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Topic: 236 BC

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  Eratosthenes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Eratosthenes (Ερατοσθένης) (276 BC - 194 BC) was a Greek mathematician, geographer and astronomer.
In 236 BC he was appointed by Ptolemy III Euergetes I as librarian of the Alexandrian library.
Around 255 BC he invented the armillary sphere, which was widely used until the invention of the orrery in the 18th century.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Eratosthenes   (1403 words)

 Hamilcar Barca - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
He distinguished himself during the First Punic War in 247, when he took over the chief command in Sicily at a time when the island was almost completely in the hands of the Romans.
After recruiting and training a new army in some Numidian forays he led on his own responsibility an expedition into Spain (236), where he hoped to gain a new empire to compensate Carthage for the loss of Sicily and Sardinia, and to serve as a base for a campaign of vengeance against the Romans.
Hamilcar stood out far above the Carthaginians of his age in military and diplomatic skill and in strength of patriotism; in these qualities he was surpassed only by his son Hannibal, whom he had imbued with his own deep hatred of Rome and trained to be his successor in the conflict.
www.peekskill.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Hamilcar_Barca   (557 words)

 3rd century BC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mencius, Chinese philosopher and sage (371 - 289 BC).
Ptolemy II Philadelphos (284 BC-246 BC) and his wives Arsinoe I and Arsinoe II Philadelphos.
Ptolemy V Epiphanes (204 BC-180 BC) and his wife Cleopatra I.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/3rd_century_BC   (255 words)

 Eratosthenes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Eratosthenes (276 BC - 194 BC) was a Greek mathematician, geographer and astronomer with (probably) Chaldean origins.
In 236 BC he was appointed by Ptolemy III Euergetes I as a head and the third librarian of the Alexandrian library.
Circa 255 BC he invented the armillary sphere, which was used till 17th century.
www.1-free-software.com /en/wikipedia/e/er/eratosthenes.html   (513 words)

 Athletics in Ancient Sikyon
396 BC Bykelos, the first Sikyonian to win the boys boxing-match, had his statue made by Kanachos the younger of Sikyon, a pupil of Polykleitos.
Sostratos won three consecutive victories at the Olympic games (364, 360, 356 BC), as the inscription on his statue at Olympia indicated.
Sikyonian coins from 320 BC have a representation of him.
www.sikyon.com /Sicyon/athletics_eg.html   (128 words)

 The Qin Dynasty On-line Source Book
c.261 BC Lu Buwei, a merchant from Zhao, befriends Prince Zichu, future king of Qin and father of the First Emperor, while the latter was a hostage in Han Dan, capital of the state of Zhao.
257 BC The Qin army is forced to raise the seige of Handan, capital of the state of Zhao in the Hebei region.
249 BC The petty realm of Eastern Zhou in the Henan region is annexed, marking the end of the Zhou Dynasty.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Academy/7547/chrono.html   (725 words)

 History of the Macedonian People from Ancient times to the Present - Part X, by Risto Stefov
In 217 BC, however, Philip was needed elsewhere and had to wind down his campaigns so an armistice was concluded on the basis of the status quo.
Demetrius was expelled from Sicily by the Romans in 219 BC for raiding and being a nuisance to the Rhodians and Romans in both the Aegean and Adriatic Seas.
During the spring of 200 BC the Macedonian fleet broke free from the blockage and was back in Europe in good time to become involved in yet another war, this time between Athens and Acarnania.
www.maknews.com /html/articles/stefov/stefov27.html   (8080 words)

 Gallia Narbonensis
In123 BC he overthrew the Saluviian capitol Entremont, and established a military garrison that would later become Aquae Sextiae.
Massalia was officially incorporated as a Roman city after Caesar defeated their navy in 49 BC, during the Civil War (unfortunately for the Massolites, they had sided with Pompey).
Narbo was fist devastated by fire in the second century, and later, downfall in capital wealth and concurrent barbarian invasions (253-236 BC) greatly slowed its prosperity.
www.usd.edu /~clehmann/pir/gallia.htm   (1072 words)

 K.U.Leuven - Fayum Project
This deme, which is attested once in 236 BC, probably got its name from the mythical Autodike, one of the daughters of Danaos [cf.
In 218 BC a building plot in Autodike was leased for 99 years (P.Enteuxeis 66).
The granary of Autodike is mentioned in the 3rd century BC and the 2nd century AD.
fayum.arts.kuleuven.ac.be /0383.html   (769 words)

