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Topic: 2005 in literature

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  2005, Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis Literature
Akesson LS, Duffy DL, Phelps SC, Thompson PJ, Kedda MA 2005 A polymorphism in the promoter region of the human interleukin-16 gene is not associated with asthma or atopy in an Australian population.
Arruda LK, Santos AB 2005 Immunologic responses to common antigens in helminthic infections and allergic disease.
Aziz KA, Polson RJ 2005 Serological diagnosis of celiac disease.
www.psc-literature.org /2005.htm   (10669 words)

 2005 in literature - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
February 25 - Canada Reads selects Rockbound by Frank Parker Day as the novel to be read across the nation.
June 30 - Christopher Fry, English dramatist (b.
July 6 - Claude Simon, French Nobel laureate in literature (b.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/2005_in_literature   (690 words)

 UC Santa Cruz - Literature - 2005-06 Curriculum
We will begin to answer such questions by focusing on recent, revisionist accounts of late 19th-century US literature, ranging from re-readings of "realists" and "naturalists" (including Twain, Dreiser, Crane and Norris) via technologies of the body and power and the logic of economic systems to reinterpretations of turn-of-the-century "American" cultural production in global context.
Fall 2005 will see new books from Jameson (on utopianism and science fiction), Anderson (contemporary political thought), and Eagleton (on terror), as well as a new collection of previously published Zizek essays.
While we will not imagine ourselves to be embarking upon an exhaustive account of the complex and ever-shifting relationship between visuality and the text, we will explore some of the central issues attendant to this problematic.
humwww.ucsc.edu /literature/graduate/gradcurric05-06.php?PRINT   (2250 words)

 Fall 2005 Courses - Fulfill Literature Requirement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Literature is an art whereby one consciousness seeks to communicate with another consciousness.
This course explores "the literature of errancy, knightly and otherwise." Texts representing a range of genres, regions, and generations will enable assessment of those factors' effect on the shape of the journey.
Ireland is particularly rich in this sort of literature, a literature that reflects and illuminates not only the traditions themselves but also the cultural, intellectual, and political concerns of the individual writers.
www.nd.edu /~english/Courses-Fall2005-LitReq.html   (3165 words)

 Literature Compass Online : Home
Unique in both range and approach, Literature Compass is an online-only journal publishing peer-reviewed survey articles from across the discipline.
Visit the Literature Compass Blog, with contributions from Compass editors and editorial board members.
Literature Compass provides you with up-to-date bibliographies and expert analysis on key themes to inspire and engage your students.
www.blackwell-compass.com /subject/literature   (440 words)

 Sjón wins the Nordic Council Literature Prize 2005
The Adjudication Committee for the literature prize emphasise in their justification that "The Nordic Council's Literature Prize 2005 goes to the Icelandic author Sjón (Sigurjón Birgir Sigurðsson) for his novel 'Skugga-Baldur' ('Phantom Baldur').
The Literature Prize, worth 350,000 Danish kroner, was presented to Sjón at the end of October 2005 at the conclusion of the Nordic Council Session in Reykjavik, Iceland.
The Nordic Council Literature Prize has been awarded since 1962, and it is ten years since it was last won by an Icelandic author.
www.norden.org /nr/pris/lit_pris/2005/uk/vinnare.asp   (189 words)

The literature is intended to provide a broad spectrum of views and does not necessarily represent the views of the Collaborative or staff.
Despite a slow growth in jobs and travel in 2003, congestion caused 3.7 billion hours of travel delay and 2.3 billion gallons of wasted fuel, an increase of 79 million hours and 69 million gallons from 2002 to a total cost of more than $63 billion.
The 2005 Report shows that the current pace of transportation improvement, however, is not sufficient to keep pace with even a slow growth in travel demands in most major urban areas.
www.sactaqc.org /Resources/Literature/0505_Literature.htm   (6805 words)

 BBC - Wear - Features - Durham Literature Festival 2005
If you love books and reading, then the 2005 Durham Literature Festival is overflowing with shows, workshops and chances to meet some of your favourite authors.
It's a chance to meet the author of the children's classics Gargling with Jelly, Thawing Frozen Frogs and Juggling with Gerbils.
Durham Literature Festival 2005 begins on Sunday 25 September and runs through until Monday 24 October.
www.bbc.co.uk /wear/content/articles/2005/09/12/durham_literature_festival_2005_event_feature.shtml   (292 words)

 Children's Literature Summer 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
This course is about children's literature in several ways.
We will also be thinking and talking about children's literature: what it is, why it is, how it's different (or not) from grown up literature, and how we want to present it to the children in our lives.
And I want you to have developed a system for judging children's literature that will then help you sift through the tens of thousands of children's books in print (not to mention the bazillion or so out of print).
www.csupomona.edu /~abaker/summer2005/eng324   (269 words)

