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Topic: 311 (band)

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  311 (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
311 (pronounced "three eleven") is a band that formed in late 1988 in Omaha, Nebraska as a rapcore/punk rock/reggae group.
From Chaos was released in late 2001 and debuted at #10 on the Billboard 200.
The most recent 311 Day, in 2006, was held at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, due to the destruction from Hurricane Katrina.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/311_(band)   (1787 words)

 Brodels \ Band Info
The band hit the road in support of the record and was temporarily sidelined when their touring RV caught on fire and exploded on the shoulder of the highway.
After the success of the "311" album (which is now triple platinum), 311 released a long form home video called "Enlarged to Show Detail" containing live concert footage, interviews, videos, backstage footage, etc. To make it a unique item, 311 bundled the video with a 5 song EP containing outtakes from the "311" CD.
The EP is on the band's original "What Have You Records" label and is only available via the 311 website and the 311 Mail Order Merchandise Catalog.
www.angelfire.com /nt2/311/band.htm   (1233 words)

 MusicMoz - Bands and Artists: 3: 311: Discography: Soundsystem: Reviews
311 is the perfect mix between pump you up feel good music, and their signature chillin style that melts away the stress and chaos in our lives.
I've been listening to 311 religiously for six months now and i've come to the conclusion that you just can't go wrong with 311...whether you're looking for rock, reggae pop or wutev this album delivers and is i think the most diverse of all 311s albums.
311 is a band that seems come out with albums that have a delicous ratio of "good to bad" songs.
musicmoz.org /Bands_and_Artists/3/311/Discography/Soundsystem/Reviews   (719 words)

Later band member, S.A. Martinez, often made guest appearances at their live shows, and was added to the roster in 92.
It was struggling times for the band - living under one roof in Van Nuys, California, the group soon found their funds depleted and bills mounting.
The band managed to hook up with producer Ron Saint German for their third major release, 311, or better known as "the blue album".
www.musicfanclubs.org /311/bandinfo.html   (644 words)

 311 lyrics, 311 guitar tabs, 311 bass tabs, 311 pictures, 311 fonts, discography, biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Band fonts section 311 is another category that deserves some attention, especially for those who are big fans of the band 311 and like to collect or create band logos and such.
Our band font section has quiet a few different fonts for you to download, so you can type any text the way your favorite band writes their on their album cover.
Members will be able to submit and rate 311 tablature and lyrics, add pictures and other information about 311 such as reviews, comments, interesting facts in the history of the band 311.
www.musiceffect.com /311/discography/grassroots.html   (964 words)

 311 Band Info
After an incident with P-Nut and his friend and guitarist Jimmie, the name Unity turned into 311 (this is, in case ya dont know, police code for indecent exposure- P-Nut and Jimmie were caught skinny dipping in a public (?) pool in Omaha).
311 does NOT, however, have ANY connection to the KKK- the fact that 311 could be translated to 3 K's (as K is the 11th letter) is merely a coincidence.
The band proves their dislike for the KKK in many ways- not only throught their music which promotes racial harmony and understanding (try listening to "electricity" off of Transistor), but on the recently released video, ETSD (enlarged to show detail), P-Nut very openly says (for all the band),
members.tripod.com /~the311goddess/info.html   (265 words)

 Pepper (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pepper is a reggae, ska band originally from Hawaii, but has recently moved to southern California.
The band relinquish their nostalgic sentiment in saying they named their album "In With The Old" as an ode to a time when music used to be collectively better, when bands such as Metallica, Cream, the Beatles, and Black Sabbath were still relevant.
Pepper has just recently added a feed on their website that shows videos of the band while they are on tour this summer.In addition they had added more shows to their schedule featuring many stops on the East Coast as they support 311.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pepper_(band)   (909 words)

