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Topic: 235 BC

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  Scipio Africanus
Scipio (L., rod or staff) was born in 236 BC in Rome into the Scipio branch of the Cornelii family.
Nicholas Poussin's painting of the Continence of Scipio, depicting his return of a captured young woman to her fiancé, having refused to accept her from his troops as a prize of war.In 211 BC both Scipio's father, Publius Scipio, and uncle, Gnaeus Cornelius Scipio Calvus, were killed in battle against Hannibal's brother, Hasdrubal Barca.
In the year of Scipio's arrival (210 BC) all of Hispania south of the Ebro river was under Carthaginian control.
www.webspawner.com /users/dori1992   (1784 words)

 Cleomenes III - HighBeam Encyclopedia
In his determined effort to restore the prestige of the city, he began (227 BC) a war against the Achaean League and was successful in many battles.
At home his reforms were revolutionary: the kingship was made the supreme power, the ephorate was abolished, and the citizenship was widely extended, apparently to decrease the danger of discontent and to ally the people with the king.
Cleomenes came to his downfall suddenly in 222 BC (or possibly 221 BC) when the Achaean League, allied with Antigonus III of Macedon, routed the Spartan army.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-Cleomenes3.html   (378 words)

 Manlius - HighBeam Encyclopedia
BC, consul (392 BC), took refuge in the Capitol when Rome was taken (c.389) by the Gauls.
BC, served against the Gauls (361 BC), one of whom he slew in single combat.
BC, conquered the Sardinians while consul (235 BC), subsequently becoming censor (231), consul (224), and dictator (210).
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-Manlius.html   (560 words)

 History of Mykenae
According to the tradition, the city of Mykenae, the main representative of this civilization, was founded by Perseus (1400 - 1350 BC), the son of Zeus and Danae, the daughter of king Akrisios of Argos.
After the death of Eurystheus, the city was governed by Atreus of Elis (1250 BC), the brother of Eurystheus wife and son of Pelops and Hippodameia.
Dates, as high as 1270 BC, had been given, though the Greek traditional date was 1184 BC.
www.sikyon.com /Mykinai/history_eg.html   (514 words)

 Cleomenes III Summary
Less squeamish than his predecessor, in 227 BC the opposition in Sparta were removed in a coup - four of the five ephors were killed and eighty opponents were exiled.
In 224 BC Cleomenes fortified the isthmus but his position was turned with the defection of Argos.
For his last campaign in 222 BC he faced 28,000 Macedonians with 10,000 Spartans at the Battle of Sellasia on the road to Tegea, but despite a well chosen position and skillful handling the Spartans were overwhelmed.
www.bookrags.com /Cleomenes_III   (1235 words)

 OC Metro   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
BC Space in Laguna Beach excites passions for nearly all who know the gallery/studio.
But one thing is certain abut the 2,800-square-foot space, located discreetly behind a steel door on Forest Avenue: BC continues to mount provocative shows, as it has done for 33 years.
BC's latest daring work is one that few other visual art spaces would stage.
www.ocmetro.com /metro051205/art051205.html   (577 words)

 Kids.Net.Au - Encyclopedia > 235 BC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Centuries: 4th century BC - 3rd century BC - 2nd century BC
Decades: 280s BC 270s BC 260s BC 250s BC 240s BC - 230s BC - 220s BC 210s BC 200s BC 190s BC 180s BC
Years: 240 BC 239 BC 238 BC 237 BC 236 BC - 235 BC - 234 BC 233 BC 232 BC 231 BC 230 BC
www.kids.net.au /encyclopedia-wiki/23/235_BC   (87 words)

 Graphical History: Egypt - Judah - Syria
Aristobulus I was the ruler of Judea from 104-103 BC, Aristobulus II, sone of Alexander Jannaeus, from 67-64 BC, Aristobulus III, grandson of Aristobulus II, was the last of the line and died in 35 BC, probably put to death by the order of Herod.
In 133 BC the Babylonian solar cult was bequeathed to Rome by Attalus III.
The hoard contained 20 shekels minted in Tyre between the end of the 2nd century BC and the first half of the 1st century BC, featuring the head of the Phoenician god `Melqart'.
www.specialtyinterests.net /ejs3.html   (955 words)

 Bakery, Confectionary and Tobacco Workers International Union (BC&T), Local 235   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Provenance: The majority of the records of BCandT, Local 235 were transferred to the Ozarks Labor Union Archives prior to 1997.
Trotter served as secretary of Bakers Local 235, as well as secretary of the Springfield Central Labor Council.
He also took an active role in the organization of the new American Bakery and Confectionery Workers Union, and later served on the executive board of the International Union from its foundation until his retirement.
library.missouristate.edu /Meyer/speccoll/olua1.htm   (570 words)

