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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

  January 3 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
January 3 is the 3rd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.
Under the terms of the Twentieth Amendment to the United States Constitution, congressional terms begin at noon on January 3 of every odd-numbered year.
As such all members of the U.S. House of Representatives and one-third of all U.S. Senators are sworn in on January 3 every two years.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/January_3   (1449 words)

 Art of War by SunTzu [SunZi] -English Hypertext
(3) By employing the officers of his army without discrimination, through ignorance of the military principle of adaptation to circumstances.
There are five dangerous faults which may affect a general: (1) Recklessness, which leads to destruction; (2) cowardice, which leads to capture; (3) a hasty temper, which can be provoked by insults; (4) a delicacy of honor which is sensitive to shame; (5) over-solicitude for his men, which exposes him to worry and trouble.
(3) When the force of the flames has reached its height, follow it up with an attack, if that is practicable; if not, stay where you are.
www.chinapage.com /sunzi-e.html#13   (10218 words)

 Nuclear Power in Sweden   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
First, Ringhals applied to the Nuclear Power Inspectorate (SKI) for a 130 MWe uprate on the 915 MWe unit 3, comprising 80 MWe on the basis of steam generator replacement already undertaken and 50 MWe to follow as turbine work was completed, both in mid 2006.
In 2004 low pressure turbines were replaced in unit 3, giving a 30 MWe uprate, and it the same is being done for units 1 & 2.
In 2005 SKI approved a 250 MWe uprate of Oskarshamn-3 reactor, to 1450 MWe net, and this was confirmed by the government in January 2006.
www.uic.com.au /nip39.htm   (3023 words)

 News: DOOM 3 MODS Pack #3 - GamersHell.com
DOOM 3 Grenade Launcher v0.1 Mod (3 KB)
Built on id’s revolutionary new 3D technology, DOOM 3 is a terrifying battle with the forces of Hell.
In DOOM 3, your recent assignment to the Union Aerospace Corporation’s Mars research facility seemed simple enough, until their discoveries and experiments unlocked the gates to Hell itself.
www.gamershell.com /news/14727.html   (774 words)

 Population of the 100 Largest Cities and Other Urban Places In The United States: 1790 to 1990
Among the 20 largest cities in 1910 and in 1950, 13 had a density of 10,000 or more, 4 had a density of 5,000 to 9,999, and 3 had a density under 5,000 (Tables 14 and 18).
From their peak numbers in the nineteenth century, the numbers declined from 24 to 1 in Massachusetts, from 14 to 4 in New York, and from 15 to 2 in Pennsylvania, by 1990.
From 1900 to 1990, the number of the 100 largest urban places increased from zero to 5 in Florida, from 3 to 10 in Texas, and from 3 to 16 in California.
www.census.gov /population/www/documentation/twps0027.html#tabB   (4915 words)

 DiskWarrior Support & Updates
If you already own DiskWarrior 3 (your CD is gold and white with the image of the DiskWarrior shield on it) AND...
CDs created from your original DiskWarrior 3 CD using the DiskWarrior 3.0.3 CD Update will continue to start up using the same version of Mac OS X as your current CD.
For existing DiskWarrior 3 customers, update CDs can be purchased for $12.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling to all locations (all prices USD).
www.alsoft.com /DiskWarrior/support.html#Tiger   (1535 words)

EXPOSÉ 3 is the third edition of the industry's best art book celebrating the creative talents of digital artists worldwide.
EXPOSÉ 3 features the work of 181 artists from 37 countries covering the fields of 3D, digital illustration, architectural visualization, games, television and feature film.
Previous year’s EXPOSÉ Limited Editions have sold quickly, and we are not expecting EXPOSÉ 3 editions to last, so make sure that you purchase your copy as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
www.ballisticpublishing.com /books/expose3   (373 words)

 CBS 3 - Philadelphia's Source For Breaking News, Weather, Traffic and Sports
When it comes to your health, margarine can be a good thing.
And then just as powerfully as it bursts onto the scene and commands your attention, it dies.
You need the latest Flash player to view CBS 3 - Philadelphia's Source For Breaking News, Weather, Traffic and Sports video content.
cbs3.com   (726 words)

When DVD came out in 1997 there were under 3 million laserdisc players in the U.S. For latest U.S. player sales statistics, see the CEA page at The Digital Bits.
There are various ways to recognize dual-layer discs: 1) the gold color, 2) a menu on the disc for selecting the widescreen or fullscreen version, 3) two serial numbers on one side.
Factor 1 or 2 usually must be present in order for factor 3 or 4 to become apparent.
www.dvddemystified.com /dvdfaq.html#1.6.1   (17632 words)