 Vancouver Hotels , Travel information and links to Vancouver Hotels and Accommodations, compare rates and availability ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Vancouver BC Hotels, Century Plaza Hotel is located in the heart of downtown featuring 236 oversized suites with panoramic views of the exciting Vancouver skyline, Grouse Mountain and Pacific Ocean....
Vancouver BC Hotels, Wedgewood Hotel is located on fashionable Robson Square, in the heart of downtown amidst the gardens and waterfalls, is Vancouver's leading intimate hotel.
Vancouver BC Hotels, The Westin Bayshore Resort and Marina is situated on Coal Harbour, overlooking famous 1000 Acre Vancouver Stanley Park.
www.hotelsvancouver.com /vancouver-bc-hotels.htm   (1179 words)

 History of the Indian Census   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The earliest literature, the Rigveda, makes it 'clear that population was scanty and spread over wide areas' in small villages, the Brahmana literature around 800-600 BC reveals that some of the villages had grown into towns and capitals with an urban mode of life.
The Buddhist literature indicates that between the 7th & 4th centuries BC the economy of India was comparable to that of the later middle ages in Europe.
The existence of dense population was confirmed by Alexander's army, which invaded India in 327-26 BC The records of Chandra Gupta (321-297 BC) show that there was a standing army of 700,000 men, the maintenance of which must have required a substantial population.
www.censusindia.net /census2001/history/censushistory.html   (3498 words)

 240 BC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Centuries: 4th century BC - 3rd century BC - 2nd century BC
Decades: 290s BC 280s BC 270s BC 260s BC 250s BC - 240s BC - 230s BC 220s BC 210s BC 200s BC 190s BC
Years: 245 BC 244 BC 243 BC 242 BC 241 BC - 240 BC - 239 BC 238 BC 237 BC 236 BC 235 BC
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/240_BC   (119 words)

 Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus Major Biography / Biography of Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus Major Biography ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
He defeated Hannibal in the Battle of Zama and was a champion of both Roman imperialism and the enlightened pro-Hellenic spirit of a new age.
Scipio was married to Aemilia, sister of Lucius Aemilius Paullus (victor of Pydna in 168 B.C.), and became the father of Cornelia, mother of the Gracchus brothers.
As a youth of about 18, Scipio was credited with having saved his father's life at the Battle of the Ticinus (Ticino) in 218, and as military tribune in 216, he rallied the survivors after the disastrous defeat of Cannae.
www.bookrags.com /biography-scipio-africanus-major   (794 words)

 BC Hotels Links   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Kelowna BC Canada at the center of the Okanagan wine valley with countless beaches, golfing and great skiing Kelowna is often referred to as the Four Seasons Playground................more
BC Canada spectacular scenery and warm alpine hospitality with
Vancouver BC featuring 236 oversized suites with panoramic views of the exciting Vancouver skyline, Grouse Mountain and Pacific Ocean...
www.hotelsvancouver.com /hotels/bc-hotels-links.htm   (246 words)

 3rd Century Bc   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Ptolemy I Soter (305 BC-282 BC) and his wifes Eurydice and Berenice I.
Ptolemy II Philadelphos (284 BC-246 BC) and his wifes Arsinoe I and Arsinoe II Philadelphos.
Qin Shi Huang Di, Chinese Emperor (259 - 210 BC, reigned 246 - 210 BC).
www.wikiverse.org /3rd-century-bc   (311 words)

 Quiz   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The advances of which Gallic tribe in 236 BC were arrested by the mere appearance of a Roman Army at Arminium?
In 241 BC the last 2 rural tribes were created to incorporate the Picentes and Sabines.
Who was the tribune of the plebs in 232 BC who proposed that the Ager Gallicus taken from the Senones be divided into small allotments for poor citizens?
www.barca.fsnet.co.uk /quiz.htm   (1413 words)

 Scipio Africany - Military Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Publius Cornelius Scipio (later, Africanus) was born 236 BC (518 AUC by Roman reckoning) to a father of the same name.
In 210 BC, S.A. crossed the Ebro with 25,000 infantry and 2,500 cavalry, leaving Marcus Silanus to hold the river defenses with 3,500 men.
S.A. spent 205 BC preparing for his campaign in the teeth of senatorial dawdling in authorizing the additional forces he required for an overseas expedition.
www.barca.fsnet.co.uk /scipio-africanus-military.htm   (3021 words)

 Chronology of Peacemaking
760 BC Amos prophesied in Israel and Judah.
742-697 BC Isaiah and Micah prophesied in Israel and Judah.
403 BC Socrates refused to cooperate with 30 tyrants.
www.san.beck.org /GPJ-Chronology.html   (1204 words)

