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Topic: 370

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  Imperial Submarines
The I-370 is completed at Mitsubishi's Kobe Yard, commissioned in the IJN and based in the Sasebo Naval District as a Type D1 "Tei-gata" transport submarine.
The I-370 is assigned to Rear Admiral Owada Noboru's (former CO of YAMASHIRO) SubRon 7, Sixth Fleet.
The I-370 is in the "Chihaya" group with the I-44 and the I-368.
www.combinedfleet.com /I-370.htm   (479 words)

 Interstate 370
I-370 is called the Sam Eig Highway, after a Russian immigrant who made his millions in suburban DC real estate, then donated land and money for synagogues, Methodist and Catholic churches, a Red Cross building and Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring.
The mid-1990s vintage MO 370 freeway extends from I-270 across the Missouri River to I-70 at St. Peters.
One reason for MO 370 is to relieve traffic crossing the Missouri River on I-70 a few miles to the south: probably from "excruciating" to "merely unbearable".
www.kurumi.com /roads/3di/i370.html   (380 words)

 System/370 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 370 series of computers is a 32-bit big endian style mainframe architecture, as compared with little endian architecture such as the 80X86 series of 32-bit microprocessors.
The original System/370 line underwent two major architectural improvements during its roughly 20-year lifetime, both primarily involving expansions in memory (central storage) address space to support larger workloads, and both preserving backward compatibility.
Notable machines in the 370 range include the IBM 3033, the IBM 3090 mainframe/supercomputer with its optional vector facility (VF) extension, and the relatively inexpensive IBM 9370 (tailored for small-to-medium size businesses).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/System/370   (226 words)

 Model 370 Temperature Controller - More Information - Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.
The autorange and manual range selection functions of the Model 370 are available for use with both current excitation mode and voltage mode.
Because the Model 370 alternates control with scanned sensor readings and the alternating update rate is slower than operation based on a single sensor, control stability may degrade in some systems when multiple sensors are in use.
The Model 3716 mirrors the single input of the Model 370 that is optimized for low residual DC bias current.
www.lakeshore.com /temp/cn/370m.html   (1847 words)

 Interstate 370 Missouri @ Interstate-Guide.com
Missouri 370 is the 12-mile freeway connecting Interstate 270 with Interstate 70 in the vicinity of St. Charles, northwest of St. Louis.
According to Interstate 370 at Kurumi.com (Scott Oglesby), Missouri 370 was considered to become Interstate 370, but it would only be approved by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) if it were renumbered as Interstate 870.
Missouri 370 is a viable alternative to Interstate 70 to reach Wentzville and points west via a second Missouri River bridge between Bridgeton and St. Charles.
www.interstate-guide.com /i-370_mo.html   (517 words)

 IP370 : The Island Packet 370   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The new 370 represents the combined talents of the engineering, design, sales, and marketing staffs at Island Packet, coupled with the constructive and enlightened feedback of our enthusiastic owners and dealers.
Marking a notable evolution in the Island Packet family, the 370 offers refined keel shapes and a higher aspect ratio rig for increased performance, new rudder shaft and blade geometry for enhanced control under sail and power, and a watertight anchor locker bulkhead for added security.
The accommodations also shine, with the ever popular island berth both fore and aft, a separate shower stall in the head, and an optional 'Plus Package' that boasts a solid, bevel planked teak and oak sole, premium Corian® countertops in the galley and head, and furniture quality satin finish varnish on all interior wood surfaces.
www.ipy.com /Default.php?Page=IP370   (280 words)

 End of Iowa 370
The number continues across the river and, after leaving Bellevue, is four lanes all the way to its west end at US 6 in Gretna.
The theater was advertised as being at "Hwy 370 and 36th St." I thus assumed that the theater would be visible from said intersection, being the naive rural Iowan I am.
This county sign without a Pottawattamie counterpart was the only indication for 20 years that part of 370 east of I-29 was not yet under county control.
www.angelfire.com /ia3/roadgeek/ia370.html   (485 words)

 Formula 370 Super Sport - Power & Motoryacht Boat Test   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Aside from her ample seating, the 370 should make entertaining on the 370 dockside or while rafted up with friends a breeze thanks to the port-side wetbar (perfect to for preparing five o’clock cocktails) and another Norcold refrigerator.
But this 370 had an optional Captain’s Call exhaust diverter, which either routes exhaust through the drives to reduce sound levels or sends it straight out the transom to enhance performance.
The 370 had looked good under the gray sky, but she really shined when the sun smacked her white hull.
www.powerandmotoryacht.com /boattests/0101formula370/index1.html   (894 words)

