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In the News (Tue 19 Feb 19)

  Interstate 470 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Interstate 470 is the designation for three Interstate highway routes in the United States associated with Interstate 70.
Interstate 470 is a 13.72 mile loop highway in Topeka, Kansas that bypasses the downtown area.
At the I-470 junction with Interstate 335, I-470 becomes part of the Kansas Turnpike until it reaches its eastern terminus with I-70.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Interstate_470   (233 words)

 Granite Audio 470 Reviews
According to Granite Audio, the model #470 silver interconnect is made from the process of slow drawing, using 99.9999% pure silver, resulting in a single continuous crystal formation in the process.
The strength of the model #470 is simplistic and significant: minimizing signal loss, while preserving a high degree of signal integrity.
Believing this to be true on the model #470, it should be able to pass on with high integrity the signals given to it by the source components we use.
ecoustics.audioreview.com /pscAudioReview/Cables/Cables/470/PRD_116441_1584crx.aspx   (2574 words)

 Continental's O-470 Series
Later models of 470 engines use the heavy style casting made available around 1978 and subsequent cylinder part numbers are an improvement on that design.
470 engines using the all-aluminum piston don't seem to have this problem and compression results are generally higher and more consistent.
The 470 has no greater potential for this kind of failure than does any other Continental and in most cases, the 470 engine will continue in normal service without recognizing cam profile loss due to the slow rate of wear and the very small particulate produced.
www.avweb.com /news/reviews/182885-1.html   (3111 words)

 C-470? E-470? I-470? W-470? I give up!
This new highway would be called I-470 and would have the general route of starting at I-70 near Colfax Avenue and heading southeast and then east to end somewhere around I-25 and County Line Road.
I-470 is also shown on the comprehensive plans of Jefferson and Arapahoe counties.
While I-470 was meant as a bypass highway, the traffic projections showed very little of the traffic using it as "bypass" in nature.
www.mesalek.com /colo/denvers470.html   (3428 words)

 Research a New Car - 2004 Lexus GX 470 New Car Test Drive
The interior of the GX 470 is trimmed in rich leather and bird's-eye maple.
As heavy as it is, the GX 470 is no slouch in the performance department, capable of full-throttle sprints from 0 to 60 mph in about 8.5 seconds, with a nice V-8 intake roar to go with it.
The GX 470 is smaller and lighter and much less expensive than the Land Cruiser-based LX 470, but uses the same powerful engine and will fit in places the big LX won't.
www.autosite.com /content/research/index.cfm/aid/138688/action/showarticle   (2392 words)

 Lexus LX 470 adds enhancements for 2006
To its arsenal of safety technology, the LX 470 adds a new direct-type tire pressure monitoring system that can help detect a severe loss in air pressure in one or more tires, a condition that could potentially lead to loss of control.
The LX 470 is one of the few vehicles available today with the advanced optional Night View System, which uses near-infrared technology designed to help enhance nighttime driving visibility.
The LX 470 comes standard with a security system that incorporates an immobilizer into the key card, includes shifter-linked door locking, and uses a free-wheel key cylinder in the doors.
www.caymannetnews.com /2005/07/872/autos/lexus.shtml   (941 words)

 Interstate 470
When it became obvious that the SW section of I-470 needed to be built, the feds said "We gave you the funds, you spent them on something else.
On May 2, 1969, this was renumbered to I-470; after I-470 was cancelled, the number was withdrawn on on Sept. 20, 1977.
On Sept. 12, 1996, I-470 was closed between I-70 (Ohio side) and the Ohio River because of "voids" caused by collapsed coal mines underneath.
www.kurumi.com /roads/3di/i470.html   (289 words)

