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Topic: 250 BC

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Seleucid Empire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Silver coin of Seleucus I Nicator, founder of the Seleucid Dynasty in 323 BC The empire was initially divided among several generals, chiefly Ptolemy Soter in Egypt, Antigonus Monopthalmos (literally "One-eyed") in Greece, and Seleucus in the Mideast.
Diodotus, who was governor for the Bactrian territory, asserted independence in 250 BC to form the Greco-Bactrian kingdom.
The Hasmonean Jewish Kingdom was established in 166 BC, and in 142 BC the Seleucids recognized Jewish autonomy.
www.bucyrus.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Seleucid_Kingdom   (862 words)

 KryssTal : Inventions: 1000 BC to 1 BC
London was settled by Celts c400 BC in the area close to London Bridge.
Carthage was destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC.
Plato (the philosopher from whom the adjective "platonic" is derived) was born in 427 BC; the school he founded was the original Acadamy.
www.krysstal.com /inventions_06.html   (774 words)

 247 BC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Centuries: 4th century BC - 3rd century BC - 2nd century BC
Decades: 290s BC 280s BC 270s BC 260s BC 250s BC - 240s BC - 230s BC 220s BC 210s BC 200s BC 190s BC
Years: 252 BC 251 BC 250 BC 249 BC 248 BC - 247 BC - 246 BC 245 BC 244 BC 243 BC 242 BC
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/247_BC   (146 words)

 Bactrian and Indo-Greeks (250 BC - 55 BC) - DBA 50
Bactrian and Indo-Greeks (250 BC - 55 BC) - DBA 50
In 170 BC, Eucratides overthrew Demetrios II and Antimachos II in the name of the Seleucids and controlled the kingdom.
Around 40 BC, a Chinese traveller was to marvel at the straight streets, deep wells, and "great mansions like we have in China." Because the Chinese had always thought only barbarian horsemen lived to the west, they were rather surprised.
www.fanaticus.org /DBA/armies/dba50lim.html   (809 words)

 Nabataean Travel: Trade on the Red Sea
250 BC - 250 AD During the period between 250 BC and 250 AD, a maritime sea route existed between Alexandra in Northern Africa and China.
It is also perhaps not entirely irrelevant that in 55 BC, the Senate decided to send Gabinius at the head of a Roman army to restore Auletes (Ptolemy XII) to his throne and to remain in Alexandria for the protection of the king against possible future revolts.
Soon after the annexation of Egypt, Emperor Augustus (Rome 63 BC - Nole 14 AD) in 26 BC commissioned his prefect in Egypt, Aelius Gallus, to invade southern Arabia by land.
nabataea.net /redsea.html   (877 words)

 MVAP Franklin and Marshall Black-Glaze Ceramics
Thus from the control trenches it is evident that fl-glaze pottery appeared on the hill of Poggio Colla in stratum 3 no earlier than 250 BC and was present until as late as 150 BC in stratum 2.
In the same reasoning, the bowl/cups were not made before 300 BC since the olpe and kantharos were not manufactured until 300 BC.
Lastly, an olpe dating as late as 150 BC and a kantharos to 175 BC were found in strata 2 and 3 respectively.
www.smu.edu /poggio/franlinmarshallceramics.html   (1796 words)

 Canon BJC 250
Refill kit for use with Canon BC-02, BC02, BC 02 inkjet cartridge.
Refill kit for use with Canon BC-05, BC05, BC 05 inkjet cartridge.
Refill kit for use with Canon BC-06, BC06, BC 06 photo inkjet cartridge.
www.pacificink.com /printer.php?Desc=canon-bjc250   (243 words)

 Precolumbian, Egyptian & Persian Antiquities - Liveauctioneers
Western Mexico, Colima, c.250 BC - 250 AD.
Mexico, Veracruz, Remojades, c.250 BC - 250 AD.
Western Mexico, Jalisco, c.250 BC - 250 AD.
www.liveauctioneers.com /catalogs/233-50.html?order=ed   (889 words)

 Bactrian and Indo-Greeks (250 BC - 55 BC) - DBA 50
In 170 BC, Eucratides overthrew Demetrios II and Antimachos II in the name of the Seleucids and took control of the kingdom.
He was murdered about 145 BC by his son Eucratides II and at the same time, nomadic tribes, which occupied Southern Bactria, crossed the river Oxus and began the dissolution of Greek domination in Bactria.
The kingdom was finally overrun by the Sakas about 130 BC, and then by the Kushans, an offshoot of the Yeuh-chi clan from western China.
www.fanaticus.org /DBA/armies/dba50ryan.html   (1417 words)

 Nanaimo Lawyers Directory | preferred areas of practice: criminal defence, personal injury, real estate, trial and ...
Revised Statutes and Consolidated Regulations of BC fr.
Provincial Government of B.C. We suggest you interview several law firms in advance of making a choice -- it can be a very expensive decision in both time, money and of course consequences.
Multi-Lingual Realtors in Vancouver and Victoria, BC A immigration "relocation consultant" that many people depend on is their realtor.
www.canadalegal.info /prov-bc/lawyers-nanaimo/nanaimo-lawyers-dir.html   (2023 words)

