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Topic: 2003 in architecture

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  Mali from Timbuktu to Washington >> Architecture Traditions
Examples of this architecture in cities are Djenné's famous mosque-the largest adobe building in the world-and its decorated houses, as well as the mausoleums and medieval mosques of Timbuktu (Tombouctou).
Rural adobe architecture is remarkable for its impressive earthen shrines, mosques, and houses.
Stonemasonry is practiced in the Dogon country, and its architectural forms mix stone, clay, and wood for houses, shrines, and walled enclosures.
www.folklife.si.edu /resources/Festival2003/mali_architecture.htm   (315 words)

 Architecture Forum Plan - 2003
The aim is to establish IT Architecture as a well recognized discipline, in the same way as systems design, programming, and project management, practised by people who are knowledgeable and professional in the exercise of their discipline.
A key part of the updated Architecture Development Method in TOGAF Version 8 is an emphasis on the reuse of architecture assets, both internal (from previous IT Architecture work) and from the IT industry at large.
Encourage Architecture Forum members who are active in the federal arena to reference TOGAF, and recommend it for consideration for use in conjunction with any of the various federal architecture frameworks.
www.opengroup.org /architecture/plans/plan2003d31.htm   (6270 words)

 EARTH ARCHITECTURE: March 2003 Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
CRATerre-EAG, The Center for the Research of Earth Architecture, is part of the School of Architecture of Grenoble, France, which offers the only Masters Degree in Earth Architecture in the world.
Architecture for the Poor: An Experiment in Rural Egypt describes Hassan Fathy's plan for building the village of New Gourna, near Luxor, Egypt, without the use of more modern and expensive materials such as steel and concrete.
The 9th Conference on the study and Conservation of Earthen Architecture in Yazd, Iran from November 29 to December 2, 2003.
www.eartharchitecture.org /archives/2003_03.html   (740 words)

 Tech Outlook 2003: Enterprise Architecture eWEEK - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
The architecture of old IT was shaped by expensive computers, obscure and time-consuming application development tools, application-specific data formats and vendor-specific communication protocols—all working within a closed environment in which anyone with access was trusted.
When the IT environment changes, an architecture that once made sense becomes an expensive monument to what used to be; that once-impressive IT monument may fail to accommodate fundamental changes.
An IT architecture need not adjust to every passing fad; there are such things as enduring, even classic, designs that work because they're right, even if they're old.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_zdewk/is_200303/ai_ziff38258   (623 words)

 2003 Laureate Announcement
And from juror Jorge Silvetti, who chairs the Department of Architecture,Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, “Paradoxically,while the act of awarding in 2003 the Pritzker Prize to Jørn Utzon may be perceived as long overdue, it comes at such a particular moment in the development of architecture as to be timely and exemplary.
In a forty year practice, each commission displays a continuing development of ideas both subtle and bold, true to the teaching of early pioneers of a ‘new’ architecture, but that cohere in a prescient way, most visible now, to push the boundaries of architecture toward the present.
Further, Utzon had studied Chinese architecture which described their farm houses as being completely closed to the outside, but opening onto a central court.
www.pritzkerprize.com /2003annc.htm   (6795 words)

 Yale School of Architecture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
This diversity extends to all aspects of our work, from means of representation combining traditional drawing and advanced digital projection – to ways of developing ideas using all manner of tools, from simple mat knives to CNC mills.
Yale is not an academy propounding a singular vision of what architecture is or should be.
In its diversity, the work of our studios does not represent a box of stylistic tricks, but is, instead, a reflection of some of the very many ways that each beginning architect can explore in order to find his or her own voice.
www.architecture.yale.edu /yworks/yworks2/index.htm   (254 words)

 Microsoft Windows Clustering
Describes storage area networks (SAN) and how server clusters can be deployed in a SAN, and how the Windows platform, regarding Windows clustering in particular, can take advantage of SAN technology.
Server clusters running on the Windows Server 2003 operating system provide failover support for back-end applications and services that require high availability and data integrity.
Architecture and features of server clusters terminology, concepts, design goals, key components, and planned future directions are described.
www.microsoft.com /windowsserver2003/techinfo/overview/san.mspx   (142 words)