 Research a New Car - 2003 Lexus GX 470 New Car Test Drive
For the time being, the only options for the GX 470 are the navigation system, bundled with the Mark Levinson 240-watt sound system ($2700), the DVD entertainment system ($1560), and the third-seat package with rear air conditioning ($2030), a tow hitch receiver ($430), and the Lexus Link concierge service.
The Lexus GS 470 is a no-compromise SUV, and during our on-road/off-road adventures with it in and around Park City, Utah, we fell in love with it for the way it drives and handles, seemingly ready for anything this side of a Rockies avalanche.
As heavy as it is, the GX 470 is no slouch in the performance department, capable of full-throttle sprints to 60 mph from rest in about 8.5 seconds, with a nice V-8 intake roar to go with it.
www.autoweb.com /content/research/index.cfm/aid/138350/action/showarticle   (1818 words)

 National Cancer Institute - NIH's Building 470 in Frederick, MD
Building 470 is a seven-story steel and brick building at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Md. The property was transferred from the Department of Defense to the National Cancer Institute in 1988.
In 1953, the Army constructed Building 470 as a pilot plant for the production of biological agents as part of the United States' biological warfare program.
The removal of Building 470 has been approved by the state of Maryland.
www.nci.nih.gov /newscenter/pressreleases/building470   (710 words)

 470 Update | History
Until the mid-1960s, Army scientists in 470 produced Bacillus anthracis, the causative agent of anthrax, and, from 1965 until 1968, continued laboratory-scale research.
In spite of having received the same caveat on renovation as did Building 470, many of those buildings have been safely renovated at various times over the past thirty years by workers who were not immunized against anthrax.
He learned that no one working in Building 470 died of anthrax, although three workers elsewhere on Fort Detrick died of infection with the agents that were being researched as biological weapons.
www.ncifcrf.gov /Campus/470update/wdwn.asp   (1656 words)

 Ericsson Enterprise Introduces the AXC 470
The AXC 470 has a modular architecture that protects customer investment in network technology and integrates the functions of several devices into a single solution designed for seamless remote configuration and management.
AXC 470 is a solid integrated access device (IAD) for ISPs needing to offer voice service.
The AXC 470 is available now, and has a suggested list price of $3,295.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/10-10-2001/0001588704&EDATE=   (413 words)

 1999 Lexus LX 470
Lexus designers wanted the LX 470 to be able to fit into a typical two-car garage and they wanted it to remain manageable in city traffic.
The LX 470 is capable of accelerating from 0-60 mph in less than 10 seconds.
That isn't exactly quick, but it is respectable performance given the size and bulk of the LX 470, and it represents a substantial 2-second improvement over the previous LX 450.
www.wboc.com /global/story.asp?s=2590804   (1322 words)

 470 Class North American Championship Regatta of 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
After receiving her medal, Sesto commented modestly, “This was a great opportunity for us—it was our first international 470 competition together, and we were happy to do so well.” It was the first international 470 racing for Calabrese and Gwozdz, as well.
The 470 derives its name from its length of 4.7 meters, or 15.5 feet.
The Bulgarian team was honored with the first capsize in the puffs, unable to quite keep their boat under the spinnaker during a leeward mark rounding.
www.470classnachampionship.org   (2436 words)

 The 470 Railroad Club   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The "470" Railroad Club was established in 1954 to commemorate the last run of a steam locomotive, No. 470, in passenger service on the Maine Central Railroad.
The "470" Railroad Club owns and maintains a collection of historic locomotives and cars which are displayed at the Conway Scenic Railroad in North Conway, New Hampshire.
The 470 Railroad Club is fortunate to have acquired the negative collections of several of these photographers.
www.470rrclub.org   (1257 words)

 Research a New Car - 2003 Lexus GX 470 | CarSmart
Once I slid behind the wheel, it was clear that the GX 470 had plenty of oomph to take its occupants on the adventure of their choice.
As is typical of most Lexus vehicles, the GX 470 has standard Vehicle Skid Control, which uses throttle intervention or individual wheel braking to control a skid and regain lateral traction.
Similarly, the "low" setting drops the GX 470 1.2-inches from the neutral position to aid in loading and unloading cargo from the rear.
www.carsmart.com /content/research/index.cfm/action/showarticle/AID/138707   (1072 words)

