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Topic: 469 BC

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  Zhou Dynasty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 771 BC, after King You had replaced his queen with a concubine Baosi, the capital was sacked by the joint force of the queen's father, who was the powerful Marquess of Shen, and the barbarians.
The capital was moved eastward in 722 BC to Luoyang in present-day Henan Province.
The first, from 722 to 481 BC, is called the Spring and Autumn Period, after a famous historical chronicle of the time; the second is known as the Warring States Period.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Zhou_Dynasty   (929 words)

 Classical Greek History Timeline   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
469 BC Philosopher and social gadfly Socrates is born (469-399 BC).
433 BC Sparta and the Peloponnesian League is established as a counter to the Athenian-dominated Delian League.
332 BC Alexander goes to Egypt, founds the city of Alexandria, is declared a son of Amon, and becomes the ruler of Egypt.
www.tccc.cc.nc.us /swood/251/ClassicalGreekHistoryTimeline.htm   (1725 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
BC TGG; 742 TS C to T; SW 837; Y PT C18.9 CC yes RN Colon // ID 99 CD 273; CGT; L BC CAT; 818 TS G to A; SW480; Y PT C18.9 CC yes RN Colon // ID 100 CD 293; del; ?
BC TAC; 527 CT YES TS G to A; H1651; Y PT C34.9 RN Lung // ID 527 CD 285; GAG; L BC AAG; 853 CT YES TS G to A; H1703; Y PT C34.9 RN Lung // ID 528 CD intron 8; ?; L BC ?; ?
BC CAC; 524 TS G to A; Na-O1; Y PT C56.
www.infobiogen.fr /db/p53/p53.dat.jul97   (29245 words)

 History of Computing Pre Historic Era 469bc - 1300ad
469 BC Socrates, mentat of Plato, was the first western thinker who said that mental activities were taking place in ones sub consciousness.
409 BC Diophante introduced the equal sign and was the first to use a form of symbolic language of algebra.
It begins at the year 3761 B.C., which was historically believed by Jews to be the year of the creation of the world.
www.thocp.net /timeline/0469.htm   (2078 words)

 473 BC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Centuries: 4th century BC - 5th century BC - 6th century BC
Decades: 520s BC 510s BC 500s BC 490s BC 480s BC - 470s BC - 460s BC 450s BC 440s BC 430s BC 420s BC
478 BC 477 BC 476 BC 475 BC 474 BC 473 BC 472 BC 471 BC 470 BC 469 BC 468 BC
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/473_BC   (107 words)

 Socrates (469-399 BC)
The life of the Greek philosopher Socrates (469-399 BC) marks such a critical point in Western thought that standard histories divide Greek philosophy into pre-Socratic and post-Socratic periods.
It is Plato's account of Socrates' defense at his trial in 399 BC (the word "apology" comes from the Greek word for "defense-speech" and does not mean what we would think of as an apology).
Socrates: How you, O Athenians, have been affected by my accusers, I cannot tell; but I know that they almost made me forget who I was, so persuasively did they speak; and yet they have hardly uttered a word of truth.
members.shaw.ca /rayandliz/Socrates.htm   (2437 words)

 Socrates (469-399 BC) By Miles Hodges   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Socrates was born into a wealthy family in Athens between 471 and 469 B.C. His Father Sophroniscus was a professional sculptor.
In Greece sculpture was one of the three main arts.
In 399 B.C., Socrates was tried in court.
www.newgenevacenter.org /biography/socrates2.htm   (1356 words)

 Philosophers - Timeline Index   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
He studied (367-347 B.C.) under Plato and later (342-339 B.C.) tutored Alexander the Great at the Macedonian court.
Epicurus was born in the Greek colony on Samos, but spent most of his active life in Athens, where he founded yet another school of philosophy.
Cicero was born in 106 BC, six years before the birth of Julius Caesar, into a wealthy family, though none of his family served as senators.
www.timelineindex.com /content/select/822/1023,916,822   (460 words)

