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Topic: 3G

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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

  FCC - Third Generation Wireless Systems
3G systems will provide access, by means of one or more radio links, to a wide range of telecommunication services supported by the fixed telecommunication networks and to other services that are specific to mobile users.
Key features of 3G systems are a high degree of commonality of design worldwide, compatibility of services, use of small pocket terminals with worldwide roaming capability, Internet and other multimedia applications, and a wide range of services and terminals.
These actions were taken to enable the Commission to identify spectrum for 3G systems by July 2001 and auction licenses by September 30, 2002.
www.fcc.gov /3G   (686 words)

Another big push into 3G is the current complicated maze of mobile standards utilized in different countries and regions around the world.
The vision of 3G is years ahead of the clunky old phones from the first generation cellular technologies.
Even though 3G is experiencing growing pains such as one common standard, second generation technology build-out, and spectrum allocation, it still has great potential.
www.itstudyguide.com /papers/cwDISS740A3T1.htm   (1975 words)

 3G - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It was expected that during 2006 the transition from 2G to 3G would be largely completed in Japan, and upgrades to the next 3.5G stage with 3 Mbit/s data rates were underway.
The official 3G mobile network is the systems and services based on the ITU family of standards under the International Mobile Telecommunications programme, 'IMT-2000'.
A boost was given to 3G mobile networks in Europe when the EU council suggested that the 3G operators should cover 80% of the European national populations by the end of 2005.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/3G   (928 words)

Fujitsu Siemens' 3G laptop lineup Fujitsu Siemens Computers has introduced a new range of professional notebooks, all of which have integrated 3G connectivity.
Vodafone confirms London 3G speed increase Vodafone have now confirmed they’ll be rolling out HSDPA and HSUPA speed increases on their 3G network this autumn.
Hutchison: Stop focusing on our 3G biz so much The world's largest 3G operator in terms of subscribers is tired of the critics that continue to focus on its loss-making 3G business.
www.the3gportal.com   (622 words)

 3G - Gizmodo
3G video has been live in other countries for a while, but if Cingular can pull this off with their HSDPA network here in the States, it'll be huge in convincing the public that it needs next-gen data connectivity.
Razer's 3G infrared sensor technology is a quantum leap over current generation optical technology with enhanced precision of up to 1800 Dots Per Inch (DPI) and is fully optimised for high speed motions, factors that are critical to high performance gamers.
The 3G infrared sensor also minimizes the lift-off distance of the mouse and disables surface tracking immediately when the mouse is lifted off, thus rectifying swiping issues.
www.gizmodo.com /gadgets/3g   (2220 words)

 What is 3G technology all about?-Telecom-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Third Generation (3G) is a name for a set of mobile technologies to be available in India by early ’07.
The 3G wireless networks will be capable of transferring data at the speed of 384 kbps going up to 2 mbps.
3G is turning phones and other devices into true multimedia players, making it possible to download media rich content and do full-scale banking on the move.
economictimes.indiatimes.com /articleshow/1678989.cms   (486 words)

 What is 3G? - a definition from Whatis.com
3G refers to the third generation of developments in wireless technology, especially mobile communications.
Another challenge faced by 3G services is competition from other high-speed wireless technologies, especially mobile WiMAX, and ability to roam between different kinds of wireless networks.
The current status of mobile wireless communications, as of June 2006, is a mix of 2nd and 3rd generation technologies.
searchnetworking.techtarget.com /sDefinition/0,,sid7_gci214486,00.html   (467 words)

 Samsung :: The Buzz About 3G
3G is the natural progression from existing analog cellular (1G) and digital (2G) transmission technologies.
Third generation (3G) is a group of wireless technologies that move from circuit-switched communications to wireless broadband, high-speed, packet-switched networks.
The technology on which 3G services will be delivered is built around a core GSM network with a variation of CDMA known as Wideband-CDMA (W-CDMA).
www.samsung.com /ph/MyGuide/mcmn/mcmn004.asp?it=ln_mcmn/mcmn005.asp   (403 words)