 2003 ZIFA Enterprise Architecture Forum
As the contents of each cell and their close inter-relationships are examined, the essential contribution of the matrix to overall architectural knowledge and the security of the enterprise will become clear.
The ZIFA Annual Forum is an opportunity to meet Enterprise Architecture experts - John Zachman, Sam Holcman, and representatives from organizations with enterprise architecture and Zachman Framework implementation experience-and bring new balance to your enterprise architecture efforts.
Through his presentations, audiences worldwide have gained insight into the concept of enterprise architecture as the means to establish a foundation and lend order to the process of investing resources in information systems.
www.zifa.com /forum.html   (3851 words)

 CoFA 2003: Connecting to Florida Architecture
Architecture faculty, preservationists, and local architects will teach the workshops.
In contrast to our previous architecture camps, college credit and housing will not be provided.
The completed application and activity fee must be received by the FAMU School of Architecture by May 15.
www.famusoa.net /cofa   (365 words)

 2003 in architecture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Northernmost tower of the Department of the Environment under demolition, January 30, 2003.
Taipei 101 is topped out to become the tallest building in the world.
Architecture Firm Award - The Miller Hull Partnership
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/2003_in_architecture   (184 words)

 :: Bushwood Architecture Club - Architects in Maple Valley, Washington (WA)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
The Bushwood Architecture Club will provide you with the opportunity to work with skilled artisans and craftsmen dedicated to tapping into the special vein of character within your project that make it your own.
Here at the Bushwood Architecture Club, or BAC as I like to call it, we strive to discover those special unique elements and characteristics about you and your building desires that will make your house special.
The BAC is a full-service Design/Build firm founded upon the age-old tradition of the ‘Master Architect’, who was responsible for the design and construction of building projects.
www.bushwoodarchitecture.com   (216 words)

 ArchitectureWeek - Design - Architecture Canada - 2003.0430
A pedestrian court to the north addresses the public parking area, and a glass-covered pergola connects this court to community and recreational facilities west of city hall.
Cascading water and extensive berming recall the sloughs and dykes on the flat terrain of this Fraser River delta.
This article is excerpted from Architecture Canada 2002 edited by Stephen Parcell, with permission of the publisher, Tuns Press, Dalhousie University.
www.architectureweek.com /2003/0430/design_1-1.html   (312 words)

 Practitioners' Rank Best Architecture Schools for 2003
The content is designed for leaders involved in transformative processes improving the built environment and the design professions.
The architecture school research was conducted with 148 firm owners, partners, and/or principals of private practice architecture and engineering firms who participated by answering the following question:"In your firm’s hiring experience within the past five years, which schools do you feel have best prepared students for the architecture profession?
The surveys were targeted to those having direct experience with the hiring and performance of graduates: director of design, managing principals and human resource directors.
www.di.net /article.php?article_id=178   (245 words)

 AB Architecture  |  Welcome!
For the previous fourteen years, Allen Brooks’ background in other architectural firms was virtually always focused on projects of an historical nature.
Within these twenty-four years his professional experience has earned him credentials and a reputation as a leader in regional historic preservation...
: AB Architecture has partnered with Lauer Design (forming ALB Architecture, PA) to bring an even broader set of skills to projects where historical preservation is the mandate.
www.abarchitecture.com   (87 words)

 Bienal Miami + Beach 2003 :: Architecture Competition :: Possible Futures   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
The word "architecture" or "architectural" in this competition it is an open word.
The committee's conviction is that a major part of the future of architecture lies in a discourse that can be found mostly in "un-built and experimental" work from around the world.
The competition is organized as part of the Bienal Miami + Beach 2003 which is sponsored by The School of Architecture at Florida International University, AIA Miami Chapter, Miami, and the Federacion Panamericana de Arquitectos.
www.fiu.edu /~bienal/miamibeach2003/futures-en.html   (1306 words)