 CMA Exhibition Feature : Inscribed Tablet (about 350-250 BC)
It records payments and withdrawals from the sanctuary's treasury, and provides the titles of magistrates in charge of the temple's management.
The tablet dates to the second half of the 4th century BC, when Locri's government was democratic.
On the next page: Statuette of a Woman (about 575-550 BC)
www.clemusart.com /exhibcef/mg/html/6272354.html   (84 words)

 Uniqueness in the heart of Europe - Venetic culture
The Europe was defined by the settlement of a people called Veneti and the spread of the so-called Urnfield culture.
They both appeared in the 13th century BC and spread over central Europe from the Baltic Sea down the Apennine Peninsula as far as Sicily.
Within this space significant centres of culture sprang up and thrived, most of them reaching their peak around 7th century BC, and beginning to decline by 4th century BC, with the arrival of the Celts.
www.thezaurus.com /sloveniana/venetic_culture.htm   (701 words)

 Yayoi Period - Japan's History 300 BC to 250 AD
Yayoi Period - Japan 300 BC to 250 AD Yayoi is an era in Japan from 300 BC to A.D. It is named after the section of Tokyo where archaeological investigations uncovered its trace.
and A.D. 250 from southern Kyushu to northern Honshu.
The earliest of these people, who are thought to have migrated from Korea to northern Kyushu and intermixed with the Jomon, also used chipped stone tools.
www.japan-101.com /history/history_period_yayoi.htm   (450 words)

 British Columbia Piano Page
Lukic, Tomislav 32-5955 Oakdale Road, Burnaby BC V5H 4S5 Tel.
Tempo Trend Studio, 410 Burnside Rd. E., Victoria, BC Tel.
Tapestry Music Ltd. #13A-15531 24th Avenue, Surrey, B.C. Phone: (604) 538-0906 Fax: (604) 538-0962 E Mail: Tapestry Music Ltd. We sell sheet music/books by retail and by catalogue/mail order.
www.canadianpianopage.com /bcpage.htm   (1849 words)

 Alexander III vs. Hannibal Barka, 250 BC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
12 Units of 250 men with a TQ of 5, representing average troops.
4 Units of 250 men with a TQ of 13, representing average troops.
LI-Ligurian 16 Units of 250 men with a TQ of 5 representing average troops.
www.wargamer.com /greatbattles/Alexvhan.asp   (4893 words)

 Learn more about 3rd century BC in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Learn more about 3rd century BC in the online encyclopedia.
3rd century BC 4th century BC - 3rd century BC - 2nd century BC - other centuries)
(2nd millennium BC - 1st millennium BC - 1st millennium AD)
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /3/3r/3rd_century_bc.html   (143 words)

 The Runker's Information About Victoria BC Canada
Victoria BC Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, Canada's westernmost province.
The clientele is diverse, and a live band most nights contributes to the lively atmosphere.
The unusual location in a converted gas station is fun, but at the same time annoying, as cars regularly drive through the middle of the outdoor seating area, serving up large portions of exhaust.
www.geocities.com /runker_room/victoria.htm   (1136 words)

 Tablet Magazine #97 - Features - Vancouver, BC on $250   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Even though the US dollar has lost a significant amount of its value over the last few years, making a vacation to Canada not quite the great bargain it once was, you can still make your travel dollars stretch farther in Vancouver than they would if you were traveling Stateside.
Based on current exchange rates (which fluctuate daily—check xe.com/ucc), your $250 American will get you $307 Canadian to spend up north.
All content of Tablet is © 2005 by Tablet, LLC and may not be reprinted without expressed written permission.
www.tabletmag.com /97/features/97_van_250.shtml   (606 words)

 Uniden - BC-T8 - 250 Channel Preprogrammed Scanner   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Uniden - BC-T8 - 250 Channel Preprogrammed Scanner
250 channels, 14 band coverage, 5 banks, 5 priority channels
Uniden - BC-T8 - 250 Channel Preprogrammed Scanner BC-T8 Suggested retail: $299.95
www.totallyradgear.com /bc-t8.html   (58 words)

 1 877 752 9278 Bed and Breakfast Travel: Vancouver Island, Qualicum Beach, BC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Iris Garden Country Manor B&B, Victoria BC Canada Plan a getaway to Iris Garden Country Manor, a casually-elegant Victoria, BC, Canada bed and breakfast in the country near Butchart Gardens.
Vancouver BC bed and breakfast - Salish Drive: A Vancouver bed and breakfast at Pacific Spirit Park.
Tall Trees B&B, Prince Rupert, BC Located in a quiet residential neighbourhood, we are only 5-10 minutes walk to downtown and offer courtesy pickup and delivery to all travel depots.Late arrivals welcome.Internet access for guests.
www.npsnet.com /bahari/Links.htm   (1135 words)