 Ars Technica: 1xEV: 3G To The Max - Page 1 - (3/2002)
In this article, we take one of the first true 3G systems on a road test with a hands-on preview of a broadband wireless modem, a brief look at the technology behind it, and some discussion about what the future of wireless may hold.
In 3G systems, the wireless link, modulation scheme, packet size, error correction, and many other parameters are all tuned for data packets, which allows for a large number of users with high data rates.
The term "3G" is widely used to describe any sort of futuristic wireless technology, but in reality it is an umbrella term for a set of standards called IMT-2000 being developed by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).
arstechnica.com /reviews/02q2/qualcomm/1xEV-1.html   (781 words)

While 3G is generally considered applicable mainly to mobile wireless, it is also relevant to fixed wireless and portable wireless.
3G will support new and flexible working practices, providing employees with access to a wide range of information and services whether they are at their desk or elsewhere.
After all, 3G networks will be the next step in the evolution of wireless voice and data services that will take us to a higher level of technology but, it will not help us any if we are unfamiliar with it.
misnt.indstate.edu /harper/Students/3G/3G.htm   (6193 words)

 3G will 'be the norm' in 2009 | The Register
Demand for 3G services is then expected to rise quickly, with around 70 per cent - 240 million - of all Western European mobile subscribers using a 3G-enabled device by the end of 2009.
According to Analysys the relatively slow initial growth of 3G subscribers can be attributed to three key factors - operators have experienced problems in sourcing 3G handsets, 3G networks are restricted to major built-up areas, and major operators are focusing on getting a return from their GPRS investments.
Dajes notes that 3G handset design has been "widely criticised by operators with complaints that their size, appearance, and battery life will not be acceptable to customers who, over the last few years, have seen huge innovation in GSM handsets.
www.theregister.co.uk /2004/05/03/3g_mass_market   (550 words)

 The unofficial independent imode FAQ - 12. FOMA: 3G mobile
At this time there are three parallel 3G networks in operation in Japan: NTT DoCoMo and Vodafone operate 3G networks based on the wCDMA standard, while KDDI / AU operates a network based on CDMA 2000-1x technology which has recently been upgraded regionally to CDMA2000 1xEV-DO with download rates of 2.4 Mbps.
The main reason for the relatively early (compared to Europe and US) introduction of 3G broadband in Japan, is that Japan has a high density of cellular phone users and the band width is in 2G "is running out".
DoCoMo rolled out 3G (FOMA) services in autumn 2001 to the general public in the Tokyo area, and services are now being extended to cover most of the populated areas of Japan.
www.eurotechnology.com /imode/faq-3g.html   (866 words)

 UMTS and 3G FAQ page
ITU coordinate world-wide spectrum and IMT2000 standardisation, harmonises regional regulatory policies and is a foundation and framework for 3G convergence across regions and technologies.
Hutchison 3G in UK and Telia with Tele 2 in Sweden are good examples.
Lucent Technologies announced demonstration of 3G high-speed mobile data and voice capabilities, Nokia shows the WLAN implementation and British Telecom has announced the WLAN hot spot implementation.
www.umtsworld.com /umts/faq.htm   (4335 words)

 What is 3G?
3G stands for the third generation of wireless communication technology.
3G services will add an invaluable mobile dimension to services that are already becoming an integral part of modern business life: Internet and Intranet access, video-conferencing, and interactive application sharing.
We're likely to see 3G services enter our day -to-day lives in all sorts of new ways: for example, in shopping, especially Internet "mail order" (e-commerce), banking, or playing interactive computer games over the Net.
www.3gnewsroom.com /html/what_is_3g/index.shtml   (661 words)

 Lensbaby 3G, now with lens locks: Digital Photography Review
Lensbaby 3G features the same low dispersion, high refractive index, multi-coated optical glass doublet and the same flexible tubing as Lensbaby 2.0, but adds three focusing rails that emerge from the camera mount and pass through the focusing collar.
Once Lensbaby 3G is locked into place, additional fine focus can be achieved by turning the barrel focusing ring, which moves the optic in and out like a normal manual focus lens.
Lensbaby 3G SLR lenses will be available starting in mid-October from www.Lensbabies.com, by calling 877-536-7222 / 971-223-5662, and from select specialty photo stores.
www.dpreview.com /news/0609/06092601lensbabies3g.asp   (658 words)

