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Topic: 2002 in memoriam

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In the News (Fri 14 Dec 18)

  In Memoriam
Charles Causier, AICP, died at the age of 50 on April 29, 2002, of complications from prostate cancer.
At the April 2002 APA National Planning Conference in Chicago, buttons were distributed bearing Causier's face — topped with a crown — declaring "Charlie for King." He was a member of AICP and belonged to the Private Practice and Urban Design and Preservation divisions.
In April 2002, he had been inducted into the College of Fellows of AICP in recognition of his 42 years of distinguished service to the planning profession.
www.planning.org /memoriam/memoriam2002.htm   (1212 words)

  In Memoriam
The longest-serving legislator in the history of Pennsylvania, Bell, a Republican, was first elected to the state House in 1954 and to the state Senate in 1961, and he served in the Senate until the time of his death.
He was a partner at Hampson, Bayless, Murphy and Stiner in Portland, Ore. A defender of the environment, Hampson led a successful effort to ban billboards beside interstate highways in Oregon and lobbied for the state's precedent-setting bottle bill, which he considered key to removing litter along roads throughout the state.
In 1970, she became the first female member of the Washington Defense Lawyers and was appointed by then governor Dan Evans to the King County Superior Court bench in Seattle.
www.law.harvard.edu /alumni/bulletin/2002/fall/memoriam_main.html   (5645 words)

 TCL - In Memoriam - March 2002 - In Memoriam
TCL - In Memoriam - March 2002 - In Memoriam
Alamosa attorney David A. Rooney died in an avalanche on February 6, 2002, during a ski trip in the Colorado backcountry.
U+00A9 2002 The Colorado Lawyer and Colorado Bar Association.
www.cobar.org /tcl/tcl_articles.cfm?ArticleID=484   (687 words)

 Geotimes - October 2002 - In Memoriam
Editor's note: A shorter version of this story appeared in the October 2002 Geotimes.
He spent the last months of his life wandering the complicated path of collecting strength to battle illness, while making meaningful connections to many of the comrades he had gathered in his long journey on this planet.
Any copying, redistribution or retransmission of any of the contents of this service without the express written consent of the American Geological Institute is expressly prohibited.
www.agiweb.org /geotimes/oct02/memoriam.html   (713 words)

 TCL - In Memoriam - December 2002 - In Memoriam
TCL - In Memoriam - December 2002 - In Memoriam
Gay was originally admitted to practice law in 1973, and was licensed in the state of Colorado in 1983.
Silberberg was a partner in the New York law firm of Morvillo, Abramowitz, Grand, Iason and Silberberg, P.C. He was a new member of the Colorado Bar Association, and was a member of the Pitkin County local bar.
www.cobar.org /tcl/tcl_articles.cfm?ArticleID=2057   (712 words)

 In Memoriam - New York City, 9/11/01   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
With the Honorable Rudolph W. Giuliani as guide, In Memoriam" New York City, 9/11/02 follows the mayor and his staff from their first realization of what had occurred, through despair and tears, to a newfound strength that would emerge in the spirit of a new America.
In Memoriam: New York City, 9/11/01 draws on unprecedented access to City Hall and the Mayor's staff, as well as visual material-much of it never before seen-from still and video cameras of more that 100 people in and around New York City, everyday citizens who were eyewitnesses to the tragic events of the day.
Originally shown on HBO on May 26, 2002, In Memoriam is one of the most vital documents to emerge after the events of September 11, 2001.
www.javelinamx.com /DVD/details/6657.html   (385 words)

 Andover Bulletin - Fall 2002 - In Memoriam
Andover Bulletin - Fall 2002 - In Memoriam
The Bulletin staff learned shortly before press time of the death of faculty emeritus John Hawes ’28.
In addition to his wife and children, Don leaves a brother, Robert Sutherland ’51.
www.andover.edu /publications/2002fall_bulletin/in_memoriam.htm   (2341 words)