 Miller/Hull Partnership Receives 2003 AIA Architecture Firm Award
The AIA Architecture Firm Award is the highest honor the AIA bestows on an architecture firm, and is given annually to recognize a practice that has consistently produced distinguished architecture for at least 10 years.
The award will be presented at the American Architectural Foundation Accent on Architecture Gala, March 8, 2003, at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. Previous recipients include, Cesar Pelli and Associates, Skidmore Owings and Merrill, Herbert Lewis Kruse Blunck and the 2002 winner, Thompson Ventulett Stainback and Associates.
It has set precedence for architecture influenced by local climate, materials and culture and have demonstrated the applicability of these ideas for any region.
www.aia.org /press2_template.cfm?pagename=release_021205a   (814 words)

 Performance Measurement Architecture Workshop 2003   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
We are planning on holding a Performance Measurement Architecture Workshop on December 11-12, 2003 at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (immediately following the Bandwidth Estimation Workshop also at SDSC) to see how existing measurement projects geared towards performance issues fit together.
We believe that an overall architecture that can serve as a map for the end-to-end performance measurement area would be useful.
The resulting architecture from this workshop should help all the current measurement projects see where they fit, how they relate and support each other, and where there are overlaps.
people.internet2.edu /~matt/perfmeasarch   (495 words)

 curiousLee: Amy Lee's IA Summit 2003 Notes
When thinking about architecture (either physical or information), different aspects of the structure change at different rates.
He says that the “footnote paper” (an early work on the topic that everyone else refers to) he did on breadcrumbs was a waste.
Architectural metaphor should be used: Architecture is not about the skin of the building, but what is underneath -- what supports it.
www.visuallee.com /weblog/amys_IASummit2003_notes.html   (2676 words)

 Institute For Enterprise Architecture Developments
Supporting services provided by computer systems which are not normally visible to the final consumer, but which form part of the composite service; although finer grained than the composite service, these supporting services may themselves be composed of their own program logic, still finer grained composite services, and atomic services.
Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services (EACS) is a proven source for research and best practices based EA measurement tools, EA development and implementation programs and strategic advisory services.
Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services is working close together with the research people from the Institute For Enterprise Architecture Developments (IFEAD).
www.enterprise-architecture.info   (1042 words)

 EARTH ARCHITECTURE: October 2003 Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
His fl-and-white images emphasize an artistic fusion of architecture and sculpture and exalt the strength and beauty of a craft that eludes globalization.
The photos emphasize the grain and substance of clay smoothed by villagers' hands or cracked by erosion, and highlight the solidity of the masonry and the sensuality of the textures.
The texts that accompany these stunning pictures are by a leading expert on raw-earth architecture and by a major scholar on African vernacular architecture.
www.eartharchitecture.org /archives/2003_10.html   (486 words)

Those award projects are featured in an exhibition, "New American Architecture," which opened April 3, 2004 at The Chicago Athenaeum at Schaumburg (190 South Roselle Road, Schaumburg, Illinois) continues through summer 2004.
In July, 2003, a jury of distinguished Mexican architects and educators chose 24 unique designs for new corporate headquarters, skyscrapers, institutions, sports and transportation facilities, interiors, urban planning projects, commemorative monuments, and residences for awards.
Additionally, smaller scale residential architecture, which combined materials in a neat and orderly way and the superb aesthetic, if not sensational, Billboard House/Office by Office of Metropolitan Design, Inc., were the primary winners in this jury’s opinion.
www.chi-athenaeum.org /archawards/2003/introduction-03.htm   (444 words)

 Software Architecture: The 20th Century Collection
Software architecture began as a field of study with early observations by Parnas, Dijkstra, and others that how software is structured matters as much as its ability to compute the correct result.
In the 1990s, interest in software architecture blossomed as Perry and Wolf, Shaw and Garlan, Kruchten, and others wrote about large-scale structures, reusable styles and patterns, and multiple coordinated views.
bibliography on software architecture, keeping track of the growth of the field by cataloguing the journal papers, conference papers, technical reports, and books on or related to the subject.
www.sei.cmu.edu /architecture/bibliography.html   (213 words)

