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 30th Street Station (Philadelphia) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
30th Street Station is the main railroad station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
30th Street Station, with Cira Centre and the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the background, and the United States Post Office and Schuylkill River in the foreground.
It found such a place on Market Street between 29th and 30th Streets, directly on the Schuylkill River, and built 30th Street Station there.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/30th_Street_Station   (563 words)

 30th Street Station
Planned as a replacement to the landmark train shed terminal in center city, the 30th Street Station marked the commitment of the railroad to electricity as a preferable energy source for trains.
The old Broad Street Station, built in 1881 in the city center about one mile from the main line tracks, was by 1920 the center of the heaviest passenger traffic of the Pennsylvania Railroad.
While the station complex is in large part surrounded by an elevated highway unanticipated in 1925, the absolute scale of the station allows it to retain its architectural integrity and forceful presence despite the changing conditions of the cityscape.
www.uchs.net /HistoricDistricts/30thstreet.html   (1034 words)

 The PENNSYLVANIA Pages... 30th Street Station
The station at 30th Street, on the other hand, had the tracks passing under the station, something made possible by the advent of the electric locomotive.
It, along with its commuter service companion Suburban Station, was designed to replace two existing facilities: an adjacent structure, the West Philadelphia Station, located two blocks west; and the Broad Street Station, located at 15th and Market Streets in center city.
Parts of the wall were removed in conjunction with the subway, though the remainder of the wall and Broad Street Station were not demolished until 1953 — mostly a result of the Depression and World War II.
www.chesco.com /~apu/prr/prr_30.html   (695 words)

 30th Street Station: Our History
Located on Market Street between 29th and 30th Streets, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the site around the Station is an entirely elevated "bridge" type structure which includes Market, Arch, and 30th Street and Schuylkill Avenue.
30th Street Station, a national Register of Historic Places, is an eight-story concrete frame building containing approximately 562,000 gross square feet.
30th Street Station is owned by Amtrak and managed by U.S. Equities Realty, LLC.
30thstreetstation.com /contentbuilder/layout.php3?contentPath=content/00/01/33/99/87/userdirectory2.content   (153 words)

 Railroad Stations and Towers; Page 1 of 4; Stan's Railpix-!
This was erected by Amtrak employees at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia Penna. 10/6/01.
Click here to see the entrance to the Septa Regional Rail Area, in the upper level of the Amtrak 30th Street Station in Phila.
This station, opened by The Pennsylvania Railroad in December 15, 1933, is the second busiest on the Amtrak System and served 3,675,843 passengers in 1999.
www.trainweb.org /railpix/stations1.html   (399 words)

 PHS Directions
Suburban Station occupies an entire block between 16th and 17th Street and JFK Blvd. Exit to street level.
Cross street and walk over the bridge going over the Schuykill River (you are on JFK Blvd., walking east from 29th Street to 20th street.).
PHS is at the northwest corner of 20th and Arch Streets.
www.pennsylvaniahorticulturalsociety.org /aboutus/directions.html   (598 words)

 A 30th Street BART Station Would Cost Half a Billion and Take 7 Years to Get Here
The neighborhood around Mission and 30th streets is the staging area for heavy-duty construction.
In releasing its long-awaited study, BART agreed with neighborhood residents that the 30th and Mission hub would be the best location for a new station on the Daly City ­ Colma line.
Gravesande stated unequivocally that 1,500 feet of Mission Street between 29th and 30th streets would have to be torn up for 42 months.
www.noevalleyvoice.com /2002/May/bart.html   (1083 words)

 USMLE - United States Medical Licensing Examination
Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station is served by Amtrak, which operates rail service along the Northeast Corridor from Boston, MA to Washington, DC.
The SEPTA Airport Rail Line (the R1 train) connects each terminal of the airport with 30th Street Station, which is 6 blocks from the CSEC.
Market East Station (Market Street, between 10th and 12th Streets) is fully wheelchair accessible, as are all SEPTA trains and the Airport Terminal stations.
www.usmle.org /step2/Step2CS/Guides/PhilaGuide.htm   (1119 words)

 The Wistar Institute :: Directions
From 30th St. Station, one may take the R1, R2 or R3 railroad lines, the distance of one stop, to the University City Station (behind the Penn Tower Hotel).
South Street becomes Spruce Street and the Wistar Institute is located at the corner of 36th and Spruce Street.
Take I-76 West 3 miles to Exit 346A, South Street, which EXITS ON THE LEFT.
www.wistar.upenn.edu /about_wistar/directions.html   (727 words)

 Cornerstone Bed & Breakfast > Directions
Take Amtrak or SEPTA into 30th Street Station.
Take SEPTA's R1 Airport Line to 30th Street Station.
Continue on Route 76 West for approximately 5 miles to the 30th Street Exit.
www.cornerstonebandb.com /pages/directions.cfm   (672 words)

