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Topic: 329 BCE

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In the News (Thu 24 May 18)

  The Chuang-tzu and Chuang-tzu   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Ssu-ma Ch'ien describes Chuang-tzu's doctrines as being based on those of Lao-tzu, and there is some evidence in the Chuang-tzu, such as reverential stories about Lao-tzu and apparent (though often imprecise) quotations from the Tao-te ching, that this may be partly the case.
122 BCE) the Prince of Huai-nan, but if so it continued to be revised, especially in the late third century CE when at least four new versions appeared.
It is generally thought that the seven "inner chapters", containing as they do the main philosophy of the work, brilliantly and artfully expressed, are those most likely to be by Chuang-tzu himself.
philtar.ucsm.ac.uk /encyclopedia/taoism/chuang.html   (1528 words)

 Chronofile: timeculture_02   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
By 2500 BCE, Canaanite tribes have settled in the interior of Palestine-Levant.
By 800 BCE and certainly by 796, Assyria had to have a direct impact on Syria,__ and Adad-nirari III (also, 'Ramman-nirari III') was beginning to invade to the west.
Close to the year 745 BCE in divided Israel, Jeroboam II in the north and Uzziah in the south reached the end of their reigns in Judah.
hometown.aol.com /eilatlog/chronofile/timeculture_02.html   (2927 words)

 Chronology of Jubilees Background about Jubilee years and when they happened. Believersweb.org
If the current year (44-43 BCE) did correspond to the cited 2nd year of the land-use agreement then it might be possible to interpret this passage to mean that the respective year did correspond to a 7th year (as celebrated by the Jews).
Because a jubilee year would hypothetically have been celebrated in the year 422-421 BCE (autumn-to-autumn), it is clear that the year when Ezra arrived at Jerusalem (autumn-to-autumn of 458-457 BCE) would have corresponded with a Sabbatical year of the 50-year cycle (the 2nd Sabbatical of the cited jubilee cycle).
It is here of special interest that both the jubilee year of 572-571 BCE (the time of Ezekiel's vision) and the jubilee year of 29-30 CE (the time after the crucifixion) may have both occurred in alignment with a revolution of this respective long-time-cycle of 600 years.
www.believersweb.org /view.cfm?ID=1000   (5957 words)

 ANISTORITON: Archaeology News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
BCE when Pella was chosen to become the new capital of the Macedonians.
Baktra was founded in c2500 BCE on the south bank of the modern river Amu-Darya or the river Oxos of Alexander's times.
Alexander the Great conquered the town in 329 BCE and chose it to be the place of the wedding ceremony when he married Roxane.
www.anistor.co.hol.gr /english/enback/a024.htm   (619 words)

 Alexandria Eschate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alexandria Eschate (Greek Ἀλεξάνδρεια Εσχάτη, “Alexandria the Furthest”) was founded by Alexander the Great in 329 BCE as his most advanced base in Central Asia.
Alexandria Eschate was located around 300km north of Alexandria on the Oxus in Bactria, and being in Sogdian territory had to sustain numerous conflicts with the local population.
After 250 BCE, the city probably remained in contact with the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom centered on Bactria, especially when the Greco-Bactrian king Euthydemus I extended his control to Sogdiana.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Alexandria_Eschate   (412 words)

 The Temple of Athena at Phocaea - Main
BCE monochrome gray pottery found there may indicate that, like Kymians, these first inhabitants of Phocaea were Aiolians.
BCE and paid a tribute of two talents, but in 412 BCE Phocaea rebelled and left the League.
The small size of the 12 rows of tufa stone that reach a height of four-and-a-half meters suggests that the temple was constructed in early antiquity.
www.goddess-athena.org /Museum/Temples/Phocaea/Phocaea_m.htm   (2539 words)

 Gewerkschaft - IG BCE - English Version
In 1997, the IG BCE (Mining, Chemical and Energy Industrial Union) was formed, merging the Chemical, Paper and Pulp and Ceramic Workers' Union, the Mining and Energy Workers' Union and the Leather Workers' Union.
The IG BCE stands for the basic guidelines of democracy in the state, the economy and within society, and it supports the economic and social interests of workers on the basis of co-determination and co-responsibility.
The basic targets are summarised in the IG BCE Vision which was adopted by the Congress in 1997 and confirmed and extended by the Congress 2001.
igbce.de /portal/site/igbce/menuitem.22f2499a6b7e60f33b791789c5bf21ca   (921 words)

