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 20th century classical music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An important feature of 20th century concert music is the existence of the splitting of the audience into traditional and avant-garde, with many figures prominent in one world considered minor or unacceptable in the other.
In the early part of the 20th century modernist composers such as George Antheil and others produced music that was shocking to audiences of the time for its disregard or flaunting of musical conventions.
John Cage is a prominent figure in 20th century music whose influence steadily grew during his lifetime, and who is regarded by many as the founder of post-modernist music.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/20th_century_classical_music   (2794 words)

 20th century - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 20th century has sometimes been called, both within and outside the United States, the American Century, though this is a controversial term.
The trends of mechanization of goods and services and networks of global communication, which were begun in the 19th century, continued at an ever-increasing pace in the 20th.
Modernism (music): 20th century classical music- Atonality- Jazz
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/20th_century   (1904 words)

In the transition from the nineteenth to the twentieth century, Serbian literature took on all the basic characteristics of a modern national literature.
As early as the 1950s, during the second half of the century, the increased interest in Serbian writers, their ever greater presence in translation, the feedback which their works provoke among foreign readers and students of literature, have all indisputably transformed the old picture.
Cosic thereafter published Roots (1954) in which he turned his attention to the end of the last century, and in several voluminous novels (a series of novels) he deals with the dramatic developments and turning points in the social, ideological and political life of Serbia during the first half of the twentieth century.
suc.suc.org /culture/history/Hist_Serb_Culture/chr/New_Literature.html   (8766 words)

 20th Century
For each one, please tell me if you consider that person to be one of the people you admire most from this century; a person you admire, but not the most; a person you somewhat admire; or someone you do not admire at all.
For each one, please tell me if you consider that event to be one of the most important events of the century, important but not the most important, somewhat important, or not important.
As I read a list, tell me whether you think each thing is a major reason, a minor reason or not a reason that America has been so successful in this century.
www.pollingreport.com /20th.htm   (1005 words)

 20th century music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
20th Century music was an experimentation in a new style and form and it challenged the accepted rules of music of the time period.
The invention of the synthesizer in the late-1960s revolutionized music.
Because music was no longer limited to concerts and clubs, it became possible for music artists to quickly gain fame nationwide and sometimes worldwide extremely quickly.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/20th_century_music   (118 words)

 The Norton Anthology of English Literature: The 20th Century: Introduction
The boundary-breaking art, literature, and music of the first decades of the century are the subject of the topic “Modernist Experiment.” Among the leading aesthetic innovators of this era were the composer Igor Stravinsky, the cubist Pablo Picasso, and the futurist F. Marinetti.
Another of the defining features of the twentieth century was the emergence of new nations out of European colonial rule.
Another of the twentieth century’s defining features is radical artistic experiment.
www.wwnorton.com /nael/20century/welcome.htm   (492 words)

 The Century and the Millennium
The advocates of "2001" usually say that since a century is 100 years, a millennium is 1000 years, and the calendar began with year 1, therefore all subsequent centuries will begin with a year 1 (e.g.
On the ABC evening news Peter Jennings calmly announced the "beginning of the century," as though there were no question about this; and even the less confident news personalities admitted that the "more mathematically precise" reckoned the century to have just begun.
Years evenly divisible by 100 are conveniently called "century years." 2000, not 2001, is thus a "century year." Now, advocates of 2001, the Ordinalists, can say that "century years" end a century rather than begin a century.
www.friesian.com /century.htm   (4469 words)

 20th Century Boys
The site's developed and maintained by Yongkiat K and is dedicated to one of the best Mangas ever written, 20th Century Boys.
Century Boys or 20世紀少年 is a Japanese Manga written and drawn by one of the finest Japanese Maga artists, Naoki Urasawa.
Century Boys is packed with interesting plot and is suitable for older audience.
www.classicmanga.com /20thcenturyboys   (359 words)

 History of Western philosophy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The "Modern" is a word with more varied use, which includes everything from Post-Medieval through the specific period of the early 20th century.
As with the 18th century, it would be developments in science that would arise from, and then challenge, philosophy: most importantly the work of Charles Darwin, which was based on the idea of organic self-regulation found in philosophers such as Adam Smith, but fundamentally challenged established conceptions.
Western Philosophy is generally said to begin in the Greek cities of western Asia Minor (Ionia) with Thales of Miletus, who was active around 585 B.C. and left us the opaque dictum, "All is water." His most noted students were Anaximenes of Miletus and Anaximander ("All is air").
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/History_of_Western_philosophy   (3134 words)

