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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  A Brief History of the 2d Marines
The 2d Regiment, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Allen C. Kelton, became part of the 1st Brigade of Marines stationed in the Philippines as a ready force to be committed wherever needed in Far Eastern Waters.
Company F of the 2d was part of a provisional battalion sent from Cavite, on 20 October 1901, to the island of Samar (in the southern Philippines) to reinforce and cooperate with United States Army troops in operations against insurgents on the island.
The 3d Battalion, 2d Marines, was moved from Tulagi to Guadalcanal on 14 September and inserted in the east side of the perimeter between elements of the 5th and 7th Marines.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/library/report/other/2nd1970.htm   (12970 words)

 2D Computer Graphics Encyclopedia Article, Definition, History, Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
2D computer graphics are mainly used in applications that were originally developed upon traditional printing and drawing technologies, such as typography, cartography, technical drawing, advertising, etc..
2D graphics models may combine geometric models (also called vector graphics), digital images (also called raster graphics), text to be typeset (defined by content, font style and size, color, position, and orientation), mathematical functions and equations, and more.
The user interface within individual software applications is typically 2D in nature as well, due in part to the fact that most common input devices, such as the mouse, are constrained to two dimensions of movement.
encyclopedia.localcolorart.com /encyclopedia/2D_computer_graphics   (1690 words)

 2D Barcodes Explained
At this time most conventional CCD and Laser scanners cannot read 2D barcodes but this is likely to change as Barcode Man introduces the first of the range of low cost combined 1D/2D scanners.
2D barcodes will be used where 1D barcodes cannot hold the necessary amount of data but 1D barcodes have the advantage in low capacity applications like serial numbers.
The point where 2D barcodes should be used rather than 1D occurs somewhere between 10 and 20 data characters depending on particular circumstances.
www.barcodeman.com /faq/2d.php   (762 words)

 Hosea Ballou 2d
Hosea Ballou 2d (1796-1861), Universalist minister, scholar, educator, and journalist, was the grandnephew of the theologian and denominational leader Hosea Ballou.
Hosea 2d was born in Guilford, Vermont, the son of a farming couple, Martha Starr and Asahel Ballou.
According to Ballou 2d, church and civil politics—not the divine ordinance or early Christian teaching—established the heresy of belief in universal salvation.
www.uua.org /uuhs/duub/articles/hoseaballou2d.html   (2128 words)

 2d CAVALRY DIVISION   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The stars are taken from the coat of arms of the 2d Cavalry, which was formerly a unit of the division.
The 2d Cavalry Division participated in the Second Army Maneuvers of late August as a component of the Red Forces facing the VII Corps' Blue Army.
The 2d and 14th Cavalry were inactivated and their personnel transferred into the newly formed 2d and 14th Armored Regiments, both elements of the new armored division.
www.army.mil /cmh-pg/topics/afam/2CD.htm   (1095 words)

 MOHD Part III   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In some instances, the elements of ineffectiveness demonstrate so great a likelihood of prejudice to the client's interest that prejudice may be presumed; e.g., where counsel entirely fails to subject the state's case to meaningful adversarial testing.
2d 405, 231 N.E.2d 387 (1967)), there was no error when a bench trial was conducted because the respondent had not requested a jury trial.
The court is required to hold an evidentiary hearing on a petition for authorized involuntary treatment within the prescribed period set forth in 2-107.1.
gac.state.il.us /las/mhdonew/mhdoIII.htm   (5959 words)

 2d Marine Division
The 2d Marine Division is the ground combat element of II MEF.
In the liberation of Kuwait, the 2d Marine Division attacked approximately 25 kilometers to the northwest of the 1st Marine Division.
Consequently, the 2d Marine Division’s orders were changed to allow it to attack at this separate location to breach the minefield more rapidly and to generate the maximum offensive operational momentum.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/agency/usmc/2mardiv.htm   (537 words)

