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Topic: 4000 (number)

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In the News (Wed 26 Sep 18)

  1729 (number) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I had ridden in taxi cab number 1729 and remarked that the number seemed to me rather a dull one, and that I hoped it was not an unfavorable omen.
It is a centered cube number, as well as a dodecagonal number, a 24-gonal and 84-gonal number.
Because in base 10 the number 1729 is divisible by the sum of its digits, it is a Harshad number.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/1729_(number)   (749 words)

 4000 (number) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
4000 (four thousand) is the natural number following 3999 and preceding 4001.
Also record number of wickets taken in first-class cricket by Wilfred Rhodes.
4960 - tetrahedral number; greater of 4th pair of Smith brothers
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/4000_(number)   (362 words)

 Numbers in Over 5000 Languages
Shared numbers do not necessarily indicate genetic relationship; they may be borrowed.
Hundreds of millions of English speakers agree that the numbers are one, two, three, etc. But only a minority of languages are standardized in this way.
Number of speakers is one of the least interesting attributes of a language; but there are so many languages here that some highlighting of the most common ones seems necessary.
www.zompist.com /numbers.shtml   (926 words)

 Overview of Fluid Mechanics Theory
Typically, viscous stresses within a fluid tend to stabilize and organize the flow, whereas excessive fluid inertia tends to disrupt organized flow leading to chaotic turbulent behavior.
Beyond a Reynolds Number of 4000, the flow is completely turbulent.
Between 2000 and 4000, the flow is in transition between laminar and turbulent, and it is possible to find subregions of both flow types within a given flow field.
www.efunda.com /formulae/fluids/overview.cfm   (251 words)

 Random Number Generator Program (Graziano and Raulin)
For example, if you want to sample 50 subjects from a population of 4000, number each subject in the population from 1 to 4000 and then request that the program give you 50 random numbers between 1 and 4000.
For example, if you have four groups and 60 subjects to assign, the first four random numbers will be 1 through 4 in a ra ndom order, followed by another random order of 1 through 4, and so on.
When using the program for random ordering of conditions, you should tell the program that the number of subjects is equal to the actual number of subjects times the number of conditions.
www.acsu.buffalo.edu /~raulin/random.html   (862 words)

 The 4000 missing Israelis at the WTC
The 4000 names undoubtedly contain some duplications (people might be registered under slightly different variants of the same name), and may include people far away from the event.
There's a number 4,500 in the story which is close to 4,000 but this is probably coincidental.
number of confirmed dead is in the 600s or so as of November 29.
www.nocturne.org /~terry/wtc_4000_Israeli.html   (7287 words)

 RCS/4000 Admin Guide Chapter 4: Setting Up Common Configurations
The tcp port number will change depending on the serial port to which you are connecting the modem.
The '91' in '9101' specifies an mpool and the '01' is the number of the mpool.
ISDN terminal adapter 1 has been set up to automatically dial the stored number in register 0 when DTR is enabled (which occurs when the DOD connection is made e.g., pinging a remote host).
www.systech.com /support/rcs4kagg/rcs4kg-03.htm   (7743 words)

 Changing Your Dialup Number   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
If you live in Cobleskill and normally dial 254-4000, or if you live in the Capital District and normally dial 322-4000, then there is no need for you to change.
Click in the ""Phone Number" box and enter the new MIDTEL NET phone number: 255-4000 (if dialing from Cobleskill) or 322-4000 (if dialing from the Capital District*).
If you cannot see the "Number:" box, click on the Setup disclosure triangle in the top left corner of the control panel.
support.midtel.net /change.html   (698 words)

 sandiego.indymedia.org | JULY 4000/JULIO 4000   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
According to official estimates, more than 4,000 people have died crossing through the borderlands since Operation Gatekeeper began in 1994.
for a symbolic display of 4,000 white flags, strung together down Imperial Avenue in remembrance of the casualties of “citizenship”.
Instead, we deliver a symbolic message that this privilege comes at a great cost to thousands who have been barred from participating in the freedoms this day professes to represent.
sandiego.indymedia.org /en/2006/07/116471.shtml   (378 words)

