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  45 (number) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The first 45 RPM records were monaural with recordings on both sides of the Disc.
As stereo recordings became popular in the 1960s, almost all 45 RPM records were produced in Stereo by the end of the decade.
I-45 is the designation for a US interstate highway in Texas.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/45_(number)   (441 words)

 The Superior Works - Patrick's Blood & Gore: Plane #45
Now, the wooden planes (that the #45 replaces) aren't known for the tightness of their mouths, and as a result will tearout on grain changes.
Beads are the worst performer of the #45, and I'd rather use 'lectrical tools to make sash than to use this plane for the same.
The Stanley Operating Committee voted in 1915 the authorization to produce the #45 in aluminum and the quickest means to the end was to use the same patterns as those of the cast iron model, which don't have the "A" prefix for them.
www.supertool.com /StanleyBG/stan6.htm   (3927 words)

 45 - Bill Drummond
Having reached the age of 45 Drummond resolved "to write a book that contained snapshots of the world from where I was standing." Not quite an autobiography, 45 does give a great deal of background, and fuller accounts of some of Drummond's more memorable undertakings.
45 is presented in the form of episodes, chapters of varying length on various subjects, most with the date on which they were (ostensibly) written (between 1997 and 1999, with the pieces not arranged in chronological order).
Many of the vignettes deal with what Drummond is doing at the time when he writes them: taking his kids to a Michael Jackson concert in Helsinki, making soup for a houseful of artists in Belfast, driving around the M25 for 25 hours straight with Gimpo (Alan Goodrick), or his routine at his local library.
www.complete-review.com /reviews/drummb/bd45.htm   (1680 words)

 Prime Curios!: 45   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Every number greater than 45 is the sum of distinct primes greater than eleven.
If the first five powers of two are each subtracted from 45 all results are prime.
- 810n + 2753 is a prime-generating polynomial which produces 45 prime numbers in a row.
primes.utm.edu /curios/page.php/45.html   (81 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: 45: Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
45 is as unexpected as the KLF collaborating with Tammy Wynette: a semi-autobiography from a man who has previously been loathe to talk about his work in public.
Yet he is also a tortured genius, a frustrated artist and a man in the throes of a mid-life crisis.
When he lets himself go, 45 is a cracking read and one of the most interesting books about music and art in years.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/0349112894   (754 words)

 The birth of the 45 r.p.m. record
There were no 45 rpm record issues from RCA as of this issue.
The new 45 system is going out with a repertoire that includes everything from a bebop bash to a minuet---76 albums and 104 singles---all vital merchandise, best-by-test stuff.
The whole thing's on key with their allowances--neat little records they can slip in their pockets, with a first-class band playing their favorite hit--for 49 cents Times are like the 30's, the early 40's again, when the youngsters made up the big biz in the pop market.
www.history-of-rock.com /fortyfive_birth.htm   (3013 words)

 Society for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues
The APA Division 45 20-10 plan is a project initiated during the Division’s 20 th anniversary and seeks to increase the number of 10 apportionment votes received by the Division during apportionment voting.
Ethnic minority representation is woefully small on this very important governing body (approximately 8%), and currently Division 45, whose primary mission is to represent ethnic minority psychology, has only two seats on the Council.
Therefore, Division 45 is asking for your help to ensure that ethnic minority psychology will have adequate representation on the Council.
www.apa.org /divisions/div45/homepage.html   (950 words)

 History of the 45 rpm Record
This image was kindly supplied by Jules Woodell who manages the Record Collector's Glossary Note the large centre hole which needs an adaptor to make it fit a regular UK style spindle was already a feature and that coloured vinyl was not such a novelty in the 1940s!
This was the 'golden era' for the 45.
Indeed, by the end of the 1960s sales of the 45 had even begun to decline.
www.45-rpm.org.uk /history.html   (755 words)

 Welcome To IBEW Local 45 • Hollywood
The next General Membership Meeting for Local 45 members will be held at the Local 45 office in Hollywood.
IBEW Local 45, along with other locals, sponsored a traincar which was a part of this wonderful exhibit.
Photos of the IBEW Local 45 Traincar can be seen in the banner at the top of many pages of our website.
www.ibew45.org   (517 words)

 Direct jab from Bush pleases Kerry camp - The Boston Globe
Kerry has held political events in 15 states since last year's election, including visits to the presidential proving grounds of Iowa and New Hampshire and swing states such as Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
He has helped organize 45 fund-raisers for Democratic candidates, and has used his e-mail list of 3 million supporters for lobbying campaigns on major issues in Congress.
The political events are a natural fit for a man who has never been known as a top legislator in the Senate, and they could gain him the good will of Democrats across the country, said Jeffrey Berry, a political science professor at Tufts University.
www.boston.com /news/nation/washington/articles/2005/11/15/direct_jab_from_bush_pleases_kerry_camp/?page=2   (1019 words)

 It's I-45...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
I-45 has toured allover the south and are gaining a cult following.
I-45 has been around a little over a year and they have a crowd of diehard fans who will follow them til Tech gets rid of his afro!
They are about to release their second full length after the success of their first, The Regal Beagle, and their split 7" with Wolpac.
www.geocities.com /SunsetStrip/Studio/2869   (254 words)

