Endowment for the Arts.
www.imagefv.org /fest2002/press_release.asp   (1646 words)

 SFU Library - Film Information Resources at SFU Library
One thousand film scripts are indexed and organized to allow searching by scene, by character, by director, and more.
Documentary, art and feature films, DVDs and videos formerly housed at Media Resources in the Learning and Instructional Development Centre are now available in the SFU Bennett Library Media Collection (Room 5101B).
Most of the titles in the film collection are licensed for non-theatrical public performance use at Simon Fraser University and may be booked for classroom viewing by SFU faculty and instructors.
www.lib.sfu.ca /researchhelp/subjectguides/fpa/film.htm   (1794 words)

 Amazon.com: Halliwell's Film and Video Guide 2002 (Hallowell's Film & Video Guide, 2002): Books: Leslie Halliwell   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Most other film guides, while they purport to rate movies on a scale of 0 to 4 stars, really just use 2.5 to 4 (with ratings of 0 to 2 all meaning "not recommended" -- but who cares whether a film is rated 1 versus 1.5; if it's not recommended, don't bother).
And another refreshing aspect is that relatively few films get the highest rating of 4-stars, unlike some critics who give 4-stars to half the films they see, making the rating meaningless.
Overall, the guide is helpful, especially for the older films, and provides detailed content with regard to the stars, directors, etc. I give it 2 and a half stars for those details but think it is a waste of money if you are trying to figure out what a particular movie is about.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0060988843?v=glance   (1801 words)

 Sundance Film Festival 2002 | PopMatters Film Feature
What thrust it to the forefront of the film world was the increasingly organized and respected independent film industry, and, of course, the independent filmmakers themselves, who increasingly secured funding for their films outside of Hollywood and came to consider Sundance a non-Hollywood venue for first screenings.
Immediate word out of the 2002 Festival is that business was up and quality was down, which was more or less the opposite of pre-Fest predictions.
Whereas the U.S. films, in and out of competition, seemed to be too personal, too political, or too rehashed, almost every foreign film this reviewer saw balanced emotion, politics, and innovation with the most important thing of all: brilliant stories.
www.popmatters.com /film/features/020124-sundance.shtml   (2864 words)

 The Rough South of Larry Brown (2002)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
By mixing classic documentary techniques, such as interviews and family photos, with the narrative Filmmaking of three short films based on Brown's short stories, filmmaker Gary Hawkins has created a documentary that is a part of its subject as much as it is an exploration of it.
Through the course of the film we are told the unique story of Brown's discovery of writing, which didn't occur until his thirties, and his subsequent development of that disciplined craft.
Woven into Brown's life story are the three short narrative films based on his stories: "Boy and Dog", "Samaritans", and "Wild Thing".
www.imdb.com /title/tt0280079   (406 words)

 Slamdance 2002 Festival Film Lineup
In addition to the dozen feature length films, 11 of which are premieres, Slamdance will also screen 12 short films in competition.
A variety of awards will be presented to the winners of the competition films at the Slamdance "Sparky" Awards starting at 7pm on January 17, at the Silvermine.
Many films are available for review both prior to and during the festival.
www.slamdance.com /news/article.asp?article_id=234   (2589 words)

 Tribeca Film Festival (2002)
Of course, documentaries don't sell like feature films, but some of the people who might have tried out a different sort of film were probably caught up in the hype of back to back Hugh Grant, Sandra Bullock, Al Pacino, Jodie Foster and Star Wars premieres.
The feature films in competition included two set in Washington Heights in upper Manhattan (Manito and Washington Heights), the raucous Slovenian comedy The Last Supper, which follows two escapees from a mental institution as they try to make a movie, and Three Days of Rain, a collection of six short storied by Chekov.
Food in Film, which was moderated by food critic Gael Greene and included Martin Scorcese among the panelists, was held at the The Screening Room Restaurant and included a lunch, sponsored by the Barilla pasta company.
www.filmmonthly.com /Behind/Articles/Tribeca/Tribeca.html   (1340 words)

 Film Music Forecast: 2002
May and June of 2002 will be some of the best months of film music in the last few years.
All in all, 2002 is shaping up to be an unprecedented year for film and film scores.
While there is the possibility of some flash-flooding with even some of the headline film scores for the year, there is also the potential for unexpected heat-waves throughout the year as well.
www.tracksounds.com /specialfeatures/trackdown/2002   (1196 words)

Dinner Rush and Ratcatcher, two of the better offerings from last year's slate, have not yet made it to Rochester (the latter will screen February 9 at the Dryden Theatre at the George Eastman House, though the former is still MIA locally despite landing on a few critics' Top Ten lists).
The crew was unable to shake Beanie off their tail and decided to make this film about him and the "creative talent" of his friends and neighbors.
It's pretty rare for a festival the size of Sarasota to include films from Iran and Afghanistan, but they managed to program one of each (both were made long before 9/11).
www.sick-boy.com /2002sarasota.htm   (816 words)