 470 Tuning Guide
Our 470 tuning guide is intended for you to be able to set up your rig with the minimum of fuss.
Measurements on Ziegelmyer 470 deduct 20mm/3/4'' compensates for curve on transom.
Slot gaskets should be in excellent condition and all external screw heads, eg: self bailer, should be filled and faired.
www.northsailsod.co.uk /tuning/470-tuning.html   (529 words)

 470 - Olympic Classes - Yachte.com.au - Classes
The 470 is a double-handed dinghy which has been an Olympic Class since 1976.
The planning fibreglass hull is equipped with spinnaker and a single trapeze, making sailing real teamwork.
The 470 was originally designed to introduce families to sailing, it is an ideal boat for learn to sail students, but to be competitive, every aspect should be mastered to perfection.
www.yachte.com.au /classes/470.asp   (80 words)

 VeriFone Omni 470
When the time comes, the OMNI 470 is an excellent choice for your current TRANZ® customers to upgrade to the more feature-rich OMNI system family.
The OMNI 470 supports both asynchronous and synchronous networks, communicating directly with a range of transaction processors.
The OMNI 470 runs the VeriFone TXO® operating environment, which allows programmers to easily tailor merchant applications using industry-standard C language.
www.verifone.com /products/collateral/omni470.html   (596 words)

 Bassadone Clark 470 Olympic Sailing Campaign
Over the coming season we will be posting news and regatta reports here on a regular basis so make sure you come back to avoid missing the latest from the Olympic sailing world.
If you are interested in following our season and would like to know where we are in the world and what we are up to, then check out our events page.
Also, if you are keen to come into the 470 class or are already an established sailor in search of new equipment, then take a look at our for sale page.
www.gbr470girls.co.uk   (286 words)

 Educational Technology: 35-40 Districts Have NOT Submitted 470's for Year 5
In reality, if the IU files a 470 on your behalf,it's likely for Internet or broadband, and not for your local and long distance phone service.
It could be the case that your district has signed multi-year contracts for all E-rate eligible services, and you don't need to do a 470 this year if it's been done before.
If you determine that the bids are too high and decide not to sign contracts, the 470 simply dies.
www.pde.state.pa.us /ed_tech/cwp/view.asp?A=3&Q=73293   (578 words)

 1998-2004 Lexus LX 470 Review, Rating, Prices: Consumer Guide®   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Styling was new, and the V8 engine was a "first." Each LX 470 had an independent front suspension and permanently engaged 4-wheel drive.
Unlike Toyota's Land Cruiser, the LX 470 was equipped with Adaptive Variable Suspension.
An LX 470 yielded 15.4 mpg with plenty of highway driving, while an '03 model averaged just 11.8 mpg in city driving.
credit.consumerguide.com /auto/used/reviews/full/index.cfm/id/2310   (1534 words)

 IATSE Local 470
IATSE Local 470 represents professional stagehands in Northeastern Wisconsin, and is a Local of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees.
is the payroll corporation used by IA 470 to see that workers are paid quickly and efficiently.
It remains the property of the author, Mick Alderson, and the contents of this website may not be copied, saved, reproduced, or duplicated in any way, either in whole or in part, without the written consent of the author.
www.ia470.com   (1995 words)

 Siemens Releases Xpressions 470 Unified Messaging Platform
Another unique feature of Xpressions 470 is provided by an optional networking application using the "Connect Server," that integrates a company's existing PhoneMail system seamlessly with their new Xpressions 470 suite of applications.
Xpressions 470 is being introduced initially as a hardware/software solution in two models.
The Xpressions 470 models comes standard with a Microsoft NT- based server featuring a 300 MHz or higher-speed microprocessor, at least 128 MB of memory and RAID Level 5 disk storage redundancy option.
www.tmcnet.com /tmcnet/newscti/cti1000285.htm   (1173 words)

