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Topic: 21st March

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  After the Capture, 21st March, 1918
On the morning of March 21st, 1918, an intense bombardment was set up by the enemy, and it was soon very evident that something of no mere importance was about to happen.
Marching through thick mud for what at the time seemed endless hours, proved to be a tiring ordeal, but we managed to find some relief in our amazement at the severe losses experienced by the enemy in this final desperate attack on the Allied lines.
We were marched to Le Cateau and on arrival in the town had the doubtful honour of witnessing the Kaiser and little Willie, both resplendent in gay uniforms bedecked with medals, journeying to witness the progress of their troops.
www.thorngent.eclipse.co.uk /pow/chap3.htm   (2443 words)

 Skiing in/past March: why not popular? - The Barking Bear Forums
Which means that in March, it is wet, cold, and gloomy most of the month: we don't see warm temperatures until April at the earliest (last year, it wasn't until late-June: the average temperature in June was something like 60F-brrrr).
This has not been a normal March on the Pacific Coast this winter so I wouldn't go making it sound like March is like this every year.
Since the March sun is at a higher angle, it quickly turns the fresh snow from any storms into spring conditions.
forums.epicski.com /showthread.php?t=39322&highlight=march+April   (2915 words)

 Why March 21st?
The astronomical March equinox (northward equinox, spring equinox for the northern hemisphere) corresponds to the moment when Sun is at 0° ecliptic longitude, at which point the ecliptic intersects the celestial equator.
It is said that March 21st was selected as the ecclesiastical vernal equinox because the Church of Alexandria, whose staff were reputed to have astronomical expertise, reckoned that March 21st was the date of the equinox in 325 AD, the year of the First Council of Nicaea.
By constraining the equinox to land on March 21st, the Gregorian Reform implicitly shifted the epoch of the Proleptic Gregorian Calendar two days later than the Julian Calendar, as it was pointed out above that in the first year after the Julian Calendar epoch the equinox was on March 23rd.
individual.utoronto.ca /kalendis/mar21.htm   (1906 words)

The March Message is not considered to be a publication, thus allowing the expression of opinion that might be withheld from a formal publication.
Our thresholds are the same as given in the 1998 March Message, with the caution that trap capture thresholds apply to ABLM and not to STLM and that they may be unreliable if fewer than 4 traps are used per 8-acre block.
Single copies of the March Message are also available for $5, and may be useful to out-of-state growers as an alternative to the entire Massachusetts subscription.
www.umass.edu /fruitadvisor/march_message/Mar_Mess99.html   (15151 words)

 Paula-Abdul.net | March 2003 News
March 27th- Paula Abdul will be a guest on the Wayne Brady show, airing at 9AM EST today.
March 26th- Playbill announces that Marisa Tomei has been announced as the lead role in "Sweet Charity." This was the role that Paula was once cast to play.
March 18th- (Source: Nicole) Paula will be on The Craig Kilborn Show tonight at 12:35 AM.
www.paula-abdul.net /html/march.html   (602 words)

 A/56/884-S/2002/301 of 22 March 2002
It was confirmed this week that terrorist infiltrators from Lebanon were responsible for the shooting attack that claimed the lives of six Israelis near the northern Israeli town of Shlomi on 12 March 2002.
On 8 March, Nasrallah made the following comment on Hizbullah television: "We are keen on providing all financial and political support for the intifada.
I should be grateful if you would arrange to have the text of the present letter circulated as a document of the fifty-sixth session of the General Assembly, under agenda item 166, and of the Security Council.
domino.un.org /unispal.nsf/5ba47a5c6cef541b802563e000493b8c/63ced1d3a47a3ff085256b8800543aa4!OpenDocument   (1008 words)

 March 21 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
March 21 is also the usual date of the vernal equinox (first day of spring) in the Northern Hemisphere, and the autumnal equinox (first day of autumn) in the Southern Hemisphere.
March 21 is regarded as the first full day of the sign of Aries.
March 20 - March 22 - February 21 - April 21 -- listing of all days
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/March_21   (1738 words)

