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Topic: 2003 Iraq War

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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  Welcome to IraqiWar.com
The Iraq War, sometimes called the Second or Third Gulf War or in the U.S., Operation Iraqi Freedom, is an ongoing conflict which began with the United States-led 20 March 2003 invasion of Iraq.
The main rationale for the Iraq War offered by U.S. President George W. Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and their domestic and foreign supporters was that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction.
The causes and consequences of the war remain extremely controversial.
www.iraqiwar.com   (257 words)

 Iraq Coalition Casualties
Iraq must take advantage of improved security to enact laws aimed at reconciliation or risk a resumption of sectarian violence, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte said on Sunday.
Iraq's top Sunni leader Adnan al-Dulaimi said on Sunday he was being kept under house arrest for the third straight day after troops had found car bombs near his Baghdad office.
Turkish army entered northern Iraq on Saturday to stop a group of between 50 and 60 Kurdish rebels, the army said and added it could step up its "intervention" in the region if this is needed.
icasualties.org /oif   (1589 words)

At the war's command center in Qatar, officials said earlier Friday they expected the surge of violence as a release of pent-up hatred and anger at a regime that brutalized and repressed the population for decades.
In his speeches, President Saddam Hussein constantly refers to Iraq's ancient glory, as if to drum into average citizens the fact that their country deserves an exalted spot on the world stage, and he has long envisioned a grand reconstruction of the ancient city of Babylon.
Iraq's illustrious history is treasured by Iraqis and cited often as proof of their destiny.
www.apfn.org /apfn/iraq_archaeology.htm   (1893 words)

  Iraq War -   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Iraq war or war in Iraq is both an informal and formal term for military conflicts in Iraq that began with the invasion of 2003.
The war was unpopular from the outset in many Coalition countries, as reflected in opinion polls and widespread protests, including the largest worldwide protest in human history, on February 15th, 2003: a day of Global protests against war on Iraq.
The War of Iraq (2003) was the war in the Middle East country of Iraq, which resulted from the the Iraq disarmament crisis of late 2002 and began with the invasion of 2003.
www.aljazeera.com /me.asp?service_ID=9964   (3461 words)

 2003 Iraq war timeline at AllExperts
This is the ongoing timeline of the 2003 Iraq war, principally the military actions and consequences of the US-led invasion.
It was later announced that Special Forces troops were operating inside Iraq; Australia, the United Kingdom and the U.S. all have Special Forces troops in the area.
In Southern Iraq, Iraqi forces are reported to have fired on Allied lines with Russian made 122mm howitzers; weapons used by the US against Iraqi forces are reported to include 155mm howitzers, Hellfire missiles, Cobra helicopter gunships, and bombardment by explosives and napalm.
en.allexperts.com /e/0/2003_Iraq_war_timeline.htm   (4118 words)

 The 2003 Iraq War
Work on Iraq basically stopped there for the rest of the summer as the President went to Texas, and no policy recommendation on Iraq was forwarded to him in that period.
But as the preparations for war continued, the Administration’s goals in Iraq and the region as a whole became more ambitious – to use the Iraq War as a lever to change the politics of the Middle East as a whole.
In this sense, the war in Iraq did become for the Administration a war for democracy in the Middle East.
www.uvm.edu /~fgause/Iraq_war.htm   (2502 words)

 War in Iraq - Special Reports from CNN.com
This page was archived in May 2003 when President Bush declared an end to major combat.
Iraq's military, devastated during the Persian Gulf War, was soundly beaten by coalition forces
The world watched the political, economic and emotional effects of war on the homefront and around the globe
www.cnn.com /SPECIALS/2003/iraq   (153 words)

 2003 U.S.-Iraq War
In the weeks leading up to the war it was easy to find detailed stories in our media about the daily machinations of our president as he bought, bribed and bullied other countries into a "coalition of the willing," but there was almost nothing about you, the people of Iraq.
Real war is sanitized for us, so we never have to see the disemboweled bodies, smell the charred flesh or hear the moans of agony.
Then there was the kid who wanted me to sign a paper so he could get school credit for attending the demo, hastening to add that it was not the only reason he was there, that he thought killing people for their oil was wrong.
www.fragmentsweb.org /fourtx/apologytx.html   (1685 words)

 Iraq War 2003
In January [2003], China was described as the motor of economic growth.
Iraq's military held firm, Turkey refused to allow the deployment of U.S. troops to form a second front, and opposition forces failed to battle Iraqi forces.
The 2003 Iraq War is the first such fight, with the USA/UK trying to take Persian Gulf Oil away from Euro/France/Germany/Russia, and keep it away from Japan and China.
www.valdostamuseum.org /hamsmith/IraqWar.html   (6555 words)

 The Iraq War -2003 - Latest News and Views
The reality of Iraq today is a long shot from being entertaining or exciting, especially since the administrator Paul Bremer, reflecting his administration's loss in Washington, does not know what he wants of and for the country, except to tighten the coalition's control over the land and oil.
Inventing an alibi for the war gives millions of people in the liberated country of Saddam added reason or incentive to refuse any formula suggested by Washington as a political map for their country.
While awaiting this map, which might be postponed to the next fall with the provisional administration, "the desert's scorpion" or anyone else will not be able to pretend to eliminate the resistance, Islamic or Baathist, for the victims of the occupation are the victims of the former regime and they don't have much to lose.
www.mideastweb.org /iraqwar.htm   (3450 words)