 20th-century philosophy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 20th century brought with it upheavals that produced a series of conflicting developments within philosophy over the basis of knowledge and the validity of various absolutes.
With classical certainties thought to be overthrown, and new social, economic, scientific, ethical, and logical problems, 20th-century philosophy was set for a series of attempts variously to reform, preserve, alter, abolish, previously conceived limits.
Philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics, and epistemology furthered seemingly antagonistic tendencies in accounting for consciousness and its objects, as expressed in the profound differences between analytic philosophy and phenomenology, both of which had foundations in place at the beginning of the century.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/20th-century_philosophy   (175 words)

 20th Century Fox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fox held on to its theaters until a court-mandated divorce; they were spun off as Fox National Theaters in 1953.
William Fox, a pioneer in creating the theater "chain," began producing films in 1914, and in 1917 hit the jackpot when he offered the sensation of her time, Theda Bara.
Fox Film, with more than five-hundred theatres, was placed in receivership; a bank-mandated reorganisation propped the company up for a time, but it was clear a merger was the only way Fox Film could survive.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/20th_Century_Fox   (2328 words)

 The 20th Century
The opening years of the 20th century represented the dawn of a new age -- when the old world gave way to the new.
What 20th century invention had the worst unintended consequences?
But as a victor, he was a popular villain -- despised and feared for challenging the racial divide.
www.cnn.com /SPECIALS/1999/century   (140 words)

 NGA - Modern and Contemporary Painting and Sculpture
Throughout the twentieth century, artists in the vanguard have repeatedly challenged convention by exploring new avenues of expression and seeking alternative forms to embody new ideas.
In the early years of the century, the so-called fauve artists ("wild beasts") in France, led by Henri Matisse, experimented with vivid, highly saturated colors and bold brushwork to evoke intense emotional responses.
Later, artists such as the Russian Wassily Kandinsky carried these experiments further, creating abbreviated shapes that, however abstract, were meant to stand for specific concepts or forms.
www.nga.gov /collection/gallery/20cent.htm   (133 words)

 20th Century Decades: General Links
Most of the posters are from the 20th century, and "brings together some of the great graphic images made in the United States." Sections include: American Events, Designed to Sell, Advice to Americans, and Patriotic Persuasion.
Background and biographical information on the great popular singers, songwriters and musical performers of the 20th Century who are honored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Images from American advertising campaigns of the 20th Century.
dewey.chs.chico.k12.ca.us /decsg.html   (1552 words)

 TASCHEN Books: Photography - All Titles - 20th Century Photography - Facts
From Ansel Adams to Piet Zwart, over 850 works are presented in alphabetical order by photographer, with descriptive texts and photographers' biographical details, providing a comprehensive and indispensable overview of 20th century photography.
TASCHEN Books: Photography - All Titles - 20th Century Photography - Facts
This book provides a fascinating insight into the collection's rich diversity; from conceptual art to abstraction to reportage, all of the major movements and genres are represented via a vast selection of the century's most remarkable photographs.
www.taschen.com /pages/en/catalogue/books/photography/all/facts/01871.htm   (277 words)

 The Twentieth Century - Divining America: Religion and the National Culture - TeacherServe
Help your students understand America's movement into the twentieth century, and the Progressive response to social changes, by exploring the reaction against evangelicalism.
This essay is located in the 19th Century section.
Continue the story of European Jewish immigrants as they forge their identity as Americans in the twentieth century.
www.nhc.rtp.nc.us /tserve/twenty.htm   (307 words)

 ART HISTORY RESOURCES: Part 13 20th-Century Art
Painting and Sculpture of the 20th Century, in the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
Painting and Sculpture of the 20th Century, in the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC Kandinsky: Compositions, a review by Mark Harden (in Mark Harden's Juxtapositions)
Artists of the 20th Century: portraits, dates, links to resources with artworks, biographies of major 20th-Century and contemporary visual artists (Matthijs Leijenaar)
witcombe.sbc.edu /ARTH20thcentury.html   (1283 words)

 20th Century Composers
Click here to hear a walkthrough of the 20th Century Composers genre.
The composers in this section all composed their music during the last century.
www.epitonic.com /genres/20thcenturycomposers.html   (197 words)

 20th-century English literature - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about 20th-century English literature
This indicates the questioning nature of the 20th century, which began by doubting the principles on which the Victorians had based their social code, leading to uncertainty and complexity.
The 20th century is dominated by the effects of World War I and II.
The century was a period of great artistic change, and is dominated by the impact of World War I (1914–18) and World War II (1939–45), as well as by the artistic concerns of modernism (which affected both themes and methods of writing).
encyclopedia.farlex.com /20th-century+English+literature   (1774 words)