 The Forum - Marriage-21st Century - March 2006
SHREVEPORT, LA — "Marriage in the 21st Century" is the topic for this year's version of The Forum, set for March 14 and 21 at Centenary College.
She will be followed a week later-- on March 21 -- by a panel of students and citizens from The (Shreveport) Times' Citizen Editorial Board.
Those participating in the student-citizen panel are Lacey Anderson, a philosophy and German student; Laura Pryor, a political science and economics student; Curt Youngblood, sociology and communication student; Darcie Johnson, owner of a small business; Tena Hines, a realtor with Coldwell Banker/J. Wesley Dowling; and Dr. Willie Chevalier, a retired general contractor.
www.centenary.edu /news/2006/March/Forum-2006.htm   (439 words)

 Celebrating 75 years of The Salt March 1930 - 2005
March resumes from Aslali at 7.15 AM Reached Bajera at 9 AM.
March resumes at 6.45 AM IST from Matar and heads towards Dabhan for the noon halt.
March resumes at 4 PM to head for Mangrol.
www.saltmarch.org.in /update.html   (578 words)

 Why isn't Norouz on March 21st anymore?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
I mean, when many of us were growing up, the first day of spring, also known as the vernal equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) was on March 21, not March 20.
During the 20th century, at the longitude of Greenwich, England, the vernal equinox landed on March 21 no fewer than 58 times (39 times between 1901 and 1951).
There are several factors to account for the date shift, including variations in our Gregorian calendar, the precession or "wobble" of the Earth’s axis and the pull of gravity from the other planets, which (ever so slightly) affects the location of the Earth in its orbit.
www.ghandchi.com /iranscope/Anthology/Norouz/March21.htm   (255 words)

 Anti-Crime Report Due 21st March Accuses Politicians & Bureaucrats
(PRWeb) March 19, 2005 -- The Society for Action Against Crime Ltd.’s Education & Crime Report is to be released on 21st March.
Access to S.A.A.C.’s Reports is via www.crimedown.org from 21st March 05 and in the run-up to the UK General Election their website will also make comment on which politicians, if any, they feel likely to take effective new measures to reduce crime significantly.
The Society for Action Against Crime Ltd. is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 1994 and all of its supporters' contributions are spent on its campaigning, including political lobbying.
www.prweb.com /releases/2005/3/prwebxml219348.php   (458 words)

 March 21st -- Seguin Township
A regular meeting of the Township of Seguin Council was held March 21
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council of The Corporation of the Township of Seguin supports the Board of the West Parry Sound District Museum and proposes an immediate crucial aid of $40,062.72 as well as a commitment for annual support in a long-term, sustainable manner.
The Clerk explained the proposed Consent is to grant a right of way 9.2 metres in width in part over an existing 9.2 metre wide right of way and in part to create a new right of way to the adjoining property owned by Gary Skrtich.
www.twp.seguin.on.ca /518/march_21st.htm   (1782 words)

Throughout the many decades of my life previous to my founding of EARTH DAY March 21, 1970, I pondered over how the many differences that confront our world could find a peaceful resolution, instead of being in an almost constant confrontation.
My key solution was to focus attention on the most important common ground and the positive values shared by adversaries.
The advantages of the March Equinox outweigh these difficulties.
www.wowzone.com /why-ed.htm   (759 words)

 Flickr: Discussing dilo 20th March [how to] in a day in the life of ... [21st March 2007]
Flickr: Discussing dilo 20th March [how to] in a day in the life of...
Originally posted at 3:55am, 5 March 2006 PST (permalink)
Feed – Subscribe to a day in the life of...
www.flickr.com /groups/adayinthelife/discuss/72057594075286610   (389 words)

 El.pub Topic News 21st March 2002
At the launch of the initiative, current Commission priorities were outlined as: measures to boost the creation of a clear and predictable framework for e-business, foster full participation of SMEs in the e-economy, improve the availability of risk capital and market-based financing.
The next major developments are predicted to be this month (March), when the next Research Council takes place, and May when the European Parliament begins its second reading of the amended proposals.
A UK Government conference on 20 March will examine how elements of popular games can be transported into the classroom to reinforce traditional teaching methods.
www.elpub.org /base02t0057.htm   (3482 words)