 BLAS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation (NSF) or the Department of Energy (DOE).
##################################################################### # BLAS Index (Levels 1, 2, and 3) # # # # NOTE: All BLAS routines are listed in the order in which # # they appear on the BLAS Quick Reference Guide.
, (Auxiliary Routine in Level 2 and 3 BLAS routines) file xerbla.f for error handler for the Level 2 and 3 BLAS routines.
www.netlib.org /blas   (462 words)

 AssistiveWare - KeyStrokes for Mac OS X virtual keyboard
“KeyStrokes 3 is the most robust on-screen keyboard on the market today.
KeyStrokes 3 has so many empowering features that can maximize efficiency of every user movement.
"This application has gained more polish and useful functionality with each version release, and KeyStrokes 3 is now a powerful and versatile suite of tools that will prove a boon to any Mac user who has difficulty with conventional typing, and could mean the difference between computing and not computing for more seriously disabled folks."
www.assistiveware.com /keystrokes.php   (1017 words)

 BBC - Radio 3 - Home
The BBC Proms start next Friday, at the Royal Albert Hall and here on BBC Radio 3.
Listen to a hugely diverse range of gigs recorded live at the 2005 London Jazz Festival.
Listen again to all of Radio 3's speech programmes including The Verb, The Wire, Drama on 3 and much more.
www.bbc.co.uk /radio3   (269 words)

 Niger (04/06)
After the establishment of the Fifth French Republic on December 4, 1958, Niger became an autonomous state within the French Community.
Following full independence on August 3, 1960, however, membership was allowed to lapse.
For its first 14 years as an independent state, Niger was run by a single-party civilian regime under the presidency of Hamani Diori.
www.state.gov /r/pa/ei/bgn/5474.htm   (4240 words)

 News 3 Las Vegas Home Page
News 3 wants to see your breaking news and weather photographs.
If you're too busy to catch News 3 Sunrise or News 3 at 5, we've made it easy for you to get all the latest news and weather when it's convenient for you with News 3 Newscasts online!
News 3 Las Vegas Your Voice on 3
www.kvbc.com   (658 words)

 CIA - The World Factbook -- Burma   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Burman 68%, Shan 9%, Karen 7%, Rakhine 4%, Chinese 3%, Indian 2%, Mon 2%, other 5%
Buddhist 89%, Christian 4% (Baptist 3%, Roman Catholic 1%), Muslim 4%, animist 1%, other 2%
3 January 1974; suspended since 18 September 1988; national convention convened in 1993 to draft a new constitution but collapsed in 1996; reconvened in 2004 but does not include participation of democratic opposition
www.cia.gov /cia/publications/factbook/geos/bm.html   (1549 words)

 Panic - Transmit 3 - The next-generation Mac OS X FTP client!
And yes, Transmit 3 is the perfect FTP companion to iWeb.
FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is the universal way to send, receive, and manage your files and folders using the internet.
If you manage a web site, need to send a file to a friend running an FTP server, need to post eBay images to a image host, or download a lot of software updates, then Transmit is the perfect program for you: it makes FTP easy and fun!
www.panic.com /transmit   (266 words)

 Lexical Structure
is transformed into an actual linefeed in translation step 1 (§3.3) and the linefeed becomes a LineTerminator in step 2 (§3.4), and so the character literal is not valid in step 3.
is transformed into an actual linefeed in translation step 1 (§3.3) and the linefeed becomes a LineTerminator in step 2 (§3.4), and so the string literal is not valid in step 3.
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
java.sun.com /docs/books/jls/second_edition/html/lexical.doc.html   (2934 words)

 CIA - The World Factbook -- Iraq   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Muslim 97% (Shi'a 60%-65%, Sunni 32%-37%), Christian or other 3%
3 October 1932 (from League of Nations mandate under British administration); note - on 28 June 2004 the Coalition Provisional Authority transferred sovereignty to the Iraqi Interim Government
Revolution Day, 17 July (1968); note - this holiday was celebrated under the SADDAM Husayn regime but the Iraqi Interim Government has yet to declare a new national holiday
www.cia.gov /cia/publications/factbook/geos/iz.html   (1637 words)

 KCRA.com - Home
Dateline NBC (New) Dateline's Victoria Corderi reports in a hidden camera investigation on Internet adoption.
Be warned if the local air quality drops to dangerous levels with the KCRA 3 Weather Plus Air Quality Index.
Each morning when KCRA 3 reports from 5 a.m.
www.kcra.com   (322 words)

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