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  North Shore Expressway (NY 347, unbuilt)
The four-to-six lane NY 347 in Suffolk County, known locally as Smithtown Bypass and Nesconset Highway, is officially known as the Hauppauge-Port Jefferson Highway.
According to the NYSDOT proposal, NY 347 was to be converted into a six-lane expressway from the Long Island Expressway in Hauppauge (via the Hauppauge Spur) to the intersection of NY 25A and Patchogue-Mount Sinai Road (Suffolk CR 83) in Mount Sinai.
To the east, NY 347 was to be extended east along the NY 25A corridor to the William Floyd Parkway (Suffolk CR 46, and possible extension of I-91), where it would meet in an interchange prior to the Shoreham-New Haven Bridge.
www.nycroads.com /roads/NY-347   (2552 words)

 Class 347: INCREMENTAL PRINTING OF SYMBOLIC INFORMATION / U.S. Patent Classification Definitions
This class (347) provides for "stand-alone" incremental printers such as ink jet, laser, thermal, dot-matrix, or electrostatic printers.
When other factors such as printing density or droplet volume are recited, classification in subclasses 84+ of this class (347) could be appropriate.
Nominal ink jet combined* with a significant apparatus is classified with that apparatus and cross-referenced into this class (347).
www.uspto.gov /web/offices/ac/ido/oeip/taf/def/347.htm   (9767 words)

 347 stroker manners   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
I'm running a 347 as a daily driver right now that makes 425 to the rear wheels.
i think i might change my plans and build a 331, the rod ratio is about the same as stock, compared to the 347 which has a worse rod ratio and causes increased wear.
I personally will probably go with a 331, but thats only because I want to drive it around town ALOT and 347 credibility is in the phase of being built.
www.mustangforums.com /fb.asp?m=16430&go=last   (785 words)

 347   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The GMA 347 builds upon the successful attributes of the GMA 340...
The GMA 347 audio panel meets the needs of aircraft owners who...
The new 347 area code will be introduced...
ensiklopedie.com /347   (276 words)

It is probable that Plato did, indeed, declare that Aristotle needed the curb rather than the spur; but we have no reason to believe that there was an open breach of friendship.
After the death of Plato (347 B.C.), Aristotle went, in company with Xenocrates, to the court of Hermias ruler of Atarneus in Asia Minor, whose niece and adopted daughter, Pythias, he married.
In 344 Hermias having been murdered in a rebellion of his subjects, Aristotle went with his family to Mytilene and thence, one or two years later, he was summoned to his native Stagira by King Philip of Macedon, to become the tutor of Alexander, who was then in his thirteenth year.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/01713a.htm   (5735 words)

 Aristotle -- General Introduction [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
In the later years of his association with Plato and the Academy he began to lecture on his own account, especially on the subject of rhetoric.
At the death of Plato in 347, the pre-eminent ability of Aristotle would seem to have designated him to succeed to the leadership of the Academy.
But his divergence from Plato's teaching was too great to make this possible, and Plato's nephew Speusippus was chosen instead.
www.utm.edu /research/iep/a/aristotl.htm   (7053 words)

 SpringerLink:A&A-EE: Table of Contents Volume 347 Number 2 (1999)
SpringerLink:AandA-EE: Table of Contents Volume 347 Number 2 (1999)
Table of Contents Volume 347 Number 2 (1999)
Bispectrum speckle interferometry of the Orion Trapezium stars: detection of a close (33 mas) companion of
aa.springer.de /tocs/t9347002.htm   (570 words)

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