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Topic: 2005 in music

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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

  2005 Best Music Scribing Awards, by Jason Gross (Super-Scribing)
Music scribes are inevitably caught in the middle of these excruciating transitions, but the sooner they realize that they have a vested interest in all of this, the better.
But since a big chunk of music writing is reviews, blogs allow more and more writers to share their opinions, and even to sometimes let the audience hear the music they're discussing.
Some music blogs, aping their political counterparts, share or break news and others even try to stretch the dialog with think pieces, though those are in the minority and will develop over time.
rockcriticsarchives.com /features/jasongross/2005_intro.html   (1754 words)

 throwingmusic: (Music) Pirate Chimps??
When that same group was given a surplus of bananas, the dominant chimps stole, hoarded and defended the entire supply, resorting to violence if necessary.
Music was a nice business, it should never have become an industry.
It remains way more important to me that my music be heard than bought.
www.throwingmusic.com /blog/2005/09/music-pirate-chimps.html   (441 words)

  2005 in British music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a summary of 2005 in music in the United Kingdom, including the official charts.
Kate Bush returned to the music world after a 12-year absence with the single "King of the Mountain", which became her biggest UK hit in 20 years by reaching No. 4, and was followed on 7 November by the acclaimed double album Aerial, which reached No. 3 and was certified platinum.
The world of jazz and avant garde music lost one of its pioneers at the end of this year, with the death of free improvising guitarist Derek Bailey on Christmas Day.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/2005_in_British_music   (1109 words)

 2005-2007 Catalog Music
Music majors are required to complete six units of upper division studio instruction that is counted towards the degree.
At least one course in music theory and one course in music literature or history are pre-requisites for formal admission to the music education minor.
Possible fields of study are: keyboard musicianship, seminars in composition and projects in musicology, the development of music for the solo voice after 1600, the symphony and symphonic poems from their inception to the present.
www.csub.edu /05-07Catalog/music.htm   (4206 words)

 Country Music Awards 2005 CMA Music Festival
The music spans the genre and the activities appeal to all ages - from children in the Family Zone to the party-hardy club hoppers during After Hours.
Personal interaction remains a cornerstone of CMA Music Festival and the Exhibit Hall at the Nashville Convention Center, proudly carrying the Fan Fair(R) name and sponsored by Wrangler(R), is the epicenter of the fan/artist bonding experience.
For a deeper look into the lives of some of our musical heroes and their road to stardom, there is the CMA Celebrity Close Up, with two question-and- answer sessions Thursday, June 9, and Friday, June 10, from 4:30 to 6:00 PM, hosted by media personality Lorianne Crook at the historic Ryman Auditorium.
emol.org /music/country/artists/cma/cmaparty2005.html   (2211 words)

 Latch Music Blog » 2005 » September
Musically, for years “Fusion” described music that blends jazz and the heavy repetitive rhythms of rock.
When an artist is on autopilot and fails to connect with the music the listener becomes lost in musical oblivion.
The reason pop music all sounds pretty much the same is because it becomes familiar to consumers, and is easy to label for the retail market.
latchmusic.com /blog/index.php/2005/09   (988 words)

 PopMatters Feature | PopMatters Picks: The Best Music of 2005 | Introduction
There were collaborations (DJ Danger Mouse and MF Doom as Dangerdoom, for instance) fit for a music geek's wet dream and one band in particular, LCD Soundsystem, that was a danceable manifestation of music snobbery.
Surrounded by all this familiar upheaval of possibility, PopMatters' music staff was smitten by an eclectic array of releases, including albums by a Sri Lankan civil war refugee, a songwriter with a penchant for whistling and pizzicato violin, a man with a hauntingly sexless voice, and an ambitious optimist with a fetish for state histories.
Beyond that, they're proof that 2005 happened, that we were here, that we sifted through the good and bad, the remarkable and decidedly less so, and wished to present our definitive findings to the equally curious and hungry.
www.popmatters.com /music/best2005/index.shtml   (999 words)

 Latch Music Blog » 2005 » October
Music is that for me. We have all seen or been the musician who has burned out on playing, teaching or just about any aspect of music.
Music is too important to get burned out on.
It is not fair to the music and the people you are playing for when you are just going through the motions.
latchmusic.com /blog/index.php/2005/10   (1817 words)

 Largehearted Boy: 2005 Largehearted Music Books
Largehearted Boy is a music blog featuring daily free and legal music downloads as well as news from the worlds of music, literature, and pop culture.
Singing Cowboys and Musical Mountaineers: Southern Culture and the Roots of Country Music, by Bill C. Malone: Bill C. malone painstakingly unearths the roots (pun intended) of country music, and the history lesson is well-taught.
Words and Music: A History of Pop in the Shape of a City, by Paul Morley: Paul Morley is one of pop music's greatest lovers and historians, and he shares both his love and the history of the genre in this book.
www.largeheartedboy.com /blog/archive/2005/12/2005_largeheart_1.html   (614 words)