 Malaspina Great Books - Socrates (469 BCE-399 BCE)
Socrates (June 4, 470 - 399 BC) was a Greek (Athenian) philosopher and one of the most important icons of the Western philosophical tradition.
His most important contribution to Western thought is his method of enquiry, known as the Socratic method or method of elenchos, which he largely applied to the examination of key moral concepts and was first described by Plato in the Socratic Dialogues.
Greek philosopher and educational reformer of the fifth century B.C.; born at Athens,; 469 B.C.; died there, 399 B.C. After having received the usual Athenian education in music (which included literature), geometry, and gymnastics, he practised for a time the craft of sculptor, working, we are told, in his father's workshop.
www.malaspina.org /home.asp?topic=./search/details&lastpage=./search/results&ID=432   (6779 words)

In the spring of 479 BC Leotychidas commanded a Greek fleet consisting of 110 ships at Aegina and later at Delos later supporting the Greek revolts at Chios (Khios) and Samos against Persia.
In 476 BC Leotychidas led an expedition to Thessaly against the Aleudae family for collaboration with the Persians but withdrew after being bribed by the family.
Sentenced to exile his house was burned and his grandson Archidamus II became the Spartan Ruler as Leotychidas died some years later around 469 BC Battle of Mycale
www.mlahanas.de /Greeks/Bios/Leotychidas.html   (238 words)

 Socrates (469-399 B.C.)
In the ancient world, no figure stands out for the courage of his convictions more than Socrates of Athens, who lived within the ancient Athenian democracy, 469-399 B.C. Although robust from workouts at the gymnasium, he was stout and paunchy.
Most of his young followers were of aristocratic or other affluent parentage and largely shared Socrates' openly admitted admiration for the Spartan constitution, even when the city-state was engaged against Sparta in the mutually ruinous Peloponnesian war (the second phase ran 431-404 B.C.).
Notwithstanding his love of talk, Socrates, although born to citizen rights, stopped attending the Athenian direct democracy Assembly, which on an open hillside (in view of the Acropolis across a valley) was always opened with the words, "Who wishes to speak?"
www.wsu.edu /~tcook/doc/Socrates2.htm   (1718 words)

 Quotation Search - Quote Search - The Quotations Page
This is my teaching, and if this is the doctrine which corrupts the youth, I am a mischievous person.
Socrates (469 BC - 399 BC), quoted by Plato, 'The Death of Socrates'
Socrates (469 BC - 399 BC), from Diogenes Laertius, Lives of Eminent Philosophers
www.quotationspage.com /search.php3?homesearch=Socrates&page=1   (392 words)

It was probably at this period, 250-100 BC, that the Mithraic system of ritual and doctrine took the form which it afterward retained.
"as early as 70 BC Mithraism was known to the Roman world....That the doctrine always remained pure is of course unlikely.
Mithraism was spread (around 600 BC) by Cyrus the Great and Darius when the Medes and Persians became a world power.
www.fenskeart.com /JW/timeline.htm   (15883 words)

4532 W.10th Ave., Vancouver, BC (604) 224 1623
I hate myself for not opening the package while I was still in B.C. as I would have loaded up the suitcase to bring bunches home.
Thanks, Katalin Leduc, Victoria, BC bought some crisps on Salt Spring Island in a cheese shop.
www.lesleystowe.com /raincoast.htm   (1938 words)

 472 BC
472 BC Centuries: 4th century BC - 5th century BC - 6th century BC
477 BC 476 BC 475 BC 474 BC 473 BC 472 BC 471 BC 470 BC 469 BC 468 BC 467 BC
Carystus[?] in Euboea forced to join Delian League.
www.fastload.org /47/472_BC.html   (116 words)

Time: to 469 BC Main concerns: How is change possible?
Time: 427-347 BC Main concerns: What is knowledge and how is it possible?
What is social justice and how can it be increased in the contemporary state?
www.uab.edu /philosophy/faculty/ross/PHL_100_timeline.htm   (226 words)

 Zeno's Paradoxes
There we learn that Zeno was nearly 40 years old when Socrates was a young man, say 20.
Since Socrates was born in 469 BC we can estimate a birth date for Zeno around 490 BC.
Beyond this, really all we know is that he was close to Parmenides (Plato reports the gossip that they were lovers when Zeno was young), and that he wrote a book of paradoxes defending Parmenides' philosophy.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/paradox-zeno   (10026 words)

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