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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  4 (number) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Arabs didn't have time for cursive fancy: their 4 still had the early concept of the cross, but for the sake of efficiency, was made in one stroke by connecting the "western" end to the "northern" end; the "eastern" end was finished off with a curve.
On most phones, the 4 key is associated with the letters G, H, and I, but on the BlackBerry it is the key for D and F.
4 is one of the "Lost Numbers" on the television show, Lost, along with 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/4_(number)   (1575 words)

 ADA Accessibility Guidelines
(4) Interior and exterior stairs connecting levels that are not connected by an elevator, ramp, or other accessible means of vertical access shall comply with 4.9.
(4) An accessible route shall connect at least one accessible entrance of each accessible dwelling unit with those exterior and interior spaces and facilities that serve the accessible dwelling unit.
(4) If a doorway is located at a landing, then the area in front of the doorway shall comply with 4.13.6.
www.access-board.gov /adaag/html/adaag.htm   (15484 words)

 HTML 4.01 Specification
This specification defines HTML 4.01, which is a subversion of HTML 4.
HTML 4 also takes great strides towards the internationalization of documents, with the goal of making the Web truly World Wide.
This document specifies HTML 4.01, which is part of the HTML 4 line of specifications.
www.w3.org /TR/REC-html40   (716 words)

 fabFORCE.net   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
DBDesigner 4 is a visual database design system that integrates database design, modeling, creation and maintenance into a single, seamless environment.
DBDesigner 4 is developed and optimized for the open source MySQL-Database to support MySQL users with a powerful and free available design tool.
Because DBDesigner 4 is an Open Source Project you are welcome to become a member of the DBDesigner 4 Forum to share your experiences, report bugs and submit feature requests.
www.fabforce.net /dbdesigner4   (180 words)

 Thinking Man Software - Dimension 4 v5.0
Simply put, Dimension 4 v5.0 is the fastest and easiest way to synchronize your PC's clock for Windows-based operating systems.
Once Dimension 4 is installed, you'll most likely forget that it's even running.
Dimension 4 uses one of a few well known and broadly implemented internet protocols to connect with publicly available time servers that have been operating on the Internet for over 15 years.
www.thinkman.com /dimension4   (310 words)

 UN Security Council resolutions relating to Iraq
Three earlier US drafts for this resolution were made public, on 4 September, 1 October and 13 October 2003.
Postings to the CASI discussion list summarise differences between the first and second drafts, and between the second and third drafts.
Paragraphs 3 and 4 drawn from those of SCR 253.
www.casi.org.uk /info/scriraq.html   (3547 words)

 VM Spec The class File Format
Pass 4 is a virtual pass whose checking is done by the appropriate Java virtual machine instructions.
A Java virtual machine implementation is allowed to perform any or all of the Pass 4 steps as part of Pass 3; see 2.17.1, "Virtual Machine Start-up" for an example and more discussion.
In one of Sun's Java virtual machine implementations, after the verification has been performed, the instruction in the Java virtual machine code is replaced with an alternative form of the instruction.
java.sun.com /docs/books/vmspec/2nd-edition/html/ClassFile.doc.html#88659   (9784 words)

 NewsChannel 4 - Home - Oklahoma's #1 News, Weather, Sports and more at KFOR-TV-DT
From the Health and Fitness Expo before the race to the post race party after your run, we want you to every opportunity to make the most out of your weekend with the Memorial Marathon.
Oklahoma’s NewsChannel 4 highlights the University of Central Oklahoma’s School of Music in their annual event, MAC by Moonlight, Thursday, April 27, 2006.
Weatherschool is an educational weather program offered online to both students and teachers.
www.kfor.com   (578 words)

 Free avast! 4 Home Edition - Free antivirus software - free virus protection for home PC
4 Home Edition is a full-featured antivirus package designed exclusively for home users and non-commercial use.
Second, there is a special plugin for MS Outlook only; the mail scanning is completely transparent, requiring no special settings.
A new feature of version 4 is heuristic analysis of e-mail scanners.
www.avast.com /eng/avast_4_home.html   (1693 words)

 MPEG-4 description
It is useful for interactive and entertainment-quality broadcast and DVD applications.
It is suitable for use in surveillance applications.
In this test, 5 sequences with 4 combinations of bitrates were used:
www.chiariglione.org /mpeg/standards/mpeg-4/mpeg-4.htm   (8104 words)

 WYFF4.com - Home
Kirstie Alley Teaches Oprah Her Secret Weight Loss Weapon; Watch Oprah, followed by WYFF News 4 at 5.
WYFF News 4 anchor Carol Goldsmith talks about her dramatic weight loss, how she got there and how she plans to keep it off.
Actor Tom Cruise says his father was abusive and that he faced other bullies in school in a new magazine interview.
www.wyff4.com   (266 words)

 KRON 4 Home
Winners chosen every Friday on the KRON 4 Morning News to receive $100 Lullaby Lane Gift Certificate.
Patronize KRON 4 advertisers who are participating in our Brand Your Business initative.
KRON 4 will broadcast the preview show on Sunday, April 30th at 12:00 noon.
www.kron.com   (1025 words)

 Gallery | Your photos on your website
A release candidate helps users like you test out new features and provide feedback so that the final version has as many possible issues resolved.
We have 4 different packages for you to choose from.
You can read all about it on our Gallery 2 Download Page.
gallery.menalto.com   (812 words)

 www.centos.org - The Community ENTerprise Operating System
Latest CentOS 4 Documentation and release notes are here.
You are not required to use SSL for all pages here, only to login and modify your personal information.
Cluster Suite 4 (CS) and Global File System 6.1 (GFS) for CentOS-4 is available from this directory:
www.centos.org   (1090 words)

 deviantART: where ART meets application!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
She Becomes The Wind by ^zilla774 in Fantasy on Apr 4, 2006
by =lryiu in Miscellaneous on Apr 4, 2006
Our goal is to help artists get a little more exposure, give some inspiration to people looking for ideas, and to have a little fun.
www.deviantart.com   (1077 words)