 In Memoriam - May 1, 2002
Former AVMA president, Dr. John B. Carricaburu (COL '44), Goleta, Calif., died Feb. 24, 2002 at the age of 80.
An equine practitioner, he was employed by the state of Illinois as senior veterinarian at Fairmount Park in Collinsville, Ill. Prior to that, Dr. Mallicoat practiced sports medicine at the Quad City Downs racetrack.
A contributor to the 8th edition of the Merck Veterinary Manual, Dr. Stein played an important role in saving the Pakistani poultry industry from the adeno virus that had contaminated their vaccine cultures in 1989.
www.avma.org /noah/members/memnews/javma/may02/s050102m.asp   (1607 words)

 Issues: Perspectives (Summer 2002): In Memoriam: R. R. Palmer
Robert R. Palmer, professor of history at Princeton and emeritus from Yale, died peacefully at home on June 11, 2002 at Pennswood Village in Newtown, Pa. He was 93.
His best-selling textbook, A History of the Modern World (1950, 9th ed., 2002, coauthored with Joel Colton since the 2nd edition), has been widely used for more than a half a century in both high schools and universities.
Robert Palmer is survived by Esther, his wife of 59 years, a son Stanley and his wife, Elizabeth, of Arlington, Texas, and their children Vanessa, David, Sonia and Ingrid; a son Richard in California; and a daughter Emily and her husband Keith Gawlik of Boulder, Colorado.
www.historians.org /perspectives/issues/2002/Summer/rrpalmer.cfm   (864 words)

 Uncommon Sense Winter/Spring 2002 - In Memoriam: Brooke Hindle
Uncommon Sense Winter/Spring 2002 - In Memoriam: Brooke Hindle
With Brooke Hindle's death on June 3, 2001, early American history lost its preeminent exemplar and advocate of studying technological change; an early exponent of viewing American science as social history; and a continuous, thoughtful analyst of the scholarly and curatorial uses of material culture.
And partly that was because he possessed a deep and abiding intellectual curiosity that didn't presume to know where his next insight would originate.
www.wm.edu /oieahc/uncommon/114/Hindle.html   (778 words)

 In Memoriam | August 2002 OAH Newsletter
Frank L. Byrne, Professor Emeritus of History at Kent State University, died on 21 April 2002.
On 12 April 2002 he was honored as a fifty year member of the Organization of American Historians at its annual meeting in Washington D.C. After the meeting he and his wife Marilyn visited Colonial Williamsburg.
Perhaps it is only fitting that his life ended as he was returning home from a scholarly conference and a side visit to a historical site.
www.oah.org /pubs/nl/2002aug/inmemoriam.html   (373 words)

 In Memoriam | May 2002 OAH Newsletter
John H. D'Arms, a distinguished scholar, prominent classicist, and highly regarded leader, died 22 January 2002 in New York City at age sixty-seven after a long battle with brain cancer.
In his last years, even while suffering intervals of chemotherapy, Graham completed his final policy study, one that complemented his work on civil rights.
In Collision Course: The Strange Convergence of Affirmative Action and Immigration Policy in America (2002), he shows how early civil rights legislation, intended largely to correct injustices to African Americans, eventually offered protection and favoritism for a flood of new immigrants from Asia and Latin America.
www.oah.org /pubs/nl/2002may/inmemoriam.html   (3757 words)

 TIME Person of the Year 2002: In Memoriam, Peggy Lee
TIME Person of the Year 2002: In Memoriam, Peggy Lee
If the honorific was meant to elevate a plain stage name (she was born Norma Deloris Egstrom), the effort was redundant; for Lee, vocally and visually, was class and sass in one platinum package.
Copyright © 2002 Time Inc. All rights reserved.
www.time.com /time/personoftheyear/2002/memoriam/mlee.html   (241 words)

 Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) - News & Events - In Memoriam: 2002
He graduated from North Dakota State University and received an MA from the University of Wyoming in 1953, and a masters degree in library science from the University of Illinois in 1956.
Patrick P. Dunn, associate professor of history at WPI died Sunday, July 14, 2002.
Denise W. Nicoletti, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at WPI, died Monday, July 22, 2002 in an automobile accident.
www.wpi.edu /News/Memoriam/2002.html   (322 words)