Canaan after 1540 BCE became the vassal of Egypt, subject to tribute, and her peoples were hauled off to Egypt to serve as slaves building the mighty monuments of the glorious New Kingdom Era.
I have argued it was composed in the Exile, circa 560 BCE.
1540-1140 BCE are ENMESHED and fused with the Iron I post-Ramesside settlements of Canaan.
www.bibleorigins.net /Exodus1540BCHyksos.html   (9533 words)

 Spitamenes - WCD (Wiki Classical Dictionary)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
In the summer of 330, the Persian king Darius III Codomannus was killed by his relative Bessus, who hoped to make an end to the war against the western invaders, led by the Macedonian king Alexander.
The Macedonian army proceeded through Sogdia to the river that was locally known as Jaxartes (the modern Syrdar'ya).
At the beginning of July 329, Alexander founded a new city, called Alexandria Eschate, 'the furthest Alexandria' (modern Khodzent in Tajikistan).
www.ancientlibrary.com /wcd/Spitamenes   (913 words)

 Ta-Yuan - China-related Topics TA-TD - China-Related Topics
The Ta-Yuan were probably the descendants of the Greek colonies that were established by Alexander the Great in Ferghana in 329 BCE, and prospered within the Hellenistic realm of the Seleucids and Greco-Bactrians, until they were isolated by the migrations of the Yueh-Chih around 160 BCE.
According to the Han DynastyHan Chronicles the Yuezhi suffered another defeat around 155 BCE, against the Wusun, and fled south from the Ili river area, by-passed the urban civilization of the Ta-Yuan in Ferghana, and re-settled north of the Oxus in modern-day Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, definitively cutting Ta-Yuan from contact with the Greco-Bactrian kingdom.
Around 130 BCE, at the time of Zhang Qian???s embassy, the Ta-Yuan were described as inhabitants of a region corresponding to the Ferghana, to the west of the Chinese empire.
www.famouschinese.com /virtual/Ta-Yuan   (1914 words)

 Dayuan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Also in 106–101 BCE, during their conflict against China, the country of Dayuan is said to have been an ally with the neighbouring tribes of the Kang-Kiu (Sogdians).
According to the Han Chronicles the Yuezhi suffered another defeat around 155 BCE, against the Wusun, and fled south from the Ili river area, by-passed the urban civilization of the Dayuan in Ferghana, and re-settled north of the Oxus in modern-day Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, definitively cutting Dayuan from contact with the Greco-Bactrian kingdom.
Around 130 BCE, at the time of Zhang Qian’s embassy to Central Asia, the Dayuan were described as inhabitants of a region corresponding to the Ferghana, to the west of the Chinese empire.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ta-Yuan   (1955 words)

In the 12th century BCE Israel in Iron IA is settling the Hill Country of Canaan under Joshua.
In all cases, 1540, 1446 or 1250 BCE, there is no Sihon the Amorite at Heshbon (Tell Hesban) to hinder the Israelite advance on Canaan via the plains of Jericho, Heshbon not being settled until after 1200 BCE according to the archaeological record.
Add this to 966 BCE when the Temple was begun, and we have 1540 BCE for the Exodus date, on the "testimony of the sacred writings" of the Jews and Early Christians.
www.bibleorigins.net /ExodusProblems.html   (9429 words)

 Viva la Assyria! - Alternate History Discussion Board
Although not Destroyed, The city of Haran is conquered by the Babylonians and Ashur-uballit II himself is killed in 609 BCE, The Fall of the Assyrian Empire and the Rise of the Babylonians.
The Egyptian Army lands in Marathon latter in 321 BCE, and the combined Athenian/Egyptian miltary annhilates all of the Macedonian Resitance in the Pelopenessuss.
The logical candidate is the Greek Polei, and at the urging of Tuwatis, representatives of the Greek Polei meet on the island of Rhodes to discuss the formation of a new Hellenic State.
www.alternatehistory.com /discussion/showthread.php?p=892   (5137 words)

This is a series of tables drawn up by Ralph W. Klein, that shows the major events and rulers of Israel and its neighbors, from ca 3000 BCE to 135 CE.
The Divided Kingdom (Rehoboam to Jehoshaphat in Judah//Jeroboam to Ahab in Israel 931-845 BCE
The Divided Kingdom (Jehoram to the beginning of Hezekiah in Judah//Ahaziah to Hoshea in Israel) 852-late 8c BCE
prophetess.lstc.edu /~rklein/Documents/compchron.htm   (331 words)