 2d Infantry Division, Photographs & Artwork   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
A mortar crew of the 2d Infantry Regiment fires at the Nazis in the drive to Angers, France.
SC 347044 - 155-mm howitzer gun crew of the 2d Infantry Division, Battery A, 503d Field Artillery Battalion, digs in, in readiness for action against the North Korean forces near the front lines, somewhere in Korea.
SC 379002 - An aid man of the 23d Infantry Regiment, 2d Infantry Division, hits the dirt and rolls into a foxhole in response to the call of "medic" from a wounded rifleman's buddy, during action of the 2d Infantry Division against the Chinese Communist Forces along the fighting front in Korea.
www.army.mil /cmh-pg/matrix/2id/2ID-Photos.htm   (1966 words)

 "2D Programming in a 3D World: Delveloping a 2D Game Engine Using DirectX 8, Direct3D"
And the use of a series of sprites to represent an object, for instance a number of different facings of a unit, allow the simulation of animation and action when they are drawn in sequence.
The fundamental programming process for 2D graphics is the blit -- bit block transfer -- which is used to move the bit image of a sprite onto the display area.
Finally, to provide a smooth transition of the display from frame to frame, graphics operations (primarily blits) are usually done to a back buffer, which is basically a working copy of the screen area.
www.gamasutra.com /features/20010629/geczy_01.htm   (1069 words)

 Auto ID Book - 2D Software Utilities   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In general, every software or database application receiving 2D scanned input must be modified in order to accommodate the thousands of bytes of data from the scanned 2D symbol.
Now with these 2D software utilities, users can maximize the full potential of 2D bar coding by extracting only the information that is needed in any order and in any formatÑa fully custom solution.
The benefit of 2D bar coding is clear and certainly with this new innovative software approach, 2D bar coding may be more appealing to those who are waiting.
www.system3x.com /barcodes/2D.asp   (751 words)

 Sep 13 - LEDAS Announces Open Pricing for LGS 2D   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The campaign is to demonstrate that LGS 2D is a widely affordable solution, to drastically smooth negotiations with potential LGS 2D buyers, and to assert LEDAS new strategy “LGS for each market niche” by releasing a series of custom versions.
LEDAS Geometric Solver LGS 2D is a family of software components including inexpensive and reliable products for small and medium sized software development companies with model needs, and exclusive solutions with extensive requirements of functionality, support, and consulting for companies with specific demands.
LGS 2D Advanced is intended to be used in powerful CAD/CAM applications, where it can be a base for interactive sketching and drafting, feature-based design, and parametric optimization.
www.tenlinks.com /NEWS/PR/ledas/091305_lgs2d.htm   (756 words)

If you look at old Hanna Barbera cartoons, the 2D characters exist in such a way, that they could never be constructed in 3D without losing something in the conversion.
Tim is a character that was created by the folks at Honkworm International He is a part of their popular Siliconites series, a Flash based cartoon that is kind of Seinfeldish in nature.
Unlike full 3D animation, flat 2D characters can have dead holds, without breaking the illusion that your character is a living, breathing entity.
www.joncrow.com /tutorials/xsi_tuts/toon_modeling/toon_model_tut.htm   (2141 words)

 Animation World Magazine
Legions of grim-faced 2D animators (or the dozen or so still employed) snap their pencils in two and forswear ink-and-paint forevermore; forward they rally to the 3D computer stations of the animation nation to begin delving into wireframes and pixels, ever so high on CGI.
One of the more flammable ideas being tossed on to the pyre of 2D animation is that 2D is somehow in direct, foredoomed competition with 3D, as if the 1930 Chicago Bears were slugging it out with the current version of the St. Louis Rams.
Another bizarre idea is the notion that 2D animation is a dying branch on the evolutionary tree, an antiquated form of the species relegated to fossil status in the wake of a more highly evolved life form called Computeris Generaticus Imagii.
mag.awn.com /index.php?ltype=pageone&article_no=1887   (738 words)

