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Topic: 2050

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  2050 HF Transceiver
The 2050 transceiver is packaged ready to operate as a desktop transceiver, and by adding the inexpensive “mobile pack” the 2050 becomes a mobile (trunk mounted) transceiver.
The 2050 transceiver is packaged as a desktop (local control) transceiver and with the addition of the simple and inexpensive Mobile pack the 2050 is quickly reconfigured to a mobile (trunk mount) transceiver.
The 2050 transceiver auxiliary connector is fully featured to interface to a variety of external modems including the Barrett 2020 HF email system and the Barrett 923 email and data system.
members.iinet.net.au /~barrett/2050.html   (728 words)

 Region 2050 - Sustaining the Quality of Life in the Southern Willamette Valley of Oregon
Region 2050 began in the summer of 1999 with the adoption of formal resolutions by the Lane County Board of Commissioners and the City Councils of Coburg, Cottage Grove, Creswell, Eugene, Junction City, Lowell, Oakridge, Springfield, Veneta, and Westfir.
The 2050 population targets in the strategy will be used to arrive at the coordinated 20-year population projections for UGBs, as adjusted to reflect projections for non-Region 2050 cities and rural lands outside the Southern Willamette Valley region.
Region 2050 offers small cities a place at the table with the metropolitan cities and the county to collaborate on ways to meet the income needs of all cities and the county at the regional level.
www.region2050.org   (1816 words)

 2050   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
2050 is a national not-for-profit organisation that represents the young future leaders of the built environment that are working towards a sustainable future.
The name 2050 is a constant reminder for all members that we are working for a sustainable Australia for future generations; that the actions we carry out today will have an impact upon the future.
By leading our representative professions' youth committees, 2050 is able to comprehensively penetrate the built environment sector and seek generational change towards more sustainable development policy and practice.
www.2050.org.au   (204 words)

 52:0772(76)AC - - EPA and NFFE, Local 2050 and Environmental Employees Collectively Organized - - 1996 FLRAdec RP - - ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
By separate letter of the same date, all Local 2050 members were informed of the trusteeship and the appointment of Sturdivant and were notified that the special meeting was cancelled because the calling of the meeting violated the NFFE National constitution.
Local 2050 is the certified exclusive representative of all the employees in the unit affected by this petition.
Because Local 2050 is the certified exclusive representative of all the employees in the unit affected by this petition and thus was entitled to automatic intervention, we find, contrary to EECO's assertion, that Local 2050 thereby also satisfied the requirements of section 2422.5(f).
www.flra.gov /decisions/v52/52-076-4.html   (3400 words)

 A Better World in 2050? by Jerome C. Glenn - The Globalist > > Global Science
Jerome Glenn offers a hopeful scenario for 2050, in which the world may turn out to be a pleasant place to live in.
y 2050, the world had finally achieved a global economy that appeared to be environmentally sustainable, while providing nearly all people with the basic necessities of life — and the majority with a comfortable living.
By 2050, the world had finally achieved a global economy that was environmentally sustainable — while providing nearly all people with the basic necessities of life.
www.theglobalist.com /DBWeb/StoryId.aspx?StoryId=2196   (967 words)

 In Depth - What will be China's food demand in 2025 and 2050?
However, it is also possible that the population with actually begin to decline after 2025, so that it would be only 1.25 billion in 2050, which is about the same size as in the mid-1990s.
By 2050 China's wheat demand might be from 118.0 to 159.1 million tons, depending on the population projection variant (see Table 1).
It is also interesting that according to the low population growth variant, China's grain demand in 2050 could be lower than in 2025, because the population would actually decline after 2025.
www.iiasa.ac.at /Research/LUC/ChinaFood/indepth/id_7.htm   (3173 words)