 Cincinnati CityBeat : 10/19/2005 : Reel Music
Some of his films are tracked to music written and performed by Parker at his home studio, Subversive Records Limited.
Music is to be performed as an artist feels it, not necessarily according to what's expected or to please the audience.
Entire contents are copyright 2005 Lightborne Publishing Inc. and may not be reprinted in whole or in part without prior written permission from the publishers.
www.citybeat.com /2005-10-19/film2.shtml   (1060 words)

 Decahedron: 2005 - PopMatters Music Review
Of course, that's not to say that 2005 is bad or is full of filler -- it's anything but.
However, the EP -- much like their debut -- is a bit of a tease, a primer promising much greater things to come; the disappointing aspect arises when one realizes that there is a good chance those greater things might never come to pass.
The video was edited together from various cameras, the audio was ripped straight from the board, and the entire package is presented in a gloriously high-res Quicktime.mov file.
www.popmatters.com /music/reviews/d/decahedron-2005.shtml   (809 words)

 Atlantis Music Conference 2005
The purpose of the Atlantis Music Conference, which began in 1998, is to present the greatest platform of discovery of new talent in America.
The panels are educational, entertaining, and are designed to shed light on the various aspects of the music industry, helping to instruct the novice and accelerate the seasoned professional.
Atlantis showcases are known throughout the industry as featuring the best new artists performing for music enthusiasts ready to claim "I saw them on their rise to the top".
www.atlantismusic.com /2005/whatis.php   (371 words)

 CMT Music Awards 2008 : Billy Ray Cyrus & Miley Cyrus Host - Country Videos, Nominees, Live Performances & More
See the complete list of winners from the 2008 CMT Music Awards, read about their reactions, download their songs, watch the videos and get the lyrics.
Catch the glitz and glamour of the 2008 CMT Music Awards red carpet.
Get the latest news on the 2008 CMT Music Awards and all the stars who took home the buckle.
www.cmt.com /cmt-music-awards   (209 words)

 Make Music Finale 2005
Finale is a music notation program giving a control over every aspect of the printed page while providing control over MIDI input and output.
Students can practice the music at any tempo, hear how it is supposed to be played, and even be assessed with red and green notes which show them what they did wrong and how to do it right.
Additionally, Human Playback has more control and new features for 2005 the result is that music plays back with more lifelike nuance than ever before.
www.macmusic.org /software/version.php/lang/en/id/3118   (429 words)

 RA: Resident Advisor - 2005 in Music - Feature / Interview
Of course, once you have good music, it also means that you are going to have some quality DJ mixes to boot, and as such, this year has also been a good year for the classic DJ mix album.
Of course there are loads of release that we've missed, but we are more then happy to hear what you thought/abuse of the music of 2005 in the RA forums.
Transitions is the third in Richie Hawtin’s DE9 mix series, and sees Hawtin push both the envelope of electronic music, and the role of technology in creating such music.
www.residentadvisor.net /feature_view.asp?ID=687   (792 words)

 Music Notes, Summer 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As an elementary music teacher, Dr. Brophy was awarded an Ashland Teacher Achievement Award, a Memphis Rotary Club Rotary Award for Teacher Excellence, and was the first elementary music teacher to be honored at the Disney American Teacher Awards in Los Angeles in 1998.
After singing leading roles in musicals in Ohio and serving as a member of the celebrated Robert Wagner Chorale, she moved to Lexington in 1964, where she has lived during the last four decades.
He is a music education/performance double major and is among the School’s strongest students, both in performance and academics.
www.uky.edu /FineArts/Music/newsletter/summer2005/6.html   (1422 words)

 2005 music wrap-up
In 2005, I bought approximately 124 albums (up 25% from last year!) This was surprising to me, because I was under the impression that I hadn't bought much music this year!
I thought I hadn't bought much new music because I spent four or five months going through my old music and rating every song, and I wasn't actively seeking out new music during that period.
It's primarily electronic music with heavily processed female vocals, but there's a fair amount of variety: unlike most industrial bands who use a lot of vocal processing, she doesn't fall into the trap of using the same damned effect on every song, and the effects she does use are pretty interesting.
www.jwz.org /gruntle/music2005.html   (1310 words)