 Australians in Iraq 2003 - War in Iraq
By 1988, however, when the Iran–Iraq war ended, the Iraqi economy was in ruins and the West was turning away, repelled by Saddam’s use of chemical weapons against both Iran and his own Kurdish population in the north.
After the war, the UN Security Council demanded that Iraq give up its ballistic missiles and “weapons of mass destruction” (nuclear, chemical and biological weapons), along with any equipment and materials for making them.
In 2003 the United States, asserting that Iraq was still concealing weapons of mass destruction and alleging links with terrorist groups such as al Qaeda, demanded military action against the Iraqi regime.
www.awm.gov.au /iraq   (286 words)

 Iraq Crisis, 2002–2003
The U.S. Britain, and Spain submit a proposed resolution to the UN Security Council that states that "Iraq has failed to take the final opportunity afforded to it in Resolution 1441," and that it is now time to authorize use of military force against the country.
Bush administration concedes that evidence that Iraq was pursuing a nuclear weapons program by seeking to buy uranium from Africa, cited in January State of the Union address and elsewhere, was unsubstantiated and should not have been included in speech.
Iraq's interim governing council, composed of 25 Iraqis appointed by American and British officials, is inaugurated.
www.infoplease.com /spot/iraqtimeline2.html   (1836 words)

 Iraq War, 2003, by Elisabeth Shoop - MemoryArchive   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Iraq War, 2003, by Elisabeth Shoop - MemoryArchive
I must admit I was caught up in the hype of the Iraq war in 2003.
When it was revealed that the CIA intelligence that led us into the war was bad information, then I started getting angry, and fully came out against the war.
www.memorywiki.org /en/Irag_War,_2003,_by_Elisabeth_Shoop   (257 words)

 Iraq - Global Policy Forum
This sections discuss the illegality of the 2003 war and subsequent occupation.
With close to 4 million displaced people in and outside of Iraq, an average of about 100 people killed daily, and a third of the population living in poverty, Iraq 's humanitarian emergency has reached a crisis level that compares with some of the world's most urgent catastrophes.
Consequences of the War and Occupation of Iraq
www.globalpolicy.org /security/issues/irqindx.htm   (1214 words)

 Lunch With George! : Iraq War 2003
Attacking Iraq is going to cost a lot of money (the CBO estimates a 2-month war would cost around $135 Billion), greatly increasing the national debt.
"Naturally, the common people don't want war, but after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag people along whether its a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship.
Iraq's fragile water and sewage systemsÊare also in jeopardy-- opening the door to possible epidemics of cholera and dysentery.
www.lunchwithgeorge.com /lwg_iraqwar.html   (1525 words)

 Revisited - The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War in Iraq: A Macroeconomic and Geostrategic Analysis of the Unspoken ...
The upcoming war in Iraq war is mostly about how the CIA, the Federal Reserve and the Bush/Cheney administration view hydrocarbons at the geo-strategic level, and the unspoken but overarching macroeconomic threats to the U.S. dollar from the euro.
Iraq actually made this switch in Nov. 2000 (when the euro was worth around 82 cents), and has actually made off like a bandit considering the dollar's steady depreciation against the euro.
The Iraq war is no different from other modern wars except it appears to usher in `oil currency' as a new paradigm for warfare.
www.ratical.org /ratville/CAH/RRiraqWar.html   (18063 words)

 Iraq War - Resources Selected by UMass Amherst Libraries
Lie by Lie: Chronicle of a War Foretold: August 1990 to March 2003 - a continually growing database/timeline, created by Mother Jones magazine, that documents what the writers argue are the lies that led up to the current war in Iraq.
The Wages of War: Iraqi Combatant and Noncombatant Fatalities in the 2003 Conflict - Estimates the total number of Iraqis killed in the 2003 war, based on hospital and burial reports, combat statistics, and battlefield testimony from both sides.
Iraq Crisis: The War and Safety at Home - This site includes sections: For Children and Youth and For Parents and Teachers, which link to additional resources.
www.library.umass.edu /subject/iraqwar   (2606 words)

 Project on Defense Alternatives - Civilian Casualties in the 2003 Iraq War: A Compendium of Accounts and Reports
The compendium is meant to serve as a database for further investigation of the modes and dynamics of conflict that generate non-combatant casualties.
ICRC received worrying reports on the situation in Mahmoudiya were the hospital is reportedly no longer capable of dealing with the influx of injured patients, in particular since it is no longer possible to refer patients to hospitals in Baghdad for treatment and surgery due to military operations on the access roads.
Health care system overview (May 10, 2003): "Cases of communicable disease are on the rise as Iraq's fragile health system, already in crisis from 12 years of sanctions and government corruption, is nearing collapse in the aftermath of the war.
www.comw.org /pda/0305iraqcasualtydata.html   (9709 words)