 AUSTRALIA COUNCIL: LITERATURE: FELLOWSHIPS 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The purpose of this category is to support excellence in Australian literature by providing highly accomplished literary writers with financial support for two years to enable them to create new work.
Nominated projects must be in the following literary genres: fiction; literary non-fiction (defined by the Literature Board as autobiography, biography, essays, histories, literary criticism or other analytical prose); children's and young adult literature; poetry; and creative writing for performance or new media.
An applicant awarded a Fellowship in 2005 will not be eligible to apply to the New Work category of the Literature Board for two years after the conclusion of the Fellowship, that is, not before 2009.
www.ozco.gov.au /grants/grants_literature/fellowships_2005   (353 words)

 Literature Update: November 2005 : ISN Nephrology Gateway
In an effort to increase the number of available kidneys, more centers are using non-heart beating donor kidneys.
Transplantation improves fertility in premenopausal women with 1 in 50 women of childbearing age with a functioning transplant becoming pregnant.
In this study of 1575 patients with diabetic nephropathy enrolled in the IDNT trial, plasma homocysteine was not a predicted of cardiovascular events.
www.nature.com /isn/literature/lit_update/archive/112005.html   (830 words)

 Spring 2004 4-H Lit Order Info
On the 2005 4HCCS Literature Allocations sheet, this is the second column of numbers (Bolded).
The 2005 4H CCS Catalogs should have been sent to your county addresses already (Catalog pdf).
Spring 2005 Literature Order must be entered by the county unit on the 4HCCS website by April 30, 2005.
4h.ifas.ufl.edu /FacultyStaffOnly/spring_2005_LitOrderInfo.htm   (1181 words)

 Eurisco - Open literature 2005
Since a natural decision made by an agent results from the combination of mini-decisions made by other agents whether those are intrinsic or extrinsic to the agent, an extended theory of cognitive functions is required.
It is a frequently stated fact in the field of human-computer interaction that especially with increasingly networked socio-technical systems, the focus of analysis and design should be on multi-agent systems, comprising a number of human and artificial agents, instead of on single human-computer systems (Boy, 2002).
This paper presents an approach to function-oriented evaluation of a user-interface based on the combination of eye-tracking and cognitive modeling.
www.eurisco.org /Publications/ol2005.html   (2258 words)

 English 121 Spring 2005 Humanities Literature   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
As part of the Liberal Studies curriculum, this course immerses you in the experience of literature.
Readings that vary across time, culture, and style may lead you to begin thinking differently about yourself and the world.
But my mission will not be so much to alter your taste in reading as to help you to develop habits of questioning and reflectiveness.
www.chss.iup.edu /sherwood/Archived-Courses/ENGL121S05/description-engl121S05.htm   (182 words)

 NECC 2005 Marketing and Promotions | Advertising and Literature Distribution
Maximize your visibility at NECC 2005 and long after the conference—advertise today in the document that is a year-round reference tool for those with the power to purchase!
At NECC 2005, there will be a designated area where your company literature can be made available to conference attendees.
The Literature Distribution area is an integral part of the Exhibit and is strategically located for maximum foot traffic.
center.uoregon.edu /ISTE/NECC2005/exhibitors/adlit   (154 words)

 English 440: Southern Literature SPRING 2005
a knowledge and appreciation for the social, philosophical, aesthetic, and historical dimensions of literature.
a greater understanding of the regional, colloquial, cultural, and national diversity in literature.
a knowledge of a wide range of literature from many periods and various genres and relate that knowledge to class reading and class writing.
www.utm.edu /staff/jmiller/syllabi/440syl_sp2005.htm   (2073 words)

 22nd International Conference on Literature and Psychology - Cordóba   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
For each session, there will be a moderator responsible for keeping speakers within twenty minutes by means of a timer with an audible alarm (a suggestion from 2004).
Papers may be in English, French, or German, and they may deal with any application of psychology to the study of literature, film, or the other arts.
Be sure to mention you are attending the International Conference on Literature and Psychology to get these rates.
www.clas.ufl.edu /ipsa/2005/index.htm   (1162 words)

 Oxford Conference: Reading Reputations (2005) - Literature - British Council - Arts
2005 marks the 20th anniversary of the Oxford Conference on the teaching of literature.
Over the past twenty years, the Oxford Conference has influenced discussion and debate on literature teaching and given participants opportunities to meet and hear some of the most eminent academics, critics and writers in the UK.
In this track, we will explore the changing reputations and relations of these divergent forms of criticism, assessing the benefits and perils of the current situation for today's readers.
www.britishcouncil.org /az/arts-literature-oxford-conference-2005.htm   (305 words)

 Winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature
for an epic and psychological narrative art which has introduced a new continent into literature.
in recognition of his significance as the leading representative of a new era in our literature.
The prize money for 1914 was allocated to the Special Fund of this prize section.
www.almaz.com /nobel/literature/literature.html   (2120 words)

 British playwright wins 2005 Nobel Literature Prize
The Swedish academy, founded in 1786 by King Gustav III to advance the Swedish language and its literature, has handed out the literature prize since 1901.
The Literature Prize was the last of the six coveted awards to be handed out this month.
Finally, the Peace Prize went to the UN nuclear watchdog IAEA and its Egyptian director general Mohamed ElBaradei for their efforts to halt the spread of nuclear weapons.
www.cnhubei.com /200510/ca893753.htm   (446 words)