 Interstate 370 Maryland @ Interstate-Guide.com
Interstate 370 in Maryland is a very short freeway linking Interstate 270 with the Shady Grove metro station northwest of Washington, D.C., in Gaithersburg.
The proposed extension of Interstate 370 to the east is part of High Priority Corridor 80: Intercounty Connector (ICC).
The backside of the End Interstate 370 shield is visible to the left.
www.interstate-guide.com /i-370_md.html   (632 words)

 Socket 370/Slot1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Motherboards with Socket 370 and/or Slot 1 interface, along with other earlier technology boards, have moved.
If your board doesn't support more than 100 MHz bus speed (FSB) and did max out at 600 to 850 MHz, the Tualatin is a very attractive and surprisingly low cost option, moving your PC into the 1 GHz + area, and with little cost and installation effort.
Socket 370 packages are FCPGA (to 1 GHz) and FCPGA2 (Tualatin, 1.1- 1.4 GHz, with 256 and 512K cache versions).
www.ts.nu /Components/Boards/socket_370_slot1.html   (253 words)

 [No title]
Until recently, most of us had no real use for the Socket 370 PPGA Celeron's, since they need a new Socket-370 based motherboard.
However we are now starting to to see Socket 370 to Slot 1 conversion cards available for purchase, which allow you to run a new Socket-370 based Celeron in a Slot-1 motherboard..
Without the information from him, these modifications would have taken much longer to discover.
www.cpu-central.com /dualceleron/s370/index-370.html   (721 words)

 The Seattle Times: Local News: Officer crisis hits Army Reserve
The shortage — primarily of captains — has seriously reduced the capabilities of the Reserve, and continued losses will further reduce the readiness of "an already depleted military force," according to an Army briefing document submitted last month to Congress.
Army Reserve resignation requests have jumped from just 15 in 2001 to more than 370 during a 12-month period ending in September.
To preserve its leadership ranks, the Reserve increasingly has rejected resignation requests, forcing some officers to stay on even after they have fulfilled their initial eight-year service requirement.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/localnews/2002113845_officershortage09m.html   (1202 words)

 PC/370 IBM Mainframe Assembler Emulation Time Line of Events
PC/370 provided basic assembler, linker, and emulator for execution of IBM 370 assembler including packed decimal and floating point instructions.
Now the z390 open source Java portable mainframe assembler tool offers additional options for developing, testing, and porting assembler onto different platforms.
The original PC/370 executed over 25,000 370 instructions per second running on a 4 MHZ PC The thrill of seeing it run on that system was worth all the effort.
home.tampabay.rr.com /dhiggin1/pc370.htm   (393 words)

 Introducing the Versatile and Powerful Dell Precision Workstation 370
Workstation 370 provides next-generation technologies in a very powerful single processor workstation.
The Precision Workstation 370 includes the latest architectural innovations that deliver next-generation, workstation performance today while providing a foundation for advances in the future.
Based on the SPEC CPU2000 benchmark tests performed by Dell Labs in July 2004 comparing a Dell Precision 370 with a P4 3.2GHz processor, 2GB DDR2-533 ECC RAM, 160GB SATA HDD, and Win XP Pro to the same system with 2GB DDR2-400 non-ECC RAM.
www1.us.dell.com /content/topics/segtopic.aspx/brand/dell_precision?c=us&l=en&s=gen   (577 words)

 PA State Route 370 Ends   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Eastern Terminus of PA 370 is at PA 191 in the extreme northeast corner of Wayne County and of the Commonwealth.
The Western Terminus of PA 370 is at PA 171 in East Ararat.
PA 370 Junction List @ Central PA Roads ---Tim Reichard
www.state-ends.com /paends/state/370.html   (56 words)

 IBM Mainframe Kermit
It can also be used to transfer files over incoming TELNET (linemode) or TN3270 (fullscreen) connections.
Kermit-370 is written in IBM 370 assembly language and is compatible with the F, VS, and H assemblers.
The Kermit protocol implementation is among the most advanced available, lacking only sliding windows due the half-duplex nature of IBM mainframe communications, but including a vast array character-set translations between EBCDIC Country Extended Code Pages and the international standard character sets used by Kermit protocol "on the wire".
www.columbia.edu /kermit/ibm370.html   (328 words)

 CCK-6040H™ CopperX Socket A / 370 CPU Cooler by Vantec   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Vantec CCK-6040H™ Socket A / 370 CPU Cooler
I would like to thank our friends at Vantec for the CCK-6040H CPU cooler sent to us here at PCA for testing.
Mounted atop the heatsink is a 60mm X 60mm X 38mm fan that moves 37.6 CFM at a noise level 46 dBA.
www.pcabusers.com /reviews/vantec6040/p1.html   (118 words)