 Iraq War 2003
Thousands of anti-war protesters converged on the nation's capital to voice their opposition to impending war with Iraq while a smaller number of protesters demonstrated their support for U.S. troops.
Bush pulled the plug on diplomacy and prepared to unleash war on Iraq, telling Iraqi President Saddam Hussein he must accept exile or face the full military power of the United States within days.
Maps include Iraq 2003 from DOD and Mar.
history.sandiego.edu /gen/media/iraq2003.html   (606 words)

 Electronic Iraq: What's New?
Anti-women violence in Basra, Iraq's second largest city, has increased markedly in recent months and has forced women to stay indoors, police and local NGOs have said.
Muna's house in Kut, a village southeast of Baghdad, was struck by a US missile in early April of 2003, during the US invasion.
Although military actions are down to the minimum inside the city, local and US authorities do not seem to be thinking of ending the agonies of the over 400,000 residents of Fallujah.
electroniciraq.net /news   (539 words)

 The Iraq Page - Remembering Those Who Lost Their Lives in the Iraq War of 2003-2007
A native Houstonian based at Fort Drum in New York, Garrison was an infantryman assigned as a radio telephone operator to the 1st Squadron, 71st Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division.
Days later, the man nicknamed ''Bolo'' as a boy would be dead, the victim of a roadside bomb in Iraq, according to a short statement issued Tuesday by the Defense Department.
The Olympian -- A friend of a Fort Lewis soldier from Rochester who was killed in Iraq said Tuesday that she is having a hard time coming to grips with his death.
iraq.pigstye.net   (1519 words)

 Iraq War 2003
Whether or not Washington's war in Iraq was directly motivated by oil, American planners clearly hoped it would lay the groundwork for a stable, democratic Middle East - which, among other benefits, would in Washington's view put the world's oil supply in more trustworthy hands." [National Geographic Magazine, June 2004, p.
The report found no evidence of cooperation between Iraq's rulers and al-Qaida and no evidence that Iraq possessed usable stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.
Led by Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and Charles Krauthammer, for years there has been a domino school of thought that the way to guarantee Israel’s security is to spread democracy in the area.
mirrorh.com /timelinewar2003.html   (1075 words)

 Iraq War 2003
His reaction was predictable and understandable, but delivering to a grieving and angry population on such a pledge was always going to be difficult in a tangible way.
Following the act of war committed on 9 / 11, the US invasion might have been wrong but it was understandable.
Greater awareness should lead to early detection of GWI amongst veterans from the 2003 Iraq War.
mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk /coalitionforcegwi/iRAQWAR2003.htm   (728 words)

 IVAW Members | Iraq Veterans Against the War
I strongly believe it is my moral obligation to actively oppose this war, as well as help educate the American public on the futility of current U.S. foreign policy toward the Middle East.
I joined IVAW in March 2005, attended several national events (Veterans and Survivors March, Silent March in D.C., April Protest in New York City, etc.); and was elected to the IVAW Board of Directors during the Veterans for Peace Conference that took place in Seattle in August 2006.
Having served in Iraq in 2003, where he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, he has since given up any beliefs he held about the Global War on Terrorism being waged honorably by the current Administration.
www.ivaw.org /view/profiles   (846 words)

 Primary Sources: Iraq War 2003
This is the first time the Defense Department has referenced it as a "civil war." "Some elements of the situation in Iraq are properly descriptive of a "civil war," including the hardening of ethno-sectarian identities and mobilization, the changing character of the violence, and population displacements." [p.
In Iraq, the United States is facing its most challenging nation-building project since the 1940s.
In this State of the Union Address, President Bush identified Iraq, Iran, and North Korea as an "Axis of Evil" claiming that these countries support terrorism and are developing weapons of mass destruction.
guides.library.fullerton.edu /docslinks/primary_iraqwar.htm   (2392 words)

 Thank You Lt. Watada - The Iraq War
The Iraq War Debate-resources from the University of Michigan
Iraq and the Laws of War, by Francis Boyle, Professor of Law, University of Illinois
"A drama is taking place in total silence in Iraq, where the coalition's occupying forces are using hunger and deprivation of water as a weapon of war against the civilian population," Ziegler told a news briefing.
www.thankyoult.org /content/view/53/39   (672 words)

 Iraq War 2003
This site is funded by the United Kingdom (UK) Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), and constructed and collated by the University of Birmingham, UK.
The material has been compiled by a multinational team of archivists to provide a cross-national overview of media representations of the Iraq conflict.
Most contributions are in the original languages and cover the period from March to June 2003.
www.iraqwararchive.org   (117 words)

 Iraq War, 2003
Abizaid characterised the low intensity conflict in Iraq as "war", as doubts about the justification for the war and a peace plan continued to rise in the US and UK sons of Saddam Hussein, Uday and Qusay, killed in American raid in Mosul
Iraq declared a state of emergency in Basra after worst month of violence since 2003, a sign that British control had unraveled
Note: casualty figures are approximate as of 1 May 2003 when President Bush declared an end of the military phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
www.regiments.org /wars/21stcent/03iraq.htm   (1920 words)

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