 Letters About Literature 2005 -- Missouri Essay Contest Winners
The Missouri Center for the Book is pleased to announce the Missouri winners of the 2005 Letters About Literature contest, an annual competition where students write a personal letter to an author explaining how his or her work changed their view of the world or themselves.
Missouri winners were honored on April 13, 2005, at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City, where they received certificates and cash prizes for their efforts.
Letters About Literature is presented in conjunction with the national Center for the Book in the Library of Congress, in partnership with Target Stores.
books.missouri.org /lal/2005/index.html   (281 words)

 AllRefer.com - Literature and the Arts Encyclopedia
You are here : AllRefer.com > Reference > Encyclopedia A-Z > Literature and the Arts
We encourage you to verify any critical information with the relevant authorities.
Copyright © 2005 Par Web Solutions All Rights reserved.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/Literature_and_the_Arts   (102 words)

 LITERATURE AFTER DERRIDA | Comparative Literature | SDSU
One part introduction to Comparative Literature, one part lecture series, this evolving moveable feast aspires to do justice to a literary and intellectual terrain made richer by the workings, writings, thoughts, and imagination of French philosopher, Jacques Derrida.
Part of this is owing to the course design: after a three week literary boot camp, each weekly gathering features a different lecturer and a different text--around SDSU, the class is known as the "test-drive a professor" seminar.
This class is open to all majors, and while it is a requirement for Comparative Literature majors, you may rest assured that all curious, dedicated literature-starved wanderers will find a home away from home here with us this semester.
literature.sdsu.edu /2005/spring/210/derrida.html   (900 words)

 Librarians' Internet Index: http://lii.org/search/file/literature   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Read them and go in peace." Categories include American literature; English literature; Russian and French literature (in translation); the Great War; world literature in English; "Messing About in Boats"; read-alouds; "Science, Biology, Physics, Bugs"; "Radicals and Squares"; and "Works About Christmas or Snow." Searchable.
Topics: Environment, Literary Movements and Periods, Literature and Books, Nonfiction by Genre
Although some links may be broken, the many that work lead to authoritative information on the author or literary period.
lii.org /search/file/literature   (600 words)

 Fall 2005 - Literature Courses
Introduction to Literature, Criticism and Theory, third edition.
Enrollment in a program leading to certification in secondary English or elementary ed (elementary ed majors must have completed 6 credits of literature and EDTE 321; students in secondary ed programs must have completed 9 credits of literature); or permission of instructor.
Theory and practice of literature study in secondary schools, and appraisal of literature appropriate to the needs, interests, and abilities of adolescents.
www.class.uidaho.edu /english/prospectus/Fall_2005/200510_Lit_Courses.asp   (968 words)

 American literature
American literature, literature in English produced in what is now the United States of America.
Spanish American literature - Spanish American literature, the writings of both the European explorers of Spanish America and its...
Home diagnosis of sleep apnea: a systematic review of the literature *: an evidence review cosponsored by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the American College of Chest Physicians, and the American Thoracic Society.
www.infoplease.com /ce6/ent/A0803686.html   (327 words)

 2005 In Literature Encyclopedia Article @ InternetNavigator.com (Internet Navigator)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
2005 In Literature Encyclopedia Article @ InternetNavigator.com (Internet Navigator)
Find More Information about "2005 in literature" in InternetNavigator.com's:
"2005 in literature" results in these other popular encyclopedia sites:
www.internetnavigator.com /encyclopedia/2005_in_literature   (599 words)

 Cambridge Seminar 2005 - Literature - British Council - Arts
The British Council's Cambridge Seminar on Contemporary British Literature is a biennial event bringing together the insight and experience of writers and participants in a context which explores UK and international perspectives on contemporary writing.
The 2005 seminar will feature Andrew Motion, Panos Karzenis, Paul Bailey, Jim Crace, Hari Kunzru, Kamila Shamsie, Nadeem Aslam, Susan Bassnett academic, Mererid Hopwood, Moniza Alvi, Toby Litt, Michael Schmidt, Terry Eagleton, Bernardine Evaristo, Benjamin Zephaniah, Wilson Harris and Marina Warner.
The British Council's Cambridge Seminar on literature has influenced the creation, discussion and performance of literature for over a quarter of a century.
www.britishcouncil.org /arts-literature-cambridge-seminar-2005.htm   (191 words)

 Children's Literature
The Children's Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD) is an acquisition, research, and reference service that offers more than 1,400,000 MARC records and more than 280,000 reviews of children's books--all full text searchable from 36 review sources.
As a subscriber to the CLCD you are entitled to an additional 5% discount on all of your bookstore purchases plus free shipping with the purchase of two or more items.
The Children's Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD), an acquisition, research, and reference service that offers 600,000 MARC records and more than 60,000 reviews of children's books-all full text searchable is now available.
www.childrenslit.com   (1265 words)

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