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  71 429 CJ Mustang and Cougar Megasite
The purpose of this enthusiast site (not affiliated in any way with Ford Motor Company), is to provide hard to find information on these extremely rare cars as well as the 429 Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet engines they came equipped with.
Also included is a photo gallery of 429 Mustangs and Cougars and comprehensive information and photos of the rare components used on these cars.
Dan Schott's 73 429 CJ Convertible - Check out the new pix Dan sent in of his car!
429mustangcougarinfo.50megs.com   (398 words)

  Mustang Boss 429
I was aware of the Boss 302 and mighty 428 Cobra Jet, but the Boss 429 was all new to me. I was awestruck by the size and beauty of the engine and the sleek body style of the 69 Sports roof.
The 1969 Boss 429 had a large body colored hood scoop, but it was switched to matte fl in 1970 because of quality control problems.
The front spoiler used on the Boss 429 was different from those used on the Boss 302 and the Mach 1 which was 1 inch shorter.
hometown.aol.com /gbs19/myhomepage/index.html   (3267 words)

 BOSS 429
The Boss 429 prototypes were put through the full battery of Ford acceptance testing, and had to pass emission testing as well as hot and cold environment running tests, to ensure the both the chassis and the engine were suitably refined for all normal driving needs.
All the Boss 429 models had two very distinctive and unique visual features: the prominent front "BOSS 429" decals on the rear of each front fender, and a large hood mounted air-scoop with a manually controlled intake flapper valve.
When released to the Motoring press for appraisal the Boss 429 was roundly condemned for disappointing performance ("struggles to beat a 428 Cobra Jet for acceleration" was a common comment), and for poor handling due to the large and heavy motor up front.
www.nzmustang.com /History/BOSS429.htm   (1293 words)

  ME 429: Metal Cutting
ME 429 provides seniors and graduate students, mainly from the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Departments and the Manufacturing Systems Engineering MS Program, with an elective course that gives them an indepth overview of metal cutting theory and practice.
ME 429 provides the student with a solid understanding of metal cutting built on the foundations of materials science and strength of materials.
ME 429 strenghens the student's understanding of industry practice though the senior faculty member teaching the course who has considerable practical experience and physical items to show the class.
www.engr.wisc.edu /me/courses/me429.html   (502 words)

 ARINC 429 IndustryPack High Density Interface Dynamic Engineering
ARINC 429 is robust featuring Manchester encoding and enough voltage swing to provide excellent noise immunity and reasonable throughput rates.
ARINC 429 is the interface of choice for critical applications; for example aircraft instrumentation and control.
Each receiver channel is programmable to the high and low 429 operating frequencies [12-14.5 KHz., or 100 KHz.], data length of 25 or 32 bits, data filter address, and parity.
www.dyneng.com /ip429.html   (924 words)

 Word Records - Artists - Building 429
Dove award-winning new artist of the year building 429 returns with their sophomore effort, rise, as a challenge for today's youth to rise up and respond to the calling that God has placed on their lives.
The members of Building 429 all agree that with success comes added responsibility - to whom much is given, much is required.
On "Home," Building 429 addresses the problem of teen suicide after receiving a letter from a disturbed young man. "A kid was ready to commit suicide - he had already written his letter and placed it on his dresser.
www.wordrecords.com /building429   (1092 words)

A composition or material, per se, (except for electrolyte) for Class 429 subject matter is classified in the appropriate composition or material class.
Further, a Class 429 article or product mentioned by name only (except for separator) without any inclusion of structure and defined only in terms of its composition or material is classified in the appropriate composition or material classes, particularly those listed below in References to Other Classes.
Class 429 takes the combination of clamp with significant battery structure or the combination is constructed in such a manner that the connector is inseparable from battery.
www.uspto.gov /web/offices/ac/ido/oeip/taf/def/429.htm   (8258 words)

 RTX ARINC 429 Serial Port Adapter
The RTX ARINC 429 Serial Port Adapter (RTXSPA429) is a compact device that can plug into the serial port of any computer, running any operating system, and enables the user to access 4 ARINC 429 channels easily and inexpensively.
In order for the RTXSPA429 to construct an ARINC 429 data word, 5 bytes of data, in RTXbyte429 format, needs to be sent to the serial port that the RTXSPA429 is attached to.
In a manner similar to the transmission of ARINC 429 data, the RTXSPA429 receivers translate each incoming 32 bit ARINC 429 data word into the 5 byte RTXbyte429 format, and sends the bytes to the attached RS232 serial port.
www.rtxsystems.com /Products/ARINC_429_SPA/ARINC_429_spa.html   (998 words)

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