Musically, 311 is without a doubt the most original and kick-ass band there currently is. But unlike most of my other favorite bands, 311's lyrics are very meaningful.
I recorded it from the radio on the end of my latest 311 mix, and after the song this time, they announced that "Come Original" was from the forthcoming 311 album that wouldn't released for a couple more months.
Nick, the primary creative impetus behind 311, was working through some personal issues on From Chaos, and it is a testament to 311's talent that they could rock and stay positive as much as they did (despite all the break-up songs).
home.earthlink.net /~mindspin311   (4356 words)

 deseretnews.com | 311 performs at USANA tonight
When 311 got together in the early 1990s, there was no plan of attack.
Those bands also caught the attention of guitarist/vocalist Nick Hexum, vocalist/DJ SA Martinez, guitarist Tim Mahoney and bassist P-Nut.
Sexton said the band is happy where it is musically.
deseretnews.com /dn/view/0,1249,595072743,00.html   (576 words)

 UniverCity Magazine interview with 311
But there are the band’s that take that open invite to creativity far more serious than nakedness and banana peels.
Hailing from the not-quite-music -Mecca of Omaha, Nebraska, the band redefines all that is ska, raggae and metal-inspired pop rock.
Answering to the name of “Sound System”, the band’s latest release on Capricorn, is an exotic mesh of music of all genres laced into one colossal sound scape of positive energy.
www.univercity.com /311.html   (747 words)

 311 Soundsystem
311 does not stand for KKK (an ill-intentioned rumor based on the 11th letter of the alphabet).
311 are about nine albums and eleven years deep into the sound they helped pioneer.
And the band spent the past year in the studio with their renowned, high-energy live show in mind.
reviews.modernrock.com /14   (553 words)

 MTV News - 311 Giving Fans A History Lesson On Unity Tour
The enthusiastic audience members, several of whom sported T-shirts from past 311 tours, ate up the set list, dancing in the aisles the same way Hexum and rapper S.A. Martinez were bouncing on their new glossy fl custom stage.
Like 311's last tour, the rest of band joined in on the fun, bringing giant floor toms on the stage for a drumline routine, except this time around they each had cymbals as well.
The band mostly played songs from its debut, 2002's Leaving Through the Window, but a new song from their upcoming fall album was equally engaging and a bit heavier.
www.mtv.com /news/articles/1474419/20030721/story.jhtml   (1146 words)

 CBS News | Rock Band 311, Stapp Fight in Baltimore
311 were in Baltimore for a weekend concert when several members ran into Stapp earlier that day, band drummer Chad Sexton told The Associated Press.
Both Stapp and 311 have the same producer, and Sexton said there were no problems during the first meeting.
He said Stapp was "attacked" by several members of 311 and that it took two security guards to break up the fight.
www.cbsnews.com /stories/2005/12/01/ap/entertainment/mainD8E7OI2O1.shtml   (442 words)

 311, O.A.R., Alien Ant Farm - 11/14/2003 at the BJC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Formed in Omaha, Nebraska, 311 is a rapid-fire mix of pure funk, real rock, die-hard rap and extreme metal.
The triple-platinum CD “311” produced the song “Down” that was #1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Chart and a favorite on MTV and radio stations across the nation.
A decade after the band’s major label debut, 311 recently released their 7th albumEvolver.” The enhanced CD includes interviews with the band and highlights the songs, “Seems Uncertain” and “Beyond the Gray Sky.”
www.bjc.psu.edu /Events/event.asp?event_code=111403&month=11&day=14&year=2003   (268 words)

The focus of the album was to put as much music that we felt good about on one CD and give the fans more for their money.
It seems to be a much closer relationship than most bands, and it always has been.
Whether you're talking about 311 or not, that seems to be exactly what you guys are going for as a band: good vibes.
www.penduluminc.com /MM/articles/3111197.htm   (1617 words)

 311 booking - Alternative Rock, Rap-Metal Music Artists - Corporate Entertainment Booking
After the success of the "311" album (which is now triple Platinum), 311 released a long-form home video called "Enlarged to Show Detail" containing live concert footage, interviews, videos, backstage footage, etc.
After releasing the home video, 311 went back into the studio to record their fourth CD "Transistor." "Transistor" debuted at #4 on the Billboard Top 200 and is now Platinum.
In October of 1999, 311 released their fifth CD "Soundsystem" which debuted at #9 and the band toured extensively in the US and Japan.
delafo.securesites.net /music_acts/311.htm   (1059 words)