 Issues: Perspectives (November 2002): In Memoriam: Sheldon Harris
Issues: Perspectives (November 2002): In Memoriam: Sheldon Harris
From the In Memoriam column in the November 2002 Perspectives
Sheldon H. Harris, professor emeritus of history at California State University, died suddenly on August 31, 2002, at UCLA Medical Center of a blood infection.
www.historians.org /perspectives/issues/2002/0211/0211mem2.cfm   (387 words)

 In Memoriam - April 1, 2002
He is survived by two sons and a daughter.
Guzmán (MSU '65), 61, Humacao, Puerto Rico, died Jan. 6, 2002.
Memorials may be made to the Heights Kiwanis Scholarship Fund, c/o Roger Clemmons, 1611 Broadmore Drive, Billings, MT 59105.
www.avma.org /noah/members/memnews/javma/apr02/s040102q.asp   (1143 words)

 Advanced Ceramics Report (Spring 2002): In Memoriam, Dave Bennett   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
In 1999 during the OIT Expo, USACA honored Senator Slade Gorton with the Advanced Ceramics Leadership Award, and Dave presented the award to Bruce Evans, a staff member of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior and Related Agencies.
On Saturday, April 13, 2002 Dave Bennett died, he was 62.
Dave served as the Chairman of the United States Advance Ceramics Association from January 1999 until his retirement from Dow Corning in 2000.
www.advancedceramics.org /newsletter/spring02ben.htm   (229 words)

 LLU School of Dentistry Dentalgram - Nov. 2002 - In memoriam
LLU School of Dentistry Dentalgram - Nov. 2002 - In memoriam
Her husband, Lance, passed away earlier this year.
Lance Rader, husband to Jennifer Rader, RDH, department of periodontics and dental hygiene, passed away in early 2002.
www.llu.edu /llu/dentistry/dentalgram/nov02/memoriam.html   (245 words)

 In Memoriam, Wafat, Agustus | Ensiklopedi Tokoh Indonesia
17 Ags 2002 :: Achmad Tahir, Jkt (Kisaran 27 Jun 1924)
18 Ags 2002 :: Sudjana, Ida Bagus, Jkt (Sanur, 20 Okt 1936)
20 Ags 2002 :: Pudjiwati Sajogyo^, Bogor (Cirebon 5 Jul 1929)
www.tokohindonesia.com /inmemoriam   (1076 words)

 In Memoriam Kristen Nygaard
Fylkesleder i Oslo Nei til EU 1995 - 1997 og 1999 - mars 2002.
I met Kristen the first and only time in late June 2002.
Mange tak for din orientering om Kristen Nygaards pludselige død - din meddelelse, hvor trist den end er, vækker i mig mange minder og erindringer om denne mands brilliante, skarpt fremsynede og generøse indsats i menneskelige og faglige sammenhænge.
www.ifi.uio.no /in_memoriam_kristen   (5268 words)

 VWC: News & Events: Wesleyan Magazine: Fall 2002: In Memoriam: Del Carlson, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science
Let us know if anything on our site can be improved to further meet your accessibility needs.
You are here: Home > News and Events > Wesleyan Magazine > Fall 2002 > In Memoriam: Del Carlson, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science
So also did he identify and count as precious each of his students--not as a number, but as a unique soul whose intellect and character had, for a little time, been entrusted to his care, and his work continues in them.
www.vwc.edu /news_events/magazine/02/fall/carlson.php   (492 words)

 Andover Bulletin - Spring 2002 - In Memoriam
She is survived by a son, Michael Moore of Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Her sister, Emmavail Luce Severinghaus, who died in 1985, was a member of the Abbot Class of 1918.
Dr. Howard G. Nichols, 94, died in his sleep on Jan. 24, 2002.
Trustee emeritus Tim Ireland died of prostate cancer Feb. 4, 2002, at his home in Thomasville, Ga. He was a retired partner of Brown Bros. Harriman and Co. of New York, where he was employed for more than 35 years.
www.andover.edu /publications/2002spring_bulletin/in_memoriam.htm   (2902 words)