 370   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Additional Information: 370 assembler is the generic name for programming IBM mainframes using the assembler programming language.
The S/360 and the S/370 are no longer made by IBM.
Provides examples of 370 assembler coding techniques, instruction set, utilities.
www.canadiancontent.net /dir/Top/Computers/Programming/Languages/Assembly/370   (300 words)

 Slot 1 CPU Upgrade Adapter / Slot-T (Slot 1- to -Socket 370 FC2 Tualatin Converter) *** In Stock ***   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Slot 1 CPU Upgrade Adapter / Slot-T (Slot 1- to -Socket 370 FC2 Tualatin Converter) *** In Stock ***
Join our mailing list and receive advanced notice of sales, new product arrivals, and savings each month!
Intel Celeron 1.2GHz Socket 370 FCPGA2 100MHz 256K CPU OEM, ** 6 Pieces Available **
www.strattoncomputer.com /slot1-fcpga2.html   (125 words)

 Pace Bus - Route 370 - Harvey - Chicago Heights
Pace Bus - Route 370 - Harvey - Chicago Heights
Pace Home » Schedules/Maps » Route 370 - Harvey - Chicago Heights
Visually Impaired persons will benefit from this special version of Adobe Acrobat Reader
www.pacebus.com /sub/schedules/route_detail.asp?RouteNo=370   (132 words)

 What is socket 370? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
You are in the: Small Business Computing Channel
Socket 370 is Intel's new plastic PGA ZIF motherboard socket for its line of Celeron and Pentium processors.
If you still happen to use a Slot 1 motherboard, you can purchase a slotket, which will support socket 370 chips.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/S/socket_370.html   (64 words)

 Horizon Hobby - Park 370 Brushless Inrunner Motor, 4100Kv
Horizon Hobby - Park 370 Brushless Inrunner Motor, 4100Kv
Great upgrades for Speed 280 and Speed 370 applications
Adapter plate for mounting to GWS- and E-flite-style gearboxes and prop adapter included
www.horizonhobby.com /Shop/ByCategory/Product/Default.aspx?ProdID=EFLM1000   (84 words)

 Amazon.com: Books: Tired - So Tired!: And the "Yeast Connection"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Miracles Do Happen by C. Norman Shealy on page 247, page 349, and page 370
Return to the Joy of Health: Natural Medicine and Alternative Treatment for All Your Health Complaints by Zoltan P. Rona on page 326, page 327, and page 370
Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Revised Second Edition by Michael Murray on page 124, page 182, and page 370
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/ASIN/0933478259/ref=nosim/mbookshop1-20   (773 words)

 WWLIB Catalogue - Section 3
The Charles Bilinda memorial Trust (CBMT) is an Edinburgh based charity providing educational opportunities and support for Rwandans in the aftermath of the genocide of 1994.
370 Her Majesty's Government Office for Standards in Education
A charity established to advance the treatment of reading and spelling disorders including all forms of dyslexia, dyspraxia and realted conditions.
www.scit.wlv.ac.uk /wwlib/cat.section.3.html   (7297 words)

 Dignus, LLC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Systems/ASM Version 1.75, with improved assembly times and better build management support is available now!
Dignus, LLC is an innovative company, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, committed to providing the best compilers, assemblers and development tools for the IBM mainframe, including 370, ESA, 390 and the latest z/Architecture (z/800, z900 and z990) series.
Dignus, LLC provides unique mainframe programming and mainframe development solutions that offer savings in time and effort, while streamlining development costs.
www.dignus.com   (255 words)

 Fujifilm Digital Lab Solutions: Digital Minilab Frontier 370   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Fujifilm Home : Commercial Products : Digital Lab Solutions : Digital Minilab Frontier 370
The Frontier 370 offers up to 1,450 4 x 6 prints per hour and a maximum paper width of 10 inches.
This new, high-capacity digital minilab delivers exceptional levels of print quality, convenience, and speed.
www.fujifilm.com /JSP/fuji/epartners/Products.jsp?nav=2&parent=PRODUCT_CATEGORY_467370&product=6202010   (168 words)

 ATI announces the S1-370 TL chipset, the world's first integrated chipset with 3D hardware geometry for the value PC ...
Acquisition of ArtX Inc. advances ATI's integrated product line
Toronto, Ontario - ATI Technologies Inc. (TSE: ATY, NASDAQ: ATYT) announced here today its integrated North Bridge and graphics chipset for Slot 1 and Socket 370 processors including Pentium II, and Pentium III, the ATI S1-370 TL.
The world's fastest integrated chipset, ATI's S1-370 TL will be marketed to the OEM and motherboard manufacturers.
www.ati.com /companyinfo/press/2000/4283.html   (921 words)

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