 GM FastLane Blog: Podcast Reveals Solstice Details
Posted by: Brentil on March 21, 2005 07:58 PM I agree that it is more important to build one too few Soltices than one too many, but let's be prepared this car is going to be hot and long waits to get one of these is only going to frustrate people.
Posted by: okieboy_1 on March 23, 2005 09:29 PM I need to make a second clarification regarding the podcast.
Posted by: Jim Hopson on March 24, 2005 11:05 AM I think it is fantastic that an aux input is being put in on the front of the stereo head unit.
fastlane.gmblogs.com /archives/2005/03/podcast_reveals.html   (2584 words)

 Happy 21st Of March   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Other cultures began their new year in the spring, such as the Romans before Caesar, to whom March was the first month.
The 25th of March was the usual date among most Christian peoples in medieval times.
Some early church authorities said March, others August, and for the first 500 years of Christianity there was no general agreement on the birth date.
www.lindseywilliams.org /Editorial_Archives/1979_12-_Happy_21st_Of_March.htm   (481 words)

 ASNH Rare Bird Alert Archives - March 2004
The bird was seen in the fields on the east side of Route 108, approximately 1 mile north of the intersection with Route 107.
A CANVASBACK was seen in Northfield on March 21st upstream from the Cross Mill Road bridge, and two CANVASBACKS were seen on Great Bay in Stratham on the 19th.
On March 25th a PEREGRINE FALCON was reported from Concord, and a pair of falcons in Manchester laid their first egg on March 19th.
www.nhaudubon.org /rarebirdarchives/rarebird0304.htm   (2249 words)

 2006 March at (re)mark
March 16 to April 29, Monday to Saturday, 1PM to 5PM.
It is called Letters to Lovers and Losers, - a place to submit and read letters to the lovers and losers in your life, past and present.
You are currently browsing the (re)mark weblog archives for March, 2006.
blog.markdixon.ca /?m=200603   (548 words)

 Insolvency Happenings to 21st March 05
Whilst I was concerned before her response, I am now fearful for her letter displays a lack of progressive insolvency understanding and a dearth in appreciation of current insolvency legislation.
Your letter to me of the 18th March 05 reads very well to the uninformed: but to fellow creditors of Martin Frost it is an admission of negligence and displays substantial legal and factual misunderstandings.
I have also been asked to respond to your e-mail of 21 February to the Minister for Justice and of 3 March to Scottish Ministers.
www.martinfrost.ws /htmlfiles/insol_update5.html   (2000 words)

 CNN.com - Short notice for Malaysian poll - Mar. 5, 2004
Malaysians will vote March 21 for their first new prime minister in a generation, with incumbent Abdullah Ahmad Badawi almost certain of defeating the fundamentalist Islamic opposition and winning a mandate to fight corruption within his long-ruling party.
The Election Commission announced the polling date Friday and set a March 13 deadline for candidates to lodge their nominations, leaving an official campaign period of barely one week.
The short campaign is expected to favor Abdullah, who took over four months ago when longtime prime minister Mahathir Mohamad retired after 22 years in power.
edition.cnn.com /2004/WORLD/asiapcf/03/04/malaysia.poll.ap/index.html   (576 words)

 News252 21st March 2006
Four Richmond and Zetland athletes, past and present, took part in the Inter Counties Cross Country Championships at Nottingham on 11th March, representing Yorkshire, after qualifying from the County Cross Country Championships at Rotherham in January.
Ken was aptly rewarded after all his hard work in training, bringing home the bronze medal for 3rd position in a superb time of 2.02.36.
Neil also took part in the wonderfully scenic 14.3 mile Dentdale Run at Sedbergh in Cumbria, making his way round the testing and undulating course in a very respectable time of 1.54.54 and finishing in 153rd place.
myweb.tiscali.co.uk /ian.hepworth/news252-2006v2.html   (397 words)