 Drury University: Rock Before Christmas with 311
311 is a band with deep roots in the Springfield area.
As years progressed and the band's popularity soared, ticket prices to see the band in concert went from $3 to $30, and you often had to drive as far as St. Louis or Kansas City to find a venue large enough to support the band’s popularity.
Returning to the roots of their music, the new album by 311 combines the sound of rap, rock, pop and reggae to create a melodic masterpiece from the Los Angeles-based band.
www.drury.edu /multinl/story_breech.cfm?ID=9159&NLID=49   (567 words)

 [No title]
311 is the band that has a unique sound.
Their sound is cool because they mix in a turn table with their music, a trend alot of bands today are doing.
The band I picked was 311, their sound is not only dope, but they also are popular enough for people to seem them themelves in concert.
hometown.aol.com /hmegrwn18/311webpage.html   (312 words)

 311 bio page
When we last saw 311, the Nebraska-bred quintet was roaming the planet in support of its acclaimed sixth album From Chaos.
With Evolver, 311 move onto a whole new plane, propelled by tracks such as “Crack the Code,” an easy-flowing dancehall love song of focused, soulful restraint, and “Don’t Dwell,” which floats an irresistibly sunny melody over a thick slap-bass rhythm.
The band slams out one of its heaviest songs to date in lead single “Creatures (For A While),” an amphetamine-paced track inspired by Hexum’s call to “forget about the stress of modern life and just become animals for a while.
www.orlandofloridaguide.com /entertainment/music/bands/311/bio.htm   (1088 words)

 Here's the 411 on surf/skate band 311   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Surf skate band 311 has hit the streets with its latest reggae/rap self-titled release.
In 1990, 311 played their first gig by opening for Fugazi.
Just when you think 311 is a Beastie Boys clone with rapping white boys playing rough guitars with an emphasis on drums, 311 switches over to a smooth reggae melody.
www.stp.uh.edu /vol61/951108/15a.html   (241 words)

311 is all about positivity, loving your life, doing your own thing, and doing what makes you happy with a call out for unity.
The band is currently working on thier 7th LP, scheduled for a Spring 2003 release.
I've recently added some 311 logos and 311 pix to this page, if you see any that you would like credit for just email me, if not then just enjoy the newest additions to my little 311 site.
hometown.aol.com /darla311r/311.html   (229 words)

 Barnes & Noble.com - Artist Bio
In 1997, Transistor, a double album of new songs on one CD, was released, and the group mounted its most ambitious tour yet, a worldwide stretch of concerts intended to enlarge the band's already large and loyal fan base.
"When we first started the band, we were always sure something good was going to happen," says drummer Chad Sexton, "and we've never gone backwards in any way since." Live followed in 1998, and a year later, 311 returned with Soundsystem.
The band jumped to Volcano for From Chaos, which appeared in summer 2001, and followed that with Evolver two years later.
music.barnesandnoble.com /search/artistbio.asp?z=y&CTR=93681   (319 words)

 Amazon.ca: 311: Music: 311   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
When I listened to 311, I was surprised to hear the pronounced rap influence in a lot of the songs.
While SA is good at his rap riffs this band is ultimatley a reggae,alternative group and anything that strays from that is bound to suck.
If you have never purchased a 311 CD I suggest starting with Grassroots or From Chaos although you can't go wrong with any of their CDs - just be aware that each of their albums sound different.
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/B00005ABHH   (1856 words)

 Welcome fans of the greatest band in the land, 311!!!
From Chaos-47 votes 311 (Blue Album) 22 votes Soundsystem-15 votes Grassroots-13 votes Transistor-8 votes Music-4 votes 311 Live-1 Eric,Anomynous writes: Definitely the best 311 album ever has to be grassroots all of the songs rock, and I think that cd is the best musically.
Omaha Sessions, is a close second, not many bands hand it going on for them in the beginning, but 311 has had it going on right from the start.
If any of you who visit this site, have 311 logos, or cool photos of the band, or links to other great 311 sites (even though this one is the best!) please email them to me at surfnsk8gk3@hotmail.com If you wanna take credit for them, leave your name, city, and state.
www.orgsites.com /ut/311   (590 words)

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