  Eternal Egypt - The First Librarians 
The Ptolemaic Dynasty ruled Egypt from 323 BC to 30 BC.
284 BC), Zenodotus of Ephesus (284-260 BC), Callimachus of Cyrene (260-240 BC), Apollonius of Rhodes (240-235 BC), Eratosthenes of Cyrene (235-195 BC), Aristophanes of Byzantium (195-180 BC), Apollonius Idographus (180-160 BC), and Aristarchus of Samothrace (160-145 BC).
It may be possible to add a name or remove a name from this list, but this roster of librarians is accepted by most.
www.eternalegypt.org /EternalEgyptWebsiteWeb/HomeServlet?ee_website_action_key=action.display.module&story_id=&language_id=1&module_id=268   (236 words)

 Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. - Ancient Coins - Buy or Bid Sale
Sicily, Syracuse, Agathokles; 317-289 BC, EL 100 Litrae, c.
Macedonia, Philip III; 323-317 BC, Drachm, Macedonia, Colophon, 4.19g.
Syria, Seleucus I; 312-281 BC, Tetradrachm, Antioch on the Orontes, c.
www.harlanjberk.com /currentbbs/text_unsold.asp?inventorygroup=cc   (1670 words)

 Ancient to Medieval China People
Sima Qian (Ssu-ma Ch'ien), 145-90 BC (Records of the Grand Historian)
Peking Man, 500,000 - 400,000 BC Fu Hao (ca.
235 BC), merchant and later prime minister of the state of Qin
www.history.umd.edu /Faculty/agoldman/284/htm_pages/terms/amc_people.htm   (91 words)

 Bryn Mawr Classical Review 1999.11.01
Tactical and Operational bases were often connected by a string of guarded depots to ease the passage of convoys.
There are no real Latin or Greek terms to conform with these categories, but R. marshals strong evidence from the Republic to support the model, which seems to have evolved in the late third century BC.
Initial problems in the first overseas campaign during the First Punic War, when the Roman armies in Sicily had repeated crises when their supply lines threatened to collapse, and during the early stages of the Second Punic War, for instance in Spain, prompted the rapid creation of a far more effective system.
ccat.sas.upenn.edu /bmcr/1999/1999-11-01.html   (2032 words)

 Models of the solar system
Aristotle deduced the correct shape of the Earth by about 350 BC (though the Earth was held to be round by earlier scholars), and the size of the Earth was correctly estimated by Eratosthenes of Cyrene in about 235 BC.
By 350 BC or so, the most widely accepted scientific ideas held that the world below the Moon was made of four elements (earth, air, water, fire), which naturally "gravitated" toward the center; this model, along with much of the rest of current knowledge, was systematized by Aristotle.
He proposed that the Sun was the center of the universe -- probably for religious reasons as the Sun may have represented God to him -- and even tried to estimate the distance from the Earth to the Sun, using trigonometry and the known Earth-Moon distance.
www.bluffton.edu /~bergerd/NSC_111/science3.html   (1501 words)

 Business Opportunity for sale in Fernie, BC
Email questions or if you want to look at topo maps, or land boundary maps (property line goes under river and comes up on other side).
For current pricing and schedules along with many more pictures or if you're looking for an extremely relaxing BC vacation please visit the website, www.trinitymountainacreage.com.
There is a second building presently being used as a pottery studio - we have not included any pics of the garage/studio apartment but is is also around 1800 square feet of post and beam construciton with many windows.
www.canadianhomes4sale.com /view_listing.php?id=257   (509 words)

 Kushite King Arnekhamani (235-218 BC)
King Arnekhamani, Horus, and wife at the "Lion Temple" at Musawwarat es-Sufra, 235-218 BC.
Other scenes show herds of cattle and the conquest of southern enemy tribes.
This mid-200's BC relief from the Lion Temple, Musawwarat es-Sufra shows the Nubian god Arensnuphis facing King
www.homestead.com /wysinger/arnekhamani.html   (298 words)

 Romanarmy.com - A history, archaeological and reenactment community - The development of the Roman Army 31 BC - AD 235
When Octavian emerged from the civil wars as the sole victor, there was no denying that he had won by feats of arms.
Although they almost slip under the radar, it is clear from our sources that the provinces of the empire had had legionary garrisons from at least the early 1st century BC.
Where it concerns these aspects, the Augustan era was much more a transitional and experimental phase than a new start.
www.romanarmy.com /cms/content/view/138/113   (610 words)

 The Cheap Slab Store - Ancient Coins - coins, gold, silver, platinum, dollars, rare coins, silver dollars, slabbed, ...
Small Bronze coin with Phillip II on obverse and a horse with rider on reverse.
Bronze coin with Phillip II on obverse and a horse with rider on the reverse.
Bronze coin with Phillip II on the obverse and a horse on the reverse.
www.cheapslabs.com /index.php?action=category&id=32   (553 words)