 Toastmasters District 45
Find out how you can thank him or her.
District 45 Toastmasters is unique because we serve both American states and Canadian provinces.
District 45 is one of the places where our elected officers grow their leadership abilities through service to our members in Maritime Canada and NE USA.
www.toastmasters45.com   (237 words)

 -#45 Kadee® HO Scale Coupler (40-Series Coupler Metal Short (1/4") Overset Shank)
My oppinion is save your self some time and money and do it right the first time." joeyegarner "KD has been doing it right for over 45 years+." locomotive3 "Excellent coupler!!!!
Highly recommend!!!" EZamora "I do not know much, but I do know that Kadee is the standard, go for it!" electrolove "Kadee's by far.
as the #45 is the same as the #25 and
www.kadee.com /htmbord/page345.htm   (599 words)

 Zogby International
Kerry-Edwards is preferred over Bush-Cheney in the Eastern (52% - 38%), and the Central Great Lakes (47%- 45%) regions, while Bush-Cheney leads in the South (50%- 47%) and the Western (50%-44%) region.
Kerry’s lead among 18-24 year olds in 59% to 40%, and among 25-34 year olds it is also 59% to 40% -- but the President’s support increases with age: 46% to 45% among 35-49 year olds, 50% 50 45% among 55-69 year olds, and among those over 70 it is 50% to 44%.
Remember that 55-69 year olds are mainly the most conservative of age cohorts, so the President’s lead here is not enough for him.
www.zogby.com /news/ReadNews.dbm?ID=839   (1362 words)

 45s.com - Christmas - 45 RPM Records -- Search for records, 45-rpm-records -- vinyl records from 1950 to 1990.
45s.com - Christmas - 45 RPM Records -- Search for records, 45-rpm-records -- vinyl records from 1950 to 1990.
· 1,000,000 45 rpm Records — 1950’s to 1990’s; 730,000 are alphabetized by Artist and boxed 150 per record box; 270,000 are bulk with most alphabetized by the first letter of the artists’ last name.
· Database of 45,000 45 rpm Records with detailed information about each record (years of typing).
www.45s.com   (217 words)

 The Irrawaddy News Magazine Online Edition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Myanmar Red Cross estimates that about 1,000 houses were destroyed across the country.
Burmese state-run newspapers initially reported on Tuesday that 36 people died, 45 were injured and 14 were missing.
Burmese media also said that 138 buildings were destroyed in
www.irrawaddy.org /aviewer.asp?a=4248&z=24   (248 words)

 Shinedown .45 Leave A Whisper Lyric
And I'm staring down the barrell of a.45 (.45)
Swimming through the ashes of another life (another life)
And I'm swimming through the ashes of another life (another life)
www.zenlyrics.com /Shinedown/.45/showlyric/searchid/296766   (251 words)

 Transit.511.org - Schedules & Route Maps
To see current announcements for this route, select from the Important Announcements section at the right.
Muni (SF) - F, 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 9X, 10, 14, 14L, 15, 19, 21, 26, 27, 30, 31, 38, 38L, 45, 71: Mon.
Muni (SF) - 9X, 9AX, 9BX, 15, 30, 45, 81X, 91: Kearny & Geary stop moved to Post through mid-2007.
transit.511.org /schedules/routeinfo.asp?cid=SF&rte=5622   (104 words)

 Zogby International
Fourteen days before the presidential election, Senator John Kerry and President Bush are back in a dead-heat race for the White House at 45% apiece, according to a new Reuters/Zogby daily tracking poll.
The telephone poll of 1211 likely voters was conducted from Friday through Sunday (October 15-17, 2004).
Special demographic analysis: We break the numbers down by age, race, gender, income, religion, and other factors
www.zogby.com /news/ReadNews.dbm?ID=895   (465 words)

Each week, FOX 45 Morning News will feature a different student from area schools to present the weather forecast right from our studio, live, with guidance from Steve.
On Home Pro you'll learn how to increase it's value, from some of the the area's top home professionals.
You can submit a question, and he could answer it on Fox 45 News at 5:30 every other Thursday.
www.foxbaltimore.com   (742 words)

 Details for I-45: From Hwy 3/Hwy 146 To Lake Woodlands Dr :: Traffic.com
Details for I-45: From Hwy 3/Hwy 146 To Lake Woodlands Dr :: Traffic.com
You must enable Javascript to view this content.
Get Houston's latest Traffic News and Alerts delivered to your RSS reader
www.traffic.com /Houston-Traffic/I-45-1.html   (116 words)

 Funny Videos, Extreme Videos, Stupid Videos, Funny Movies - Page 45 - KillSomeTime.com
Funny Videos, Extreme Videos, Stupid Videos, Funny Movies - Page 45 - KillSomeTime.com
Funny Videos, Extreme Videos, Crazy Videos, Stupid Videos - Page 45
Now thats what you call a dumbass on a bike.
www.killsometime.com /video/videos.asp?Page=45&Sort=Date   (135 words)

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