 Timeline 20th Century Philosophy -
Century 17th Century 18th Century 19th Century 20th Century 21st Century...
OVERVIEW - History of Palestine - Timeline - Ancient to 20th Century - Historic region, the extent of...
History of Palestine - Timeline - Ancient to 20th Century : Article from CultureMonster.com
philosophy.fmqg.com /index.php?k=timeline-20th-century-philosophy   (1004 words)

 20th century BC
Late 20th Century (1960 - 2000) Profiles of those involved in the rise of technology and minimalism in late 20th century composition from Heart's Ease Conservatory.
Intellectual Currents of the Twentieth Century A survey of 20th century philosophy, spanning all of the major movements.
Early 20th Century Russian Theater The best starting place for an examination of Russian 20th-century visual art is the immediate 19th-century context.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-20th_century_BC.html   (555 words)

 20th century classical music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Neo-classicism, in music, means the movement in the 20th century to return to a revived "common practice" harmony, mixed with greater dissonance and rhythm, as the basic point of departure for music.
An important feature of 20th century concert music is the existence of the splitting of the audience into traditional and avant-garde, with many figures prominent in one world considered minor or unacceptable in the other.
In the early part of the 20th century modernist composers such as George Antheil and others produced music that was shocking to audiences of the time for its disregard or flaunting of musical conventions.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/20th_century_classical_music   (2863 words)

 American Cultural History - The Twentieth Century
The purpose of these pages is to present a series of web guides on the decades of the twentieth century.
kclibrary.nhmccd.edu /decades.html   (52 words)

 EyeWitness - The 20th Century
At the end of the 20th century it was Madonna, at its beginning it was the Gibson Girl.
Learn More About the 20th Century in SnapShots: Photographic Gateways to History
Driving in 1907, winning the Vanderbilt Cup in 1906 and the first woman to drive coast-to-coast.
www.eyewitnesstohistory.com /20frm.htm   (524 words)

 Classical Net - Definition - 20th Century
In this category, little attempt has been made to differentiate among the various sub-groupings under which music of our century has been placed.
There is substantial chronological overlap between this list and the Modern one, but on average the compositions in this list fall into the first half of the twentieth century.
Use of text, images, or any other copyrightable material contained in these pages, without the written permission of the copyright holder, except as specified in the Copyright Notice, is strictly prohibited.
www.classical.net /music/rep/defs/20th.html   (173 words)

 Lectures on Twentieth Century Europe - Main
My approach is intellectual in that I am trying to discover how centuries of devotion to human reason, or faith, or both together have created the twentieth century as a century of crisis.
Welcome to The History Guide's Lectures on Twentieth Century Europe.
These lectures were written over the past five years and served as the basis for my upper division European history classes at Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton and Davie, FL) and Meredith College (Raleigh, NC).
www.historyguide.org /europe/europe.html   (500 words)

 20th century - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 20th century lasted from 1901 to 2000 in the Gregorian calendar.
The problem of a depletion of natural resources is decreased by advances in drilling technology which led to a net increase in the amount of fossil fuel that is readily obtainable at the end of the century, as compared with the amount considered obtainable at the beginning of the century.
The twentieth century saw a remarkable shift in the way that vast numbers of people lived, as a result of technological, medical, social, ideological, and political innovations.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/20th_century   (500 words)

 Special:Allpages/20th May Definition / Special:Allpages/20th May Research
20th century/Life expectancyLife expectancy is the most likely number of years remaining for a living being (or the average for a class of living beings) of a given age to live.
20th century/Maternal death ratesMaternal death is the death of a woman in childbirth.
This is different from the century known as the twenty-one hundreds, which comprises the years 2100 to 2199....
www.elresearch.com /Special:Allpages/20th_May   (7680 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/2nd millennium BC
20th century BC 19th century BC 18th century BC 17th century BC 16th century BC 15th century BC 14th century BC 13th century BC 12th century BC 11th century BC
Pharaoh Ramesses I of the Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt (reigned 1293 BC - 1291 BC).
Pharaoh Kamose of the Seventeenth dynasty of Egypt (reigned 1573 BC - 1570 BC).
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/2nd_millennium_BC   (460 words)

 Penn Special Collections-PSPA Register 8
An index of significant correspondents of the 20th century may be found in Appendix B.
Records and reports of specially appointed committees; organized alphabetically be committee name, and then chronologically.
Meeting notes, minutes, and records of permanent committees; filed alphabetically by committee title and then chronologically, followed by lists of committee appointments.
www.library.upenn.edu /collections/rbm/regis/pspa/pspa_m8.html   (392 words)

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