 Moondark 8.09 - March '05 by Doug Miller
Ten days were deleted, October 15th followed the 4th, restoring the vernal equinox to about March 21st.
The 21st is defined as the vernal equinox, even though it does not necessarily fall on that date.
The earliest possible date is March 22nd, and the latest is April 25th, and April 19th is the most common date over the long term, although March 31st, April 15th and 20th occur most frequently (five times each) in this century.
home.comcast.net /~dmiller5879/moondark/march05.html   (730 words)

 Anime News Network - Animatrix in theatres March 21st   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
A recent press release announcing the theatrical release of Castle Rock Entertainment and Village Roadshow Pictures' supernatural thriller "Dreamcatcher," also announced that "Final Flight of the Osiris," will accompany it to theatres.
However, unlike the other episodes, which were directed by Anime notables such as Shinichiro Watanabe and Yoshiaki Kawajiri, "Final Flight" was directed by Andy Jones, written by the Warchowski brothers (the creators of the Matrix) and animated at Square USA.
When "Dreamcatcher" makes its domestic theatrical debut on March 21, it will be accompanied by "Final Flight of the Osiris," a groundbreaking short film conceived by the creators of "The Matrix" trilogy.
www.animenewsnetwork.com /article.php?id=3067   (214 words)

 Spring is coming earlier than you think - Space.com - MSNBC.com
The sun rises due east and sets due west on the equinoxes in March and September.
In 2005, for instance, the vernal equinox, the first day of spring for the Northern Hemisphere comes on Sunday, March 20, at 7:33 a.m.
While it’s true that we’ve traditionally celebrated the beginning of spring on March 21, astronomers and calendar manufacturers alike now say that the spring season starts one day earlier, March 20, in all time zones in North America.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/7231497   (1213 words)

 Drums for Peace — 21st of march 2007
For reference, it is in the wake of Resolution 53/25 of the United Nations that proclaimed he years 2001-2010 “International Decade for the Promotion of a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence to the benefit of the Children of the World” that the “Drums for Peace” action was born in September 1999.
José Van Dam, invited on the occasion of the 21st March 2003, clearly understood our purpose.
He wrote a beautiful introduction to the compilation of poems that won the contest in 2002-2003 : "In this Beginning of the 21st century March 2003, when we talk about wars, trials, crimes and other disasters, it is primordial and certainly beneficial to let children speak and to listen to them.
www.drumsforpeace.org /uk/philosophie.htm   (308 words)

 NS Library - Issue of 21st March, 2005
Sadly, your claim (Leader, 14 March) that corrupt elites in Asia are better at keeping money in their own countries than those in Africa is not true.
Your "constitutional expert" (Leader, 14 March) may have a very firm grasp of the royal family's position in the affairs of the realm, but he understands little of the Church of England.
Tom Baird reports (Observations, 14 March) that the children's minister, Margaret Hodge, is stopping the Woodcraft Folk's £52,000 annual subvention.
www.newstatesman.com /nslibrary?s=21&is=20050321   (617 words)

 March 21st - March 27th
Rome, Mar. 21st (Adnkronos) – The Gemina BOD has given the go-ahead to the entry of the Impregilo capital into the concert party led by Marcellino Gavio and the Rocca Group.
Rome, Mar. 21st (Adnkronos) – “Our clients are all multinational tea companies, from Unilever on down, even single companies” affirmed in an interview with the “Il Sole 24 Ore” financial newspaper, Alberto Vacchi, the MD and shareholder of the Bologna Group, Ima, which produces tea and machines for the packaging of pharmaceuticals.
Milan, Mar. 21st (Adnkronos) – The Bipielle Investimenti board of directors, presided over by Piero Giarda, approved its 2004 final balance today which shows net consolidated profits at € 149.9 million (+119.37%) and a dividend of € 0.35/share (coupon expiration on May 2nd 2005, payment on May 5th 2005).
www.adnkronos.com /Speciali/P_Mi/En/12.html   (3095 words)

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