 Super-Computer Predicts Runaway Greenhouse Effect
Large swathes of the planet will be plunged into misery by climate change in the next 50 years, with many millions ravaged by hunger, water shortages and flooding, according to evidence published yesterday.
It has been thought that the speed of global warming would be moderated by the extra growth in plants and trees made possible because of more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
The latest information shows that this benefit will be lost in 2050 because of lack of rainfall in key areas.
www.globalpolicy.org /socecon/envronmt/glowarm4.htm   (828 words)

 Hawaii 2050: Additional FAQ Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
What is the relationship between the Hawai`i 2050 Plan and the respective county planning processes?
Hawaii 2050 is a community planning process that will guide future policy decisions for a desirable and sustainable environment, community, and economy.
The Hawaii 2050 plan will be based on the core values, hopes, and priorities of Hawaii’s residents.
hawaii2050.org /faq_more.php?id=13_0_24_0_C   (121 words)

 Stereophile: Boulder 2050 monoblock amplifier
Fig.1 Boulder 2050, frequency response at (from top to bottom at 6kHz): 1W into 8 ohms, 2W into 4 ohms, and 2.828V into simulated loudspeaker load (0.5dB/vertical div.).
The 2050 is nothing less than a brute of an amplifier, but a brute with surprisingly refined performance.
While the 2050 got quite hot during the 1/3-power pretest, at no other time during the testing was it more than pleasantly warm to the touch.
www.stereophile.com /amplificationreviews/764/index5.html   (1193 words)

 Coast 2050 Feasibility Study
In 1998, the State of Louisiana and its Federal partners approved a coastal restoration plan entitled Coast 2050: Toward a Sustainable Coastal Louisiana.
By implementing the plan’s regional ecosystem strategies, it is envisioned that a sustainable ecosystem will be restored in coastal Louisiana, in large part by utilizing the same natural forces that initially built the landscape.
While the ultimate goal for coastal restoration under the Coast 2050 plan is to implement strategies throughout coastal Louisiana, the Barataria Basin is in dire need of immediate attention.
www.coast2050.gov   (590 words)

 China to be biggest economy by 2050
Although China's growth is expected to slow from the current high rate, it will surpass the United States based on purchasing power parity by 2050 and lead seven other emerging countries to overtake the Group of Seven, or G7, as the world's biggest economic bloc, the report said.
The Emerging Seven economies, or E7 as the PwC coined it, will by 2050 be around 25 percent larger than the current G7 when measured in US dollar terms at the market exchange rates or around 75 percent larger in PPP terms.
China, despite its projected slowdown in market growth, is forecast to be around 95 percent the size of the United States at market exchange rates by 2050 or about 40 percent larger in PPP terms.
www.chinadaily.com.cn /china/2006-05/22/content_596360.htm   (474 words)

 Open the Future: Hawaii 2050
Legislative support for the Hawaii 2050 Sustainability project was so great, in fact, that funding for the project received a near-unanimous override of the current governor's veto.
The Hawaii 2050 Sustainability project is remarkably ambitious, seeking to create, over the course of the next 18 months, an entirely new planning strategy for the state's next half-century.
If Hawaii is successful with the 2050 Sustainability endeavor, however, it could in turn serve as a role model for other political entities looking for a proven set of techniques for grappling with uncertainty.
www.openthefuture.com /2006/08/hawaii_2050.html   (1277 words)

 How To Build 6,000 Nuclear Plants by 2050
My projections simply envisioned nuclear energy growing from supplying 6% of world energy needs today to one third of the energy demand in 2050, which was taken to grow by about a factor of 3 from 2000.
This is leading the world into economic collapse, without adequate energy supplies, where the rich feel the need to acquire the significant resources of the economy, with growing disparities in income and wealth, even in the developed world, and frustration in the developing and undeveloped world from the limits on their ability to function economically.
By 2050, given current trends, world population will increase from today's 6 billion-plus people to an estimated 9 to 10 billion people, with most of the increase coming from the developing world.
www.larouchepub.com /other/2005/3225build_6000_nukes.html   (4768 words)