 UGS: Products & Solutions: PLM Components: D-Cubed: Product News: 2D DCM, Version 48.0
A key feature of the 2D DCM that distinguishes it from less sophisticated solvers is its flexible support for constraining parametric curves, including splines.
Another strength of the 2D DCM is its support for variational patterns that eliminate the restrictions of the parent-child relationship in traditional 2D patterning situations.
In these circumstances, the 2D DCM will determine the behaviour of the underdefined pattern, using a combination of internal heuristics and sophisticated solution controls that it makes available to the host application.
www.plmxml.net /products/open/d-cubed/press_release_2ddcm_version48.shtml   (559 words)

 AllRefer.com - Queensberry, James Douglas, 2d duke of (British And Irish History, Biography) - Encyclopedia
Queensberry, James Douglas, 2d duke of 1662–1711, Scottish statesman.
One of the early supporters of William III in Scotland, he held offices under him and Queen Anne, rising to become commissioner to the Scottish Parliament (1700) and a secretary of state for Scotland (1702).
Duped by an intrigue of Baron Lovat, he falsely accused John Murray, 2d marquess and 1st duke of Atholl, of Jacobite activities and for that mistake was dismissed in 1703.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/Q/QunsbryJD.html   (278 words)

 Crossover Mapping Panel -- modified version   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
A 2D-map is a two-dimensional chromosome map of genetic markers, with all markers arrayed in their approximate order based upon crossovers found in the dataset.
As of November 1996, 2D maps for chromosomes 11, 14, 10 and X chromosome are on-line.
The method and the map are described in detail in the paper entitled " A 2D crossover-based map of the human X chromosome as a model for map integration." which appeared in the March, 1995 issue of Nature Genetics [volume 9, number 3, pages 261-265].
contig.wustl.edu /mmp   (172 words)

 Maxforums - 2D levels in 3Ds Max, easy or hard?
The 2D levels would be simple 2D platform games or 'Pacman' style mazes.
We'd like to use a generic physics engine so the 2D levels would be, for example, 3D mazes made on the XZ plane.
Using 2D screenshots of 3D levels would be do-able but we really have no problem with rendering the 3D level real-time with a fixed camera angle to mimic the 2D experience.
www.maxforums.org /thread.aspx?tid=238172&r=3   (402 words)

 2D symbologies make their mark
While there are many successful applications using 2D codes on labels, documents, and plastic identification cards, the solutions become more challenging when the 2D code is directly marked into the material to be tracked.
By using an electric marking head that includes a high-performance carbide stylus, the unit is suited for marking forged, cast, or machined parts with marking windows in the range of 90 x 60 mm to 100 x 150 mm.
While there are numerous successful 2D bar code projects for paper- and label-based applications, directly marked 2D symbologies do have their challenges.
www.manufacturingcenter.com /tooling/archives/1203/1203mark.asp   (1336 words)

 CADENCE CHANNEL: 3D Vizualization: 2D Modeling-Preparing 2D Data for Use As 3D Models   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
One method is to create the initial 2D shape with the Start New Shape option checked on (default mode), as shown in Figure 2, then uncheck Start New Shape and create the subsequent 2D elements that will be nested within the original shape as splines.
This can be accomplished by either converting a standard 2D primitive (rectangle, circle, ngon and so forth) to an editable-spline object or by adding an Edit Spline modifier to a 2D primitive and using Attach in the modifier.
Import a 2D CAD file into VIZ/MAX, and assume that all lines are on the same layer called Elevation.
cadence.advanstar.com /2000/0500/vizualization0500.html   (2284 words)

 ImageDIG | 2D/3D Digitizing Software
Convert flat 2D images into 3D surface or contour plots or 2D published graphs into real numbers.
Perform complex 2D analysis from the output of the 2D/3D digitizer or supply your own data.
2D (x,y) 3D (x,y,z) data in comma, space or tab delimited format and import into a spreadsheet, database or other application.
www.imagedig.com   (308 words)