The data speed of 3G is determined based on a combination of factors including the chip rate, channel structure, power control, and synchronization.
The major impetus for 3G is to provide for faster data speed for data-intensive applications such as video.
In addition, 3G to providing faster data speeds on a per-user basis, 3G is also helpful to provide greater overall capacity for voice and data users.
www.mobilein.com /3G.htm   (533 words)

 3G Intro
Their lead on 3G and current generation wireless web access has given their manufacturers a significant advantage in shaping the communications technologies of tomorrow, and consequently, is shaping the nature of electronic commerce and Internet content.
The process is focused on studying the engineering characteristics of two of the spectrum bands proposed at the WRC for 3G, assessing the spectrum needs for 3G development, and ensuring sufficient spectrum allocation for 3G development.
The U.S. faces unique challenges in allocating spectrum for 3G because of the fact that there is no un-encumbered spectrum (e.g., the 3G bands identified by the WRC are already occupied in the United States).
www.ntia.doc.gov /ntiahome/threeg/3gintro.htm   (1606 words)

 CDG : Technology : 3G - CDMA2000
Third Generation (3G) is the term used to describe the latest generation of mobile services which provide advanced voice communications and high-speed data connectivity, including access to the Internet, mobile data applications and multimedia content.
The ITU requires that IMT-2000 (3G) networks, among other capabilities, deliver improved system capacity and spectrum efficiency over 2G systems and that they support data services at minimum transmission rates of 144 kbps in mobile (outdoor) and 2 Mbps in fixed (indoor) environments.
The world's first 3G commercial system was launched by SK Telecom (South Korea) in October 2000 using CDMA2000 1X.
www.cdg.org /technology/3g.asp   (496 words)

 3G mobile phone buying guide - Mobile Phones
To date, four major carriers have introduced 3G networks, and a solid assortment of 3G-enabled handsets are available.
At present, you'll need to be in an urban area to really partake in 3G, although Telstra has committed to transitioning older mobile technologies to 3G in regional and rural Australia.
The consolidation of back-end billing systems at the nation's largest telco Telstra is starting to show results, with the telco notifying customers it could now issue them a single bill covering all of their broadband and telephony services.
www.cnet.com.au /mobilephones/phones/0,239025953,240061440,00.htm   (2626 words)

 Axalto : Mobile Communications -
3G wireless technology promises a new generation of services – from voice, video calling, multimedia messaging, Internet browsing, to location based services and mobile payment.
With its extensive memory and sophisticated encryption capabilities the Usimera card from Axalto provides the capacity and end-to-end security critical to key 3G services, including roaming, information and location-based offerings, and mobile payment.
Usimera is a Java-based USIM card that operates in both 2G and 3G networks giving operators all the same functionality and capabilities in migrating their subscribers to a new generation of services.
www.axalto.com /wireless/3G.asp   (278 words)

 Privateline.com: 3G and Cellular radio Information
These 3G systems will also rely on packet switching, not the circuit switching that most of cellular uses today.
Excellent writing on the transition period from 2G to 3G and beyond is in this printable.pdf file, a chapter from The Essential Guide to Wireless Communications Applications by Andy Dornan.
Third Generation ("3G") according to the F.C.C. Wireless 3G systems will provide access, by means of one or more radio links, to a wide range of telecommunication services supported by the fixed telecommunication networks and to other services that are specific to mobile users.
www.privateline.com /3G/3G.htm   (950 words)

 » 3G | IT Facts | ZDNet.com
3G subscriptions, including CDMA2000, are forecast to hit 285 mln by the end of 2006, says ABI Research.
Strategy Analytics predicts reaching 106 mln 3G users by the end of Q2 2006, with the total number of 3G users worldwide hitting the magic 100 mln mark for this populist technology in early June 2006.
The number of 3G mobile phones in Finland doubled in the month after new laws took effect on April 1 allowing bundled sales of phones and subscriptions, mobile operator Elisa reported.
blogs.zdnet.com /ITFacts/?cat=34   (1694 words)

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