 Stellar Solutions - CitriSurf 2050
CitriSurf 2050 is a solution of chemicals specifically designed to provide low cost and efficient removal of contaminants and all free iron from the surface of stainless steel.
CitriSurf 2050 should be mixed with clean water at a ratio of 1 part of CitriSurf 2050 with 7 to 14 parts of water by volume to fill the tank used so as to adequately cover all parts to be treated.
Although very safe in normal use, CitriSurf 2050 is a Citric Acid based material, and as such it may cause irritation to exposed surfaces of the body.
www.stellarsolutions.net /2050data.htm   (507 words)

 US Census Press Releases
From 2000 to 2050, the non-Hispanic, white population would increase from 195.7 million to 210.3 million, an increase of 14.6 million or 7 percent.
This group is projected to actually lose population in the 2040s and would comprise just 50.1 percent of the total population in 2050, compared with 69.4 percent in 2000.
The fl population is projected to rise from 35.8 million to 61.4 million in 2050, an increase of about 26 million or 71 percent.
www.census.gov /Press-Release/www/releases/archives/population/001720.html   (517 words)

 Alternative Nuclear Paths To 2050
In 2050, nuclear would supply some 12% of total primary energy demand and some 35% of total electricity consumption, as compared with some 7% and 17% respectively in 1996.
Cumulative uranium requirements in Path II would reach 5.6 million tU in 2050 if all reactors were operated on the once-through fuel cycle and enrichment plants were operated at 0.3% tails assay throughout the period.
In Path III, the level of annual GHG emissions avoided by 2050 would be the same as in Path II (6.3 Gt), but the contribution of nuclear power to GHG emission reduction would be marginal in the period 2015—30.
www.world-nuclear.org /sym/1998/vera.htm   (4916 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Viewpoints: The urban world in 2050
In 2050, I would hope to see cities that restored a more intimate relationship with the countryside around them both in the use of local materials in building construction and local traditions of architecture.
We should be moving towards cities that are based around walking than around the motor car, and around living in a way that relies on the sort of energy budget and food budget that's available to us close by.
In the developed world my guess is by 2050 energy sustainability will have become a big deal and the result of that will be that the kind of sprawl that we have seen in the United States in particular will actually be halted, on the grounds of energy costs.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/5094602.stm   (2515 words)

 Coast 2050: Toward a Sustainable Coastal Louisiana
The development of Coast 2050 represented a joint planning initiative among the Louisiana Wetland Conservation and Restoration Authority, the Breaux Act Task Force, and the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Authority.
The group charged with developing Coast 2050 established the goal of developing a technically sound strategic plan to sustain coastal resources by providing an integrated multiple use approach to ecosystem management.
Through the implementation of the plan’s regional ecosystem strategies, Coast 2050 envisioned the restoration of a sustainable ecosystem in coastal Louisiana by utilizing the same natural forces that initially built the landscape.
www.crcl.org /Coast2050.html   (365 words)

 [No title]
Best Current Practice [Page 7] RFC 2050 Internet Registry IP Allocation Guidelines November 1996 The utilization rate above is to be used as a guideline, there may be be occasions when the 1 year rate does not fall exactly in this range.
Best Current Practice [Page 8] RFC 2050 Internet Registry IP Allocation Guidelines November 1996 The subnetting plans should include: a) a tabular listing of all subnets on the network b) its associated subnet masks c) the estimated number of hosts d) a brief descriptive remark regarding the subnet.
Best Current Practice [Page 9] RFC 2050 Internet Registry IP Allocation Guidelines November 1996 3.6 Expected Utilization Rate As stated in the foregoing text, one of the key factors in determining how much address space is appropriate for an organization is the expected utilization rate of the network.
www.ietf.org /rfc/rfc2050.txt   (3369 words)