 Entablature - Architecture Links on the Internet
306090 306090 is a non-profit arts stewardship organization founded by architecture students to publish, exhibit, and promote the work of students and young professionals in the fields of architecture and design.
Nexus Network Journal "Architecture and Mathematics Online" includes studies of geometry in architecture, proportional systems, number sequences and series, number symbolism, philosophy, fractals, symmetry, and much more.
The 2004 Architecture Web Site Awards had more of an international flair this year, as over half of the entries were submitted by European firms.
www.entablature.com   (286 words)

 DLH Architecture Sports Turf Design Division
DLH Architecture’s Sports Turf Design Division simplifies the synthetic turf system selection, design, and installation processes saving your organization time and money.
DLH Architecture, LLC is an independent design and consulting firm.
DLH Architecture specializes in the design and construction of all types of synthetic turf systems, athletic, playground and recreational.
www.dlharchitecture.com   (192 words)

 UTSOA - Academic Programs - Architecture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
The National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB), which is the sole agency authorized to accredit U.S. professional degree programs in architecture, recognizes three types of degrees: The Bachelor of Architecture, the Master of Architecture, and the Doctor of Architecture.
A program may be granted a 6-year, 3-year, or 2-year term of accreditation, depending on the extent of its conformance with established educational standards.
Copyright 2003: School of Architecture - The University of Texas at Austin
web.austin.utexas.edu /architecture/academic/architecture/main.html   (147 words)

 MIT OpenCourseWare | Architecture
The Department of Architecture, established in 1865, is the oldest architecture department in the United States and is consistently ranked as one of the top programs in the U.S. It is a place where the individual creativity of a student can be cultivated and nurtured in a framework that is humanistically, socially, and environmentally responsible.
Notable strengths of the department that cut across the discipline groups are our devoted teaching, the grounding of architecture in both social and material issues, interdisciplinarity, and the remarkable internationalism of faculty, students, teaching and research.
Architectural Design, Level II: Material and Tectonic Transformations: The Herreshoff Museum, Fall 2003
ocw.mit.edu /OcwWeb/Architecture/index.htm   (523 words)

 ArchitectureWeek - Design - OMD's Portable Architecture - 2003.0122
Architecture schools teach statics — the branch of structural analysis based on the principle that buildings should be stationary and motionless.
Civilization, too, teaches "statics" when it halts nomadic cultures, asserts the idea of living in one place, and attempts to freeze buildings in place and in time.
The sustainable strategies and materials of the portable house.
www.architectureweek.com /2003/0122/design_3-1.html   (252 words)

 Workshop on Computer Architecture Education
The goal of the workshop is to provide a forum for educators to discuss and share their experiences and teaching philosophy.
The goal is for participants to come away from the workshop with new ideas on delivering courses in computer architecture.
We encourage participation by book publishers, computer manufacturers, software vendors, or companies which develop or market products used in the delivery of computer architecture education.
www4.ncsu.edu /~efg/wcae/2003/index.html   (241 words)

 Sessions for the 2003 Victorian Architecture Conference
Due to fires, floods and eventual great wealth, the early wood framed and clad structures used by the pioneering oil men were replaced by the large stone and brick Italianate commercial palaces symbolizing the institutional permanency of the developed oil industry.
Naturally, the tales of the fires and floods that swept over the Oil Creek flood plain will be recalled and the architectural development of the various later 19th century buildings will be pointed out.
Unlike the European derived Victorian architectures: Gothic Revival, Italianate — Italian Renaissance, and the Second Empire, the American Victorian styles reflect this young country’s immediate past and the technology that shaped its fortunes in the 19th century.
www.victorianregion.com /sessions2003.html   (1209 words)

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