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In the News (Fri 14 Jun 19)

  UN Security Council Resolution 338 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The three-line UN Security Council Resolution 338, adopted on October 22, 1973, called for the ceasefire in the Yom Kippur War in article 1 and for implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 242 in article 2.
The continuing importance of Resolution 338, often missed in many accounts incorrectly claiming that there are no binding Security Council Resolutions relating to the Arab-Israeli conflict, stems from the word "decides" in article 3 (also appearing in its immediate sequels SC 339-341).
The legal force added to SC 242 by this resolution is the reason for the otherwise puzzling fact that SC 242 and the otherwise seemingly superfluous and superannuated SC 338 are always referred to together in legal documents relating to the conflict.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/UN_Security_Council_Resolution_338   (299 words)

 Class 338: ELECTRICAL RESISTORS / U.S. Patent Classification Definitions
In the resistors classified in Class 338 the heat produced is incidental or undesired; or is utilized internally only to modify in some manner, as in a thermistor, the temperature of the resistor to in turn modify the current impeding characteristic of the resistor.
This Class 338 provides generally for resistors which are shaped or chemically constituted to change their resistance value in response to a condition or change in condition, or for mechanically variable resistors combined with a condition sensing actuator.
As between this class (338) and the insulators of special application in other classes, this class (338) includes insulators which are constituent parts of the resistor as to have a resistance element wound or strung thereon.
www.uspto.gov /web/offices/ac/ido/oeip/taf/def/338.htm   (13213 words)

 Local 338 - Stronger Together!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Barbeque, Swimming, Soccer, and Paddle Boating were just some of the activities that 338 members were treated to.
Local 338 is asking its members and friends to click here to contribute to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Queens.
Springtime for all of us at Local 338 is a reminder that it is time to begin preparing for our 2006 contract negotiations.
www.rwdsulocal338.org   (316 words)

 3-digit Interstates from I-38
My proposal for a spur route from I-680 in Fremont, heading west to a dropoff 80 feet above the water, 1 mile off Fremont's bay shore.
The purpose of this road is to gradually thin out the horrendous traffic caused by commuters coming from the Pleasanton area to the South Bay, by convincing them to drive I-338.
The guide signs on 680 would have read "I-338 Free Shortcut to Silicon Valley Next Right." The "stick" to this carrot: a temporary $5.00 toll on 680 south.
www.kurumi.com /roads/3di/ix38.html   (786 words)

 BSA Troop 338 South Berwick, ME
BSA Troop 338 South Berwick, ME Troop 338 Pages
Troop 338 is part of York District in the Pine Tree Council of Maine
I'm trying out a new look for the front page to make it easier to load and put the news up front without using the news scroller.
users.rcn.com /andrewsl/Troop338.htm   (323 words)

 MidEast Web Middle East Historical Documents: UN Resolution 338
After the Six Day war of 1967, Israel occupied the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights, declaring that these territories would be returned as part of peace negotiations.
US Secretary of State Kissinger flew to Moscow on October 20, and, together with the Soviet Government, the US proposed a cease-fire resolution in the UN Security Council.
The Council met on 21 October at the urgent request of both the US and the USSR, and by 14 votes to none, adopted resolution 338 below.
www.mideastweb.org /338.htm   (525 words)

 Serine Residues 338 and 339 in the Carboxyl-Terminal Tail of the Type II Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Receptor Are ...
Serine Residues 338 and 339 in the Carboxyl-Terminal Tail of the Type II Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Receptor Are Critical for {beta}-Arrestin-Independent Internalization -- Ronacher et al.
Serine Residues 338 and 339 in the Carboxyl-Terminal Tail of the Type II Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Receptor Are Critical for ß-Arrestin-Independent Internalization
identify serine residues 338 and 339 in the carboxyl-terminal
endo.endojournals.org /cgi/content/abstract/145/10/4480   (338 words)

 Waitec NV - Official website   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Caddy 338 is a 3 Megapixel Digital Camera (6.6 Megapixel with Interpolation) with 16 Mb internal memory, expandable to 512 Mb with MMC/SD cards.
Its 1,5” LCD screen, thanks to its very high contrast and brightness, allows perfect viewing of images even in daylight.
Caddy 338 is also capable of recording videos in AVI format!
www.waitec.com /trade/productview/121/20   (119 words)

 Propellerhead ReBirth RB-338 2.01
For all what the ReBirth 338 can do for you, it an astounding deal.
The basic mod that comes with rebirth 338 2.01 is excellent.
Has me thinking about Eazy E and N.W.A in the studio smoking illegal things.
www.harmony-central.com /Synth/Data/Propellerhead/ReBirth-RB-338-2-01-01.html   (2795 words)