 Nortel: Products: Ethernet Switch 470: Overview
The Nortel Ethernet Switch 470 models are stackable 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Layer 2 switches.
The Ethernet Switch 470 includes two built-in GBIC (Gigabit Interface Converter) uplink ports and built-in stacking ports in a compact, 1 rack-unit high design.
They are designed to provide high-density desktop connectivity for mid-size and large enterprise customers' wiring closets.
products.nortel.com /go/product_content.jsp?segId=0&parId=0&prod_id=30000&locale=en-US   (180 words)

 DCE 470
In addition to the instructor of DCE 470, you are asked to invite two other faculty members to come to the concert and to subsequently provide feedback on your work.
Your grade for DCE 470 will be assigned by the instructor.
In DCE 470, I have assigned partners based on my perceptions of who can be most supportive of each other.
www.uncg.edu /dce/syllabi/DCE470-01.html   (1119 words)

 FindLaw for Legal Professionals - Case Law, Federal and State Resources, Forms, and Code
caselaw.lp.findlaw.com /scripts/getcase.pl?court=us&navby=vol&vol=470   (673 words)

 Educational Technology: Post 470's Now for Year 5 E-rate Discounts
If your school or library has not yet submitted the Form 470 for E-rate, you should do so ASAP.
The Form 470 lists services or items that a school or library would like to competitively bid, and thus have them be eligible for E-rate discounts.
If posted online by Tuesday, December 18, applicants will have only 2 days after the mandatory 28 day posting (waiting) period to evaluate proposals, sign contracts and complete and submit the second form, the Form 471 by January 17, 2002.
www.pde.state.pa.us /ed_tech/cwp/view.asp?A=3&Q=73265&tx=1   (462 words)

 1999 US FINN/470 Nationals   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The event is scheduled for May 7th, 8th and 9th 1999 and will be hosted at the Seabrook Sailing Club in Seabrook Texas.
This event is a pre-Olympic qualifier for the the 470 Men and Women 1999 Pre-Olympic Regatta in Sydney, Australia in September 1999.
Any and all competitors, who are class legal, are encouraged to come, even if they are not from the US.
www.sailingsource.com /470na/fleet31/99nats   (237 words)

 Patton Electronics Product Catalog - Model 470, 471, & 472   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Model 470 (100 Ohm) & Model 471 (120 Ohm) provide RJ-45 for twisted-pair; Model 472 (150 Ohm) provides IBM data connector on pigtail
These baluns enable you to match the connectors, impedance, and signal characteristics of a wide variety of connections.
The Models 470 (100 Ohm) and 471 (120 Ohm) provide RJ-45 for twisted-pair.
commerce.patton.com /pe_products.asp?category=43   (116 words)

 ORO O 470 --- Chapter I, Change 3
This Chapter cancels and replaces ORO O 470, Chapter I, Change 2, SAFEGUARDS AND SECURITY PROGRAM, dated July 31, 2002.
The provisions of this Chapter apply to ORO and OSTI Principal Staff, management and operating (MandO) contractors, and other contractors and subcontractors performing work involving access to or responsibility for classified facilities, classified information, or special nuclear materials as provided by law and/or contract and as implemented by the appropriate Contracting Officer.
Comply with the local implementation procedures developed for the Foreign Ownership Control or Influence Program by the Assistant Manager for Safeguards, Security, and Emergency Management, Oak Ridge Operations, in accordance with DOE O 470.1, Change 1, subparagraph 5k(1)(g); and Paragraph 4a(1) of this Chapter.
www.ornl.gov /doe/doe_oro_dmg/dir3/current/470ch1chg3.htm   (645 words)

 Television [encyclopedia]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Synchronizing pulses at precise time intervals are inserted in these periods to ensure correct scanning in the receiver.
For terrestrial broadcasting the complete vision signal modulates a radio wave in one of the ultra-high-frequency (UHF) bands between 470 and 890 mHz as a carrier, while the corresponding sound (audio) signal has its own carrier at a slightly higher frequency.
High-definition TV systems with more than 1000 scanning lines will be transmitted via satellite using the super-high-frequency (SHF) band, 11.7 to 12.5 gHz.
kosmoi.com /Technology/Television   (679 words)

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