 4000 - Uncyclopedia
General information about that most beautiful of numbers, 4000:
It is the number after 3999 and before 4001.
It has four digits, the first of which is four.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/4000   (181 words)

 Select Comfort Sleep Number 4000 Traditional Bed Review at Epinions.com
First we called the 800 number talked with a representative who was polite and very helpful.
Our Select Comfort 4000 came with a single remote the dual chambers controlled by a right and left button, which is more than adequate.
My side ended up a soft 45 and my husband's number is at 55; numbers on the remote range from zero to 100, this was the first night in years; I fell asleep on my side and woke up in the morning in the same position.
www.epinions.com /content_186232639108   (1544 words)

 Phone Numbers
NOTE: The main school number (573-592-4000) is answered 24 hours per day when school is in session.
However it is usually wise to call the direct number above to more quickly access the individual you want to contact.
Over long weekends/vacations an answering machine is operational at the 592-4000 number.
www.msd.k12.mo.us /SchoolInformation/phone_numbers.htm   (202 words)

 Select Comfort Sleep Number 4000 Traditional Bed Reviews at Epinions.com
She was—she explained—dialing the 800 number she just heard on satellite radio…a number to get information about the Select...
The Select Comfort Sleep Number is by far the best bed I have every slept on, ever.
My sleep number is 35, my husbands is 55.
www.epinions.com /Select_Comfort_Sleep_Number_4000_Traditional_Bed/display_~reviews   (1238 words)

 Why does Delta refuse to change my "4000" membership number? (originally from Pan Am)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
It has only ever been an advantage for me as former PA people in Delta have commented and been been quite helpful when they see what I come from (I actually chose to keep it as I had a DL account previously and decided to stay with the "new" one).
A few agents have commented on the number - saying how low it is. I think they started 200xxxxxxx.
To answer your question though, if you really did want to change your account number to a 'new' one, all you'd have to do is create a new account online (which, admittedly, is against the rules) create some activity in it, then call and ask DL to merge the accounts, preferably into the new one.
www.flyertalk.com /forum/showthread.php?t=60756   (642 words)

 Math Forum: BEATCALC
For the last three digits, square the last two digits in the number chosen (insert zeros when needed):
For numbers greater than 4012, reverse the order:
If the number to be squared is 4080:
mathforum.org /k12/mathtips/square.4000s.html   (255 words)

 Ford to cut number of dealers (via CobWeb/3.1 pl2.cs.utk.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
DETROIT— Ford Motor Co. said today it plans to trim the number of dealerships it has in 18 metropolitan areas across the country, blaming sliding car and truck sales for the decision.
Most of the metro areas are east of the Mississippi River, but the company would not identify exactly what markets would be targeted.
Cain said Ford has no target number or timetable for the dealership reduction.
www.startribune.com.cob-web.org:8888 /535/story/615539.html   (388 words)

 USN Ships -- by Hull Number: ID # 4000 through ID # 4099
numbered from ID # 4000 through ID # 4099
This page covers World War I era acquired vessels numbered in the "SP" and "ID" series from ID # 4000 through ID # 4099, plus some that were given numbers but not acquired.
See the list below to locate photographs of individual ships and craft numbered in the "SP" and "ID" series from ID # 4000 through ID # 4099.
www.history.navy.mil /photos/shusn-no/spid4000.htm   (305 words)

 Sleep Number 4000: Select Comfort Sleep Number Air Bed Mattress 1-888-411-2188
Sleep Number 4000: Select Comfort Sleep Number Air Bed Mattress 1-888-411-2188
Sleep Number Firmness Control™ System comes standard with a wired digital remote.
© 2000-2006 Select Comfort SLEEP NUMBER, SELECT COMFORT and the Double Arrow Design are registered trademarks and THE SLEEP NUMBER BED BY SELECT COMFORT is a trademark of Select Comfort Corporation.
www.selectcomfort.com /air_mattress_beds/sleep_number_4000.cfm   (100 words)

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