 Music seen 2005 - The Mix
The Columbia music scene has long suffered from the overpowering appeal of Charlotte and Atlanta for touring bands and musicians, but fall 2005 was quite the exception.
Fall 2005 proved to be a great season for one of Columbia's largest local bands.
Fall 2005 will be a hard season to follow for Columbia's music scene.
dailygamecock.com /news/2006/01/13/TheMix/Music.Seen.2005-1369199.shtml   (717 words)

In Music We Trust is a not-for-profit organization that was founded by a group of music industry professionals as a resource for music programs in the public schools.
It is In Music We Trust’s goal to find mutually beneficial ways in which the entertainment industry and the schools can work together to provide comprehensive music training for all secondary school students.
In addition to enriching students intellectually and spiritually, music is a valid career path and should be presented as such.
www.inmusicwetrust.org   (367 words)

 Summer Music Education Workshop 2005
Included will be: a choral reading session of multicultural repertoire, an introduction to world music drumming, and an exploration of ways to utilize Dalcroze Eurhythmics in general music classes and in instrumental and choral rehearsals.
This workshop is designed for music teachers on every grade level who are interested in improving their teaching and rehearsal techniques, as well as their knowledge of multicultural music teaching and their comfort level with incorporating world music materials into the curriculum.
She is also the Research Chair and a Regional Director for the International NETWORK of Schools for the Advancement of Arts Education and the Higher Education Representative for PMEA District 7.
www.isu.edu /music/workshop2005.html   (376 words)

 Chautauqua Music Festival - Music Festival Home
The schools of music, dance, theater and art, are represented by professional counterparts.
Students are encouraged to freely attend opera, symphony, theater and galleries throughout the duration of the festival.
I strongly believe no music student’s career would be complete without at least one visit to this extraordinary environment and festival.
music.ciweb.org   (287 words)

 south by southwest festivals + conferences
The South By Southwest Music And Media Conference is pleased to announce the keynote speaker for the 2005 Conference is Robert Plant.
Born in 1948, Plant's musical influences are shared with many musicians who came of age in the 60s, with Delta blues and West Coast folk/psychedelia having great impact.
The South By Southwest Music and Media Conference is pleased to announce the addition of a panel discussion of Brian Wilson's Smile project, in conjunction with a screening of Beautiful Dreamer: Brian Wilson and the Story of 'Smile'.
2005.sxsw.com /music   (2467 words)

 Kanye West: 2005 Sasquatch! Music Festival
News reports of the accident quickly spread throughout the music industry, and the disturbing image of the usually-slender West's suddenly bloated, severely bruised visage laid up in a hospital bed became indelibly ingrained in the conscience of a shocked rap nation.
Rap music's storied history has seen several artists play the dual roles of word wielder on the mic and trackmaster behind the boards.
In essence, Kanye West's music has arrived not just for the sake of defying expectations, but to express the truisms of every day life as no one in hip-hop has done before.
www.hob.com /tickets/festivals/sasquatch/2005/artists/kanyewest.asp   (1262 words)

 Unyazi 2005 - Electronic Music Symposium and Festival - NewMusicSA: ISCM, South Africa
The groundbreaking four-day event aims to promote a valuable dialogue concerning "electroacoustic music in the southern hemisphere", between composers, performers, and musicologists from South Africa and the rest of the world.
Halim El-Dabh, one of the pioneers of electronic music internationally, and the father of electronic music in Africa, will be attending the Unyazi festival in 2005.
The Unyazi 2005 audience will have an exciting and rare opportunity to buy choice electroacoustic music on compact disc, as recordings by most of the visiting composers will be for sale at the festival.
www.newmusicsa.org.za /unyazi2005.html   (1062 words)

 2005 Country Music Week
The North America Country Music Associations, Int'l proudly announced it's Eight Annual Country Music Week and NACMAI Hall of Fame and Award Show to be held March 7 - March 13, 2005, at the Country Tonite Theatre in Pigeon Forge, TN.
Queen Of Gospel Music Dottie Rambo was the only inductee to receive a standing ovation before taking the stage to perform her self-penned classics.
Peggy Franck, CEO/President of the North America Country Music Associations, Int'l is proud to announce the awarding of its Fourth Annual $500 Music Scholarship to a young person from an affiliated state association to the college of their choice.
www.geocities.com /~nacmai/show05.html   (1212 words)

 School of Music 2003-2005 Online Bulletin: Courses
Undergraduate music performance study courses include private lessons and recitals.
Graduate music performance study courses include private lessons and recitals.
There are four symphony orchestras, a chamber orchestra, a baroque (period instrument) orchestra, and the New Music Ensemble.
www.indiana.edu /~bulletin/iub/music/2003-2005/courses.html   (623 words)

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