 Chronology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Following the battle of Ilipa in 206 BC Two Spanish Kings (Indibil of the Ilergetes and Mandonio of the Ilergavones) revolt against Rome, and invade the territories of Rome’s allies the Suessetani and Edetani.
In 205 BC Indibil and Mandonio continue to cause trouble, but Indibil is defeated and killed in battle, and Mandonio is captured and executed.
In south-west Hispania the Turdetani (under Culcas and Luxinio), supported by the cities of Sexi (Almuñecar) and Malaca (Málaga), defeat and kill C. Sempronius Tuditanis (one of the new Roman governors sent that year).
www.balagan.org.uk /war/0240bc/chronology.htm   (614 words)

 The Scipio Legacy
Cornelius Scipio was born 236 BC (518 AUC by Roman reckoning) to a father of the same name.
Cornelius Aemilianus Africanus Numantinus (the younger) was born in 185 BC to Lucius Aemilius Paullus.
In 129 BC, at the age of 45, he died so suddenly and unexpectedly that it was rumored he was murdered, and that the first suspect was his wife, Sempronia, sister of the brothers Gracchi.
www.dragon.org /chris/scipio.html   (1448 words)

 Scipio Africanus the Elder --  Encyclopædia Britannica   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Their initial intention appears to have been to prevent reinforcements being sent to Hannibal in Italy from his bases in southern Spain, but, by the time the command was...
During the 6th century BC, Rome became one of the more important states in Latium—owing to the achievements of its Etruscan overlords—but Tibur, Praeneste, and Tusculum were equally important Latin states.
Called Isturgi, or Ilurgia, by the Celto-Iberians, it was besieged and captured by the Roman general Scipio Africanus the Elder (206 BC) during the Second Punic War.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9066299?tocId=9066299   (835 words)

 Eratosthenes 276-197 BC  -  Athens, Alexandria   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
A pupil of Callimachus in Athens, he became (c.240 B.C.) head of the library at Alexandria.
Known for his versatility, he wrote poetry and works (most of them lost) on literature, the theater (notably on ancient comedy), mathematics, astronomy, geography, and philosophy; he also drew a map of the known world and evolved a system of chronology.
Especially noted as an astronomer, he is credited with measuring the circumference and tilt of the earth and the size and distance from the earth of the sun and the moon.
roebuckclasses.com /people/thinkers/eratosthenes.htm   (573 words)

 Research Branch Staff Publications
BC Ministry of Forests Research Program Extension Note 35, BC Ministry of Forests, Research Branch, Victoria, 4 pp.
B.C. Ministry of Forests, Robson Valley District, McBride, BC.
For., Victoria, B.C. Wigmore, BG and Russell, J.H. Use of vegetative propagules in reforestation.
www.for.gov.bc.ca /hre/pubs/titleu.htm   (751 words)

 236 BC Encyclopedia Article, Definition, History, Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
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www.artquilt.com /encyclopedia/236_BC   (271 words)

 232 Bc   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Ho BC, Andreasen N, Flaum M: Dependence on public financial support early in...
Scott kicked a 24-yard field goal with 39 seconds remaining to lift BC Rain to a...
King Agron dies, and the throne of Illyria is occupied by his wife Queen Teuta (Tefta), "the Catherine the Great of Illyria", who expels the Greeks from the Albanian coast and then launches pirate ships into the Ionian Sea, preying on Roman shipping.
www.wikiverse.org /232-bc   (315 words)

 Boston College Eagles, NCAA Football, North Carolina Tar Heels - CBS SportsLine.com
Before leaving, the quarterback went 24-of-33 for 236 yards and two touchdowns, helping Boston College win a bowl game for the fifth consecutive season.
It was BC's final game in the league -- it joins the Atlantic Coast Conference next season.
Virginia represented the ACC in the first two Tire Bowls, so the inclusion of North Carolina was a welcome change of scenery.
www.cbs.sportsline.com /collegefootball/gamecenter/recap/NCAAF_20041230_BC@NC   (990 words)

 Roman Republic: 753-31 BC
753-31 BC The Founding of the City: 753-262 BC 1184 BC: Aeneas arrives in Italy [Legendary]
The Beginnings of the Roman Expansion: 510-31 BC 451 BC: The Twelve Tables
390 BC: Rome is sacked by the Gauls
www.thenagain.info /WebChron/Mediterranean/RomeRep.html   (74 words)

 Abdelaziz: Moroccan history. Antiquity. Middle Ages. Islam. Modern Morocco. Protectorate. Independance.
BC, Stone Age with Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages began lately in Morocco.
The Romans finally won the latter in 236 BC and started annexing northern Morocco after the collapse of Cartage in 146 BC.
And in 33 BC, Rome imposed its government on northern Morocco called Tingitanian Mauretania, took Tingis as its capital and annexed it completely in 42 AD.
www.geocities.com /SiliconValley/Heights/7511/MorHistE.htm   (3409 words)

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