 Econsult Corporation
From I-76 (Schuylkill Expressway) (East): Exit at 30th Street Station.
By Train (Airport Rail to 30th Street Amtrak Station)
On-street parking is available, but very limited, at metered spaces (1 hour meters).
www.econsult.com /e_directions.htm   (704 words)

 UniversityCity Philadelphia Getting Around
30th Street Station is served by Amtrak and SEPTA commuter trains to suburban Philadelphia.
Exit 39 (30th Street Station) and Exit 40 (South Street -- note that exit is from the left lane).
This shuttle has two routes, the Green Loop and the Gold Loop and operates M-F from 6:10 am to 7 pm, beginning and ending the routes at 30th Street Station.
www.ucityphila.com /getting_around/index.cfm   (482 words)

 Great Public Spaces: 30th Street Station Project for Public Spaces (PPS) - Placemaking for Communities
30th Street and Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA A beautiful and efficient train station that minimizes stress and maximizes access, ease, and services.
Unfortunately 30th Street Station does not have a direct connection to the Broad St-Market subway.
For more images of 30th Street Station or other places, try searching our Image Collection
www.pps.org /gps/one?public_place_id=754   (335 words)

 BART to Unveil 30th Street Station Study
BART is now ready to present the findings of its 30th Street/Mission Station Feasibility Study and to get feedback from the public at a community meeting on Thursday, April 11, 6:30 p.m., at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, 515 Cortland Avenue.
As for the 24th Street Station, which is closest to Noe Valley, BART is planning to hold community meetings this spring to discuss implementing the recommendations in the 24th Street BART Plaza Community Design Plan published last summer.
Albert notes that one of the primary incentives for studying the new station was the distance between the 24th Street and Glen Park stations, which is the longest between any two BART stations in San Francisco.
www.noevalleyvoice.com /2002/April/BART.html   (570 words)

 Directions to the Maryknoll House
Lindenwold station is near the intersection of Rte.
The station is well marked from all approaches – head towards the Capitol/Downtown and follow signs for NJ Transit/Trenton Sta.
Liberty (215-389-8000) is $25 from the airport, $15-$17 from 30th St.
www.soawne.org /6367.html   (1608 words)

 [Hpn] Advocates to Protest D.A.'s Decision in 30th Street Station Killing/Philadelphia
Robert Brown, a homeless man who had mental illness, had been walking through 30th Street Station yelling and was threatening officers with a metal chair when he was shot, according to some published reports.
today (Monday, June 18), outside 1421 Arch Street, said its organizer, Joseph A. Rogers, president and CEO of the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania.
Rogers is asking the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate.
projects.is.asu.edu /pipermail/hpn/2001-June/004078.html   (349 words)

 Morgan Lewis : Offices > Philadelphia - Legal, Law Firm, Lawyer, Attorney
You can also disembark at 30th Street Station and hire a cab (approximate fare $5) to 1701 Market Street.
Disembark at Suburban Station and walk to 1701 Market Street by exiting onto John F. Kennedy Boulevard, where on the south side of the street between 17th and 18th Streets you will turn left into the left side of the plaza.
Morgan Lewis is located at 1701 Market Street, which is on the northwest corner of 17th and Market Streets opposite One Liberty Plaza.
www.morganlewis.com /index.cfm/bNodeID/3f2c6776-5624-4547-812f-fe801322cf1e/officeID/DBA72F59-E451-42AA-B434-72C175F8712A/fuseaction/office.directions   (816 words)

 The PENNSYLVANIA Pages... 30th Street Station - 'Spirit of Transportation'
The ambient lighting in the waiting area of 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, casts deep shadows on the Karl Bitter sculpture Spirit of Transportation.
The sculpture originally appeared in Broad Street Station but found a home at 30th Street as a result of the demise of Broad Street Station.
The sculpture represents a procession of progress led by a little child carrying a model of an airship.
www.chesco.com /~apu/prr/30th_spirit.html   (68 words)

 UPHS Visitor Info: HUP - Public Transportation
Northeast corridor AMTRAK trains stop at 30th Street Station.
See SEPTA Regional Rail Lines or SEPTA City Transit for information on travelling to the Hospital from 30th Street Station.
A 10-minute walk south on 34th Street or a 5-minute ride on the LUCY shuttle takes you to the Hospital.
www.pennhealth.com /hup/vi_files/pub_trans.html   (503 words)

Monday, October 24 between 69th Street Terminal and 40th Street Station due to construction.
Shuttle buses will operate in place of trains on the Market-Frankford Line this weekend from 8 p.m.
www.septa.org   (31 words)

 UTU: News
That underground station will probably have lots of connecting tunnels similar to the one at 30th Street, but you can bet that New York officials will find ways to keep them open and safe.
It would be nice if Amtrak riders didn't add to the traffic jams and instead took SEPTA to and from 30th Street Station, which is the hub of one of the country's best transit networks.
When the once-mighty Pennsylvania Railroad-- one of Amtrak's predecessors -- hired Daniel Burnham's architectural firm to build 30th Street Station in 1929, it requested an underground passage to the subway for its customers' convenience, even though the subway was owned by a different company.
www.utu.org /worksite/detail_news.cfm?ArticleID=6045   (796 words)