 Silk Road biography .ms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The next step came around 130 BCE, with the embassies of the Han Dynasty to Central Asia, following the reports of the ambassador Zhang Qian (who was originally sent to obtain an alliance with the Yueh-Chih against the Xiong-Nu, in vain).
The Chinese were also strongly attracted by the tall and powerful horses in the possession of the Ta-Yuan (named "Heavenly horses"), which were of capital importance in fighting the nomadic Xiong-Nu.
The Silk Road essentially came into being from the 1st century BCE, following these efforts by China to consolidate a road to the Western world, both through direct settlements in the area of the Tarim Basin and diplomatic relations with the countries of the Ta-Yuan, Parthians and Bactrians further west.
silk-road.biography.ms   (1429 words)

 Afghanistan: Historical background
By the 3rd millennium BCE a tradition of monumental building was already well established and in subsequent millennia fortified towns with citadels surrounded by massive outer defensive walls appeared in strategic locations throughout the country.
Hellenistic architecture arrived with the conquest of Alexander the Great in 329-325 BCE; the remains of a Greek city founded soon after Alexander’s conquest have been excavated at Ai Khanoum on the northern border with Tajikistan.
The next major contribution to Afghanistan’s built heritage was made by the Kushan nomads from Central Asia, whose first capital was at Bagram, north of Kabul.
www.culturalprofiles.org.uk /Afghanistan/Directories/Afghanistan_Cultural_Profile/-671.html   (1107 words)

 The COININDIA Coin Galleries: Greek: Pre-Seleucid   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Considering the wide variety of styles and artistic qualities in which this coin is found, we feel it was quite possible that the coins were issued both before and after Alexander's presence in Bactria.
This coin bears a monogram that was used later by the Seleucids, and therefore may well have been issued by Seleucos I to pay his troops during the period from 323 to 312 BCE, when he was struggling to consolidate his power.
A specimen of this enigmatic coin was found in the excavations at Ai-Khanoum in northern Afghanistan.
home.comcast.net /~pankajtandon/galleries-greek-preSeleucid.html   (330 words)

 Wide Angle. Printable Pages | PBS
The second largest ethnic group (at 27 percent of the population) is the Tajik, who made up the majority of Northern Alliance fighters participating in the defeat of the Taliban in 2001.
The Shia Muslim Hazara, who came from Mongolia in the 13th century B.C.E., and the Uzbek, tie for the title of Afghanistan's third largest ethnic group (at 9 percent of the population each).
Since 329 B.C.E. Afghanistan has been invaded multiple times by forces as varied as Alexander the Great (329 BCE), the Huns (400 A.D.), and Genghis Khan (1219 A.D.).
www.pbs.org /wnet/wideangle/printable/afghanistan_info_print.html   (805 words)

 BCE, Our Parent Company   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
BCE Inc. is Canada's leading communications services company in size, scope and reach, providing customers with the widest range of services.
BCE's position reflects a broader view of the communications world in which technologies have enabled the convergence of information, communications and entertainment to meet customer expectations of simplicity.
BCE, based in Montréal, is a publicly traded company listed on the Toronto and New York stock exchanges (stock symbol: BCE).
www.wandachow.com /parent.htm   (173 words)

 Trials of Conscience:
This story, however, is not mentioned in Xenophon (who surely would have seized the opportunity to impugn the integrity of Socrates' accusor), and should probably be considered part of the "backlash" tradition that Plato especially helped to create (the Romans had numerous stories about how the accusers came to bad ends).
In 406 BCE the Athenian navy fought and won a significant naval victory over the Spartans called the Battle of the Arginusae.
The 8 generals (the title was the same whether you commanded soldiers or sailors) present (2 were not there) decided to split the fleet, some ships sailing home, others picking up wounded and dead Athenians (for burial).
abacus.bates.edu /~mimber/Trials/w2c1.htm   (2128 words)

 CMS231 Athenian Litigation: Athenian law demosthenes lysias plato
Plato (429-347 BCE) was the son of an aristorcratic Athenian family.
Xenophon (428/7 - 354 BCE) was the son of an aristocratic Athenian family who served in the Athenian cavalry and was a passionately devoted (if not particularly brilliant) student of Socrates.
A generation later (368 BCE), when relations between Sparta and Athens had much improved, Athens revoked the exile, and Xenophon returned home where he lived until his death.
abacus.bates.edu /~mimber/athlit02/lecture5.1.htm   (4352 words)