 Ansoft Corporation - Maxwell 2D - Product Overview
Maxwell 2D is a computationally efficient and comprehensive design tool that provides both time- and frequency-domain electromagnetic analysis within an easy-to-use, graphical environment.
The 2D Transient solver easily solves applications such as electric machines, eddy-current brakes, and other actuation devices by simultaneously solving the equations of magnetic fields, electric circuits, and motion within a strong coupling formulation.
The Maxwell® 2D Thermal solver provides steady-state thermal analysis, including convection and radiation and one-way coupling between the 2D AC Magnetic solver and 2D Thermal solver.
www.ansoft.com /products/em/max2d/overview.cfm   (887 words)

 2d Computer Graphics - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Java 2D Graphics is a remarkably accessible guide to graphics programming using Sun's new Java 2D API.
In his beautifully written and designed Java 2D API Graphics, Vincent Hardy introduces Java programmers to the contents and capabilities of this exciting addition to the set of standard Java classes.
Autocad With 2d Lab Applications: 13 Release for DOS and Windows
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /2d_computer_graphics.htm   (181 words)

 Downey v. General Foods, 31 N.Y.2nd 56, 286 N.E.2d 257 (1972)
President and Fellows of Harvard Coll., 248 F. 2d 799; Robbins v.
Plaintiff's causes of action pleaded in "negligence", fraud and breach of trust are without support in fact or law.
Philip Morris and Co., 283 F. 2d 6, 7; Lueddecke v.
home.att.net /~jmtyndall/usip/286ND257.HTM   (1335 words)

 TUFLOW 2D and 1D Hydrodynamic Model for Flood and Tide Simulation and Modeling - Environmental Software   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
TUFLOW is specifically orientated towards establishing flow patterns in coastal waters, estuaries, rivers and floodplains where the flow patterns are essentially 2D in nature and cannot or would be awkward to represent using a 1D network model.
Multiple 2D Domains The study area can be broken up into any number of 2D domains, with each domain having its own orientation and cell resolution.
Its strengths are rapid wetting and drying, powerful 1D and 2D linking options, multiple 2D domains, 1D and 2D modelling of hydraulic structures, treatment of levees and embankments, effective data handling, 1D and 2D supercritical flow and quality control outputs.
www.scisoftware.com /environmental_software/detailed_description.php?products_id=204   (1862 words)

 2D Graphics
For example, you could use the Java 2D API to display complex charts and graphs that use various line and fill styles to distinguish sets of data, like those shown in the following figure.
The Java 2D API also enables you to store and to manipulate image data--for example, you can easily perform image-filter operations, such as blur and sharpen, as shown in the following figure.
Overview of the Java 2D API introduces the key Java 2D concepts and describes the Java 2D rendering model.
java.sun.com /docs/books/tutorial/2d   (383 words)

 Gorillaz: Biography
Hit twice on the head when young, 2D is a sweetheart with a blank sheet of paper where a brain should be.
2D idolises Murdoc, who, he feels, saved his life.
Loved by everyone (except the green eyed Murdoc), 2D has legions of lady followers and would make a good boyfriend if only he'd wake up.
fans.gorillaz.com /band/bio-2d.html   (87 words)

 Evolve from 2D to 3D with Solid Edge
Use the Solid Edge 2D to 3D migration wizard to quickly turn your 2D drawings into intelligent 3D models for use in assemblies or downstream operations.
By applying the 2D to 3D hybrid approach to design, 2D thought processes are applied to 3D problems, encouraging 3D learning, while accomplishing the task.
“We had been using a popular 2D CAD system to automate the production of drawings for some years, but were still spending a lot of time fixing alignment problems between components at the assembly stage, because it’s difficult to spot this type of problem on a 2D drawing.
www.solid-edge.com /email/solidedge.evolveto3d.may2004.htm   (1364 words)

 [ODE] 2d system   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Seems that most people who want 2D physics have just written their own spring-mass system with cross bars and funny integrators for stability.
You'd be better off reimplementing the API in a 2D-like fashion, and seeing if you can pull in the solver and other guts as well.
I notice from the > documentation that 2d is mentioned in the changelog but can't find it > anywhere else.
www.q12.org /pipermail/ode/2003-April/008063.html   (244 words)

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