 Timothy Haahs & Associates: Projects: AMTRAK 30th Street Station Parking Garage
Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station on Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor handles over four million patrons annually for both local and long-distance rail travel, the second busiest of the AMTRAK system.
Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station on Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor handles over four million patrons...
With entry and exit to the facility at street (third) level, parkers will also have access to existing parking under the adjacent street and station via the lowest level of the garage.
www.timhaahs.com /ProjectsDetail.asp?ProjectID=17   (193 words)

 SJU: National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference - Transportation
30th street station is on the Acela express train, which goes to Boston, DC, and New York, among others.
30th Street Station, one of America's finest transportation hubs and a National Register of Historic Places, plays host to 25,000 commuters daily.
In addition, rail service to the Airport is available on SEPTA'S High Speed Rail Line (R1) train that operates from 5:25 AM until 11:25 PM daily, every 30 minutes, with easy connections to AMTRAK at 30th Street Station.
www.sju.edu /NJSLC/pages/transportation.html   (298 words)

 PhillyFest 2001: Part 7
The latter serves the lower level of 30th Street Station, while we curve left to position ourselves to be running eastbound through 30th Street and the CCCC.
We make one intermedate stop at University City, and then duck into a tunnel under Market Street and some yard facilities (as well as the SEPTA routes coming from the west and north) and enter 30th Street Station's suburban level at the center platform.
As per our plan, in order to visit Suburban Station, we'll get off there, after traversing the slow downhill run from 30th Street into the CCCC portal at 20th Street.
pages.prodigy.net /kevinkorell/phillyfest/part7.htm   (789 words)

 Ben Franklin Technology PArtners Southeastern Pennsylvania
Eleven Penn Center (at the northeast corner of 19th & Market Streets) is approximately 3 blocks west of Suburban Station (JFK Blvd. Between 16th & 17th Streets) and 10 blocks east of AMTRAK’S 30th Street Station (Market Street between 29th and 30th Streets).
These lines provide connections to the subways (Market/Frankford and Broad Street lines) and 30th Street Station, as well as throughout University City and the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel campuses.
Turn right and continue around 30th Street Station in a middle lane to the second traffic light.
www.sep.benfranklin.org /who/directions.html   (441 words)

 Directions to DSCP
The SEPTA fare to DSCP from 30th Street Station is $2.00.
From 30th Street Station: Take Schuylkill Expressway (I 76) West; Get on the Roosevelt Expressway (Route 1 North), which becomes the Roosevelt Boulevard.
You will be across the street from the main gate of the compound.
www.dscp.dla.mil /SUBS/dscpmap.htm   (954 words)

 Directions to the EPA Mid-Atlantic Region
Make a right onto Vine Street, the access ramp for I-676 eastbound is at Broad Street and Vine Street, then follow signs for I-95 North or Trenton/New York.
Make a right onto Vine Street, the access ramp for I-676 Eastbound is at Broad Street and Vine Street, then follow signs for Ben Franklin Bridge I-676 East or Camden, New Jersey.
Halfway down the block on the right is a public parking lot, park there or on the street.
www.epa.gov /region3/direct.htm   (1766 words)

Arriving at the 30th Street Station and taking the escalator up, on experiences the coffered Art Deco ceiling and gorgeous chandeliers high above the main hall with a sense of elation.
TSL, 30th Street Limited, L.P. The Kling-Lundquist Partnership
The large parking structure under the building is convenient; its access to the station is acceptably direct."
ostpxweb.dot.gov /95daward/12screen.htm   (110 words)

 Directions to University City Main Campus
Amtrak trains stop at 30th Street Station (30th and Market Streets), which is two blocks from Drexel's University City Main Campus.
All Regional Rail trains stop at 30th Street Station (30th and Market Streets), which is two blocks from Drexel's University City Main Campus.
Take SEPTA's R1 train to 30th Street Station (30th and Market Streets), which is two blocks from Drexel's University City Main Campus.
www.drexel.edu /em/directions/directions_uc.html   (1070 words)

 Information Center Associate Position Description
The campus can be reached from 30th Street Station by cab, on SEPTA's Green Line (to either 36th and Sansom Streets or 37th and Spruce Streets) or the Market-Frankford Line (to 34th and Market Streets), or by foot; 30th Street Station is a fifteen-minute walk from the heart of campus.
The 30th Street Station is about a 15 minute walk or $5 cab ride to campus.
Convenient train service from the airport to 30th Street Station is available through SEPTA's Airport Express Train which leaves every half-hour.
www.vpul.upenn.edu /perelmanquad/directions.html   (880 words)

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