 VCL | Research Help | Drama and Film Research Guide
First ten volumes offer 50,000 entries by film title, and include synopses, cast lists, ratings, credits, and other basic information.
Covers English language- including syntax, phonology, lexicology, semantics, stylistics and dialectology; literature in English- including poetry, prose, fiction, films, biography, travel writing, literary theory and studies of individual authors; bibliography- including manuscript studies, textual studies and the history of publishing; traditional culture of the English-speaking world including custom, belief, narrative, song, dance and material culture.
This subject and author dictionary index to international film periodical literature also includes a second section covering TV and video.
library.vassar.edu /research/guides/readingrooms/drama.html   (620 words)

 Gaza Strip (2002) - PopMatters Film Review
The film unfolds in Gaza city, the refugee camp at Khan Younis, and the southern settlement of Rafah.
He is partisan to the Palestinian plight in the most literal sense, and his film demonstrates the symbiotic bond (a kind of intellectual Stockholm syndrome) that can arise so easily between empathetic investigator and sympathetic subject.
Each scene is narrated via an extended interview that includes Mohammed's description of his best friend's death from Israeli bullets and the terror that drove his own father to beat him and tie him up at home to prevents Mohammed from joining the stone-throwing crowds.
popmatters.com /film/reviews/g/gaza-strip.shtml   (1123 words)

 Favourite Film Things 2002 - Part 2
Ultimately the film was an argument for vigilantism, made the more repellent by the way that much of it seemed to be a moving study of grief and the impact of an unexpected and violent death.
Kunuk says that his film, the first feature by an Inuit using their legends, was received well by the people who acted in the film and those who worked as crew.
His films have been screened on SBS and shown at festivals internationally; his most recent musical composition is part of "Variable Resistance" at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, September 2002.
www.sensesofcinema.com /contents/03/24/favourites2.html#huber   (8233 words)

 ReelWorld Film Festival 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
ReelWorld Film Festival, a new and exciting film festival in its second year, returned to Toronto with a bang taking place from April 4th to 8th, 2002.
Prior to the Gala Screening of Eriq La Salle's feature film, Crazy As Hell, which closed the 2nd Annual ReelWorld Film Festival, Awards were presented to filmmakers.
ReelWorld Film Festival has scheduled a press conference for Wednesday, March 6th, 2002 to announce the incredible line-up of films for their second festival taking place from April 4 - 8, 2002, at Famous Players Silver City Empress Walk.
www.reelworld.ca /festival/2002   (394 words)

 Film: January 03, 2002
For me, the film is about the tragedy of having to find labels for ourselves.
I read the film as deeply ironic, seeing as the crowd collected at the celebration responds so positively to the child’s coming out (something that doesn’t usually happen in real life).
Though Celebration is having its world premiere in Berlin, Haydn reports the film has now confirmed its North American premiere for the Toronto International Film Festival in September.
www.montrealmirror.com /ARCHIVES/2002/013102/film3.html   (431 words)

 2002 CRI Film Festival   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival was created to provide a place for local filmmakers to show their work to peers and the general public.
The second festival was held in February 2002 and showcased the work of over twenty filmmakers.
The Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival was held Friday and Saturday, Feb. 22nd and 23rd, in the McAuley Theatre at Mount Mercy College, Cedar Rapids.
www.crifilms.com /2002.html   (452 words)

 Aqua Burn A 2002 Burning Man Film by Bill Breithaupt
If you are considering filming for professional purposes, you must have a commercial agreement on file with the media team prior to your arrival onsite.
He was asked to make a film for the 2003 Santa Cruz Burning Man Film Festival.
Knowing he would be expected to out-do his previous film, "Aqua Burn", he buckeled down and did the same thing he does every year.
www.aquaburn.com   (2031 words)

 ISFF 2002 - Children's Film Festival
The hosted film screenings in the programme are appropriate for children – and adults – of 6, 9 and 12 years of age.
Maintaining a Children’s Film Festival tradition, there are morning workshops where participants will be given the opportunity to create their own short films using a variety of different mediums.
We are showing the film »Der Taschendieb« (The Pickpocket) as part of a discussion on »Recognising fear and developing strengths«.
www.shortfilm.com /english/festival/festival2002/kinderfilmfestival.html   (838 words)

 Inside Film Online - Sundance Film Festival 2002
Sundance 2002 will be remembered as the turning point -- the year Sundance organizers stopped resenting the business element and officially sanctioned it by opening the Sundance Film Festival Industry Center/Sales Office.
The film, produced by Peer Oppenheimer, concerns a gifted but troubled teenage girl's efforts to deal with her emotionally disturbed younger sister, with the help of a relationship with her English teacher.
The film, set in New York City, marks the feature film debut of Aaron Stanford in the lead as a precocious teen obsessed with older women and also stars Sigourney Weaver, Bebe Neuwirth and John Ritter.
www.insidefilm.com /sundance02.html   (1217 words)

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