 Monday Recitation : ECES 338 - Spring 2001
Monday Recitation : ECES 338 - Spring 2001
From Andy Reitz' class web page (Spring,1999) for ECES 338
They have created a lot of the software used in this course.
vorlon.cwru.edu /%7Echung/338.2001   (402 words)

 PEP 338 -- Executing modules inside packages with '-m'
PEP 338 -- Executing modules inside packages with '-m'
This PEP defines semantics for executing modules inside packages as scripts with the
This document has been placed in the public domain.
www.python.org /peps/pep-0338.html   (658 words)

 Human Resources Division homepage
The Human Resources Division deals with most aspects of employment at the University of Sussex, and is part of the Administration, based in Sussex House.
Personnel/Staffing Services, Payroll and Pensions are located in Room 338 of Sussex House.
Dept Contact Address: Room 338, Sussex House, University of Sussex
www.sussex.ac.uk /Units/staffing   (475 words)

 Retrospective Study of 338 Canine Oral Melanomas with Clinical, Histologic, and Immunohistochemical Review of 129 Cases ...
Retrospective Study of 338 Canine Oral Melanomas with Clinical, Histologic, and Immunohistochemical Review of 129 Cases
the 338 dogs with oral melanoma was compared with the proportion
The 338 oral melanomas comprised 0.99% of the 33,826 canine
www.vetpathology.org /cgi/content/full/37/6/597   (5391 words)

 ECES 338, Bill's Recitation
Bill Coate (wgc@po.cwru.edu include "338 question" in the subject line)
POSIX threads (using Ben's notes from last year).
(below links I just straight copied from Andy Reitz's 338 web page, I checked them all last year and changed a link or two to it's new location and put notes in italics under links where I thought appropriate.
vorlon.eecs.cwru.edu /%7Ewgc/338   (762 words)

 Propellerhead ReBirth RB-338 2.0
Used in the context of a stand-alone, autonomous unit, this unit does well, but for live use, have fun getting it to play nicely with your other hardware.
I use it strictly for studio work, which means I can program the RB 338 to do whatever I want it to do, export it, then import it into Sonar to add whatever else I want.
While you can layer your sounds with relative ease, I prefer being able to add real guitar or vocals with relative ease.
www.harmony-central.com /Synth/Data/Propellerhead/ReBirth-RB-338-2-0-01.html   (3895 words)

 02RS HB338   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
HB 338 (BR 1590) - J. Jenkins, R. Meeks, B. Buckingham, J. Coleman, C. Miller
Amend KRS 16.220, relating to provision of body armor grants, to include public university safety and security departments organized pursuant to KRS 164.950; amend KRS 45A.047, relating to disposition of firearms owned by a state agency, to include public university safety and security departments.
Apr 2-received in House; enrolled, signed by each presiding officer; delivered to Governor
www.lrc.state.ky.us /recarch/02rs/HB338.htm   (249 words)

 City of Austin - Marketing Research - A Central Library Research Guide
Browse the Dewey Decimal Number 658.8 in the Business Information Center and the third floor circulating collection for marketing books.
R 338 Du Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources
R 338 Ma Standard and Poor's Industry Surveys
www.ci.austin.tx.us /library/rg_marketing.htm   (535 words)

 Storm Prediction Center Severe Thunderstorm Watch 338   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Press enter or select the go button to submit request
Watches, Mesoscale Discussions, Outlooks, Fire Weather, All Products, Contact Us
www.spc.noaa.gov /products/watch/ww0338.html   (78 words)

 CULTURAL EXPRESSIONS: GENERAL   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Emphasis on teamwork and safety in the Hot Shop.
TCXG 338 Research Strategies for the 21st Century (3/5) Keller
Develops critical thinking skills in information research and problem solving for upper-division students.
www.washington.edu /students/crscatt/tcxg.html   (1735 words)

 Extras: Reviews of the Books of John Kenneth Muir
All you could possible wish to have at your fingertips about guys like Superman, Batman, Daredevil and more." - Yvonne Glasgow, MusicRevueMag: Undergound - The Goth and Punk Page.
"Muir characterizes the superhero genre as a uniquely American myth that he tracks from the early age of straight-faced crime fighters through its camp and nostalgic phases and to more recent incarnations as dark heroes powerful heroines...and re-imagined characters." - CandRL News, June 2004 page 338.
As this work is unique in its subject matter...academic, public, school and special librarians will find this title to be a good jumping off point for patrons when they are beginning research on TV and film superheroes.
www.johnkennethmuir.com /extras.html   (4712 words)

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