 In Memoriam: Oliver Statler, 1915-2002
Oliver Statler, writer, CJS Non-Teaching Affiliate Faculty Member, and Adjunct Professor of the School of Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Studies, passed away on Thursday, February 14, 2002.
The Center for Japanese Studies would like to extend its heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.
The following are excerpts from Statler's obituary, which appeared in the Honolulu Advertiser Monday, February 18, 2002.
www.hawaii.edu /cjs/statlermemoriam.html   (479 words)

 MAA - The Bulletin - Fall 2002- In Memoriam
MAA - The Bulletin - Fall 2002- In Memoriam
Alumni, faculty, and friends are invited to send in nominations for two MAA-sponsored awards by November 1, 2002.
The Honor Award and Gold Key is awarded to a living alumnus based on outstanding contributions to medicine and distinguished service to mankind.
www.medicalalumni.org /bulletin/fall_2002/memoriam.htm   (1873 words)

 MAA - The Bulletin - Summer 2002- In Memoriam
MAA - The Bulletin - Summer 2002- In Memoriam
A 1926 graduate of the school of pharmacy at the University of Maryland, Dr. Goodman worked as a pharmacist to pay for his medical studies.
He is survived by wife Joanne, two daughters, two stepsons and eight grandchildren.
www.medicalalumni.org /bulletin/summer_2002/memoriam.htm   (2123 words)

 Rensselaer Magazine, December 2002: In Memoriam
Russel Bassel ’32, former civil engineer for Ford, Bacon and Davis engineering consultants, WWII Army veteran and Bronze Star recipient; July 16.
James C. Rogers ’33, retired civilian head of quality control, Portsmouth, N.H., Naval Shipyard, who subsequently owned and operated a surveying business for 30 years; summer 2002.
Kenneth Schoen, M.S., retired chairman of Worcester State College’s math/computer science department, honored for his volunteer work for the AARP Tax-Aide Program; July 10.
www.rpi.edu /dept/NewsComm/Magazine/dec02/memoriam/memoriam.html   (929 words)

 In the News: Stephen Jay Gould, 1942-2002: In Memoriam
In the News: Stephen Jay Gould, 1942-2002: In Memoriam
ARN does not necessarily select or endorse the organizations or products advertised above.
See the body of the above document for specific copyright information.
www.arn.org /docs2/news/berlinskiongould061002.htm   (679 words)

 HUC-JIR > News & Publications > Kesher > May 2002 > In Memoriam
HUC-JIR > News and Publications > Kesher > May 2002 > In Memoriam
News and Publications > Kesher > May 2002 > In Memoriam
NY Kollel: The Center for Adult Jewish Studies at HUC-JIR/NY
www.huc.edu /kesher/05-02/memoriam.shtml   (601 words)

 UM-SSW: In Memoriam: Kenneth Lutterman, Ph.D.
In Memoriam: Kenneth Lutterman, Ph.D. On December 2, 2001, the School lost a revered colleague and trusted friend with the death of Kenneth Lutterman.
Born in Black Hawk, Wisconsin, in 1929, he had a distinguished career in the health sciences, including service as Associate Director of Services and Intervention Research at the National Institute of Mental Health for 31 years, and most recently as Assistant Dean for Research at the University of Michigan School of Social Work.
To learn about the technology used on our site, read our technology explained page.
www.ssw.umich.edu /ongoing/02-ws/aroundtheschool-memoriam.html   (512 words)

 The SF Site: In Memoriam 2002
Haldeman (b.1941) published several science fiction novels, mostly in collaboration with Jack Dann, Harry Harrison, or his brother, Joe Haldeman.
In 1984, Jordan published a novel, A Carol in the Dark, but her main talent was finding new talent, with nine of her authors winning the Robert L. Fish Memorial Award for best short story by a new author.
Shortly before her death, Jordan was informed that she would be the 2002 recipient of the Ellery Queen Award.
www.sfsite.com /columns/steven144.htm   (8060 words)

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