 Malter Galleries Past Auctions
AR Tetradrachm, Year 32, 315 – 314 BC.
AR Drachm, Year 152, 152 – 151 BC.
Year 4 (46/45 BC) of the Caesarian Era.
www.maltergalleries.com /archives/auction05/nov2005/auction87.html   (2611 words)

 Portugal > Travel > Algarve > Portugal Info - Algarve
Closely associated with the sea throughout its history this was the base of the famous Henry the Navigator who, from the point at Sagres organized the successful 15th Century exploration of the New World.
The Algarve has been inhabited for thousands of years but the first developed society was probably the Phoenicians in 1.100 BC and then followed by the Tartessus tribe to about 600 BC.
Somewhere around 235 BC the Romans moved up from their base in Cadiz to occupy the Algarve and were eventually removed by the invading Visigoths in about 410 AD.
portugal-info.net /algarve   (1410 words)

 BC Children's Hospital Cheque Presentation
On Saturday, June 3, 2006, PBC employees and their families gathered at Global TV studios for our on-air cheque presentation of $41,435 during the BC Children’s Hospital Miracle Weekend.
Thanks to proceeds raised from our clients and brokers and a contribution from the University Golf Club, we were able to increase our donation to $52,235 for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation this year.
“The BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is especially important to me and to the employees of Pacific Blue Cross.
www.pac.bluecross.ca /company/pr/2006BCCHF_Cheque.html   (323 words)

 Boy On A Dolphin Ancient Greek Coin Jewelry
Boy on a Dolphin ancient Greek coins were minted in Taras Calabria, a Greek occupied region in southern Italy, during the time period of 334 to 231 BC.
Reverse: naked Taras astride a dolphin with a chlamys draped from his left arm and brandishing a trident in his right hand, owl behind at right.
Coin with bezel is a little larger than a nickel in size.
www.newworldtreasures.com /dolphin.htm   (321 words)

 Notes on Bactria
Conquored by Alexander The Great in 328 BC and after his death, was a part of the Seleucid Empire.
In 256 BC, the Seleucid satrap (Governor) Diodotus I 256-235 BC established it as a separate kingdom.
The kingdom was finally overrun by the Sakas (Scythians) about 130 BC.
www.spongobongo.com /her9919.htm   (112 words)

 Ancient Imports - Roman
#14933 gF/gF 169-158 BC Roman Republic AE As of Turdus / TVRD
#14878 157-156 BC gF/gF Roman Republic AE Quadrans / Hercules / Prow
#15060 VF/VF 91 BC Roman Republic AE Triens / Minerva / Prow
www.ancientimports.com /cgi-bin/category.pl?id=25   (906 words)

 Diane Jacobs ~ Sherwood Physiotherapy Vancouver BC Home Page
Volunteers to help with a study exploring the effects of a new non-medicinal treatment for persistent pain in Vancouver BC.
1448 Commercial Drive Vancouver BC V5N 3X9 (MAP) Wheelchair accessible and free parking available behind the building from the lane.
OFFSITE LINK TO Volunteers to help with a study exploring the effects of a new non-medicinal treatment for persistent pain in Vancouver BC.
www.sherwoodphysiotherapy.com   (462 words)

 Ancient Greek Coin Ancient Greek Coin Gold Roman Ancient Coin Ancient Roman & Greek Coin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Half-stater of Lydia was equal to the Siglos of Persia.
Thrace, Kingdom of, Lysimachos, 323-281 BC, AR Drachm.
Seleukid Syria, Demetrius I, 162-150 BC, AR Drachm, Eastern mint(Ecbatana?).
www.ancient-art.com /greekAR.htm   (8802 words)

 Pacific Blue Cross | BC Life - BC's most trusted provider of health and dental benefits
BC Life - BC's most trusted provider of health and dental benefits
PBC Proudly Donated $52,235 to BC Children’s Hospital
LifeLink is owned by Blue Cross Life Insurance Company of Canada, used under license by British Columbia Life and Casualty Company.
www.bclcc.com   (252 words)

 Golden Rug Co. Vancouver BC Direct Carpet Importers History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Golden Rug Co. Vancouver BC Direct Carpet Importers History
Ali Amini was born in Iran into a family with a rich history of carpet making.
Ali travels the world to buy his merchandise and he selects the very best examples of fine tribal rugs, tapestries, saddlebags, pillows, nomadic fabrics and other varieties of hand made products.
www.goldenrug.com /history.htm   (197 words)

 Roman Culture and the Aeneid
This Octavian was the adopted son of Julius Caesar (murdered 44 BC), and he proved to be quite adept at power politics.
Augustus (Octavian) became sole ruler of Rome by defeating Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius) in 31 BC at the battle of Actium, off the western coast of Greece.
overthrow her Tyrian walls—after more than 100 years of rivalry, the Romans finally did conquer Carthage in 146 BC, some 900 years after this prophecy was supposedly made.
faculty.gvsu.edu /websterm/Aeneid.htm   (1775 words)

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