 PHOTOtoday Victoria, BC Canada  250-888-7480 "Give us a moment and we'll give you a photographic memory"
PHOTOtoday Victoria, BC Canada 250-888-7480 "Give us a moment and we'll give you a photographic memory"
We can photography any type of function you may be having, or that special event that you want to have a lasting memory from.
PHOTOtoday is a digital photography service located in Victoria, BC.
www.phototoday.ca   (173 words)

 History of ChEn: Timeline
~440 BC: Democritus proposes the concept an of atom to describe the indivisible and indestructible particles that were thought to compose the substance of all things.
~250 BC: Archimedes deduces the law of the levers and could evaluate the relative density of bodies by observing their buoyancy force when immersed in water.
~240 BC: Eratosthenes of Cyrene, director of Alexandria library, calculates the size of Earth by measuring the sun's shadow at noon in Siena (Egypt) and Alexandria.
www.pafko.com /history/h_time.html   (6115 words)

 Gardening B.C.
2001C Douglas, Victoria, BC 1517 Keehn, Kelowna, BC Oasis Indoor Garden Supply Ltd.
15 1771 Cooper, Kelowna, BC 4752 Imperial, Burnaby, BC Tridon Hydroponics
2620 Quadra, Victoria, BC 1353 E 41st, Vancouver, BC Westcoast Hydroponic Hardware Co.
www.gardeningbc.com /hydroponics.html   (135 words)

 Alaska, Yukon & British Columbia Travel Guide [alaskan.com]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Situated on Kaien Island at the mouth of the Skeena River, Prince Rupert is 170 ft. above sea level and has an average annual precipitation of 95 inches.
Frequent sailings are scheduled between these two points during the summer months as well as between Prince Rupert and Skidegate in the Queen Charlotte Islands.
Information about schedules, fares and staterooms can be obtained from BC Ferries, 1112 Fort Street, Victoria, BC, V8V 4V2, 250-386-3431 fax 250-381-5452.
alaskan.com /bells/prince_rupert.html   (1616 words)

 Precolumbian, Egyptian & Persian Antiquities - Liveauctioneers
A fragmentary maskette of dark jade, with just the frontal full face half extant.
Costa Rica, Guanacoste Province, Nicoya Peninsula, c.300 BC - 500 AD.
A bird-celt pendant carved from a lovely piece of apple green j...
www.liveauctioneers.com /catalogs/233-20-40.html   (384 words)

 Uniden BC-T8 250 Channel Preprogrammed Scanner - Radio Scanners   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Uniden BC-T8 250 Channel Preprogrammed Scanner - Radio Scanners
Portable Electronics - Radio Scanners - Uniden BC-T8 250 Channel Preprogrammed Scanner
Personal information provided to AVToyBox.com is used solely for order processing, and will never be given to a third party.
www.avtoybox.com /bc-t8.html   (506 words)

 Vendors | www.truckdown.com
Detroit Diesel Allison - BC - Detroit Diesel Allison - BC, Campbell River (250) 286-0636
Detroit Diesel Allison - BC - Detroit Diesel Allison - BC, Kamloops (250) 573-4450
Detroit Diesel Allison - BC - Detroit Diesel Allison - BC, Nanaimo (250) 758-5241
www.truckdown.com /momex/NavCode/service.providers/ServType/ELECT/RegionCode/BC/Description/Electrical   (157 words)

 Scuba Diving Shops on Coastal British Columbia, Canada   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Dive Outfitters Ltd. 2205 Northfield Rd Nanaimo, BC.
BC Dive Adventures 228 West Esplanade, North Vancouver BC V7M 3H7
ScubaTech 2000 13036 98a Ave Surrey B.C. e-mail - Lenny Marriott - (604) 219-8847
www.surfingvancouverisland.com /dive/shops.htm   (540 words)

 Ryecroft Salt Spring Island Country Retreat   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
(888)223-3779 toll free in BC (250)386-3431 from Victoria
(250)386-3431 from outside BC Ryecroft is located at the north end of the island on Sunset Drive near Vesuvius, approximately 5 minutes from the Crofton ferry, 15 minutes from Ganges and 1/2 hour from the Fulford ferry.
Visitors to Salt Spring Island enjoy travel on a BC Ferries regular scheduled route.
saltspring.gulfislands.com /cewatson/travel_links.htm   (78 words)

 Clearwater, BC Bed and Breakfast Guide
Candle Creek Road, P.O. Box 35, Clearwater, BC V0E 1N0.
Clearwater Valley Road, Box 1763, Clearwater, BC V0E1N0.
Clearwater Valley Road, Box 1766 RR1, Clearwater, BC V0E1N0.
www.gonorthwest.com /bc/Okanagan/Clearwater/clwatercabins.htm   (77 words)

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