 MySQL AB :: MySQL 4.1 Downloads
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 RPM (x86) downloads
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 RPM (AMD64 / Intel EM64T) downloads
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 RPM (Intel IA64) downloads
dev.mysql.com /downloads/mysql/4.1.html   (654 words)

 FreeBSD 4.2 Announcement
If you can't afford the CDs, are impatient, or just want to use it for evangelism purposes, then by all means download the ISOs, otherwise please do continue to support the FreeBSD project by purchasing one of its official CD releases from BSDi.
FreeBSD 4.2-RELEASE can be ordered as a 4 CD set from The FreeBSD Mall from where it will soon be shipping.
For a set of distfiles used to build ports in the ports collection, please see also the FreeBSD Toolkit, a 6 CD set containing all such extra bits which we can no longer fit on the 4 CD sets.
www.freebsd.org /releases/4.2R/announce.html   (293 words)

 WSMV - Nashville Channel 4 News Home - WSMV
The countdown is on to the 15th annual MS Walk at Edwin Warner Park on April 8.
Channel 4 is once again a proud sponsor!
Click inside this section to see if you have the correct hardware and settings.
www.wsmv.com   (447 words)

 United States Postal Service - ZIP + 4 Lookup
United States Postal Service - ZIP + 4 Lookup
The standardized address and ZIP+4 Code will be
Find the ZIP Codes for a city or town or the location of a given ZIP Code
www.usps.gov /ncsc/lookups/lookup_zip+4.html   (53 words)

 Major Religions Ranked by Size   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In polls, only about 3.3% of the Japanese people give Shinto as their religion.
A high world-wide figure for people who consider themselves primarily practitioners of Shinto would be about 4 million.
Certainly most Japanese people participate in holidays which have Shinto roots, but in this list we are trying to track self-identification, not general vestigial influence.
www.adherents.com /Religions_By_Adherents.html#Zoroastrianism   (11821 words)

 nbc4i.com - Home
NBC 4 will be "Working For You" on April 29 by offering another free opportunity to have your personal documents shredded.
NBC 4 Invites You To Celebrate Transformation Of Women's Lives
Watch Live NBC 4 Newscasts At Noon, 5 P.M. Live Weather Plus
www.nbc4i.com   (359 words)

 FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE Announcement
Each CD or DVD set contains the FreeBSD installation and application package bits for the i386 ("PC") architecture.
For a set of distfiles used to build ports in the ports collection, please see the FreeBSD Toolkit, a 6 CD set containing extra bits which no longer fit on the 4 CD set, or the DVD distribution.
If you can't afford FreeBSD on media, or just want to use it for evangelism purposes, then by all means download the ISO images.
www.freebsd.org /releases/4.8R/announce.html   (462 words)

 Daily & Breaking News : Top Stories From Business Week Online News
Compare up to 4 Free Refinancing Offers  Homeowners - reduce and consolidate your debt here!
Comparison shop for mortgage quotes, refinance quotes and home equity loan offers.
Get up to 4 free quotes from one 60 second application.
www.businessweek.com   (1253 words)

 ClickOnDetroit.com - Home
Check with Chuck Gaidica and the Local4Casters as 4 Live Radar scans the skies to keep track of changing conditions and spot the storms first.
Rescue 4 Your Trash wants to see your photos.
If a Local 4 anchor or reporter says it's on ClickOnDetroit.com, you'll find it by clicking on our "Seen On 4" link.
www.clickondetroit.com   (488 words)

PageSpinner is the easy-to-use, professional HTML editor for Mac OS supporting HTML 3.2, HTML 4, XHTML, PHP, SSI plus additional Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer extensions and a built-in JavaScript generator.
The editor gives you quick access to often used formatting and also supports online help to help you compose your own Web pages.
You will find the SpinPHP package inside the Goodies folder in the PageSpinner application folder.
www.optima-system.com /pagespinner   (298 words)

 Local news, sports, weather, traffic | St. Louis, MO | KMOV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
TV personalities Jobs at KMOV TV Schedule HDTV KMOV history Contact KMOV Extra Edition News 4 Web Angels Do The Right Thing Harrah's Lucky Break Junior Stars At the Zoo Fine New Homes Community Calendar Entertainment® book What's New Media Kit
The Madison County State's Attorney's office has charged John A. Orr, 58, of Collinsville with solicitation of murder for hire and solicitation for murder, each a class X Felony.
Local News Homepage As Seen on News 4 News 4 Investigates Extra Edition Local news archive Product Recalls Lottery
www.kmov.com   (576 words)

 3ivx D4 4.5 - MPEG-4 Audio and Video Compression
Create and playback MP4 files with MPEG-4 Video and MPEG-4 Audio using The 3ivx Filter Suite.
The Video decoder supports Advanced Simple Profile video decoding including DivX 3, 4 and 5 playback.
To create MPEG-4 Video you can use various encoder modes that cater for streaming video, archiving, etc.
www.3ivx.com   (285 words)

 Opera Web Browser
Make calls with Opera Mobile and Opera Mini: JAJAH's Web-activated telephony solution optimized for Opera's browsers
Operators making money on Opera Mini: Two million users surf 4 million Web pages every day
Opera browser for better business: Service sites supply Opera Mini to expand market reach
www.opera.com   (368 words)

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