 TGS 06: The Tousou Highway 2: Road Warrior 2050 Hands-On - PlayStation 2 News at GameSpot   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
Road Warrior 2050 from D3 is one of the latter, but not even booth signs mislabeling it as Road Warrior 2005 could deter us from checking it out.
When we got to the end, after an uneventful six or seven minutes, we were told that we had achieved an "S" ranking on a screen that detailed our number of kills and some other statistics, and we were then shown a brief cutscene of a woman in a hospital bed.
There's almost certainly a storyline in Road Warrior 2050 somewhere, then, but if the only way to experience it is to play through more levels like the one that we endured today, it's unlikely that we'll ever know what it's about.
www.gamespot.com /ps2/action/thetousouhighway2roadwarrior2050/news.html?page=1&sid=6158488&part=rss&subj=6158488   (746 words)

 COAST 2050 Economic consequences of land loss
COAST 2050 What are the main coastal uses in your region?
COAST 2050 Projected land loss that is being addressed by current efforts
COAST 2050 Projected land loss by the year 2040 for the entire coast of Louisiana
www.lacoast.gov /Programs/2050/SlideShow   (100 words)

 Adtran NetVanta 2050 FireWall Only ( 1202362L1 ) - Networking
The ADTRAN NetVanta 2050 is small office/home office VPN/Security gateway providing all the necessary components required to secure an integrated VPN solution.
The NetVanta 2050 employs a stateful inspection firewall that protects an organization's network from common cyber attacks including TCP synflooding, IP spoofing, ICMP redirect, land attacks, ping-of-death, and IP reassembly problems.
Since the NetVanta 2050 offers a dedicated processing platform to drive the encryption process, local computer performance is unaffected.
www.superwarehouse.com /p.cfm?p=329466   (507 words)

 2050 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2050 (MML) will be a common year starting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar.
October 2, 2050, will mark 100 years since the first appearance of the classic comic strip Peanuts by Charles Schulz.
September 9, 2050 will mark the bicentennial of the State of California.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/2050   (423 words)

 The world in 2050 - Impact of global growth on carbon emissions
The latter should be broadly consistent with stabilising global atmospheric CO2 concentrations at around 450ppm by 2050, as discussed in detail in the report.
We can see that the G7 economies will need to reduce their current level of emissions by around half by 2050 to achieve this scenario, whereas the E7 economies would still be able to increase their emissions by around 30% from current levels.
Estimates suggest that the level of GDP might be reduced by no more than around 2-3% in 2050 if this strategy was followed, equivalent to sacrificing only around a year of economic growth for the sake of reducing carbon emissions in 2050 by around 60% compared to our baseline scenario".
www.pwc.com /extweb/pwcpublications.nsf/docid/DFB54C8AAD6742DB852571F5006DD532   (969 words)

 RoboCup 2050
Recently this goal was discussed at length in the Robot Papers Group of the Dartmouth Robotics Laboratory (the RPG is a weekly meeting of members of the DRL to discuss robotics papers and topics of interest).
The RoboCup 2050 Goal is a bold challenge to the robotics community.
As for the RoboCup 2050 goal, it has been suggested that it is intended mostly as a motivator for research, not as a seriously attainable goal.
people.csail.mit.edu /kotay/opinions/robocup2050.html   (1971 words)

 Environment - Critical Choices Today Will Define The World In 2050
By envisioning the world of 2050, we can pinpoint the critical development choices that we have to make now to realize our vision of a wealthier, more equitable, more sustainable world, according to today’s presentation of the World Bank publication, The Road to 2050: Sustainable Development in the 21st Century.
With these growth rates, 40 percent of world income in 2050 would be earned in low- and middle-income countries—twice their share today, according to the document.
Even pessimistic estimates place life expectancy in 2050 in today’s low-and middle-income countries at 72 years (up from 64 today) and under-five mortality at 17 per 1,000 live births (down from 85 per 1,000 today).
web.worldbank.org /WBSITE/EXTERNAL/TOPICS/ENVIRONMENT/0,,contentMDK:20958343~menuPK:176751~pagePK:64020865~piPK:149114~theSitePK:244381,00.html   (823 words)

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