 Battle Summaries for Chinese Military History - China History Forum, chinese history forum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
In 403 BCE, King Weilie of the Zhou dynasty officially enfeoffs the rulers of Han, Zhao and Wei as feudal lords (thus officially dividing the former state of Jin in three).
In 389 BCE, the Qin army invades Wei and advances to Xihe 西河 (a city garrisoned by Wu Qi).
In 343 BCE, Zhao attacks Shouyuan 首垣 (northeast of Changyuan 长垣 in Henan) in Wei.
www.chinahistoryforum.com /index.php?showtopic=9693   (5973 words)

 BCE :: BCE Financial Results
BCE 2006 Notice of Annual Meeting and Management Proxy Circular (HTML)
BCE 2005 Notice of Annual Meeting and Management Proxy Circular (HTML)
BCE 2004 Notice of Annual Meeting and Management Proxy Circular (HTML)
www.bce.ca /en/investors/financialperformance/corporatefinancial/bce   (47 words)

 Benjamin - The Migration of the Yuezhi through Sogdia - Transoxiana Eran ud Aneran
Following the defeat of the formerly powerful Yuezhi confederation by the Xiongnu near Dunhuang in c.162 BCE, the Yuezhi dynasty and those tribes that remained loyal to it commenced a migration away from the Gansu that was destined to completely reshape the geopolitics of ancient Inner Asia.
Even as early as the last three decades of the second century BCE Kangju proved to be an ideal buffer for the Yuezhi between their new homeland north of the Amu Darya, and the Wusun and Xiongnu to the north and east.
As a result of their defeat by the Wusun in 133/2 BCE, and after almost three decades of residency in the Ili Valley, the confederation of the Da Yuezhi was forced to resume its migration westwards, moving initially into the Ferghana Valley.
www.transoxiana.org /Eran/Articles/benjamin.html   (8390 words)

 Central Asia - South   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The eastern branch of the Scythians, who constantly harassed the eastern provinces of the Persian empires and invaded Afghanistan and Northern India in the first century BCE.
Kushan evolved from one of the five major clans of the aforementioned Sakae who occupied the region in the 1st century BCE.
In its time it was considered a major state, along with China, Parthia, and Rome, and contributed much to the establishment of Buddhism in the region.
www.hostkingdom.net /Centasia3.html   (1776 words)

 Perceptions from the Jain Past:21. Who Was Bhadrbahu I?
Within a few years after Mahaveer, by 525 BCE the entire body of the prior knowledge was organized in 12 parts (ang) by Gautam and Indrbhuti Gandhar, the leaders and organizers of the group of monks.
It is a historical fact that in 326 BCE the Nand dynasty collapsed and Chandrgupt Maurry came to power in Patliputr.
After relinquishing his throne in 298 BCE Chandrgupt Maurry came to Shravanbelgola with ”the footprints of Bhadrbahu.” It is not unlikely that Chandrgupti became the Chandrgupt Maurry.
www.hira-pub.org /namokar/namokar21.html   (2613 words)

 Silk Road   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Coin depicting the [[Greco-Bactrian king Euthydemus (230-200 B.C.)]] The Greeks were to remain in Central Asia for the next three centuries, first through the administration of the Seleucid Empire, and then with the establishement of the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom in Bactria.
A horse of the Late [[Han Dynasty (1st-2nd century CE)]] The Chinese were also strongly attracted by the tall and powerful horses in the possession of the Ta-Yuan (named "Heavenly horses"), which were of capital importance in fighting the nomadic Xiong-Nu.
A [[Greco-Roman gladiator on a glass vessel, Begram, 2nd century CE.]] The Kushan empire, in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent, was located at the center of these exchanges.
silk-road.kiwiki.homeip.net   (2071 words)

The 5th century BCE in particular was a golden age, when Pericles set about transforming the Acropolis into a city of temples after being informed by the Delphic oracle in 510 BCE that it should become a province of the gods.
Lysiskrates was a very wealthy citizen of ancient Athens, who sponsored many theatrical performances in the Theater of Dionysus, a common practice by the rich people of that time.
In 344 BCE, one of the performances he had sponsored was awarded the first prize and
www.grisel.net /athens.htm   (966 words)

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